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Best Baby Bottle Brush

Best Baby Bottle Brush

How to find the best baby bottle brush that gets all the gook and grime out of the toughest spots of your bottle.

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Our Picks: The Best Baby Bottle Brush

Little baby bottles can be tough to get clean, especially with all the nooks and crannies of the bottles. It can be dangerous to leave milk that is stuck in those small crevices of the bottle in between feedings.

Nipples are easy to replace because you can just buy new ones whenever you like, but even after a few uses, they become cloudy, stinky and they just look dirty.

As new parents, a bottle brush may not seem like a serious must-have item for your registry, but when you’re late-night feeding and you’ve run out of bottles, the last thing you want to do is swish around some hot soapy water and hope for a clean bottle for your babies milk.

Bottle cleaning should be taken seriously and a proper bottle cleaning brush can help you keep up with all things bottle cleaning.

You could purchase a bottle brush and a nipple brush, or go for a two in one option, whichever option you choose, just make sure you are using the brushes daily on your bottles to keep your baby safe.

Sometimes, baby bottles can be difficult to clean, even with a bottle brush so make sure you do some research on baby bottles so you can have a set that is easy enough to keep clean, works for your baby and is able to fit in your baby bottle sterilizer too.

Keep your bottles spic and span by using the best bottle brush that fits your needs.

Best Baby Bottle Brush Options

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush – $12.99/3 pack (Best Budget Brush)

4.4/5 Star Review

This is an affordable and best selling brush for new parents today.

This 3 piece bottle brush is versatile and has all the features that are required in a bottle brush.

This brush has a sponge as well as bristles to ensure you can reach and gather all the grime out of your baby bottle. The sponge tip will also ensure that your bottle will not get scratched up at the bottom from all the scrubbing you’ll be doing.

This brush also works for wide neck bottles and standard bottles too.

The downside of this bottle brush is that you’ll have to replace it often as the sponge tip does deteriorate over time.

Remember to clean the sponge tip of the brush thoroughly each time that you wash your bottles as the sponge could potentially harbor harmful germs that built up quickly.

You can use the suction cup at the bottom of the brush to keep your brush stored upright beside your kitchen sink which makes it easy to grab and wash when it is time to clean a bottle.

The handle length is long enough to clean a lot of standard bottles and does have a standard nonslip grip to keep your hands from sliding all over the place when washing your bottle.

This affordable bottle brush is a great option for many families, especially ones that use Dr. Browns baby bottles.

Don’t forge that Dr. Browns also has a sterilizer to use after the bottles have been washes well with the brush.

Best Budget BrushSplatters When Cleaning Narrow Bottles
Has Suction Cup StandSponge Falls Off Brush Sometimes

MoomooBaby Triple Brush Set- $7.99 (Best All Sponge Brush)

4.4/5 Star Review

This all sponge brush is a great alternative for the parent who does not enjoy the bristle brushes.

Sometimes a bristle can create a small scratch on the bottle, and with a sponge, you don’t have that worry!

This sponge brush comes in a set of 3; a bottle cleaner, a nipple cleaner and a straw cleaner.

You can clean bottles of all shapes and sizes with this sponge brush so you can have any brand of bottle in your cubby, which makes this a convenient bottle brush.

The sponge is easy to remove from the handle and can be washed separately if needed. Quick tip: heat your sponge in the microwave for 2 minutes before washing your bottles so ensure the sponge is germ-free.

If you have a bottle that has a straw inside of it, the straw cleaner sponge is a great tool to help you get that straw piece clean.

You can purchase replacement sponges if your sponge gets damaged or dirty and you can keep the handle as long as you need, which makes this a more eco friendly option as you are throwing away less plastic.

The handle is long enough to reach the bottom of most bottles, so you should have no issues with whichever bottle brand you have at home.

Can Be Used With Any Bottle and NippleTricky To Replace Sponge
Won’t Damage NipplesHandle Can Break
Quick Drying Sponge

OXO Tot Bottle Brush With Nipple Cleaner And Stand- $7.99 (Best Brush With Stand)

4.8/5 Star Review

The OXO bottle brush is an excellent option for parents and it made the list for several reasons.

