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Best Baby Carrier For Petite Moms

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A baby carrier is an essential item when you have a baby! It helps you do things hands-free while still being able to snuggle your baby in your day to day life. We put together this list to help you find the best baby carrier for petite moms.

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Best Carriers For Petite Moms

Carriers are an essential piece of baby gear, and there is not a one size fits all solution when you’re shopping around.

Today, moms are busy.

Juggling multiple kids and busy schedules, we need all the help we can get. A carrier becomes a vital piece of equipment for all the busy moms of the world.

Sure, you could use a stroller, but sometimes it’s easier to do some grocery shopping with a cart rather than a stroller basket.

When shopping for a carrier, you are going to want to look for something that’s comfortable, functional for your needs, and something that fits even a petite mom.

Most carriers these days are adjustable, but if you can find carriers that are made specifically for petite moms, you will have a much easier time picking the right carrier for you.

The Best Baby Carrier For Petite Moms

Boba Wrap Carrier

4.4/5 Star Review

The Boba Wrap Carrier is made from a French Terry cloth material that stretches to support the baby and provides you comfort.

The wrap is 15 feet long, and you can wrap any excess fabric around your belly for extra support.

You can use this wrap to cover up while nursing in public places, and with a little practice, you can nurse while the baby is wrapped up nice and tight, and no one will be the wiser.

This carrier comes in 14 colours and designs so that you can have a little fun with this piece of baby gear.

This wrap is a popular choice among parents for carrying and soothing babies in. The material is breathable and can be used with newborn. This wrap can also be used kids up to 35 pounds, which could be up to 1.5 year old.

This wrap does not come in different sizes but it is adjustable because you control how you wrap it up.

when washed, this wrap does not get loose and lose quality.

This wrap is perfect for soothing colic babies and provides a safe and comfortable space for your little one to take a snooze.

One Size Fits AllWill Take Some Getting Used To Wrapping
Soft And Stretchy MaterialCan Be Time Consuming To Take On And Off
Machine Washable

Baby Gemini Ergonomic Carrier

4.4/5 Star Review

The Gemini structured carrier is an adjustable product that is suitable for petite moms.

The adjustability runs from the waist size to the shoulder straps, which are crisscrossed in the back to help with evenly distributing weight.

The waist strap can be tightened to as little as 26 inches.

This carrier allows you to position your baby in four different ways, including two front carry and two back carry options.
There is a built-in headrest for baby and a little storage pocket for you.

Adjustable Straps For Smaller BodiesMoms Reported Can Be Uncomfortable When Using Back Carry Feature
4 Different Baby PositionsExtra Safety Clips Can Make Carrier More Difficult To Take Off
Machine Washable

This is a great option if you are looking for an adjustable structured carrier.

Baby K’tan Wrap Carrier

4.3/5 Star Review

For the petite mom who loves the look of a wrap but finds wrapping intimidating, the Baby K’tan Wrap Carrier is a great option.

It is designed to distribute weight evenly across the back and shoulders so you can carry your baby in the wrap all day.

There are a lot of sizes to choose from, and many of them are friendly for petite moms. The size chart on Amazon can help you pick the right size for you.

You don’t need to fight with any rings or other hardware, and no need to figure out how to wrap your baby with knots with this simple and easy to use a wrap.

Lots of sizing optionsFabric can be stiff
No confusing wrapping requiredSizing can be tough for two parents to use
Washer and dryer friendlyNot adjustable
Soft and cozy fabric
Great price point
Patented double-loop design for security
Buckle-free and keeps the airflow going
Can wear baby 5 different ways
Can fit Newborn to 35 lbs

Nalakai Luxury Ring Sling

Another great contender in the list of best baby carrier for petite moms is the Nalakai Luxury Ring Sling. This sling is made from linen and bamboo fabric and has great strength and low flammability.

This sling has unwelded rings and an ergonomic design which helps distribute weight evenly and takes pressure off the back and shoulders when babywearing.

This sling helps keep baby in the M position which is helpful for development of hips.

This design provides a safe position for physical growth.

This is an affordable carrier with a lifetime guarantee.

This is a good carrier for petite moms because the rings can help adjust the size of the sling. Even dads can wear this ring sling.

The fabric is soft for babies and cozy for moms too as is is made from soft bamboo.

LightweightSometimes needs constant tightening
AffordableLots of fabric leftover
Comes in many colours
Made with Bamboo

Tula Ergonomic Carrier

4.7/5 Star Review

The Tula Ergonomic Carrier is designed to grow with your baby and is one of the best baby carriers for petite moms. It features adjustable straps with 2 different height settings so you can keep baby close enough to kiss and have the carrier nice and snug.

This carrier can be used as a front facing carrier and a back carrier as well. The front carry position is better for petite moms who need to hold their babies for long periods of time.

The shoulder straps are well padded which helps take pressure away from the shoulders. The waistband is also adjustable so you can make it as tight as you need to to keep the baby secure.

This carrier is handmade and lightweight, and overall a very reliable ergonomic carrier which is great for petite moms.

Adjustable height and weight strapsInfants require more head support
Front pocket for itemsMore expensive
Removable hoodmore difficult to adjust while in use
Lightweight and breathableNot great for moms under 5ft tall
Easy to use

LÍLLÉbaby Ergonomic Carrier

4.7/5 Star Review

The LÍLLÉbaby Ergonomic Carrier is perfect for petite moms because it is adjustable and comfortable with customizable straps and waistband.

