11 Best Baby Carriers for Breastfeeding

My top recommendations for the best nursing baby carriers. I looked over 13 popular baby carriers in various styles and picked the top eight.

At the best of times, being a new mother is difficult. And it takes a lot of time, effort, and practice to figure out your new mom routines. I’m referring to practice for both you and your little bundle of joy. This is particularly true when it comes to nursing.

If you’re a first-time parent, you might be surprised to find that nursing is difficult. It takes a lot of work to figure out, and newborns aren’t very good at it at first.

If you’re breastfeeding at home, you’ll need to find out the best positions, the best breastfeeding pillow, the most comfortable nursing places, and a baby scale if you’re concerned about intake. You’ll also need to fine-tune your snacking and hydration routines. Nothing is more annoying than going without a snack while your kid is having a marathon feed!

Finally feeling inspired to change out of your nursing robes and attempt breastfeeding outside the house? That necessitates a different degree of analysis. Breastfeeding your hungry hippo on the go takes some getting used to, from choosing a comfy nursing cover to finding positions that work when you’re on the run.

In my own experience, I’ve discovered that nursing in a baby carrier is actually rather convenient. For nursing, I’ve tried a few different types of baby carriers. At various ages and stages, every one of them performed admirably.

I prepared this post to assist you if you want to attempt breastfeeding in a baby carrier.

I also provide some advice at the end of this article. When you’re ready to try it out, perhaps it makes a carrier simple to use!

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What is a Baby Carrier for Breastfeeding

Let’s get this elephant out of the way first.

Breastfeeding is possible with almost all inward-facing baby carriers (carriers that enable the infant to face the mother while being carried). That is, if you can get the baby’s head in the proper posture.

In this sense, the only thing that officially separates a baby carrier for nursing from other carriers is that it has the proper feeding posture.

However, it must be comfortable enough for both mom and baby so that you will be ready to try it. And, in my opinion, “comfortable enough” refers to a wide variety of variables to consider.


We were living in the heart of a major city with very un-stroller-friendly public transit when my daughter was born. We used the baby carrier instead of the stroller whenever we wanted to take her to the subway. That meant carrying her for hours at a time, which was difficult after my c-section.

Our requirements as city parents were quite different from what we would have required if we intended to take our baby outside, or even if we were switching her from the car seat to the carrier for a quick trip to the supermarket.

I’ve listed four distinct types of baby carriers below, along with my opinions on the benefits and drawbacks of each, as well as some suggestions for which one you should try.

Soft Structured Or Buckled Carrier

There are buckles and straps on this carrier, as well as a cushioned hip belt and shoulder straps. This technique is appropriate for any age, but many parents (including myself) begin to use it more as their child becomes bigger (and heavier), since it is effective at spreading the weight and protecting your back. Most of these let you to carry your baby in a variety of positions, including on your back, hip, and front. When carrying your infant in front, you can face them inside or outward.

Soft Structured Or Buckled Carrier

There are buckles and straps on this carrier, as well as a cushioned hip belt and shoulder straps. This technique is appropriate for any age, but many parents (including myself) begin to use it more as their child becomes bigger (and heavier), since it is effective at spreading weight and protecting your back. Most of these let you to carry your baby in a variety of positions, including on your back, hip, and front. When carrying your infant in front, you can face them inside or outward.

Wrap Carrier

A traditional infant sling is usually composed of a single long piece of cloth. The fabric is completely unstructured, allowing parents to wrap it around their baby’s shoulders, waist, and torso to form a cocoon-like sling.

Infant slings are extremely soft and comfortable for the baby, as well as providing excellent privacy for breastfeeding. They do not, however, give as much back support as a structured carrier, making them a suitable alternative for tiny babies who do not yet weigh a lot.

Furthermore, they may get rather hot, so if you live in a particularly hot area, they might not be as nice in the summer.

Finally, if you’re plus-sized or still have a postpartum tummy, read the reviews carefully.

When we were at home, we primarily utilized the wrap carrier to carry our kid so that we could have some hands-free time. While we went about our day, she’d cuddle up and fall asleep. When she was sobbing or we wanted her to sleep, it was a fantastic method to get her to calm down. We didn’t utilize this style much outside while our kid was small since it was so hot.

Tai Mei

A Mei Tai is essentially a rectangular piece of cloth with ties at each corner.

They’re simple to use, and baby doesn’t get as hot in a Mei Tai as he does in a sling since there’s greater air flow from the sides. However, with more airflow comes less privacy for breastfeeding.

For a little extra privacy when breastfeeding in a Mei Tai, I used a nursing cover or a muslin blanket.

