17 Best Baby Apps For Expecting And New Parents


Best apps for expecting parents to help track pregnancy and postpartum events and stay informed on the progress of your new arrival.

Parenting is not an easy feat and technology is here to help! We understand that all parents want to raise their babies to grow up to be healthy, happy and productive humans.

Before technology was readily available, parents had a tough job of trying to figure out some of the very confusing and difficult parts of raising a baby all on their own or with the help of relatives or babysitters.

Now parents can have the information they require at their fingertips, which takes a huge stress off an exhausted mom’s plate.

Keeping up with a new baby is a time-consuming task, and it might feel like that’s all you do at times. However, you must still eat, buy, amuse other children, keep everyone in the family on track, and look after yourself. There are plenty of apps for those things too.

The applications listed below aren’t especially for newborn babies, but they are ESSENTIAL for new parents in the postpartum period for tracking baby’s daily habits.

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Best Baby Apps

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

It’s thrilling to keep track of your baby bump. It’s even better to compare your bump’s growth to daily items, which is why Ovia is one of the best pregnancy apps for expecting parents.

Perhaps you’d want to chart your baby’s development alongside a variety of vegetables? Is it a tiny creature? Pastries from Paris, perhaps?

Whatever appeals to you the most, you’ll enjoy having something to anticipate each week.


Cozi, a family calendar app, assists you in keeping track of your schedule. Cozi replaces the refrigerator door as the family member calendar keeper by allowing users to make and share grocery lists, as well as monitor appointments and events.

You may use Cozi for recipe ideas and food planning, task lists for older kids, and a to-do list for yourself, in addition to the calendar feature.

Pregnancy +

Pregnancy Plus is exactly what the name implies: everything pregnancy-related, plus more for busy parents. Pregnancy Plus is another must-have pregnancy tracker apps software for expecting mothers. It is justifiably regarded as one of the best pregnancy applications in the world (and for a good reason). Keep track of everything from weight fluctuations to doctor’s visits in the palm of your hand, and get vital information regarding changes week by week.

My Pregnancy & Baby Today By Babycenter

This is an award-winning app that provides daily tips and updates on your pregnancy with expert information. Beyond pregnancy, Babycenter goes into the first year of a baby’s life so you’re well informed on the changes your baby may be experiencing as they grow.

Mothers can learn all about their body changes during pregnancy and how to cope with some of the hardest pregnancy challenges while maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

The tips change daily, based on your needs and they come from medical professionals so you know they can be trusted.

You can see what your baby looks like each week of the pregnancy with videos and 3D images.

There is also a community aspect to this app where moms can connect with other moms and learn from each other.

After the pregnancy stage, you can get support and advice during your baby’s first year of life and track your baby’s development on a personalized daily calendar with the baby development app.

This is an app for parents who want to be very informed about every detail of their pregnancy and parenthood journey and want to connect with other parents who may be experiencing the same thing at the same time.


There was no way we were leaving Huckleberry out of this. Huckleberry not only looks great, but it also helps new parents get into the swing of things when it comes to developing excellent sleep patterns.

Huckleberry is like having a sleep expert in your pocket! Many families struggle with sleep throughout their child’s early years, whether it’s newborn day/night confusion, the dreaded four-month sleep regression, or moving from two naps to one.

From baby’s feedings to sleep to monitoring wake windows, Huckleberry offers personalized sleep programs that take your family’s specific requirements into account when taking care of your baby.


Try Headspace for beneficial, meditative activities if you’re weary, annoyed, and stressed out coping with a newborn. With the app, you can get your daily dosage of tranquility whenever you have a few minutes and are dealing with sleep deprivation.

You will, ideally, sleep better and feel more at peace if you consistently practice your guided meditations and focus on mindfulness. Although there is a free trial available for iOS and Android, membership is necessary.

Today’s Parent My Family

Today’s parent my family is a free app that is personalized to your baby’s age from pregnancy and beyond.

Get daily tips and developmental advice so you can raise a healthy and happy baby. There are even recipes that help make parenting easier!

You’ll get a customized news feed for every child you have, all you have to do is input the information of the due date or birth date.

You can create storybooks with all the memories you’re collecting on your phone and add quotes and captions that are easy to share with friends and family.

You can also record your baby’s naps, feedings, potty training progress and more!

If you are having trouble deciding on baby names, there is a baby namer tool that can help you too.

This is an all in one baby app that can help you throughout your parenting journey.

Glow Baby

Caring for an infant can be overwhelming and glow baby app makes that easy. From breastfeeding help to diaper changing, this is a baby tracker app that can help you master motherhood.

The main features of glow baby that we love are the abilities to track daily activities and milestones as the baby develops and grows.

Nursing timers, teething logs, solid food tracker, sleep schedules and more this baby app is an all in one.

You can also build up a family album with all the beautiful photos you’re snapping of your precious little one.

Make your parenting journey a little easier with this baby app that helps you track all the things you need to as a new parent.

Feed Safe

If you like to drink wine as you eat, you might want to rearrange your home screen to put the Feed Safe app on the top page. This ingenious tool from the Australian Breastfeeding Association, created in collaboration with academics from Curtin University in Western Australia, allows you to calculate the time it will take for your breastmilk to be alcohol-free.

Cloud Baby Monitor ($6 / IOS Only)

Cloud baby monitor is a high quality baby monitor with unlimited range that has noise and motion alerts.

This is a great option for parents who do not want to purchase a video baby monitor and have apple products at home.

You’ll need two apple devices such as ipad, iphone or apple watch to create the monitor and receiver.

