Best Baby Name Books To Help You Find The Perfect Baby Name

Choosing a baby name may be difficult, whether you want to name your child before they arrive or after they’ve been born. Baby name books are a popular source of inspiration for parents and caregivers.

There are lots of books on the market to inspire you, from Irish-inspired names to African-American-inspired names. When choosing a baby name book, make sure it’s extensive enough to provide you with plenty of options and cover the types of names you’re searching for.

Choosing a baby name may be a difficult and stressful process. 100,000+ Baby Names is our top selection for the greatest baby name book of 2021, based on the experience and knowledge of the #1 baby expert.

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Best Baby Name Books

In comparison to the other books, Baby Names 2021 is the most up-to-date. As a result, The Complete Book of Baby Names and 100,000+ Baby Names have the most baby names (100,000+ each).

100,000+ Baby Names

Every year, the 100,000+ Baby Names is updated to reflect the most recent name trends and recommendations. Author Bruce Lansky is the most successful author of baby-name books in North America, having sold over 11.5 million copies. He is unquestionably an expert.

This book not only has 100,000+ name suggestions, but it also organizes them into useful categories. Newly popular names and variants, the top 100 names for boys and girls, the most recent naming trends, quickly rising and declining names, newly famous individuals, fictitious characters, popular gender-neutral names, and new (and classic) celebrity baby names are just a few of the categories.

The names in this book come from all around the world. There are names from over 25 ethnic groups and significant language groupings represented. Popular name variants and unique spellings are provided in ways that you won’t discover on other popular websites or publications.


Updated in 2019 and updated on a yearly basis to reflect the most recent name trends and recommendations.

One of the greatest collections of name ideas we’ve discovered in one book is 100,000.
Names are divided into a variety of categories that might help you narrow down your search.


Finding a needle in a haystack among 100,000 names can be daunting.

The 2019 Baby Names Almanac

The 2019 Baby Names Almanac will help you locate both popular names and names that are a little more unusual. This book includes information on upcoming trends and names to keep an eye on, as well as state-by-state popularity, names on the rise, innovative takes on classic names, the history and meaning of names, and much more.

Lists that are totally comprehensive are broken down into easy-to-navigate categories. As an added benefit, there are lined pages at the back of the book where you can keep notes of names that grab your eye without having to constantly flip back.

If you’re interested in trends and what’s popular, this book provides more than simply a list of names; it also provides insight into what’s driving popularity. This book will provide you insight into why some names become popular, whether you want to keep on trend or avoid more common names. The numbers and charts will appeal to you if you are a visual learner.


To help you restrict your search, easy-to-navigate lists classify names into topics.
Stats and graphs are provided to assist us to understand why names are popular and what current trends are indicating.

This book, which was published in 2019, has reasonably fresh and up-to-date information about names.


There is no indication of how many name suggestions are included.

The Complete Book of Baby Names

The Complete Book of Baby Names is your one-stop shop for all things baby name. The 100,000+ names are organized into 600 distinct categories, as well as typical baby-naming dos and don’ts. Ideas for sibling names, middle name suggestions, gender-neutral name suggestions, and qualities of a good name are all included in the advice.

Names from American literature, sports stars, political figures, eccentric names, and names that slip under the radar are among the 600 names on the list. Other topics revolve around geography, culture, and spirituality. This book does a wonderful job of narrowing in on several categories if you want to focus your emphasis on one concept or theme.

You’ll discover guidance, ideas, and suggestions for navigating the baby naming process in addition to the different themed lists of baby names. While making a decision might be difficult, this book does a fantastic job of helping you through the process. Keep an open mind and test out a variety of names until you discover one that seems appropriate.


An excellent selection of name suggestions and guidance
To assist you in narrowing your search, this site divides name suggestions into thematic sections.


100,000 name suggestions can be daunting, and many of them will be repeated.
Some of the most recent trends and well-known names will have altered since the book was last updated in 2013.

The Baby Name Wizard

The Baby Name Wizard is now in its fourth edition, which has been updated with the latest trends, statistics, and ideas for 2019. This book is more than simply a list of name suggestions; it also includes a graphic representation of each name. Rather than alphabetizing names, it groups them into comparable styles and moods.

You’ll find nickname ideas, pronunciations, alternative spellings, and usage and popularity throughout the previous 100 years, in addition to names organized by style and emotion. Because they believe that offering a certain number of name suggestions might be overwhelming, this book does not boast about delivering a specific number of name ideas. Instead, it walks you through the process of picking a name, identifying what names have in common, and cutting down your options to a manageable number.


This book, which was updated in 2019, includes current trends, statistics, and name suggestions.
It’s unique in that it provides sets of names based on common styles and sentiments, making it an excellent resource for naming a sibling.


Does not specify the number of names available; the assumption is that they don’t want you to be overwhelmed with possibilities, but it may not provide the number of options you require.

