16 Sweet Baby Book Ideas To Include In Your Memory Book

Baby book ideas for new parents to fill up the baby memory book with magical and special moments.

Making your own homemade memory book and baby photo album for your baby as a souvenir is a lot of fun, and you can let your imagination run wild.

The majority of first-time mothers like creating a memory book for their children.

My children love to look at their baby books and they ask me all the questions about what life was like back when they were small, and they’re still small today!

Memory books aren’t just for the mommy’s soul, they are uplifting and exciting for kids as well.

We’ve all seen the standard baby record book that you can buy and personalize from companies like Amazon, Target, or Walmart, but crafting your own adds a special touch.

But you can make your very own memory book or photo book to document your baby’s life as well.

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How To Make A Memory Book

You may get a DIY baby book and embellish it with glue and your own unique touch – like a scrapbook documenting each special event.

Because it is absolutely empty, you may let your imagination run wild.

There are other packages that contain the newborn memory book, a box to save precious memories, and the entire kit to produce handprints, as well as entertaining stickers for those monthly baby photographs.

Such as an infant keepsake kit like this. – which I believe is the best way to make a memory book and gives more opportunities for that personal touch.

There are also loads of lovely printable pages that you can fill in with your memories if you want to make a DIY baby memory book but keep it easy for yourself.

What To Put Into A Memory Book

There are a plethora of fantastic additions to your memory book that will personalize it.

Photo Of you Finding Out You’re Pregnant

That positive pregnancy test is likely to be the first time you notice your new baby developing, so snap a picture of it to add to the album.

Ultrasound Photos

Ultrasound pictures are a popular and great way to remember the various stages of pregnancy.

Because you’ll get a few ultrasounds during each trimester, you’ll be able to observe your kid grow from a small hardly human-looking little peanut to a full-grown baby who takes up all of the space in your tummy.

Congratulations You Recieved From Friends

Once you’ve told your friends and family about your pregnancy, congrats will begin to pour in via social media posts, text messages, and emails, among other methods.

To add to your baby’s memory book, take a screenshot, save the letter, and print it all out so you can save these special moments.

Your Birth Story

Make a list of everything that happened leading up to your baby’s birth.

Of course, you do not have to mention all of the specifics of the birth, only the most important ones.

We go through so many changes throughout labor and delivery, and it’s wonderful to remember them.

You may make a list of stuff like:

How long were you in labor for the first food you had after your kid was born? What were your first thoughts when you saw your baby after he or she was born?
Names of the nurses that assisted you during childbirth, as well as anything else that comes to mind.

Open letters to the baby

Write your own notes to your new darling baby and store them in your baby’s scrapbook.

Put your heart and soul into those letters and save them in the book.

Family history

Include a family tree so that your child never forgets where he or she came from. What is the name of everyone in your family? What is the history of the family members?

You can be really creative with each great idea and add images to all of the names on the family tree, as well as some fun tidbits about each individual.

Interesting Facts

You can incorporate facts that are both informative and amusing ( don’t forget funny stories), such as:

  • The weather conditions on the day of their birth
  • What was the top song on the charts that day? What happened in the news that day?
  • Any records that were shattered on that particular day
  • What famous person has the same birthday as you?
  • You know, they are the photos that go around on social media a lot and encourage you to dig up those statistics for your birthday.

Cards That Were Given To The Baby

During your pregnancy, you will get congratulation cards, baby shower cards, gender reveal cards, and other festive cards; make sure to collect them all.

Save all of your first birthday cards and put them in your own baby album.

All The Major Milestones

Keep track of your baby’s first smile, first step, crawling, first tooth, solid food introduction, favorite book, and first walk in the baby milestone book. All those first moments are so important.

Plus many other important milestones and first moments they’ve reached, as well as the little things your kid accomplishes every day that makes you happy and proud – that’s my favorite thing.

You may dedicate a complete page to those modest and significant milestones and special events for each month of their first year.

Photos Of your Munchkin

Include images from your pregnancy, the first snapshot of your kid after birth, photos from the baby shower and gender reveal the first birthday celebration, and those adorable daily shots in between.

Don’t forget to add photos of the baby’s first bath and all those snuggles that come after.

If you get a professional photographer to take photos, add these into your memory book next to all the other journal entries.

Add In Your Favorite Quotes On Motherhood

Fill up the blanks with your favorite mom phrases.

Great inspiring quotes may be found almost anywhere on the internet.

These quotations might be interspersed with photographs and other mementos written in a beautiful cursive style.

The Pregnancy Annoucncement

Did you come up with a unique approach to inform your friends and family about your pregnancy?

You can add a screenshot or a snapshot of it.

The Gender Reveal

Add to the album whatever you have from the baby shower, such as gender prediction cards filled out by visitors, wishes from guests, baby shower activities, and so on.

Footprints, Handprints, Measurements

Remember how in the hospital, they took your baby’s first hand and footprint?

Include it, or make your own once you’ve returned home from the hospital.

You won’t believe how fast they develop in such a short amount of time, and tracking their progress by hand and foot size is a terrific method to do it.

The Hospital Bracelet (It’s So Small – My Heart!)

Cut them off after you get discharged and return home, but don’t throw them out.

They’d make a lovely touch to your homemade baby book.

Baby Hair

You can add the baby hair from the baby’s first haircut to your memory book!

The importance Of A Memory Book

It may seem like a waste of time to some parents to go and create a memory book. I don’t agree at all but we all have the freedom to have these opinions.

I believe that a memory book is important because it can help a child with their self-confidence and self-esteem when they know their parents were excited about their birth.

It’s not the end of the world for a child to not have a memory book. I never had one growing up. It does make me feel sad that I didn’t have anyone put the effort in to save my memories in my own baby book. I would not want my children to feel this way so I do believe a baby book is an important thing to spend time on.

Baby Book Ideas Bottom Line

Many parents, myself included, absolutely love creating memory books for their baby’s first year. I think it’s a great tradition and I know the kids will love it when they’re older.

You can add anything that you would like to remember in the future in your baby memory book.

16 Sweet Baby Book Ideas To Include In Your Memory Book

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