Having Twins? Here Is A Baby Registry For You [You Don’t Need 2 Of Everything]

Creating a baby registry is overwhelming enough, now you have to create one for twins? We are here to help you make the best decisions for your baby registry for twins to make your new mom life easier and happier.

Why You Need A Registry

A baby registry is ideal for anyone who is having a baby shower, virtual or in person, and would like friends and family to gather gifts from the list of desired items for you and your new babies. You can also create a baby registry to use a checklist for yourself as you purchase baby items before your little ones arrive.

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Where Can You Create A Baby Registry

You can create a baby registry at babies r us, Amazon.com or Amazon.ca, Walmart, BuyBuyBaby or babylist.com.

Amazon is a great place to create your baby registry because it is universal. You can choose items from different shops and you often get a choice of endless product options.

Amazon prime is a service many parents absolutely adore as you can have your desired baby product within 2 days of purchase.

Amazon Prime members also receive a 15% discount on items that were leftover on the registry which you didn’t receive for your baby shower from family and friends. Trust us, that 15% sure adds up when you have a laundry list of products to purchase.

For more information on baby registries, visit this link.

What You Need For Twins

We know that when you hear twins that you think two of everything, but that’s not really the case. You can definitely have two of everything if you like, but there are some things you can skip the double purchase of.

For Sleeping Twins

Bassinet: You will need two bassinets unless you want to have the twins sleep in their nursery right away. Our suggestion is to have the babies close by in your room so you can get the most rest during the night as they will be up frequently for the first few months. Here are some great bassinet options to add to your twin registry:

2 of these

Clothing: Babies go through many outfits everyday. Some use as many as 5 or more! Needless to say you’ll want to load up on pj’s and other comfortable clothing your baby can sleep in. You can often find baby clothing in packs of 3 or 4 at Walmart, on Amazon or Target.

Sleep Sack: You’ll want your babies to sleep in sleep sacks instead of blankets. Here are some of the best sleep sacks you can choose from. Walmart and Target both carry sleep sacks, and you can generally find great deals on Amazon as well.

Swaddles: We love the idea of swaddling babies when it’s time for them to sleep. If you are going to try swaddling, here are some of the best swaddles.

Swing: A swing is a must-have for a twin parent. We love the Mamaroo swing as it’s very soothing for the baby and it doesn’t take up much room, and would highly recommend getting 2 of them if you can afford it. You can look for second-hand swings too. Our guide on best baby swings can help you narrow down a swing as well.

Soothers: Soothers can be a saving grace. Here is a list of the best non-toxic pacifiers to add to the registry.

Sound Machine: White noise helps babies fall asleep and stay asleep. It’s a good idea to get a sound machine that goes all night long without turning off. You might also want to consider adding a portable sound machine onto your twin registry so you have some white noise on the go.

For Bathing Twins

Baby Bath Tub: Baby bath tubs make it much easier to wash your baby. It is a must-have item and we have a great guide on the best baby bathtubs for you to follow. Here are the top 3 favourites.

Baby Wash: You’ll need some baby friendly soap to wash the baby with. We have a guide on baby conditioners as well.

Baby Lotion: Baby massages can help ease gas pains in infants and a good lotion can help make the experience a pleasant one.

Baby Towels: Baby towels are much easier to use than regular towels when you’re giving your little one their bath. Baby towels are often made smooth and soft as to not damage delicate baby skin. Here are the best baby towels.

Washcloths: You’ll be wanting lots of baby washcloths. They come in handy in so many different situations and you’ll find them all over your house in no time at all. They are great for cleaning up smaller baby spit up accidents and washing hands during meal times.

For Travel With Twins

Car Seat: You will want one car seat per baby. We recommend purchasing a travel system that is car seat compatible so you can get your stroller and car seat sorted out at once without the headache of trying to find connectors and compatible parts. If you go with an all-in-one car seat, we have a great guide for that here.

Shopping for a twin travel system that comes with strollers can be a challenge. We recommend purchasing an infant car seat and then purchasing an adapter for the stroller that you plan on using.

Here are some examples of combinations you can choose:

2 of these:
2 of these:


2 of these:
2 of these:

Stroller Fan: For really hot day’s you’ll want at least one stroller fan per child, and one for yourself as well. It’s a great way to keep cool on a family outing in the summer.

Diaper Bag: You’ll want a diaper bag with many pockets to carry all the baby items you need while out and about with your infant. We have a guide on the best gender-neutral diaper bags that dads absolutely love.

Baby Carrier: You might want to have a few different carriers on hand just in case your baby prefers one or the other. We recommend registering for a structured carrier and a wrap style carrier.

Here are our best carrier guides:

On The Go Toys: Toys are never a must have item, but they are nice to have and it’s not terrible to put them onto the baby registry. Here are some great toys you can attach to your stroller or car seat.

For The House

Playpen: You’ll want a safe space to place your baby quickly in any room of the house and a playpen is a wonderful solution to that. Most playards are easy to move around the home, we have a guide on which playards are the best. They do have special playpens made just for twins.

Saucer: By the time your little one hits 4 months of age, they will want to start playing with toys. Saucers and jumpers are excellent sources of entertainment. Throw one or two on your registry list!

Playmat/Baby Gym: A play item that your little one can use from birth until they can sit up is a playmat. We have a guide on the best baby playmats for your to gander. You might want to pick up 2 of them, but one should be enough even if you have twins.

