Best Baby Nail Clippers

Best Baby Nail Clippers

A guide for parents on the best baby nail clippers to make the task of trimming baby nails worry free and easy peasy.

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Nail Clippers For Baby

Do you dread the task of cutting baby nails? We get it! Baby nail clipping is not an easy task, but it is such an important one, we have an entire guide on how to clip baby nails for you to check out. This guide on the best baby nail clippers has all the information on the tools you need to safely be able to cut your baby’s nails without worrying about clipping skin and making your baby bleed. Keep reading for all the features and bonus aspects of the best baby nail clippers.

Best Baby Nail Clippers

Safety 1st Light Zoom Nail Clippers

If you are looking for easy-to-use nail clippers with built-in gadgets to make the job easier, the Safety 1st Light Zoom Nail Clippers are the best baby nail clippers for you.

These nail clippers make the job easier and less nerve-wracking for parents with the built-in light and magnifying glass to focus on the nail accurately while trimming.

This simple design has all the bells and whistles that you need in a nail clipper and all of these features work together to make the job of clipping nails easy.

If you have larger hands you might have a problem with these nail clippers because they are so small. They are created small because they are meant to cut tiny baby nails.

Overall these are the best baby nail clippers because they provide a close-up view for parents, have a handy light to illuminate the area of cutting, and hand grips to make it easy to hold the nail clippers. Many families really appreciate this cute and very useful tool.

Easy GripSmall Design Could Be Difficult For Bigger Hands To Use
Magnifying Glass
Mini Emery Board
Built-In Light

Reasons Why You Will Love

This baby nail clipper is the best because it has a magnifying glass zoom-in for precise nail trimming, a mini emery board that’s curvy and easy to use on tiny child nails, built-in LED light illuminates in low lighting and an easy-grip design.

Easy Grip Nail Scissors

Friday baby created the Easy Grip Nail Scissors to make life easier with a newborn baby. The easy grip nail scissors have an easy squeeze handle (like nail clippers) but have a scissor aspect to them.

The scissors cut well and are sharp, specifically for baby nails. You won’t be able to cut adult nails with these scissors.

It could get some getting used to when first using the clip style handle on the scissors.

These are high quality and there is very little margin for error which means that it is very unlikely that your baby will get cut with these scissors.

These are one of the best baby nail clippers on the market, and they would make a great gift for a new mom as well.

Fairly difficult to injure babyLearning curve to use
Scissor style clipper

Reasons Why You Will Love

This nail clipper has an ergonomic grip for complete control and curved blade tips tips help aid with the first snip without finger nicks from clippers.

Frida Baby Nail Clipper:

Nail Frida Snipper Clipper Set

The Nail Frida Snipper Clipper Set is a nail clipper that you can use with newborns and toddlers. It has a patended safety spy hole which you can use to look at your baby’s nail while you clip and eliniate the risk of cutting the skin.

There are overlapping blades that allow for silent, smooth and safe snipping with minimal effort. The nail file is curved in an S shape which follows the contours of the baby’s nails.

Reasons Why You Will Love

A patented safety spy hole allows you to see exactly what you’re clipping, eliminating the risk of cutting a child’s sensitive skin.

Precise bladesNo safety edge
Safe for many agesSome find they are too big to hold
Unique peephole to see where you are cutting

The First Years Deluxe Nail Clipper 

The The First Years Deluxe Nail Clipper are standard nail clippers with a magnifying glass attachment. They are really simple to use and the magnifying glass allows you to see where you are cutting up close.

This is a great option for parents who may have eye strains or problems, or grandparents who look after their grandbaby once in a while.

Durable Might need to follow up with emery board after cutting
Well priced
Magnifying glass
Great grips

Reasons Why You Will Love

Nail clipper with fold-away 4x magnifier to increase confidence and reduce eyestrain

BabyComfy Deluxe Safety Nail Clipper

The BabyComfy Deluxe Safety Nail Clipper is an award winning baby nail clipper which is designed specifically to eliminate the risk of cutting the baby skin.

There is only one blade and the blade will cut only nail, and not skin. There is a bottom safety ledge which helps push away the baby skin while the nail clipper is cutting the nail.

It is a really safe option and one of the best baby nail clippers you can find.

Easy to useWorks best on longer nails
Safety feature prevents from clipping skinBulky to hold
Ergonomic design

Reasons Why You Will Love

This is the first nail clipper designed to prevent baby’s skin from getting cut. The patented single-blade technology is a reinvention of the nail clipper specifically designed with your baby in mind.

Rhoost Deluxe Nail Clippers for Baby

The Rhoost Deluxe Nail Clippers for Baby are an excellent natural baby nail clipper. Made with natural wood bamboo which give these nail clippers extra durability and maximum value.

Baby safety is our #1 priority. Our no slip grip feature means that the clippers are easy to use and stay securely in your hand. The vibrant pop of color distracts children during nail cutting making the process smoother and faster.

Ergonomic and made from the finest natural bamboo. Features a no-slip thumb rest. Offering both style and functionality.

Eco-friendly materials and designCan be hard to use for parents with larger hands
Silicone gripGood for older babies, but not sharp enough for infant nails

Reasons Why You Will Love

Nail Clippers are made from bamboo, one of nature’s strongest and most durable elements giving you maximum value. Trust that these Nail Clippers to go the distance as your child grows from baby to toddler.

Guide To Buying Baby Nail Clippers

Baby nail clippers are an essential baby item that you should have, even if you are having a baby on a budget. Please don’t try to use adult nail clippers on baby nails as this is a sure way to hurt your baby.

