Best Baby Pillows To Fix and Prevent Flat Head Syndrome


If your newborn is suffering from flat head syndrome, you might be interested in a solution to help your baby get through this condition by supporting them with the best baby pillow for flat head.

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Some babies are born with flat head syndrome from positioning in the womb, being a multiple, or if forceps or vacuum was used during delivery.

Other times, infants develop a flat head from sleeping on one side of their head for naps and bedtimes.

Flat head isn’t a serious condition and it can be fixed. A baby’s skull is very malleable, so when the head deforms and becomes flat over a short period of time, this can be fixed with a helmet, lots of tummy time and moving the head throughout the night to even it out.

This condition does not put your child’s life at risk, but it could cause some issues down the road such as facial asymmetry or jaw misalignment.

Baby pillows for flatheads can help this as well as lots of tummy time.

Babies should not use regular pillows in their cribs to avoid the risk of SIDS. Flathead pillows are specially designed for babies. Always use pillows in the crib with caution.


Best Baby Pillow For Flat Head

John N Tree Organic Cotton Protective Pillow

As an excellent organic option the John N Tree Organic Cotton Protective Pillow is the best baby pillow for flat head.

This pillow is made with hypoallergenic filling which makes it very safe for babies with sensitive skin. the outer fabric is breathable and soft for the safety and comfort of your baby.

This pillow is reversible, so you can use it when you haven’t had a chance to do a load of baby laundry and have a baby who needs to use the pillow to fix the flat head syndrome.

This pillow comes in many designs including lamb and bunny which means it will look great in any nursery.

You can hand wash this pillow or machine wash it in cold water on gentle cycle.

This is a high quality pillow so you can rest easy knowing it is made with certified organic cotton and is eco-friendly too.

This pillow is ok to use with a newborn and can be used for about 6 months.

Please do not let your little one use this pillow, as well as any other baby pillow for flat head, unattended.

Certified organic Fine hair sticks to fabric
Made for newborn to 6 months

BabeBay Memory Foam Pillow

This head-shaping pillow for infants is one of the best baby pillow for flat head syndrome. It is made with memory foam and has a hollow area for your little ones to rest their head and support their neck.

The advanced slow rebound memory foam design lets your baby feel as comfortable as if they were laying in parents’ arms. This memory foam is covered in breathable cotton fabric.

While the instructions on this package say this pillow is safe to use in car seats, bouncers and other baby gear, we do not recommend this if the baby is going to be unattended. Safely use this pillow while the baby is getting changed or is playing on his back on the play gym.

Can be used with newbornNot machine washable
Slow rebound memory foam
Pediatrician designed
Breathable fabric
Perfect thickness
Can be used up to 12 months

Bliss N Baby Head Shaping Pillow

The Bliss N Baby Head Shaping Pillow is made with 100% pure organic cotton and promotes proper sleep position for babies.

Help your little one get a good night’s sleep with this best baby pillow for flat head. This pillow is a soft head protector and allows airflow on the neck while your little one rests on the pillow. This pillow is 100% breathable with Oeko-Tex Certified 3D Air Spacer on the back with a cooling effect that draws heat to ensure safety & comfort all night.

This head shaping pillow for babies is safe to use in cots and cribs, from birth to around 12 months.

Make your baby feel more comfortable especially when he/she is exploring his/her surroundings.

You can wash bliss n baby head support pillow easily in the washing machine and dryer. The pillow keeps it’s shape after washing.

Because this pillow is smaller than other pillows you can take it anywhere you go. Have your little one be extra comfortable while playing at the park, laying around the beach or at a friends house too.

Pediatrician designedNo choice of prints
Anti Reflux Pillow
Use it anywhere
Breathable 3D Air Spacer Mesh surface on the back with cooling effect

 Babymoon Pod 2-in-1 Infant Pillow

The Babymoon Pod 2-in-1 Infant Pillow is the best baby pillow for flat head and is designed for playtime on a flat surface.

This can be used in a bouncy seat or baby swing if supervised, in the stroller while walking or as a support when nursing.

It is not safe to use anything aftermarket in a car seat, so while the package says it is safe for car seat use, we do not recommend this.

This pillow can be used from the newborn stage into toddler.

Machine wash this pillow without any issue. This pillow is made with 100% cotton fabric and has velcro to adjust the sizing of the pillow. The velcro can be hidden with a peek-a-boo flap for safety.

Can be used in toddlerNot for use in the crib
Machine washable
Best for play

Ashtonbee Memory Foam Baby Pillow

This adorable Ashtonbee Memory Foam Baby Pillow is heart shaped and a great option if you are looking for a pillow to shape your baby’s head.

This pillow can be used from newborn stages and has ample airflow on the neck while baby plays.

This pillow has a hallowed design which supports normal growth from ages 0-6 months. This pillow is made with memory foam and breathable cotton and is an ideal choice for busy parents.

Use this pillow safely while supervised in a baby cradle, playpen or bouncer.

