15 Baby Beach Essentials You Need For Summer Fun

Heading to the beach is relaxing and fun, and the perfect spot for the entire family to enjoy time together. However, the beach with a baby requires a little more preparation and can be a lot less fun if you don’t bring the right items to keep your bundle of joy happy and healthy. With these beach essentials for baby in hand, your little beach bum will have the time of his or her life.

Beach Essentials For Your Baby

This infant beach gear is a must-have for any trip to the beach. Believe me when I say that you will thank yourself later when everyone is pleased and having a good time.

When packing your belongings to take with you, keep in mind that you will need enough hands to carry everything. The good news is that most of these infant beach necessities will fit comfortably in a beach tote or waterproof diaper bag.

Sunscreen: This is one of the most crucial items you should carry with you. Your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and can easily burn. We all know how terrible sunburns can be, and you don’t want that to happen to your child. Sunburn not only hurts, but it also raises your child’s chance of developing melanoma later in life. Also, bear in mind that children do not sweat as much as adults, so you will need to take regular breaks from the sun and heat. From 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., the sun is at its most powerful. You may acquire a sunburn at any time of day, but your chances are greater during this period. Make careful to reapply sunscreen on a regular basis to keep your infant safe. For the best protection, seek for sunscreen with an SPF of at LEAST 30 for a baby older than 6 months. Sunblock should not be used on babies under the age of six months; instead, layers should be worn to keep them cool in the heat. This is the one we use, and love.

Clothing: Protective gear is another excellent method to keep your infant safe. This will not only protect you from the sun, but also from the sand. At the very least, I recommend a helmet and a rash guard swimming suit like this. These are available as a matching set, and there are some adorable choices available. And yes, I completely realise that keeping a hat on your baby’s head isn’t always the simplest task. It is, however, well worth the effort if you can keep it on their head because it will protect their face, ears, and head from sunburn. I also believe it’s a good idea to have a pair of sunglasses on hand for your child—if you purchase the sort with a goggle strap like this, they’ll be more difficult to pull off. This brand appealed to me since it includes a goggle strap and offers a wide range of color possibilities.

Blanket: When you’re spending the day on the beach, a large blanket comes in handy. It will shield you from the scorching sand and provide a spot for you to dry off if you get wet. It also gives a secure space for the infant to walk around when they need to get away from the water or sand. Because not all infants enjoy the sensation of sand, this is a great place for babies to play. There are several blankets available, and the majority of them will suffice. I like to purchase sand-free beach blankets; just be sure to get one with a good rating, such as this one.

Baby Swim Diapers: Swimming is fun, but it’s much better when your child is wearing a swim diaper. There are a plethora of options available. Most diaper manufacturers include a disposable version like this, that you can trash when it becomes soiled. Alternatively, if you want, you may use a reusable cloth swim diaper. On Amazon, you may get some at a very low price like this. If you’ve never used a swim diaper before, you should be aware that it will leak when your kid pees. It’s not designed to store fluids in that way. When it comes to excrement, though, they are designed to protect it from seeping out.

Towels: It may seem obvious, but towels are easy to forget while going on a trip. This beach necessity for the baby has many purposes: not only can it be used to dry off the baby, but it can also be utilized as a blanket if she feels cold after a swim. You may also softly brush sand from your baby’s legs and arms using the towel. You should definitely take a look at these adorable tiny hooded towels since they are soft, affordable, and come in a variety of designs. You can also take a look at the best baby towels for bathing, and if you like those you can bring them to the beach with you too.

Bag For Wet Things: You’ll also utilize wet bags as one of the beach necessities for the baby. It’s really convenient to have a location where you can keep wet bathing suits without soaking anything else. You can also put a soiled reusable swim diaper or bib in them to keep it apart from your clean items. These ones are my favourite, we used them for our cloth diapering journey since they feature a double zipper and a variety of attractive pattern possibilities.

Extra Clothes: You and your family might go out for a casual supper at a beach restaurant or drive home after a day at the beach. Bring multiple clothes that are comfortable, warm, and simple to put on for both you and your child(ren).