Adult nail clippers are simply too big to use on tiny baby fingers. Baby fingernails are so delicate and thin that adult clippers are more likely to cut the skin right off rather than the nail itself.

Baby nail clippers also come with safety ledges which make it much more difficult to cut baby skin, even though it is possible, it’s not as likely as it is with adult clippers.

Baby nail scissors and clippers have rounded tips that ensure that you won’t cut baby skin as they wiggle around.

If you choose to use a baby nail file. there is zero chance of harming the baby, which is why it is our preferred baby nail clipping option.

Different Types Of Baby Nail Clippers

Nail Scissors: Baby nail scissors are the kind of scissors that you will find in a standard baby care kit. They have rounded tips with edges that tilt up in order to not cut baby skin while cutting the nail. Scissors can be easier to hold and you can potentially cut smaller parts of the baby fingernail. The clipping itself is much easier than traditional-style clippers. The only problem with baby nail scissors is that they can be tricky and intimidating to use.

Nail Clippers: Baby nail clippers are the most common solution to trimming baby nails. They look just like adult clippers but have smaller blades, proper grips and more safety features. It is easy to operate baby nail clippers as you simply squeeze the handles to clip the nail off. This is such a popular nail clipping solution for baby nails and some of these nail clippers can come with lights or magnifying glasses to make the job easier. The problem with these nail clippers is that when the baby’s nails are so tiny, it is very easy to accidentally cut the baby’s finger.

Nail File: Manual baby nail files are a great solution to keeping baby nails from being razor-sharp. you should be using baby nail files often, even daily to keep the baby nails easy to manage and not so sharp.

Electric Nail File: Our favourite baby nail clippers solution is the electric nail file. You can file baby nails while they sleep and there is no chance of hurting your baby with the nail file at all. These are often so easy to use. simply add the sandpaper tip to the nail file and turn it on. The nail file automatically stops when the pressure is too hard, so there really is nothing to worry about.

When Do You Need To Buy Baby Nail Clippers

You’ll want to have a set of baby nail clippers of a nail file on hand before the baby arrives. Your newborn might be born with sharp nails and you might want to file down some of that sharpness while you’re still in the hospital. It is a good idea to get some baby scratch mittens as well to ensure your newborn won’t scratch their face when they are in the hospital.

Features To Consider

Cutting Ability: Not all nail clippers have the best cutting ability, even though that is their entire job. On our list of best baby nail clippers, we only added nail clippers that have the proper cutting ability. Please read reviews on baby nail clippers if you choose something that is not on our list so you can ensure the cutting ability it proper on the ones you are looking at.

Ease Of Use: Baby nail clippers should be easy to use. The baby nail clippers that you choose should be straightforward and should work as it is supposed to.

Easy To Grip: You’ll want your baby nail clippers to have grip abilities on them so that you can be your very most careful self when cutting baby nails.

Magnifying Glass: The size of a baby’s fingernails is ridiculously tiny. You don’t realize how difficult it is to see them until you attempt to trim them anxiously. That is, if your parents have decent eyesight. You might wish to get baby nail clippers with a magnifying lens if you’re farsighted (have difficulties seeing objects up close). The above-mentioned First Years American Red Cross pair magnifies your child’s nails four times!

Light: One of the greatest times to trim a baby’s nails is while they are asleep, according to many parents. We’ve never done this since we’re terrified of waking up our child after she’s finally slept down. But, as we all know, this method works for a lot of families, so who are we to pass judgement? If you want to attempt cutting your baby’s nails while he’s sleeping, purchase nail clippers with a light. These lights glow on your baby’s fingertips in a tight, concentrated region. You can see what you’re doing, but there’s not enough light for your infant to wake up.

Age Range: Not all nail clippers for babies are made for every age range. You’ll want to make sure you are choosing newborn nail clippers if you are purchasing for a newborn. On the other hand, newborn nail clippers won’t work as well on a toddler’s fingernails as toddlers often have stronger and larger nails. Check the packaging on the nail clippers you are looking at for age ranges to make sure you purchase the right baby nail clippers for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Nail Clippers

Wrapping Up: The Best Baby Nail Clippers

If you are a parent that worries about harming your baby while clipping their nails, we hope you found some products to make the task easier. Baby nails are tiny and are very close to the tip of the finger, even the most confident and steady hand can accidentally clip the skin if not taking all the correct precautions. Finding the right nail trimmer for babies can make the experience of cutting baby nails much easier. Remember that you want to keep baby fingers short because they will scratch up their faces and your body as you hold them with those sharp little fingernails.

Know that you’re not alone if you’re afraid of cutting your baby’s fingernails. This is one of our least favourite aspects of parenting, to the point that I’d rather have a diaper blowout than a manicure. Almost.

Keeping your baby’s nails clipped is vital, though. It’s also not enjoyable to see them scratch their own face. Babies’ fine motor skills are awful at first, so there’s a strong possibility they’ll scratch themselves by flapping their hands to their faces.

Every infant nail trimmer has advantages and disadvantages; choose what you believe will be the greatest option for your family, and don’t be afraid to swap if your initial buy doesn’t work out. Take your time, try to enjoy it, and give your baby a huge hug when the task is done, whatever pair you pick. They don’t remain this little for long.

I hope you find this post useful – and that it makes the work a bit less stressful for you.

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best baby nail clippers

(This post contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure policy is really boring, but you can find it here)