Baby Feeding and Solids
Best Baby Spoons

Best Baby Spoons

If your little one is ready to start eating solid foods, you might be in search of the best baby spoon to make the experience enjoyable and as easy as possible for everyone involved. Looking for the best baby spoons for self-feeding if you’re starting baby led weaning or traditional weaning? Continue reading for our opinions, with an emphasis on non-toxic, largely plastic-free baby spoons.

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When your baby needs more nourishment than a baby bottle can provide, it’s time to put them in a high chair and begin on a trip that will be joyful, thrilling, nerve-wracking, and – to be quite honest – extremely messy.

It’s a lot of fun for parents to get started with infant feeding. It’s incredible to see your child take his or her first taste of real food and gradually become accustomed to varied textures and flavours over time.

You will, however, need to consider kitchenware. Baby spoons are an excellent first utensil for your child. They aid in the development of fine motor skills as well as a better understanding of cause and consequence. There is, however, a startling variety of baby spoons to choose from.

If you’re unsure whether baby spoons are ideal for your family, we’ve put up a handy guide below.

Baby Spoons For Babies

Right around the time, your little one turns 6 months old, you might be starting to get ready to introduce solid food to your baby.

Some doctors recommend starting solids at 4 months of age, and if you choose that route, awesome! Whenever you decide to start solid food with your baby, you are going to need some utensils to feed your baby with.

If you make your own baby food in a baby food maker, or purchase store-bought baby food, you will need a way to offer it to your little one in a safe way.

If you’re ready to start your baby food journey beyond milk in a bottle, we have some resources for you:

Here we have the best baby spoons that will help your little one with fine motor skills and learn all about cause and effect.

Small Spoons For Feeding Baby

Olababy Silicone Spoon

A little bit on the expensive side, but super practical and convenient as one of the best baby spoon contenders is the Olababy Silicone Spoon.

It is the best choice of spoon when introducing solid foods to babies because it is a true reflection of nature. It feels like a toy and looks like a plant, and can be used as a teething toy if needed. This is a perfect starter spoon to inspire independence whether you are spoon-feeding, allowing baby to self-feed or are practicing baby-led weaning, this is a spoon that will not bruise sensitive gums of babies.

It is soft and flexible, can stand upright which allows the spoon to not get dirty from countertops and tables, is dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean a baby item, it has a flat handle which makes it easy for the baby to grip it and it doubles as a teether. All such amazing things.

While it seems pricey, you can purchase this set of 2 baby spoons and skip the more expensive teething toys such as Sophie the giraffe or the mombella teething mushroom.

Soft and FlexibleExpensive
Can stand uprightAttracts lint
Dishwasher Safe
Fat Handle
Doubles As A Teether

NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils

A really unique design and definitely one of the best baby spoon designs on the market is the NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils.

This is a baby spoon that is specifically designed for puree style food which can be made in a baby food maker or purchased at the grocery store.

If you want to encourage your little one to feed purees to themselves then this is a wonderful spoon to suit your needs. This spoon can be used as a teether as well as a baby spoon.

These spoons have a short handle which is perfect for little hands to hold onto and 2 different stages on the head of the spoon so the baby can use it as a younger baby and an older baby.

A downside of this spoon set is that there are many nooks and crannies that you will have to ensure get cleaned off well after a feeding session.

This is a dishwasher-safe baby spoon which does make it easier to care for, just be sure to inspect it before dipping it into the fresh puree.

Dishwasher SafeMany nooks and crannies that food can get stuck in.
Short Handle
Made For Puree

Termichy Baby Training Spoons

The Termichy Baby Training Spoons are cute and perfect for little hands to hold.

It is made with a high-quality, baby-safe food-grade silicone that is chewable and soft for baby to chew on. It is also BPA-free and will not hurt your baby’s mouth and gums.

These baby spoons are specifically designed for the baby to grip the spoon and the back of the spoon head has sensory bumps which allow the baby to massage their own gums when chewing on the spoon.

This spoon has an anti-choking baffle which is a special barrier that ensures your little one is safe while self-feeding.

This baby spoon is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. Enjoy the carrying case this spoon set comes in and take your baby spoons everywhere you go to enjoy a meal with your baby.

Dishwasher SafeCan be hard to get all the food from the curved part of the spoon.
Anti-Choking Baffle
Teether Spoon Head
Ergonomic Handle
Made With Food Grade Silicone

Munchkin Lift Infant Spoon

A budget-friendly option on the list of best baby spoons is this pack of Munchkin Lift Infant Spoon.

These spoons are long and slim which are easy for the baby to grab and hold onto while attempting to get puree out of baby food jars.

The tips of the spoons are more square which helps parents wipe food off the baby’s face with the spoon while eating. The spoon has a unique lift feature that allows the spoon to rest on the countertop without touching the countertop with the spoon head.