Then once you have that set up you can live stream your baby’s room and know that they are safe and sound while napping or sleeping at night.

This is also a great solution for travelling to grandmas house or on a family vacation which leaves you with one less baby item to pack.

The Wonder Weeks ($3.99)

The Wonder Weeks is an excellent app that helps new parents figure out what is happening with your baby from head to toe, week by week.

This can help answer some of those big questions that new parents have during different developmental baby stages such as “why is may baby crying all day” and “could it be teething already?”

This app helps parents figure out where their baby is at developmentally by entering in some basic information and is very helpful for all new parents.

Sprout Baby

Sprout baby is another tracker app, but the interface and layout of this app is very user-friendly and so it had to make the best baby apps list.

This is an all-in-one tool that tracks your baby’s daily activities and care such as feedings, sleep, diaper changes, medications, illnesses, and more.

You don’t actually have to log in to sprout baby, it’s as simple as download and use. Grab an on-demand pdf summary with data for when you need to visit the doctor and track temperature, medications and all other health-related items in this app.

As many other apps also allow, you can track developmental milestones along with your baby’s growth too.

My Pregnancy & Baby Today By Babycenter

We all know about WebMD and how helpful it can be when it comes to medical information.

This app is no disappointment.

While it has the tracker that most other baby apps allow, My Baby app has extra categories that are very helpful to parents who are concerned about their child’s health and wellness.

There are baby and toddler care categories, illness and emergencies, vaccines and baby doctor visits too.

While you’re not going to make your parenting decisions based on the information on this app, it can help you figure out if a situation is more or less serious than you initially thought.

We do recommend a doctor visit if you have any concerns, or at least a phone call to your local health line. This app is not to replace a doctor, but to help parents make better judgment calls.


Grocery shopping with a newborn…whew! That’s all there is to it. Why not delegate your shopping to someone else so you can spend more time with your child? Shipt is a same-day grocery delivery service that works with a variety of retail and supermarket shops.

Getting groceries is as simple as opening the app thanks to its user-friendly interface and network of customized shoppers. Sign up for an annual membership with free delivery or pay a little delivery cost for each user. iOS and Android versions are available.


You may think your baby is too young to appreciate a Disney film, but you aren’t, and neither is the toddler who refuses to stop. While you’re attempting to get the infant to sleep, they’re begging for food.

Long lengths of time in a chair with your infant while breastfeeding, pumping, or bottle feeds might be difficult to occupy older siblings!

This is where Disney+ has the potential to shine.

With the Disney+ app, you can watch hundreds of iconic TV programs, Disney movies, and educational content anytime and wherever you choose. The app is free to download, but there are a variety of subscription options available to have access to the treasure mine of entertainment.

This is also a fantastic gift for new parents with older children!


As a new parent, there are moments when all you want to do is put on your headphones and listen to an audiobook – and that’s where Audible comes in. It won’t make up for the lack of sleep, but it will get you through the long evenings.


Of course, I saved the finest for last. Momatu is the place for you to discreetly share the joy of your family’s journey, as more and more families take their talks offline (away from social media).

Simply upload your favorite photographs and videos to your baby’s timeline to get started, and watch it come to life. But the best thing is that you can invite loved ones to view your timeline and speak about the events that matter in one location, even if you’re not together. The nicest part is watching your memory bank expand; you’ll have something to look back on and treasure for years to come.

Benefits Of Using An App As A New Parent

Parents have been keeping track of their children’s schedules and memories for as long as they can remember (well, most moms have). I failed since I was unaware of Queepsake and many of the other wonderful new parents we’ve discussed). If you wanted to know the last time your kid ate or how long they slept, you had to use pen and paper not long ago.

Now that there are so many newborn infant applications available, it’s as simple as opening one, clicking a few buttons, adding or deleting information, and having all the information you need right on your phone. It’s practical and fast, which is ideal for sleep-deprived new parents.

Here are some reasons why you should use an app to track your baby’s and your own activities:

  • The software keeps track of your preferences. The software stores the information you enter, so your brain doesn’t have to. Information, music, and memories are all just a click away when you need them.
  • Everyone is included in the multiple logins. Everyone who needs to know about your kid may use the same account, so parents, siblings, grandparents, and carers are all on the same page.
  • The ability to stay organized is crucial. With a newborn, life is hectic. It’s difficult to keep track of doctor visits, job schedules, and how all of this fits in with your baby’s demands. The proper software can help new parents keep track of everything.

Wrapping Up: The Best Baby Apps

There are so many baby apps to choose from, and our favorite one is the My Pregnancy & Baby Today By BabyCenter. It’s an all-in-one app that helps you track your baby from pregnancy and beyond and it just helps make the whole parenting thing a little easier.

The runner for the best baby app was the Today’s Parent My Family as it has a lot of the features that the BabyCenter app has, and it’s user-friendly as well.

Being a first-time parent is a life-changing experience. There’s a lot to learn and many changes to make. It’s normal to wonder how your baby is doing or how you’re doing as a mother. (Honestly, you’re probably doing a fantastic job; new mothers are notoriously hard on themselves!)

Baby apps are helpful tools for parents who want to keep track of their baby’s activities, from feedings to naps to treasured moments. Other parenting applications can help with planning, travel, dinner preparation, and entertainment.

With so many best parenting apps accessible these days, most of which are free to use, it makes sense to take use of technology and utilize one or two of them to help you out.

We hope you were able to find a child development app that suits your needs the best with this list of best baby apps!

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