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Affordable Baby Monitor Reviews 2021

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A list of the best affordable video baby monitors to help new parents have peace of mind.

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Baby monitors are an essential piece of baby gear (and a must-have registry item) for new parents and experienced parents alike.

They provide peace of mind, which is vital for sanity for moms and dads.

The problem with baby monitors is, they often come at a hefty price point, and with all the other baby gadgets and doo-dads that you need to buy before baby arrives, the price tag for a lot of the baby monitors is daunting.

To help you find a quality baby monitor that is affordable, and will give you the peace of mind that you need, I’ve rounded up the best budget video monitors to help you keep an eye on your baby.

The Best Affordable Video Monitors 2021

The Best Affordable Baby Monitor Reviews

ANMEATE Baby Monitor

We like the Anmeate baby monitor here at baby gadget list because it is an affordable monitor that comes with some great features that parents love.

There is a 2x zoom option on the camera as well as temperature monitoring and night vision. There is also a handy two-way talk feature so you can talk to your baby through the unit.

It is a very simple to use system and we love that it comes in under $100, very affordable!

Check out the Anmeate Baby Monitor On Amazon here.

Simple systemSmall screen
Great price
Good range
2x zoom
Temperature monitoring
Night vision

Amcrest AC-2 Video Baby Monitor with Camera

best affordable video baby monitors amcrest

This is an excellent budget-friendly video monitor and comes in under $100 USD.

The screen size on the Amcrest AC-2 Video Baby Monitor with Camera runs at 3.5″ and has audio as well as video functions.

The remote pan, tilt, and digital zoom helps you cover every angle you need and zoom in close too.

This monitor allows two-way communication, and the display monitor is wireless.

This monitor offers night vision and five preset lullabies.

There is no worry about being hacked with this monitor because there is no association with an internet connection.

Check out the Amcrest AC-2 Video Baby Monitor with Camera on Amazon here.

5 preset LullabiesSmall Screen
980 ft TransmissionLower Resolution Picture
Night Vision
Pan, Tilt and Zoom Control Available
Temperature Monitor Built In

Dragon Touch DT50

best affordable video baby monitors dragon touch

The Dragon Touch DT50 baby monitor is a fantastic budget find.

It features a 5-inch video display, and the speaker quality is pretty darn good.

The pan and tilt capabilities pick up on babies’ cries and movements.

The battery on the receiver lasts for a few days without needing to charge.

Check out the Dragon Touch DT50 on Amazon here.

5 Inch ScreenCan Pick Up Background Sound Easily
Audio Only Option Available For Night
Motion Tracking
Two-Way Talk

Summer Explore Panoramic Video Baby Monitor

best affordable video baby monitors summer explore

The Summer Explore Panoramic Video Baby Monitor features a 5-inch display screen that has options to display in color or black and white.

The remote camera steering pans 180-degrees, which makes it easy to see the baby from many angles.

You CAN purchase additional cameras if one is just not enough, which is incredible if you have a larger baby room, or for when the baby grows older and starts crawling around all over the place.

Check out the Summer Explore Panoramic Video Baby Monitor on Amazon here.

Adjustable Volume and Video Brightness ControlsNight Vision Picture Quality Is Poor
2-Way Communication Camera Range Low
180 – Degree Visibility
5 Inch Display Screen

VMAI Video Baby Monitor

best affordable video baby monitors VMAI

The VMAI Video Baby Monitor is a good quality video camera for the price.

The picture on the 4.3-inch display is clear in the daytime.

Some reviewers were concerned that the image quality at night is not clear.

There is no pan option for the camera, so that does make it difficult to see the baby if they have moved around the crib; however, you can add three cameras around the room if you need a more comprehensive range of view.

A great thing about this system is the 1000 foot range. Not many cameras come with that wide of a range, so for this price point, that’s a pretty neat selling point.

Check out the VMAI Video Baby Monitor on Amazon here.

4.3 Inch DisplayDoes Not Pan
VOX Wake-up ModeNight Vision Not Clear
Two Way Talk & Temperature Monitoring
Comes With 2 Cameras
Lifetime Warranty

Summer Baby Pixel

Best affordable video baby monitors summer baby pixel

The Summer Baby Pixel baby monitor features a 5-inch display and can be used when mounted on the wall or sitting on a tabletop.

This system is easy to set up, and the picture is clear.

The connection is secure since it has no wi-fi capabilities.
This model features a talk-back mode so you can communicate with your baby.

You can also add up to 4 cameras to the system, which can all have pan steering, giving you coverage on every angle of a room.

Check out the Summer Baby Pixel on Amazon here.