Ring Sling

This is the only type of carrier I haven’t tried. However, because they are very easy to adjust, they are typically regarded to be an excellent introduction to infant wearing. Another significant advantage of ring slings is that they allow you to put your infant in an optimum posture for nursing. There are several advantages to wearing a ring sling. However, like with the wrap, hot weather may not be ideal for this kind of carrier.

Privacy & Coverage

This is a huge one for me when it comes to deciding which carrier is ideal for you. You want a baby carrier that allows you and your child to have some privacy.

I understand that every baby is unique, but the newborns I’ve met have a tendency to become distracted by the world around them, especially as they become bigger and more interested. It’s difficult for them to focus on nursing while they’re distracted.

Then there’s your own personal modesty and level of comfort with breastfeeding in public.

While a breastfeeding cover may always be used, it’s much better if the baby carrier has some built-in privacy.


Breastfeeding is physically taxing, so you’ll want a baby carrier that takes care of some of the heavy lifting so your body doesn’t have to.

Best Baby Carriers for Breastfeeding

Solly Baby Wrap

The Solly Baby is lightweight and buttery soft, and comes in 25 colors and designs (at the time of writing). It’s ideal for those early days when keeping your baby close is a must.

For the first year, the Solly Baby Wrap is a no-brainer. It’s made for babies weighing up to 25 pounds (around 1 year old). But, more significantly, it is filled with thoughtful touches that make it an excellent pick for children.

For starters, it’s constructed entirely of Lenzing modal, a sustainable material derived from Austrian Beech trees. In Los Angeles, the supersoft fabric is then stitched.

It’s also made to accommodate petite and plus-size moms, as well as everyone in between.

If you don’t like it, Solly Baby offers a simple return policy and some helpful tips on their website.

Lillebaby Six-Position Carrier

This carrier may be worn in six different positions to keep your young one happy and comfortable, providing a structured grip while yet being soft and light.

The Lillebaby carrier is easy to put on and can handle newborn infants, toddlers, and all ages in between. It is secured with two-way, adjustable straps and a wide waist belt that gives extra lumbar support.

You may put your baby in the carrier facing you with the head support up for comfortable breastfeeding, or you can turn her out to keep her amused. You may also wear it on your back or slightly off to one side.

It has a sleeping hood with UPF 50+ protection and is constructed of durable but breathable mesh. It’s also machine washable, making cleanup a breeze, and it comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns.

Ergo Baby Original

This carrier is soft and comfortable, but it’s also structural, and it’s meant to work well as a back carrier for larger babies. It isn’t overly big or complex, and it can grow with your child. I also believe the front pocket is brilliant.

The Ergo carrier is made of 100% cotton and can be worn on your front, hip, or back. It has extra-cushioned straps that won’t bite into your shoulders.

The broad waist strap provides lumbar support and can be adjusted to fit virtually any size parent. The waist strap adjusts from 26 to 52 inches, and the shoulder straps from 28 to 48 inches.

This carrier is machine washable and includes an attached hood for napping or breastfeeding privacy.

This one has a huge pocket on the front for easy access to your phone, keys, and other essentials. It is suitable for newborns weighing between 12 and 45 pounds.

Boba Baby Wrap

This wrap is soft and breathable, with just the proper number of elasticity, and is made of a French Terry cotton mix that is 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex.

With five and a half yards of length, it fits moms of various shapes and sizes. With basic instructions, tying is not difficult. It also puts your kid in the best possible sitting posture for hip development.

The cloth is extremely soft to the touch and will naturally conform to your body’s curves. It’s perfect for breastfeeding since it provides just the proper number of support and posture for your kid.

It’s also machine washable and dryer safe, and it comes in 11 various trendy hues.

Cuddle Bug Baby Wrap and Sling

The super-soft and flexible Cuddle Bug wrap may be worn in up to nine different styles and positions.

This wrap measures five yards in length and expands as you use it. It may be simply adjusted to place the infant in a covered or uncovered position for hands-free nursing. It also encourages a healthy hip position for the baby as well as excellent posture for mom and dad.

It’s machine washable and available in six distinct hues. Plus, a percentage of every purchase benefits the “Long Way Home” charity in Guatemala, which helps to create sustainable schools and enhance the quality of life.

Lillebaby Tie the Knot Wrap

This wrap is made of soft, breathable Tencel fabric and is extremely lightweight and comfortable for both mom and baby.

For hot weather, this wrap is deserving of a mention. When it’s hot outside, many of the babies wrap I looked at made moms and babies uncomfortable and sweaty. This is the only one that appears to solve the problem.

The Lillebaby wrap is composed of one of the thinnest fabrics available among all the wraps. It’s extremely flexible, allowing it to mold to your child’s shape, and parents have raved about how well it keeps both them and their children cool, even in the hottest of summers.

This one has a 30-pound weight restriction, making it perfect for tiny newborns, and it can be wrapped in a variety of ways, just like any other classic wrap. Adjustable side panels allow you to broaden or narrow your baby’s seat for proper hip placement.