The stand that this brush comes with is a great selling feature because it ensures that your brush will always be waiting for you to start using as it stands beside the sink and air dries on it’s own.

This brush does have all the important features that you are looking for when it comes to selecting a bottle brush which is why this is a great option for a lot of families.

This brush features two types of bristles; soft and hard, which makes it easy to scrub off grime from the walls of the bottle.

This brush has a flexible neck which gives the brush an advantage to reaching those hard to reach parts of the bottle. The handle does have a grip and is nice and long so you can reach the bottom of the bottle.

This brush comes with a silicone nipple cleaner which does a pretty good job at grabbing the grime from the trickiest part of the bottle nipple.

The stand is also a silicone material which collects water that drips from the brush and then is easy to wipe down and keep clean.

This is a great brush for wide-mouth bottles, but for more narrow bottles, this may not be a great option as there is a chance the brush head will not fit.

Dishwasher SafeBrush Is Large – Not Good For Narrow Bottles
Can Stand On Its OwnBristles Flatten, So Brush Will Need Replacement Every So Often
Silicone NippleNo Sponge

Playtex Smart Space- $4.50 (Best Ergonomic Design)

4.6/5 Star Review

This brush is a great price and therefore a bestseller in the market.

It does have a lot of the features a bottle brush should have and therefore it makes a great contender for the best baby bottle brush roundup.

This brush has soft bristles that are strong enough but not too rough for your bottle.

This brush has a small nipple cleaner that you can simply unscrew from the middle of the brush.

This brush does have the very important long handle and non slip grip so it checks those boxes too.

This brush is very good for cleaning wide neck bottles as well as narrow bottles too which makes this a versatile option.

This BPA free brush is not dishwasher safe which means you will have to clean it by hand (and avoid the sterilizer too)

12 Inch HandleNot Dishwasher Safe
Ergonomic Design
Nipple Brush Stored Inside Handle

Philips AVENT Bottle And Nipple Brush- $3.99 (Best All Around, Simple Brush)

4.8/5 Star Review

The Philips AVENT bottle brush is a great contender for the best baby bottle brush review because it is very affordable, and is created by an awesome baby product company that is trusted by parents everywhere.

The great thing about this brush is that you can use it to clean your baby bottles AND your tall glasses too.

You’ll only need one type of bottle brush in your kitchen will can help clear up some counter space for you.

The bristles on this brush do not go all the way around the brush, but there have been no reported issues with not being able to reach any parts of a bottle with this design.

This brush handle is nice and long so you can reach the bottom of many bottles and there is a grip on the handle to make the job less slippery too.

The end of the bottle brush handle has a nipple cleaner so you can easily access it by just turning the brush around.

This BPA free bottle brush can be hung to dry using a small cutout in the handle and it is also dishwasher safe which makes keeping this brush clean a breeze.

Hold Up To Daily Use WellWill Not Fit Smaller Bottles
Can Be Used For Other DishesBristles Only One One Side Of Brush
Nipple Brush At End Of Handle

Kitchiny Silicone Bottle Brush- $8.99 (Best Silicone Brush)

4.3/5 Star Review

For a plastic free alternative you should check out the Kitchiny Silicone Bottle Brush that is durable and has an extra long handle.

The silicone-coated steel rod base is covered with a squishy handle and a silicone bristle tip on the other end.

This healthy and Eco friendly alternative to the standard brushes is great for those who are conscious of the number of plastic they have in their home.

The silicone material is also quite durable meaning this brush will need less replacement than the plastic alternatives.

The brush head is small and the bristles are short so that it can fit narrow neck bottles easily.

The silicone material does make it difficult to create a lather with the dish soap, which can be a problem for some users, but the lack of soap bubbles does not affect how well the baby bottle gets cleaned so keep that in mind.

It’s easy to store and easy to clean, so this Eco-friendly silicone bottle brush is an awesome alternative for the Eco-conscious parent.

