5 Best Air Purifiers Your Nursery Needs


We all have a lengthy list of items we need to buy, prepare, and get rid of when we’re having a kid. We’re always on the lookout for products that will keep our little ones happy and healthy. Car seats, infant gates, and hard cot mattresses are examples of such items. What about air purifiers, though?

If you or your spouse have allergies, your child is more likely to have them as well. Asthma is a widespread condition in the United States, with roughly 6.2 million people under the age of 18 suffering from it.

The number of dust mites and allergens inhaled by your infant might be reduced by using an air purifier in the nursery. So, where do you begin your search for the finest air purifiers for nurseries?

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Why Buy an Air Purifier for the Nursery

You make sure your floors are clean, your dishes are done, and your surfaces are clean, but what about the air? Dander and dust abound in the indoor environment. It may contain pet smells, smoke, and mold in some homes.

Many people will not experience any severe symptoms or problems as a result of such drugs. Allergies in either you or your spouse, on the other hand, might endanger your kid.

An air purifier will be your best investment if your family has a history of allergies or asthma. Because such a device works to remove allergens from the air, it keeps your child from breathing them. As a result, the likelihood of their getting symptoms is reduced.

Another advantage of an air purifier is that it can help with eczema symptoms, which are commonly connected to asthma and allergies. Even if you have an air filter, you should still keep dogs and smoke out of the nursery.

Finding the Best Air Purifier for Nurseries

When looking for the perfect air purifier for your baby’s nursery, there are a few things to consider.

HEPA Filter

High-efficiency Particulate Air, or HEPA, is one of the most critical features to look for. It is responsible for removing all fine particles and allergens from the air.

HEPA filters have been shown to collect up to 99.97 percent of dust and other pollutants in the air. HEPA filters eliminate particles as tiny as 0.3 microns, which are virtually undetectable to the human eye.

Nursery Noise Level

You don’t want anything too loud in the baby’s room since it could wake him or her up. Some air purifiers are quite loud, and if you’re unfortunate, they may also vibrate. Having this in the nursery may be a real pain.

However, noise is difficult to prevent, especially when the device is set to a high level. Look for one that isn’t louder than 27 decibels at its lowest setting, which is what you’ll most likely use at night.

Some devices can also produce white noise, which is calming to many newborns. My toddler was enamored with vacuum cleaners. However, it’s a good idea to read reviews in general to have an idea of what to expect.

Energy Star Certification

Energy Star certification isn’t required for all air purifiers, and it’s not always a good thing to seek for. Nonetheless, if you want to save money on your energy bill, it’s an important element to consider. Most items will state whether or not they are certified in their description.

Make sure it can cure the entire nursery before you buy it. Some air purifiers can handle big rooms, while others can only handle tiny spaces. Each product should provide the number of square feet it can handle.

Look for a nursery that is at least 360 square feet in size. Air purifiers with a smaller footprint can only cover a 125 to 150 square foot space.

The Best Air Purifier for Nurseries

We searched prominent stores and expert sites using the parameters outlined above. We also looked at a number of consumer reviews. Then we whittled down our options to the top five air purifiers for nurseries.

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

With a newborn, life may be stressful, so having a gadget that can help with some of the job is wonderful.

The Winix has gotten rave reviews from users, who commend it for being both comprehensive and attractive. It’s definitely deserving of our #1 place.

It comes with a number of features that help new parents keep their newborns safe from allergies.

The air purifier cleans the surrounding air thoroughly, leaving a fresh, odor-free nursery ready for the baby. What’s the best part? It takes care of the majority of the job so you can focus on your child.

The Winix is equipped with Smart Sensors that continuously monitor the air quality in its surroundings. Then there’s an LED indicator display that displays the air quality as blue, amber, or red lights.

If it detects that the air quality is inadequate, it turns red, increasing the fan’s speed automatically. The Winix keeps cleaning the air until it’s perfect. Then it returns to its former configuration automatically.

The Winix purifies the air in the surrounding area in three phases. The first is an Advanced Odor Control (AOC) carbon filter, which works to remove smells from the home. It can absorb any odor, including smoking, cooking, and pets, as well as airborne particles.