Infantino Sash Wrap

This carrier, which is compact and lightweight with robust straps and gives ergonomic support for newborn babies up to 35 pounds, is praised by parents for its comfort and convenience of use.

With strong straps that operate like a conventionally structured carrier and soft, adjustable straps that act like a wrap, this wrap offers the best of both worlds. There are no buckles, allowing both the infant and the mother to be as comfortable as possible.

It includes extra-wide, cushioned shoulder straps that won’t scrape into your shoulders when toting your child, and it can be worn in three different ways.

It also comes with a removable hood that provides sun protection and makes nap time a breeze.

The carrier is constructed entirely of cotton, with a cotton and polyester blend for the hood.

Kids ‘N Such 4-in-1 Sling

This sling is cosy and soft, with a firm stretch to conform to your little one’s shape. It may be worn as a wrap or as a sling with the rings.

This carrier is more than five and a half yards long and is constructed of breathable cotton with just enough give to keep your baby comfortable while remaining secure.

It’s ideal for nursing since it can be worn in a variety of configurations, including an off-center position with the rings to allow for infant breastfeeding.

When your kid is older, this carrier may also be used as a simple nursing cover, and it comes in three different neutral colors.

Ergobaby Adapt Carrier

This carrier is just structured enough to accommodate even larger newborns while still providing lumbar support for mom or dad.

For comfort and convenience, it is composed of 100% cotton, is breathable, and machine washable. The broad, plush straps are comfy on mom or dad’s shoulders and may be worn as a backpack or crossed for further support.

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has given this carrier its seal of approval, and Ergobaby has a programme that will buy back and refurbish the carrier for resale in order to decrease waste.

It comes with a built-in hood for sun protection or breastfeeding seclusion, and it fits babies up to 45 pounds.

TulaBaby Free to Grow

Simple and smart, this carrier can be simply adjusted in two directions to fit any sized parent and any sized infant.

The TulaBaby is made of 100% OEKO-TEX fabric for natural air flow and is not bulky or difficult to move.

There are two distinct height options and three different width choices, allowing you to find the perfect fit for you and your child.

The snap-on hood provides extra head support for your sleeping infant or privacy when breastfeeding. It is certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and encourages healthy hip and spine postures for your child.

It’s also machine washable and available in a selection of super-cute and trendy patterns.

Baby K’Tan Wrap

You may enjoy the comfort and adaptability of a wrap without having to learn how to tie it thanks to this innovative patented design. It wraps around the body yet slides on like a shirt for quick and easy placement.

The Baby K’Tan may be used in five different postures. It boasts a double-loop design that gives your back optimum support while keeping your infant in a secure ergonomic posture. It’s even rated “Hip Healthy” by the National Hip Dysplasia Institute.

This wrap is made entirely of cotton. The fabric allows for some airflow and is available in six sizes ranging from XXS to XL. It is suitable for babies weighing from birth to 35 pounds.

There are 17 various colors and styles to pick from, allowing you to match your wrap to the rest of your baby’s accessories.

Tips for Breastfeeding in a Baby Carrier

It’s scary to breastfeed in public! Especially when you’re just starting out.

Breastfeeding in public while going about your daily routine? Without a doubt!!

To get you started, I’ve included my top three suggestions below.


Don’t attempt to nurse the first time you babywear and don’t try to breastfeed the first time you babywear (although the latter is unlikely – but you get the idea).

Take a deep breath and give yourself plenty of time to master both abilities before combining them. You and your child will be less frustrated as a result of this.

Mama, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please

Get Handsy

You may need to grip your boob and hold it for your baby, just like you would if you were nursing at home, depending on the carrier you select, the size of your baby, your own size and shape, and the position your baby sits in while in the carrier.

Wear Nursing Friendly Clothes

To do this without exposing yourself to the world, you’ll need a nursing bra, a nursing tank top, or a nursing top at the absolute least. On top of soft postpartum leggings, I used to layer a nursing tank with a long flowing top on top to offer my little one some privacy. A nursing shirt featuring a peek-a-boob, on the other hand, will suffice. Even the greatest baby carrier won’t save you from exposing yourself on a daily basis.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Baby Carrier for Nursing

Whether you’re going grocery shopping or meeting a friend for coffee, or just want the hands-free ease of nursing in a baby carrier while at home, learning how to nurse while babywearing is a game changer!

To get started, I propose three distinct carrier styles:

A structured carrier, such as the Lillebaby or Ergo Original, may be used from infancy and becomes increasingly more beneficial as your child grows.
A ring sling, such as the Kids N Such, or a wrap type, such as the Boba Baby Wrap or Cuddle Bug.
The Infantino Sash Wrap is a Mei Tai.

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