9 Gift Ideas For Baby’s First Christmas


Enjoy this great list of baby’s first Christmas gift ideas and make your holidays special and exciting for your growing family.

Baby’s first Christmas is such an exciting time, no matter how old your baby is!

If you had you baby close to the holidays, you may be wondering if they baby is too young to celebrate Christmas and if you should even bother with Christmas gifts.

We are here to tell you that you should spoil your newborn with a few awesome gifts that they will enjoy. There are so many products that parents can purchase to make life easier such as bouncers, swings, playmats and playards…but does the baby love these things as much as mom and dad?

Give your little one some fun and exciting joys this Christmas and be sure to take lots of photos so they can see that they had an awesome first Christmas.

Here are some fun and practical baby’s first Christmas gift ideas to make your holiday shopping a little less stressful.

Practical And Fun Babys First Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Pajamas

Every baby needs pajamas and Christmas time is a great time to load up on some festive pj’s!

Here are the BEST christmas pajamas for babies you can grab on Amazon today.

Baby Books

Baby books are an excellent baby’s first christmas gift idea because they can help with development and can be used on a daily basis. Reading to your baby is important and baby’s should be looking at pictures to help strengthen their eyesight too.

Play Mats

Babies need lots of tummy time to help strengthen their muscles. A tummy time playmat can be an excellent baby’s first Christmas gift.

Teething Accessories

All babies are going to go through tough teething phases and teething toys and accessories can be a godsend!

Handprint and Footprint Memorabilia

Give the gift of handprints and footprint memorabilia so your baby can hang their prints up in their room and have these memories forever.


Babies need toys too! Let your newborn enjoy these toys this Christmas.

Baby Care Items

Babies have so many needs and they need a lot of items to help us care for them. Don’t over look baby care items for Christmas gift ideas for your newborn.


Babies love cozy things and parents need lots of blankets to keep baby warm in the winter time. Give the gift of cozy for baby’s first Christmas.

Eating Accessories

Everyone eats and newborns need many bottles and blanket to help them through their feeding times. Burp cloths, receiving blankets and bottles are always a great choice when it comes to coming up with baby gifts!

We hope you have an amazing Christmas with your newborn and that there was at least one or two gift ideas on this list that you can gift for your baby.

Christmas Gifts For Newborns

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