Best Baby Carrier For Plus Size Parents

Babywearing is undeniably important for enhancing the link between mother and child. However, one thing that is never explicitly stated is that babywearing is for everyone.

Yes, even plus-size parents can wear baby carriers! It all comes down to finding the ideal carrier for your size and body shape, as well as one with a lot of adaptabilities. I’ll teach you how to choose the best comfortable baby carrier for a plus-size lady in this article.

So which carriers are best for plus size babywearing? I’ll tell you my favorite options below, as well as a little bit of additional information to help you make your choice.

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The Best Baby Carriers For Plus size Parents

  1. GsBoba 4Gs
  2. Solly Baby Wrap
  3. Nalakai Ring Sling Baby Carrier

Each one of these carriers offers a comfortable fit, and can be used for newborn babies. They are also great if you are new to baby wearing and are looking for high-quality carriers that don’t require a huge learning curve.

there are so many options on Amazon when looking for a baby carrier, and it can get overwhelming. This is why I chose my favorite 3. Each one is a great baby carrier for any size wearers, and makes a great option as a baby shower gift for a new mom.

Tips For Plus Size Parents Looking For Baby Carrier

To begin, make sure that both you and your child are comfortable in the carrier. It should equally distribute the weight and avoid putting undue strain on your back and shoulders. It’s also best if your carrier is made of soft fabric.

Second, look for a carrier that provides appropriate support and can be adjusted to accommodate your body shape. You should check to see if the size baby carriers have adjustable shoulder straps and waist straps. You’ll be able to ensure a good fit for both you and your child as they develop this way.

Finally, you’ll want to choose a carrier that is long-lasting and can withstand normal wear and tear. It’s also convenient because they’re machine washable, making them simple to maintain. You should also examine the weight limit of each carrier and whether or not you’ll be using it in hot weather.

It’s vital to keep these points in mind when shopping for a baby carrier for plus-size parents in order to locate the ideal solution for you and your family.

Types of Carriers

When choosing a type of carrier, it’s great to know the difference between all the different types. You’ll also need to consider some other factors such as warm weather, the baby’s weight, breathable fabric, lumbar support, and the possibility of carrying the baby in different carry positions when choosing the type of baby carrier.


For regular use, a soft structured carrier (buckle carrier) is recommended. They’re comfortable to wear and let you carry your infant in a number of positions. Buckles and buttons are typically added with carriers to provide extra cushioning for the hips, back, shoulders, and neck.

Structured baby carriers are suitable for both infants and older babies. A structured baby carrier is ideal if you need more support. Buckle carriers are another name for them (because they have a buckle as part of the waist belt).

Overall, this form of carrier is the most adaptable. The top pick for a structured baby carrier is the Boba 4Gs for plus size moms.

Overall, this baby carrier is of excellent quality, and it is quite comfortable, safe, promotes healthy positioning to offset hip dysplasia and is simple to use, especially for plus-sized mothers, which is all that matters.

It’s vital to remember that this comfortable carrier is only designed for two carrying postures. It’s just good for front-facing-in and back-carrying.

It’s pretty limited because it doesn’t support front-facing-out and hip carries. Boba, on the other hand, argues that they do this on purpose to keep the baby carrier pleasant and safe for both the mother and the passenger.

Wrap Carrier

A wrap is a long piece of cloth that you can tie in a variety of ways around your body to keep your baby close to you. These are ideal for babies who have just been born.

Wraps are great for infants because they provide a lot of support for both you and your child. Babies can only be worn forward-facing in wraps. Because of their lengths, they are suited for a wide range of body types. Some are available in various sizes.

Because they accommodate many different body types, stretchy wraps provide a lot of size inclusivity.

Wraps are adjustable, but they can get hot if you’re wearing your kid for an extended period of time, and they’re not necessarily the most supportive.

My favorite baby wrap for plus-size parents is the Solly Baby Wrap.

This wrap is a long strip of fabric that you tie around your waist and upper torso to make a seat for your baby.

The length of this wrap is roughly 5.5 yards. This is the longest of these wraps, and it will fit most plus-size moms comfortably. If you want to share it with other caretakers, it’s also simply adjusted to fit petite wearers.

The good news is that the material used to construct the Solly Baby Wrap will not make you hot or sweaty.

It’s worth noting that the Solly Baby Wrap is safe for a baby’s hip growth and has been certified as “hip-healthy” by the International Hips Dysplasia Institute.

Ring Sling

A sling is a single piece of fabric that wraps around one shoulder and keeps your baby close to you. Slings are perfect for on-the-go nursing and are often handier than other types of carriers for breastfeeding.

One or two metal rings are implanted in the fabric of a ring sling. Babies can only be worn forward-facing in slings. Both babies and older toddlers can use baby slings.

My favorite ring sling is the Nalakai Ring Sling Baby Carrier. The Nalakai carrier is extremely comfortable and it comes in 20 different colors! This carrier is eco-friendly, and the baby sits in a safe carry position for correct hip development.

This ring sling actually regulates temperature better than a wrap due to the super soft bamboo and linen fabric.


How Many Calories Does Babywearing Burn?

One of the factors that may persuade you to consider babywearing is the fact that it burns calories.

The number of calories you burn while babywearing your child is usually determined by your weight and that of your child, as well as the length of time you carry the baby. If you weigh 180 pounds and your baby is 15 pounds, you should be able to burn 150-250 calories every hour.

Does Ergobaby carrier fit plus size?

There are several ways to get the finest plus-size baby carrier that matches your demands, depending on your needs, as there are more possibilities than ever before. The Omni 360 carrier, which is designed for all babies, caregivers, and carry positions, is popular among plus-size parents.

Do Tula carriers fit plus size?

One of the most popular plus-size baby carrier options is Tula Baby. The straps have a lot of adjustabilities to accommodate different sizes of parents. Make sure to look over the measurements for the carrier you’re thinking of buying.

Do baby carriers come in different sizes?

The height and width of the panel are the key differences between different carrier sizes (also called seat width). The rear panel of a carrier is a piece of the carrier that supports your baby’s back.

Can you make your own ring sling?

You sure can! Here is a video tutorial.

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