Clear Night ViewsHigher Price
Pan Steering Limited Indoor Range
VOXCosts 3x More Than Others
Table Top or Wall MountableBattery Life Poor
5 Inch Display

Guide To Buying A Baby Monitor

Do You Need a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is very useful if you are going to have the baby sleep in the nursery, or a room where you cannot see or hear the baby well.

Most parents do enjoy the convenience of a baby monitor because you can see your baby on the screen while you relax, or try to catch up on sleep when baby is asleep without worrying.

You can also use a video baby monitor as a nanny cam to keep an eye on your baby while you’re out of the house and you have someone caring for your child.

If you are looking for a baby monitor that does not offer video, here are our favorite options:

  1. VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor 
  2. VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor
  3. HelloBaby HB178 Audio Baby Monitor
  4. Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor

Cost of a Baby Monitor

Baby monitors can range anywhere from $20 all the way up to $400! Monitors vary from audio-only to video and audio models. Some high definition images and some have wireless networks competitivity.

All of these features will affect the price of the monitor.

What Are The Different Styles Of Baby Monitors?

There are a few different kinds of baby monitors:

Video: Allow you to see and hear the baby, and sometimes talk through the monitor to interact with the baby.

Audio: Allow you to hear the baby, which is great to know when baby wakes up from their nap.

Wearable: Allows you to monitor and track baby’s vitals which is best for when the infant was a premature baby and you need to keep an extra eye on their well being.

Wireless Network Monitors: These are monitors that can connect to your wireless network and allow you to use a computer, phone or tablet as a receiver. Some models allow for notifications to be sent if there is a noise, movement or a temperature change in the nursery.

Movement Monitor: Caregivers and parents love the new movement monitors because these are monitors that let them know if the baby has not moved around for longer than 20 seconds. These monitors have a motion-sensitive pad that slips under the mattress.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Video Baby Monitor

When you’re looking for a baby monitor for your home, there are a few things to consider before making a final decision.

Wireless capabilities: Video monitors can run off of wi-fi or plain batteries. Wi-fi enabled monitors are great when you’re looking for higher range and portability but you must keep in mind that they are easier to hack into. You’ll need to ensure your home wireless network is secured and often updated. Wireless transmission baby monitors do not need extra security as they cannot be hacked into.

Display: when choosing a baby monitor consider the display . Some monitors have a larger display screen and some smaller. The clarity varies between the different models as well. Some cameras allow you to view the baby on your cell phone, which could be the preferred screen method for you.

Range: All monitors have different ranges in which they can keep an eye on the baby and if you live in a home with multiple floors you may need a monitor with a wider range.

Two-way communication: Would you like to speak to your baby through the monitor? Some monitors offer this feature.

Battery life: Battery life ensures that you can carry your video monitor around without having to recharge for a longer amount of time. If this is important to you, choose a camera that has a longer battery life.

Additional monitoring: Some video cameras can monitor the baby’s room temperature and even the baby’s vital signs. These can be helpful to ensure the baby is always comfortable and not overheating in the summer months and freezing in the winter months.

Using a Baby Monitor Safely

To use a baby monitor safely, you should keep these key things in mind.

Don’t put the monitor in the crib: You may think that having the baby monitor close to the baby will help you keep a better eye and ear on the baby, it is much safer to have the monitor out of grabby exploring hands. a monitor cord can choke the baby, so proper baby proofing should be implemented when it comes to installing baby monitors.

Hide cords: To avoid a choking accident, keep the cords at least 3 feet away from the crib and mount the camera on the wall.

The monitor is not a babysitter: A baby monitor, even the fanciest kind, cannot replace a parent’s eyes and ears. A baby monitor cannot prevent SIDS. It can only help you keep an eye on your baby for shorter periods of time while they sleep, and it is still your job as the parent to ensure proper crib safety measures are in place.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Monitors

The Best Affordable Video Baby Monitors

Choosing a baby monitor shouldn’t be too stressful if you know your lifestyle needs. If you’re living in a small apartment then a long-range monitor isn’t a requirement. If you have a larger home and cannot hear the baby from all rooms of the house then you may want something that’s a little more long range-friendly.

Do you visit the neighbors yard a lot in the summer for a BBQ? Then you’ll want to make sure your video monitor can handle that distance so you can still enjoy yourself while your baby safely naps at home and you have the monitor on your person to ensure their safety. If you need to drop off your little one to school that’s next door to your home, a baby monitor can help you have a less stressful time with this too.

Think about what factors are going to make your parenting journey easier and then don’t forget to add the monitor to your Amazon baby registry.

Video Baby Monitor

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