The True HEPA filter, which collects 99.97 percent of airborne allergens, is the second stage. Mold spores, pollen, cat dander, and smoke are all examples. The PlasmaWave technology, which breaks down particles at the molecular level without releasing byproducts or ozone, is the last stage.

Low, Medium, High, and Turbo are the four settings available on the Winix. In Manual Mode, you choose your preferred speed and the fan will run at that speed. Low and Medium settings are completely silent, making them ideal for use in a nursery.

When the room’s ambient light dims, so does the Winix. It features a sleep mode that automatically adjusts the fan speed. In addition to dimming the indicator lights, sleep mode initiates an ultra-quiet sleep mode.

When the air purifier’s filters need to be replaced, the machine’s LED Filter Replacement indication will light up. Reset the indication once the switch has been changed to be alerted when the next switch is required.

The top settings were noted to be rather loud by a few people. However, because such settings are rarely used when you’re in the room, it’s not a major inconvenience.

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Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier

The Coway air purifier is ideal for big infant rooms. It has a long-range and is ideal for flats, living rooms, and nurseries.

The machine has a genuine HEPA filter, as well as a pre-filter and an odor filter, to remove even the finest particles. The residual contaminants are then captured by a fourth layer ionizer.

Unpleasant smells and allergies are no match for it, and consumers have praised it. With this model, your infant may sleep comfortably in pure air.

The Coway adapts itself as needed thanks to a clever mechanism. When the air purifier isn’t needed, an Eco Mode helps save electricity.

The Coway air purifier is ideal for big nurseries since it can clean rooms up to 361 square feet. It’s designed to clean the air in apartments, living rooms, and other enclosed places.

The machine’s design allows it to take in air from a very large area. It goes through three rounds of filtration after that.

The Coway has an LED indicator that displays the interior air quality. It turns from red to blue after everything is clear.

When the purifier is turned on, the air quality indicator illuminates. It adjusts the fan to the appropriate speed for effective cleansing once the air is detected as being foul. The Coway enters its Eco Mode, which saves energy when the interior air has been proved to be clean for 30 minutes.

The timer can also be set. The Coway allows you to program it down to the hour, so it turns off automatically when it’s not in use.

After passing through the first three stages, contaminated air enters the fourth and final stage, the Vital Ion System. It’s a bipolar ionizer that creates an electrochemical reaction that reduces the particles that are let back into the room.

The machine will illuminate its filter replacement indication when the filter fills up with particles and dust mites. It’s a great thing to have for new parents since it eliminates some guessing.

When set at the highest volume, a few users reported that it was quite loud and vibrated a lot.

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Levoit Smart WiFi Air Purifier

This Leviot model is ideal for parents searching for an air purifier to make their lives simpler.

It has a number of useful features for busy families or those who have a lot on their plates.

Users commend it for how well it works and how much easier it makes daily living. It’s app-compatible, so you can manage anything from your desk. The machine makes very little noise, which is ideal for a baby’s nursery, and it is also quite efficient.

After you’ve set up the Levoit air purifier, you can use the VeSynch app to link it to your smartphone. You can operate it from anywhere if you do it this way. Set a schedule, change modes, switch off the LED display, and check air quality all from the smartphone.

Another useful feature is its voice control compatibility with Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Assistant. So, even if you’re holding a baby, you can turn on the machine without touching it.

The Levoit emits a sound similar to that of rustling leaves. Its noise level is predicted to be at 27 dB, offering a relaxing and pleasant environment. It generates white noise for your child to sleep with when set to the maximum level.

A scientific algorithm is included in the smart Levoit air purifier, which estimates the filter’s life based on its surroundings. When it’s time for a replacement, it’ll let you know ahead of time. You may also use the app to keep track of its expected lifespan.

A Honeycomb active carbon HEPA filter is included in the machine. This filter has a 30 percent better and quicker purification efficiency than others. For a 360 square foot space, it can alter the air four to five times each hour. It’s ideal for regular nurseries.