Inflatable Toys: A beach floater allows babies who can keep their heads up to enjoy the ocean more while also relaxing your arm muscles. I strongly advise purchasing one with a parasol like this to help prevent sunburns. Remember that your infant needs to be exposed to the sun on a regular basis! Alternatively, if your kid is already well-protected, a floaty like this one could be a good option. It appears to be extremely comfy, and it may be used with newborns as young as three months old.

Bag To Hold All The Things: You’ll want to bring a big, easy-to-carry beach bag with you. This will make it easier for you to get everything from the car to the area where you will be spending the day. It’s also a great method to keep things tidy and organized. Of course, you may use a standard diaper bag if you want, but there are several beach bags designed specifically for babies that are waterproof. While I’m sure it’s possible to find something both lovely and practical, it’s far simpler to locate one or the other. This bag appealed to me in terms of functionality because it has so many pockets and is waterproof. This bag was certainly lovely, but it wasn’t as practical.

Baby Pool: It’s convenient to have a beach pool for your kid since, depending on where you are, you may not always want them in the water (this one is very affordable). It provides a secure environment for your infant to play in the water without fear of drowning. Plus, you won’t get weary of carrying the infant in the water since your arms won’t grow tired. Many of them fold up quickly, so they’re not too huge or cumbersome. They’re small enough to fit in a pocket on your beach bag. Plus, there are so many adorable ones with built-in shade shelters like this.

Food And Water: Don’t forget to include food for the infant and the rest of the family. Being outside in the light and weather might increase your appetite. You can bring crackers, candy, fresh fruit, or whatever else you like. Make sure you drink plenty of water as well. I like to keep my water cool by bringing a bottle like this. Everyone may rapidly become dehydrated when the weather heats up, so drink enough! For infants and the entire family, water is one of the most crucial beach necessities. Remember that newborns under the age of six months do not require water and only eat breast milk or formula. Water is crucial to have on hand whether you are nursing or bottle-feeding your kid.

Shoes To Splash In: You’ll need water shoes if your kid is old enough to walk. It will protect her small feet from being burned or injured by sharp objects on the sand. When purchasing, look for a pair with a good sole, such as these. They’re light and don’t take up a lot of room in your bag, which is a plus. You can also pop into your local dollar store and grab some crocks for the kids (that’s what we do).

Your Own Shade: At the beach, there isn’t always a shaded area to unwind. As a beach necessity for the baby, bring an umbrella-like this (but they are pricey) so she may be cooled off and out of the direct sun on a regular basis. An umbrella has the advantage of being simpler to put chairs or anything else you want beneath it, which a shade does not have. A shade like this, on the other hand, is likely to do a better job of actually shading your infant and providing more protection from the elements in general. This is the one we have. Plus, having a place to recharge and calm off will be appreciated by your older children, husband, and yourself!

Beach Toys: If your kid could talk, I’m sure he or she would tell you that the most important items to carry to the beach are food and fun beach toys! Bring some water or sand toys, and your baby will have a great time. This beach toy set comes with a mesh bag, making it extremely easy to transport.

Stroller Fan: Keep your baby cool with a portable stroller fan. These are extremely helpful for keeping your baby cool while you’re on the way to the beach too because most of them clip onto the stroller. Here is my ultimate guide on stroller fans.

Can You Take A Newborn To The Beach

Yes, you may bring your baby to the beach! On the beach, you may need to make sure you have a place to put your baby down to sleep. In addition, when it comes to sunscreen for babies, we recommend contacting your doctor.

The standard advice is to wait until a baby is 6 months old before applying sunscreen. You should be able to safely take a newborn to the beach with a small baby beach tent or a bigger baby beach shelter while still protecting your infant from the heat and wind.

Taking Baby To The Beach

A trip to the beach with a newborn is the ideal way to spend a summer day. While you won’t be able to relax on the beach and read a book, you’ll enjoy seeing your infant play in the sand and water. We’ve compiled a thorough list of beach necessities for babies, with lots of alternatives to fit any household. So gather your baby’s beach gear and prepare to hit the sand!

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