Soft and suppleCannot machine wash
Made of premium memory foam cushion.
Breathable cotton
Heart shaped

Elephant Heart Baby Pillow

The Elephant Heart Baby Pillow is designed to support baby’s soft skill while the baby is laying on a hard flat surface for a longer period of time. The pillow adapts to any head shape and you do not need to rotate or reposition the baby as they use it. If the baby is using the pillow properly and is resting the head in the pillow cavity, the pressure spots are eliminated and the head can begin to round out.

This pillow redistributes the weight of the head onto a larger surface area which ensures constant high-pressure spots are not activated while the baby uses the pillow.

This product is equipped with 2pcs detachable pillowcase that can be easily removed and washed, hypoallergenic and machine washable cotton covers are perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin, ensuring your newborn baby’s health.

Can be used this pillow in the baby’s car seat, cradle, bed, stroller and more, as long as the baby is supervised.

High-density memory foamNo fun colors
All materials are nontoxic
 Cartoon bear shape design is super cute
Machine washable
Comes with pillowcase

Cherish Baby Flat Head Pillow

The Cherish Baby Flat Head Pillow is designed to reduce flathead and support your baby’s head and neck. The contour in the center relieves pressure to promote a natural round head shape.

The anti-roll ergonomic design helps keep babies in the safest position; on their back. The material promotes ventilation to keep the baby cool and comfortable.

The pillow is sized to fit newborns on Day 1 and also fits bigger babies up to 12 months old.

Don’t settle for cheap pillows that smell like chemicals and are hard to clean. Cherish Baby Care uses the highest quality memory foam from Germany. Unlike other pillows, it has no chemical scent. Includes 2 removable and machine-washable cotton covers, plus a protective inner cover. Our babies drool and spit up a lot, so being able to throw the cover in the washing machine is a must-have! Plus, always having an extra pillowcase on hand is ultra-convenient and means less laundry!

Machine washableIsn’t the best for fixing flat spots on the side of the head
Includes 2 pillowcases
Newborn to 12 months

Guide To Buying A Baby Pillow For Flat Head Syndrome

What Is Flat Head Syndrome?

Flat head syndrome is something that happens to the head of the baby when they lay down on their backs for a long period of time. Baby skulls are soft and are still forming their shape, so it is easy to reshape them when laying on a flat surface for a while.

The government has set some sleep safety rules in place for babies which are great and keep many babies safe and low risk of SIDS, however, they do make the possibility of flat head syndrome more common.

Most cases of flat head syndrome do resolve on their own and pediatricians recommend doing lots of tummy time and turning the baby’s head while they sleep or play.

While some babies do develop flat head syndrome outside of the womb, it can happen inside the womb as well.


Other Ways Baby Can Develop Flat Head Syndrome

Premature birth: Premature babies can have flat head syndrome simply because they haven’t had enough time to develop oval-shaped heads.
Muscular problems: Torticollis can cause limited movement and stiff neck in your baby.
Craniosynostosis: If the baby’s skull forms too soon, then you may need surgery to fix this. Talk to your doctor if you suspect this issue.
Skull-molding while still in the womb: This can happen when there isn’t a lot of amniotic fluid to cushion the head while still in mom’s tummy. This usually resolves on its own.

Benefits of Using A Pillow for Curing Flat Head

When using a baby pillow to cure flathead the pressure on the head is distributed evenly which prevents the child from cringing from irritation and pain. Baby pillows can also ensure there is no chance of deformity developing while they sleep.

Baby pillows also ensure a comfortable sleep. As much as adults love their pillows, babies can love them too as long as they are used safely and according to guidelines.

Pillows for flathead are designed to enhance the movement of the head. Restricting head movement can lead to new problems and a stiff neck. Extra problems could lead to a very cranky baby which makes life harder for new parents.

The pillow reduces risk of nerve issues later in life by providing comfort and care to your little one.

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Wrapping Up: The Best Baby Pillow For Flat Head

Flat head syndrome is something that can be fixed with a baby pillow designed for flat heads. Remember to use baby pillows safely and not during sleep. While it would seem counter intuitive to use a pillow while the baby is awake, it is the safest thing you can do for your baby.

Feel free to use these baby pillows while taking a stroll or while baby enjoys kicking around the play gym or laying around on a blanket. Placing baby in the playpen with the pillow is not a bad idea either as long as they aren’t in there to sleep and are being monitored.

Most baby pillows are made with breathable fabric, and the risk of SIDS is lower. Even so, you should avoid using baby pillows with your newborn all the way up to 12 months of age.

That being said, our favourite best baby pillow for flat head is the John N Tree Organic Cotton Protective Pillow. It is organic, breathable and so easy to throw into the washing machine when it gets dirty. The fun thing is this pillow comes in many different animal designs and it’s reversible too. So many great things about this pillow, it is a good choice for the baby registry. If you’re having twins, register for two.

Best Baby Pillow For Flat Head Syndrome

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