Some customers noted that the filter only lasts two months before it has to be replaced. If you have dogs or a smoker in the house, it will last even less time.

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Vornadobaby Purio Air Purifier

Vornadobaby’s Puiro air purifier is ideal for small to medium-sized nurseries. It’s certainly worth a look, especially given the positive feedback from parents.

The Purio has numerous characteristics that are beneficial to both newborns and older babies. It may be turned off or used as a white noise machine at night. It also does so while emitting a relaxing glow.

As your child grows older, the unit will prohibit them from tampering with the settings and filters. Everything is locked, ensuring the safety of both the machine and your child.

The Vornadobaby air purifier is ideal for the nursery because it has a built-in night light. The Purio’s light function is activated at night. It’s a muted nightlight that allows you to check on your child as needed while causing minimum disruption.

The Purio features lockable controls since infants are curious once they become mobile. These keep small hands from tampering with the system. It locks in place once you’ve chosen your favorite setting. Furthermore, if your child manages to get their hands on the machine, the filter is hidden behind a locked cover.

An activated carbon filter is included with the unit to keep the air fresh. It will remove all smells from the room, leaving just the aroma of the infant behind.

Purio will suffice whether your infant requires a peaceful environment or prefers white noise to sleep. It gets whisper-silent when set to the lowest level. It may, however, be used as a white noise machine if the volume is set to medium or high.

Considering it’s designed for small to medium-sized rooms, the unit is rather huge. It takes up the majority of the nightstand, according to a few users.

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Levoit Air Purifier

Last but not least, we have another Levoit example. It’s deserving of an honorable mention because it’s extremely quiet while also being quite efficient.

The device absorbs smells well, whether they are from pets, cooking, or smoking. It circulates the air a couple of times each hour to keep the environment fresh. The relaxing night light may be turned on at any time during the night. The machine comes with a two-year guarantee and is well worth considering.

This air purifier can efficiently remove any scents whether you have pets or a smoker in the house. The purifying process is completed in three steps by the unit. A high-efficiency activated carbon filter captures allergens, smoke, mold, and pet dander in the final step.

More than four times each hour, this air purifier will circulate the air within the room. Its great efficiency ensures that the room is kept spotless. Small to medium-sized rooms are ideal for this item.

The unit is ideal for a child’s room. It’s whisper-quiet, with a sound level of only 25 decibels on the lowest setting. During the night, you may also turn on the night light, which gives you the option of choosing between two different colors.

The buttons have a tendency to freeze at times, according to a few users. This will, of course, prevent you from utilizing the device. Fortunately, unplugging and reconnecting the device is all that is required to fix the problem.

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Do you need air purifier for nursery?

You do not need an air purifier in the nursery but it is a good idea to have one to keep your nursery healthy. If you choose to have one, make sure you take care of it daily to prevent mold.

Are air purifiers good for nurseries?

For children’s rooms, air purifiers with real HEPA filters are the finest. Activated carbon filters give an additional layer of air filtration for maximum protection.

Does air purifier help baby congestion?

An air purifier will not only help your newborn infant breathe cleaner, healthier air, but it will also help them sleep better. Poor indoor air quality, according to specialists, can irritate your upper respiratory system, causing stuffy, clogged noses, itchy throats, watery eyes, coughing, and other symptoms.

What is better air purifier or humidifier for baby?

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier – The Winix is equipped with Smart Sensors that continuously monitor the air quality in its surroundings. Then there’s an LED indicator display that displays the air quality as blue, amber, or red lights.
If it detects that the air quality is inadequate, it turns red, increasing the fan’s speed automatically. The Winix keeps cleaning the air until it’s perfect. Then it returns to its former configuration automatically.

Why You Need An Air Purifier In The Nursery Bottom Line

Investing in a nursery air purifier is a fantastic method to keep your kid healthy while also ensuring a good night’s sleep. Asthma, allergies, and even eczema can all benefit from such a device.

Consider how noisy the air purifier is and if it can cover the entire room while looking for the finest air purifiers for nurseries. Look for one that has a HEPA filter and is Energy Star certified.

Why You Need An Air Purifier In The Nursery

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