The best baby bottle washer

Best Baby Bottle Washer (And Sterilizer)

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A breakdown of the best baby bottle washers so you can stress less about dirty bottles and spend more time caring for your baby. If you are worried about germs populating on your bottles, a sterilized will kill 99.9% of all that bacteria in mere minutes.

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Our Picks: Best Baby Bottle Washer

Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer 

Baby Brezza Bottle Sterilizer

Babymoov Turbo Pure Sterilizer Dryer

Philips AVENT 3-in-1 electric Steam Sterilizer

Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer

To keep your baby safe from bacteria and germs, you’re going to want to have a good bottle washing and sterilizing system in place.

It can seem like a tedious chore to wash and then sterilize bottles, which is why there are awesome machines available to help you out with this task.

You can even wash toys and teethers in these bottle sterilizers for extra peace of mind.

While you can boil your bottle and pump parts in a large pot after washing up with a baby bottle brush, a sterilizer will save you precious time, just like a baby formula dispenser and baby bottle warmer can.

The Best Baby Bottle Washer

Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer

The Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer is a sterilizer and dryer combo in one fantastic machine.

This little piece of heaven can hold up to 8 bottles and has a separate tray for plates, bowls, and utensils.

There are three separate functions: drying, sterilizing, and descaling.
If you live in a hard water city, the descaling comes in very handy.

This beauty sits on the countertop and doesn’t take up that much space.

Sterilizes, Dries, DescalesCan Be Bulky On The Countertop
Can Hold Up To 8 BottlesHigh Price Point

If you’re looking for an all in one sterilizer, this is the product for you.

Baby Brezza Bottle Sterilizer

The Baby Brezza Bottle Sterilizer is an electric sterilizer that sterilizes and dries bottles.

The dryer function ensures there is no leftover moisture which can cause bacteria to grow on your precious baby gadgets.

This bottle sterilizer can hold up to 6 bottles and can be set up to sterilize and then dry in one cycle if you need.

Can Hold Up To 6 Bottles Requires Distilled Water To Use
Sterlize And Dry In One Cycle High Price Point

This is a great option if you want to sterilize and dry your bottles in one go!

Babymoov Turbo Pure Sterilizer Dryer

The babymoov Turbo Pure Sterilizer Dryer is a close competitor for the Baby Brezza and the Wabi sterilizers.

This is a newer sterilizer on the market and offers a sterilizing and drying option in one machine.

The sterilizing takes 8 minutes and the machine can hold up to 6 bottles at once.

The “stems” inside the sterilizer can be removed to make more space for wider bottles and other baby accessories that you want to sterilize.

Drying mode can run from 30-60 minutes to ensure all the bottles and accessories are fully dry to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Can Sterilize Up To 6 Bottles Higher Price Point
Removable Stems To Make More Room For Wider Bottles

This is a good option for those who want to be able to sterilize and dry in one machine!

Philips AVENT 3-in-1 electric Steam Sterilizer

Philips AVENT makes some of the best baby products on the market so it’s no surprise that they created this great sterilizer too.

This sterilizer does not have a drying function so you will need to remove the lid when it has completed the sterilizing function to air out the bottles.

The name 3-in-1 is used to describe the ways the machine can be used.

There are 3 baskets, 1 lower, one middle and one upper.

You can choose to fill up one, two or three baskets for your sterilizing session.

One Button Push To StartEven Bottom basket Cannot Hold The Dr. Browns 8-9ounce Bottles
Great Price Point Does Not Dry On Its Own

This is a great option for those who can dry their own bottles and want to be able to save some money on baby gadgets.

Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer

Dr. Browns is another name on the baby market that knows what they are doing when it comes o producing quality baby items.

This sterilizer takes 12 minutes to kill 99.9% of germs on your bottles.

It can hold up to 6 tall Dr. Browns bottles and has a separate tray for accessories such as nipples, and pacifiers.

This product comes with tongs so you won’t burn yourself when removing freshly sterilized bottles.

This unit does require distilled water to avoid the build-up of mineral deposits.

Can Hold Up To 6 Tall BottlesRequires Distilled Water
Comes With Tongs Does Not Dry Bottles
High Price Point

If you are using Dr. Brows bottles, this is the unit for you as it accommodates the taller bottles.

Guide To Buying A Baby Bottle Washer

Do You Really Need A Baby Bottle Sterilizer?

You do not need a bottle sterilizer, but it does save you time.

You can boil your bottles and accessories or even put them in the dishwasher (as long as it has a drying function).

Here is a video showing you how you can sterilize bottles in boiling water on the stove.

Can You Sterilize Bottles Instead Of Washing?

Unfortunately NO.

Sterilizing is not the same as washing your bottles. You will have to wash your bottles and accessories before putting them into your sterilizer.

The sterilizer kills germs, but is unable to wash away milk.

Types Of Bottle Sterilizers Available

Washing a bottle with soap and water is a great start, but if you want to kill 99.9% of other germs and bacteria on your baby feeding supplies, a bottle sterilizer is a must have.

If you have the time, you can put your bottles in the dishwasher that has a hot water and heated drying cycle, or boil your bottles for 5 minutes after every wash.

If you don’t have time to boil your bottles, a sterilizer is a must have.

Here are a few different kinds of sterilizers on the market.

Electric steam

These are our favorite types of sterilizers that can kill bacteria on your bottles at high temperatures pretty quickly. Some of these even have self-drying options such as the Baby Brezza and the Wabi.

Microwave Steam

You can also sterilize your bottles in a microwave steamer. This is a good option if you are tight on space. This is affordable solution and a great alternative to the electric steam.

UV Light

Ultraviolet light kills germs by altering chromosomes which prevents cell division and there are bottles sterilizers that feature this option!

There is no steam, so these are a great no-mess option.

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