10 Cute Ways To Ask Someone To Be A Godmother

The godparents you choose for your child are extremely essential. Godparents act as an extra set of parents for your child in the event that you become incapacitated. These people can also assist you with a variety of parental responsibilities.

It’s a huge request, and understanding how to ask such a crucial inquiry is something you should think about. Isn’t that why you’ve come? You’d like to learn how to ask questions.

Here are ten unique and effective methods to ask godparents to honor your family by saying yes. Here’s something else to think about when you’re asking:

The first thing you should consider is whether or not these people are capable of caring for your child.

Are they in good financial and mental health? Are their values the same as yours? Is it even possible that they’d say yes? If you answered yes to all of these questions, here are some of my best tips for you.

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How To Approach Godparents

If you’re considering how to ask the individuals you want to be godparents to your children, there are a variety of imaginative options.

Here are five different methods to ask godparents in a unique way:

Sweet Card

We’re not talking about Hallmark cards with trite lines for asking godparents. In this situation, we’re talking about a bespoke card with your own message.

If you have a printer, you may print a card at home, purchase a blank from Amazon, or design one yourself. If you have artistic abilities, you may construct one out of colorful paper or blank leaves. Here is something you can say in the card “You’ve been there for me through all of my highs and lows, and you’ve guided me through my pregnancy. I’d appreciate it if the most loving and trustworthy person I know did the same for my child. “Are you going to be her godmother?”

A Letter

A sincere letter is an excellent method to approach godparents. This letter should explain why you choose the individual, what you anticipate from them, and how happy you are to have them on your side.

The letter can be written by hand and presented to the godparents in person, or it can be mailed. It can also be transmitted by email if the recipient lives far away.

This is a fantastic idea since the godparents would most likely appreciate you taking the time to send them a letter. They’ll enjoy how full of sincere phrases it is. The letter will demonstrate that you have faith in them to look after your children.

Here’s an example of a letter you may use as a model:

“The years we spent together in college, as well as the years thereafter, have shown me how valuable you are to me and how much of a light you are in a dark and uncertain world. I wouldn’t swap you for anything in the world since you are my best friend.

Before I became pregnant, before I met my husband, and before it was even time to think about having children, I knew I’d ask you to be my child’s godmother.

You are the most compassionate and brave person I have ever met. You’re always eager to defend yourself and others, and you look great while doing it!

You’re someone I’d want my child to look up to, and I’m confident you’d be eager to assist me in molding him or her into a knowledgeable, responsible adult.

It would mean the world to me to hear “yes.” It will mean the world to my son/daughter when he/she is old enough to comprehend. So, what are your thoughts?

Will you be the godmother of my child?”

Make An Un-Refusable Offer

This may sound strange at first, but you should listen to us since it’s a fantastic concept! You’ll make an offer the individual or couple won’t be able to reject!

It’s now up to you to decide whether you want to type it or write it by hand. If you type it, you may make it appear like a genuine or formal contract by including clauses and areas for him/her to sign if he/she agrees or if they agree.

You may go it up a level by dressing formally and retrieving it from a briefcase when the time comes. You’ll remember this for the rest of your life and laugh about it whenever it comes up in conversation.

After that, you may frame the signed contract and have a copy for each of you to put in your homes.

If you want to handwrite it, do it in the style of those goofy notes you used to write in high school. Do you recall those sticky notes where you had to click “yes” or “no” to a certain question? Bringing back old tricks will be fun for both of you.

Write A Poem

A short poem will suffice, and you can choose to read it aloud or have it forwarded to the intended person. This is an excellent concept, because who doesn’t enjoy corny rhymes? It’s preferable to being dull and just asking, “Will you be the godmother/father of my child?”

“Roses are red, violets are blue, and Eric and I won’t be able to raise our child without your help.
So, do us the honor of being god daddy and god mommy by changing some diapers, giving him a bottle, reading him a story, and assisting us in coddling.”

Invite For Dinner

Invite potential godparents to dinner to get a “yes” and spend some quality time with the “backup parents” before the kid comes.

This will work regardless of whether you can cook or aren’t the finest chef in the world; in the worst-case situation, you can order takeout.

You may do this by serving a special dinner or their favorite dish. It won’t be done to persuade them; rather, it will be done to make the evening more meaningful.

This is a wonderful idea since it will take place in the comfort of your own house, and you will be able to communicate your thoughts and reasons in a secure, accepting setting.

If required, the godparent(s) will feel more at ease to express themselves and their worries. The interaction remains between friends because this isn’t a public forum and there’s no pressure to accept the offer.

You might ask the question with a toast, a dessert, or simply after everyone has done eating. When the moment is right, you’ll know.

If you don’t know how to ask someone or a couple to be a godparent with words, you can utilize gestures and inventiveness (s). It’s simple, and we’ll teach you how to go about asking godparents.