LILLEbaby is made from soft, safe fabric that offers 6 carrying positions throughout your baby’s lifetime.

The lumbar support is strong with this carrier and can help you carry the baby up to 45 pounds. You can use the X and the H style carries.

The six ergonomic carrying positions means you can carry your baby in front, back, outward facing, inward facing, fetal, and hip position. It also features with adjustable seat and leg openings for proper hip support, curved C-spine position, and frog-leg seating.

This carrier comes with a hood to shield your baby on a sunny day!.

Overall the carrier adjusts easily, so easy in fact, that you can breastfeed right in the carrier with a small adjustment.

Lumbar supportThe back buckle may be hard to do up alone
6 carrying positions Some moms find it to be bulky
3D Mesh regulates temperatureHigher price point
Elastic safety loops for buckles
Sleeping hood
Seat portion Adjustable (narrow or wide)
Dual adjustable straps

Different Types Of Baby Carriers

Ring Sling: Rings Slings are adjustable and comfortable, which make them a great option for smaller framed mommas. These carriers are user friendly and easy to use. They are a long piece of fabric with metal or plastic rings which are used to tighten to sling. Short moms also love these slings because they often do not have a lot of leftover fabric like other wrap carriers.

Structured Carriers: Structured carriers are very popular among parents as they use bucks and clips instead of requiring wrapping and tying knots. Petite moms can use buckle carriers with ease, while a more broad shoulder mom may have trouble as they have a limit on how big they can go around the waist.

Wraps: Wraps are long pieces of fabric that all moms of all body shapes can wear. They are super flexible to use. Some of the wrap carriers can be purchased shorter or longer, but most come in one standard size. They take a little bit of practice to get used to, but once you get it, they can be a lifesaver for moms.

Pouches: Like a ring sling, a pouch sling is great for petite moms, as long as they are fitted properly. They are very much like a ring sling but they don’t adjust as quickly and easily.

Features to Consider in a Baby Carrier for Petite Mom

Adjustable: When shopping for a carrier, it is essential to look for something that has adjustable straps, especially for petite moms. Not all carriers are created equal, and some carriers are just not suited for small frame parents. You’ll want adjustable straps for your growing baby too. When the baby gets bigger, you’ll need to adjust how tight the carrier is when it’s all done up.

Comfortable: Comfort is probably one of the most significant factors in choosing a baby carrier. Both for mom and baby. You’ll want to make sure the wight is light on the shoulders for your comfort and padded along the leg openings for the comfort of the baby. The baby should fit nice and snug in the carrier, and sit high enough for you to kiss the baby on the top of the head. Suitable carriers also contain a breathable mesh or a temperature regulation panel to ensure the baby does not overheat in hot summer months.

Ergonomic: The M-shape is vital for the proper spine and hip development. The best carrier will support the baby’s back, prevent the legs from dangling, and align the spine appropriately. Ergonomic carriers help distribute weight evenly, which allows parents to avoid neck pain and back strain.

Climate: Your environment should play a large role when selecting a baby carrier. If you live in a climate where the weather changes all the time, consider buying a carrier that is suitable for both hot and cold weather.

When Is It Safe To Use A Carrier?

The design of the baby carrier is to allow you to carry the baby on your back or on your chest.

However, there are some important things to consider when choosing if baby should go in the backpack style carry or a front cuddle up.

Baby’s age plays a huge factor in deciding which carrying style suits your needs at this time.

Newborn to 4 Months

The good news is, you can use a carrier with a newborn baby.

We recommend you use a wrap style or an M-style baby carrier when the baby is newborn to 4 months old.

Babies generally have weak hips and low neck control, and an ergonomic carrier can help support these developing parts.

4 Months – 12 Months

When your baby has more head control, around the four-month mark, you can carry him in different positions.

A 4-month-old may like to look around while being carried, and this is made possible by placing baby in the carrier on your chest but facing outwards.

You can start putting baby in the backpack position starting around seven months.

When babies have more options to look around at the world around them, they are stimulated in different ways, which helps with development.


Toddlers and parents alike will enjoy a back carry as this will be the most convenient for you both.

The baby is usually pretty heavy around 12 months old, and you’ll need all the help you can get to distribute the weight evenly on your shoulders.

Be sure to use proper positioning when placing the baby in the carrier.
It’ll take some practice, but having the baby positioned correctly in the carrier will help avoid neck, hip, and back complications.

How To Put On A Baby Carrier

Structured Carrier

Wrap Style

Wrapping Up: Best Baby Carrier For Petite Moms

With all things considered we like the Boba Wrap Carrier as the best baby carrier for petite moms as you can easily adjust it to fit any size and shape of body. We understand that mommy shapes change rapidly through pregnancy, after birth and a few years following birth. The Boba can also be used during pregnancy to help keep the belly up, so it really is a versatile piece of cloth.

Some petite moms may not enjoy the fact that there could be a lot of material leftover after the wrap is wrapped up, but you can easily keep wrapping around your waist until the material is tucked away.

The Boba wrap carrier is a pretty decent price as well for a baby carrier, so overall this carrier hits it out of the ballpark when it comes to choosing the best baby carrier for petite moms.

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