Twin Diaper Changing

These are all the items you need for your diaper changing needs.

Diapers: Whether you are going to choose disposable diapers or go with a cloth variety, you can’t escape the purchase of diapers. Add some to your registry. You may want to set up a reoccurring diaper shipment on Amazon so you never run out of disposable diapers.

Wipes: We created a guide on baby wipes so you can rule out all the toxic options out there and make the best choices for your little ones.

Diaper Cream: You’ll need diaper cream, especially with two babies’ red bums to care for. Here are the best diaper creams to try. zinc based diaper creams are usually better at clearing up an awful rash.

Diaper Pail: Diaper pails are handy in the nursery so be sure to pick one up. They aren’t all made equally, and some let out a lot more odor than others so be sure to check our guide on the best diaper pails before adding any old diaper pail into the registry.

For The Twin Nursery

Blackout Curtains: Babies generally sleep better in dark environments and blackout curtains can really help keep out bright light.

Crib: You’ll want a crib for each baby. We have a few guides on cribs for you to take a look at.

Crib Mattress: There are so many different crib mattresses to choose from including green-certified organic and standard dual-sided crib mattresses. Here is our guide on the best non-toxic crib mattresses. We also have a guide on how to make a crib mattress softer.

Sheets: It is a good idea to add some crib sheets to the baby registry as you’ll go through quite a few of them, especially in the first few months. Add some crib sheets that match your nursery theme for extra fun.

Glider: Gliders and rocking chairs are very handy during those late nights that turn into mornings in the nursery. Have a glider in the corner of the room to make things a little bit easier when you’re extra tired from long nights with the twins.

Change Table: You won’t need two change tables as it is not a good idea to leave a baby unattended on a change table so you’ll only be able to change one baby at a time anyway. Unless there is another area of the house where you will need a change table in such as downstairs, then you might want to consider a second table. Keep in mind that most nursery centers have change tables built in.

Dresser: Dressers are pretty standard room items, and your babies will need one or two as well. We recommend starting out with one dresser and then as the twins get older move up to two dressers.

For Feeding

Bottles: Whether you choose plastic, glass or steel bottles for your little one, be sure to add many to your registry. Most twins spend some time in the NICU and therefore end up using Dr. Browns Options bottles. We have a handy guide on how many bottles you may need as a new parent.

Nursing Pillow: If you are able to nurse your twins, you might want to think about a twin nursing pillow for extra support while feeding the babies.

Burp cloths: You’re going to go through many spit ups, especially with two little ones. Burp cloths are a must have item. Add many cloths to your twin baby registry, and read out guide on the best baby burp cloths to find out which ones you should add.

High Chairs: You’ll want one high chair per baby and they aren’t the cheapest baby item you can purchase. Add two high chairs to your registry and make sure to choose ones that are a good fit for your living space.

Breast Pump: If you plan to nurse your twins, or want to give breastmilk in a bottle then a breast pump is a must-have item. We have a handy guide on the best breast pumps for nursing mothers you should read here.

Nursing Pads: If you are going to nurse even a little bit, your breasts will start to leak. Breast pads can help with that!

Breastmilk Storage Bags: If you plan on saving your breastmilk and storing it in the freezer, then breastmilk storage bags are a must-have item.

Sterilizer: Baby bottles, pacifiers and toys need to get sterilized regularly, especially when they are newborns. Read our guide on the best baby sterilizers and then add one to your registry.

Bottle Brush: We have a great guide for the best baby bottle brushes to help you wash those bottles multiple times a day. It’s a never-ending job, and a good bottle brush will help you get through it effortlessly.

Bibs: You’ll want lots of bibs for minimizing the wetness on their clothing. You could also ask for bibs for when the babies start to eat as well.

For Clothing

Diaper Shirts: You will want about 7-14 diaper shirts per baby for the first three months of life. Have a good verity of long sleeve and short sleeve options availabale.

Pj’s: We recommend at least 10 pairs of footed pj’s to keep those babies toasty during the night.

Sweaters and Jackets: For going out and showing off your newborn twins, you’ll want to have a few jackets and sweaters on hand for chilly weather months.

Socks: Baby socks to keep baby’s feet warm. We recommend a few packs per baby.

Hats: Newborn babies lose a lot of heat from their heads and their little bodies don’t know how to regulate temperature. Hats are going to be a must have baby item for your little twins.

Mittens: You’ll need a few pairs of mittens for your twins as babies tend to scratch their faces to the point of bleeding because their skin is so delicate.

Cute Outfits: While you don’t requite cute outfits for your twins, you should definitely ask for some. Your family and friends would love to spoil you with some adorable clothes for the babies.

For Health And Safety

Grooming Kit: You’ll need some essential grooming products for your little one such as nail clippers, hairbrushes and medicine cups. Don’t forget to grab a snot sucker too.

Medicine: We highly suggest having baby Tylenol on hand for when the baby gets sick or is experiencing teething pains.

Humidifier: Help your baby breathe better at night by keeping the bedroom air moist with a cool mist humidifier.

Baby Laundry Detergent: Keep your baby clothing safe for delicate baby skin and use baby safe laundry detergents. You may want to look into baby-safe stain removers too.

Baby Registry For Twins

You’ll have plenty of time to get everything you need for your new twins before they arrive Add all of these items to your Amazon baby registry and have your friends and family help you out with some of these purchases.

For additional information here are baby essentials for winter babies and how to have a baby on a budget.

baby registry for twins

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