Here are five different methods to ask godparents without saying anything

Carve Pumpkin

Isn’t everyone familiar with Cinderella’s story? You might use this as an opportunity to inquire about the possible godmother.

You’ll need to carve something into the pumpkin to illustrate what you’re talking about. The pumpkin can then be sent to her residence along with a card that says something like:

“Every Cinderella needs a fairy godmother.”

“Help me make my little pumpkin’s life magical by being her godmother.”

Make T Shirts

Who doesn’t like a free t-shirt? It’s impossible to have too many! As a result, you may utilize this as a means to approach the potential godparents and make the request.

There are numerous pre-made T-shirts with slogans for asking godparents available online, in a variety of designs. If you want to customize it, you can always purchase a blank and create your own design.

This is a fantastic option since the recipient will receive a free T-shirt and will be able to keep it as a reminder of the day he or she was asked to be a godparent.

Make A Baby Diaper Shirt

If the infant is already present, you can utilize this to your advantage when approaching potential godparents. All you have to do is choose a piece of clothing for the infant that says one of the following words or phrases:

“Will you be my godmother/father, [insert godparent’s name]?”

“It was what God wanted for mom/dad. For further information, please contact my mother or father.”

“Would you like to be my godmother/father?”

Who can truly say “no” to a newborn, thus this is an excellent concept. Plus, it’ll be fantastic for photos!

Create A Baby Box

You’d assume that because you’re new parents, you’re the ones who should be receiving baby boxes. The godparents, on the other hand, should be included!

Wipes, bibs, pacifiers, pampers, baby powder, and other baby necessities can be included in this baby box. It can be a huge box containing numerous items for future use, or a tiny box containing one of each item on the list.

It can be ornamental or not, but the choice is entirely yours.

If you have the box delivered, you may include a message explaining the gift’s purpose. This note might be written as follows:

“Here’s everything you’ll need at home when the baby arrives, god mom,” she says.

“We gave you this box of baby necessities so you may be prepared at all times. “Welcome to a godparent’s life.”

Give Chocolate

Something delicious can work in every scenario, including this one. Everyone has a sweet craving at some point in their lives.

Make a little treat bag filled with muffins, cupcakes, cookies, or sweets. You may even add all four of these products if you wish! Finally, you may include a message with this assortment of treats that reads:

“For the loveliest godmother, a basket of sweets.”

“Will you be a sweetie and accept to be the godparent(s) of our baby?”

Tips To Ask Someone To Be A Godparent

It’s always a particular and private request, no matter why you’re picking godparents. When feasible, make the proposal formal by asking in person. You can use items like cards, letters, or gifts to assist you ask in person, but it’s best if you’re present when the person learns you’ve selected them. This allows you to share the special occasion and discuss what it means to each of you to be a godparent.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • In your request, make sure to include both of the godchild’s parents.
  • If someone declines, be gracious and understanding.
  • Do not inquire via text, instant message, or email. While there are several amusing and smart ways to do so, they feel impersonal.
  • Do not have another person, such as a clergyman, make the request on your behalf. The godchild’s parents or, if he’s old enough, the godchild himself should send the invitation.
  • Asking in a social media post is not a good idea. It feels impersonal, but it also puts the recipient on the spot in front of the entire world.
  • Don’t ask in front of a large group of people who might be offended or envious if they weren’t chosen.

Time your Proposal

You can inquire at any moment, and the decision is entirely yours. However, before anything like a baptism, which normally necessitates the godparents’ presence, it’s better to ask. It could also be prior to a baby shower, as they can assist you with organizing.

Ask In Person

If at all feasible, you should inquire in person because texting and emailing might appear impersonal.

However, life is unpredictable, and you may need to connect via text or email if the person you’re trying to meet is in another country or unavailable.

If you’re questioning a couple, make sure you ask them both at the same time. If you just want one of the couple’s children to have a godparent, you’ll need to specify that. However, don’t do it in an uncomfortable or unpleasant manner.

“I want you to be his/her godfather, and my dear friend Julie will be his godmother,” for example, if you want your male buddy to be your child’s godfather but not his wife. I hope that doesn’t make your wife uncomfortable.”

You won’t have to explain why you don’t want your friend’s wife to be the other godparent that way.

Asking in front of a crowd is not a good idea, especially if you aren’t sure the individual will accept.

If it’s your best buddy, you may be confident that he or she will gladly accept the offer. However, putting someone on the spot if you aren’t close enough may make them feel forced into taking a duty they don’t want.

Do not ask someone else to make the request on your behalf to the chosen individual. That is absolutely unfriendly.

Cute Ways To Ask Someone To Be A Godmother Bottom Line

Now that you know how to ask godparents, all you have to do is organize the surprise and pick the appropriate time. Good luck in your search for godparents for your child!

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