Best Baby Seats That Help Baby Sit Up Independently

The best baby seat to help your new baby learn how to sit up comfortably and safely.

Once your baby outgrows the baby bouncy seat, a floor seat can be a very helpful tool to help a new parent have some hands free time.

Yes it’s amazing to have a baby and to want to hold them all the time, but we also need to eat, drink coffee and use the bathroom. In those moments where we need to put the baby down, a floor seat comes in very handy.

If you are in the market to find the best baby seat, we created this list of floors seats for you to read about.

These are not required for new parents, but they are a handy tool that can help parents have a little bit more freedom.


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Best Baby Seat

The Best Baby Seat Reviewed 2021

Sit Me Up Floor Seat

The sit me up floor seat by Fisher-Price is a fun little seat for babies to have fun in while they sit.

Parents can enjoy the easily removable washable seat pad for easy cleaning in the washing machine.

The baby can enjoy 2 linkable toys which encourage playing while sitting in the chair.

These Sit Me Up Floor Seats also fold up nicely which makes for easy storage and easy travel.

Has toys
Washable padding
Dishwasher safe snack tray

Things to keep in mind:

Maximum weight is 25 pounds
No batteries required
Weighs 1lb


The famous Bumbo floor seat is loved among babies and parents.

The seat is made from a low-density foam which is soft and easy to wipe clean.

There is a 3 point harness which can help your baby not fall forward while in the seat.

You can also purchase a tray for this seat, though it doesn’t normally come with one. If you do purchase one used, be sure it has a harness attached to it. If there is no harness, go to the website and order your free repair kit.

Easy to cleanTray can be difficult to remove and attach
Encourages good postureBabies with thicker thighs can have a tough time fitting
3 point harness

Things to keep in mind:

Weight: 4.91lbs
Batteries not required
Do not use until baby has neck and head control

Summer Infant 4-In-1 Superseat

This fun seat is one of the best baby seat options for your baby because not only is it super fun, it can be used from 4 months to 4 years.

Featuring a soft foam support seat which is easy to clean, a booster seat for when your baby is sitting on their own at the dinner table and is needing a boost and a 360 degree rotating tray with a variety of activities to keep baby engaged.

This seat is made with safety in mind and has a 3 point harness built in.

This is a great option for parents, and it can be used for almost 4 years, which makes this a great investment.

Foam seat
Safety belt
360 degree rotating tray
2 cup holders
Converts into booster seat for table
lots of fun toys

Things to keep in mind:

Maximum weight: 33lbs
Not dishwasher safe
No batteries required
Weighs: 0.1 ounces

Upseat Baby Chair

Much like the bumbo chair, the upseat is a great option for parents who are looking for a baby seat.

The Upseat is specifically designed with the spine in mind. The design of the seat encourages upright posture, and is safe for developing hips as well.

This lightweight seat is made in Canada and is lightweight and easy to clean.

It comes with the tray, so there is no need to make additional purchases when you buy the Upseat baby chair.

This seat can also be attached to a chair and be used as a booster.

Comes with trayNo toys
Promotes good posture
Can be used as a booster
Easy to clean

Things to keep in mind:

Weighs: 5.69 pounds
Ages 4months to 2.5 years
No batteries required

Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat

If you love a product that grows with baby, then the Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat is a great choice.

Use this product as a sit me up seat when baby is 4 months old and has good head control, and then transfer it to the dinner table.

Save space and forgo the purchase of a high chair if you have an extra seat to strap this base onto.

This is a great seat that’s easy to clean and easy to use.

3 point harnessNo toys
Great for mealtime and playtime
Dishwasher safe tray
Easy to clean

Things to keep in mind:
Weighs: 2.54lbs
Maximum weight: 50ls
No batteries required

Baby Sofa Infant Support Seat

The Baby Sofa support seat is another great option for parents who want to teach their baby to sit on their own.

This plush and cozy seat helps the baby sit in a proper upright position.

The slip cover is easily removable for washing too which makes this an ideal solution for a sit me up seat.

SoftBaby can push out of it once they are strong
Good for 3-23 months
Helps prevent reflux after meal

Things to keep in mind:

Guide To Buying A Baby Seat

What To Look For When Choosing A Baby Seat

There are not a lot of guidelines for baby chairs but parents should be looking for sturdiness as the main product feature. Here are a few other things you can look at before purchasing a baby seat.

Storage: Do you have space to store your baby seat? You may want to look into a baby seat that fold up, like the fisher price sit me up chair if space is limited.

Easy to clean: Baby products with lots of nooks and crannies can be difficult to clean and mold can form easily if the product is not regularly cleaned. It should be very simple to wash down your baby chair, and there should not be a lot of parts with small spaces to clean out.

Tray: Most baby chairs do have a built in tray. Tray areas are important for feeding and playtime as well.

Safety Features: Baby floor seats should have these safety features: Flat sitting surface, arm support and proper leg positioning. Your baby floor seat should never tip backwards and should have a nice flat bottom to prevent falling over/ Babies should be able to move their arms freely or rest them at their side when in the seat. The legs should be able to spread out evenly for healthy positioning of the hips.

Benefits Of A Floor Seat For Baby

A baby floor seat helps keep the baby off the ground while teaching them to sit upright. Baby floor seats promote back and neck strength which helps them be prepared to sit in high chairs and sit on their own.

When Do You Need A Baby Floor Seat

A baby can start using a floor seat when they reach 4 months of age. Some floor seats can be used when the baby has better neck and head control, however most doctors and product guidelines recommend the baby is atleast 4 months of age when starting to use their seat.

Some floor seats, like the Summer Infant 4-In-1 Superseat, can be used for a few years, which make them a worthwile investment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Infant Floor Seats

Wrapping Up: The Best Baby Seat

We believe that the best baby seat is the Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat because it has a lot of fun features. Even though it does not have a harness, the baby is sill safe in this seat and can enjoy the world and learn to sit supported in this chair.

best floor seats for babies

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