Made From Food Grade SiliconeDoes Not Lather
Durable and Sanitizable Small Brush Head

Guide To Buying A Baby Bottle Brush

Can You Sterilize A Baby Bottle Brush?

You do not need to sterilize the bottle brush unless there has been an illness in your family and the baby. If you clean the brush on a regular basis that will be enough. Each brush is different, therefore you will need to read the package instructions on the brush you purchase to see if it is a top-rack dishwasher or sterilizer safe.

What To Look For When Buying a Baby Bottle Brush

When buying a baby bottle brush there are a few things you should look out for:

  • Flexible: Making sure the bottle brush is flexible can make it easier to get into all the hard to reach spots of the bottle which a regular, stiff brush cannot reach.
  • Non-Slip Handle: Making sure your handle is nonslip will make it easier for you to wash your bottle without dealing with a slip and slide situation.
  • Long Handle: The last thing you want is a bottle brush that doesn’t reach the bottom of the bottle, make sure your brush has a long enough handle to reach your desired bottles.
  • Sponge Tip: Having a sponge tip is a must-have feature because you can scrub off the build-up with it. Sponges DO build up bacteria quicker than bristles, so be sure to wash your brush really well after cleaning your bottles to make sure the spongy tip remains safe.
  • Bristles: Most really good bottle brushes do have two types of bristles, hard and soft for cleaning off different types of deposits on your bottle. Be sure to replace your bottle brush when the bristles become worn or your bottle brush will not be as effective in keeping your baby bottles safe from germs and grime.
  • Eco-Friendliness: To some, it is important to keep eco-friendly products in the house, and bottle brushes are no exception, there are a few eco-friendly brush options that do offer all the features that you require in a bottle brush.
  • BPS Free: The FDA has banned the use of BPA in baby items to keep our little ones safe from harmful toxins, so be sure your baby brush is BPA free upon purchase.

How To Clean Baby Bottles

When cleaning a baby bottle, you’ll want to avoid delaying the cleaning process and get it done as soon as you can after feeding.

Leaving a milk bottle in the bottom of the stroller or in the car with old milk contents in it is unpleasant and the odor alone will make you feel sick.

Avoid the headache of dealing with old, smelly, stuck on curdled milk and wash your bottles as soon as possible.

Since your hands aren’t small enough to fit inside a baby bottle, you’ll need a baby bottle brush to ge the job done.

Here is how to properly wash your baby bottle:

  • Rinse out the bottle as soon as the feeding is finished
  • Use very hot water and dish soap when you start to clean the bottle
  • Use nipple brushes and bottle brushes on all the parts of the bottle, even the attachment rings and any other parts your bottle comes with
  • Rinse the bottle with water and place onto a clean drying rack to air dry or throw into your sterilizer for an extra clean.
  • Be sure to clean and wash any pacifiers this way too!

You could also use the top rack of your dishwasher to clean and sterilize in one go, however, be sure to not melt the bottles as that has been known to happen and can be an unnecessary expense to replace all those precious bottles.

Keep Your Bottles Clean

Now you know the the importance of keeping your baby bottles squeaky clean to keep your baby safe from harmful germs and bacteria.

It can be overwhelming for a new parent to have to keep the baby safe from the germs on baby wipes, diapers, clothes and toys, now you have to think about bottles (and breast pump parts) too!

Cleaning the feeding bottle for your baby should be completed multiple times a day, and milk should NEVER be left in the bottle as it can curdle and create a stench no one wants to deal with.

Use the proper baby bottle brushes to clean your baby bottles and keep your baby safe from bacteria and germs.

It’s amazing that this simple tool has so many different designs and shapes to choose from, but the experts have gathered and decided that not all bottles are the same and therefore not all bottle brushes can be the same.

Remember to wash your bottles with soap and water, and get all the crevices of your bottle clean by using the proper baby bottle brush when washing.

Best Baby Bottle Brushes To Keep Your Bottles Super Clean

(This post contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure policy is really boring, but you can find it here)