Beyond Ava & Aidan: The Enlightened Guide to Naming Your Baby

Beyond Ava & Aidan: The Enlightened Guide to Naming Your Baby is a baby name book with categories and unique alternatives. Hipster Names, Vintage Chic, Names that Work, Baby Gods and Goddesses, and Green Names are just a few of the categories.

A creative and well-rounded book that includes uncommon names for children who wish to stand out. While it claims to include the most up-to-date trends and edition, it was actually released in 2005 and is not as current. However, the selection of names is still diverse and a good choice for families that want to avoid following the newest trends and popular names.


It divides name suggestions into categories like Hipster Names, Vintage Chic, Baby Gods and Goddesses, and more.
Rather than just the most popular or presently trendy names, it includes a variety of unusual and underutilized names.


We like the categories and concepts in this book, however, it’s from 2005, therefore it’s not up to date with current trends.

The Name Book

The Name Book is an excellent resource for families that place high importance on spiritual significance. Cultural roots, literal definitions, and supporting texts are all included in each of the 10,000 name suggestions. Classic, modern, and biblical names are among the 10,000 suggestions.

This book, which draws largely on biblical names, is an excellent resource for devout families looking to give their children a spiritual name. It’s a great opportunity to convey the significance of your children’s names and why you selected them as they grow older.


The most common spelling is presented first, followed by various variations. It’s unique in that it includes supporting scriptures and spiritual connotations for each name.


Because names are not split by gender, you can’t just go to the male, female, or gender-neutral area; you’ll have to go through all of them.
Although it does not contain current trends for 2021, it does feature a significant number of names.

The Best Baby Name Book in the Whole Wide World

It’s an oldie, but a goodie, The Best Baby Name Book in the Whole Wide World. This book, which was first published in 1984, has over 13,000 name suggestions for both boys and girls. While it may not reflect the most recent trends, it has more name suggestions than other baby name books.

In North America, Bruce Lansky is the best-selling author of baby-name books. His list is comprehensive, with intriguing facts, origins, meanings, notable namesakes, and more. If you’re curious in the meanings of names, this book is a great resource to guide you through the process.


13,000 name suggestions is a big quantity to find in one place.
There are fascinating facts, origins, and meanings involved.


The most recent trends and popular name choices will not be included in this book, which was published in 1984.

The BIG Book of Baby Names 2021

The BIG Book of Baby Names 2021 is a fantastic resource, particularly if you’re seeking for gender-neutral names that are up to date. There’s something for everyone within, with 310 pages and nearly 5,000 name suggestions. This book provides more gender-neutral name suggestions for non-binary newborns based on current trends. There are also traditional name suggestions for both boys and girls.

This book is current for 2021 and is likely to reflect the most popular current name options if you want to keep on-trend. With the help of this book, you may stay up to date on today’s most popular names.


Provides up-to-date information about popular names for the year 2021.
It’s one of a kind in that it includes additional gender-neutral name suggestions for non-binary kids.


For baby name books, 5,000 name suggestions is on the low end.

Baby Names 2021

Baby Names 2021 has been updated for 2021 and currently has over 8,000 names. Eleanor Turner has created 19 best-selling baby name books, so she knows what she’s talking about. Eleanor, a “baby name specialist,” gives 2021 trends, the most popular names by state, nicknames, advice, and more in her famous Baby Names book, now in its tenth edition.

To get you started, there are 336 pages of baby name suggestions. This book is a wonderful resource if you want to be on-trend, especially in your state and area. You’ll not only learn about current events, but you’ll also get a sneak peek into Eleanor’s predictions for the future.


Each year, it is updated with current trends until 2021.
It’s one-of-a-kind in that it includes each state’s preferred names, as well as a wide range of cultural names.


The average amount of name suggestions is 8,000, although other publications provide much more.

How Did We Choose Baby Name Books?

More than simply a list of names is available

When looking for the finest baby name book, it’s vital to seek more than simply a list of names. Connotations, origins, nicknames, different spellings, and spiritual meanings are all frequent additions. We sought books with elements like these, as well as charts of popularity, current trends, and name suggestions. When you already have a kid or children, choosing a sibling name might be much more difficult. Some of these publications provide lists of names with similar styles and sounds that go well together. We also made these recommendations based on your requirements.

Up-to-date naming information

There are more names available now than ever before. Having a sense of what the current trends and popular names are can help you move on the correct path, whether you want to follow the current trends or avoid #1 names. Some names seem to be eternal, while others appear to be a fad. To present you with the most up-to-date information, we sought books that included names that had been updated during the past few years. We did include a few “classic” books on our list since we believe they still provide useful information today. Consider purchasing a baby memory book while you’re out shopping to begin recording all of the details of your pregnancy!

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Best Baby Name Books To Help You Find The Perfect Baby Name

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