This is a plastic spoon that is BPA-free and can be washed in the dishwasher, but it is better washed by hand.

This spoon isn’t as durable as some of the other options we pointed out and the entire unit is plastic with no silicone parts which we prefer when feeding a little one.

Overall this is a good spoon option if you are shopping for baby on a budget.

Square-ish spoon headMade with all plastic
BPA freeNot as durable as other options.
Life feature
Comes in pack of 6
Long and Slim Design

Avanchy Bamboo Infant Spoons

If you are looking for an eco-friendly baby spoon the Avanchy Bamboo Infant Spoons is a perfect choice.

This spoon is made with an eco-friendly bamboo material that is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It has a silicone top that is soft and flexible, and has a fun color too!

The product is free of Melamine, BPA, phthalates and leads too.

The tip of the spoon is larger than other spoon options which could make it more difficult to feed a smaller baby. another con of this spoon set is that you have to wash it by hand as it is not dishwasher safe.

A cool feature that this spoon has is that the silicone top actually detaches from the handle so you can really clean it well and so that the bamboo drier properly and doesn’t grow mold.

Eco friendlyNot dishwasher safe
Silicone top comes off to wash and dry bamboo-portion properlyBigger spoon head
Silicone top is flexible and fun
Free of Melamine, BPA, phthalates and lead

Guide To Buying Baby Spoons

If you are shopping for a comfortable baby spoon there are some important things to consider. Sure, you could go to your local baby shop and find something that could work, or grab the cheap plastic set of spoons from IKEA which is ok too, but if you want something that your baby can comfortably hold, something that won’t damage your baby’s delicate gums and something that is easy to use for a little one, then you might want to look at some other spoon options.

Material: The type of material that your baby spoon is made of will matter more for your baby than for you. Most plastic alternatives are safe enough, but if you are really worried about toxins getting into your baby’s system, then you should look into silicone and bamboo materials. We prefer the silicone spoons because it is a soft and flexible material that does not damage the baby’s gums and is durable, which is why we chose the Olababy Silicone Spoon as the best baby spoon overall. Plastic materials can leach chemicals into your baby’s system which makes them less than an ideal option, but they are often affordable and more readily available for purchase. Keep in mind that plastic spoons do not last as long as silicone and bamboo, and you will need to replace them often. A great option that is more eco-friendly is the bamboo material spoon. We like the Avanchy Bamboo Infant Spoons as far as bamboo spoons go. You can also check out BABY K Self Feeding Bamboo Baby Spoons or the YUESUO baby spoons for more bamboo baby spoon options.

Size and Shape: Feeding spoons that are simple to grasp are ideal for younger babies who are just starting to self-feed. A shorter, chunkier, and curved handle is frequently found to be easier to grip and control by little hands. This helps them eat by bringing their hands closer to their food and mouths, so they don’t have to battle with particular awareness. Cutlery with a more thin handle is appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers. For a smoother transition, they might begin to become acclimated to the sensation of conventional flatware. The spoon bowl can be broad or thin, and the spoon bowl can be deep or shallow. A shallow spoon is perfect for tiny babies who need to consume smaller bits of baby food. However, the best method to discover your baby’s spoon preferences is by trial and error. Many spoons are meant for a certain age group, so check the label to determine whether the flatware is age-appropriate for your baby or toddler, especially given the many types of baby food they are presently eating.

Sensory Bumps: some baby spoons have sensory bumps which help a teething baby massage their gums as they eat or chew on their baby spoon. The Termichy Baby Training Spoons is a great example of a baby spoon that has sensory bumps on it.

Anti Choke Guard: to prevent the baby from shoving the spoon too far into their mouths and choking, some baby spoons have a built-in, super handy anti-choke guard. The Termichy Baby Training Spoons is another great example of this feature.

Cleaning: Some baby spoons are handwash only while others are dishwasher safe. We highly suggest handwashing anything that is made with plastic due to the intense heat of the dishwasher which allows chemicals to leach through the plastic. Bamboo spoons will also require handwashing and it is also very important for the bamboo to fully dry to prevent mold growth. We do like the option of a silicone spoon which you can toss into the dishwasher without worry.

Extra Details: A number of the feeding spoons come with useful add-ons. There are spoons with a guard that prevents the spoon from entering too deep into your baby’s mouth if you’ve noticed that she gags during self-feeding (thereby also preventing all her baby food from coming back up). Additionally, some of them contain sensory bumps that help your baby grasp how far the spoon should travel in their mouth. If germs are a concern, many spoons come with a prop to keep the spoon bowl from hitting the table or the floor.

Do You Need To Purchase Baby Spoons

Your parenting journey will be made easier with the purchase of baby spoons. Baby spoons are gentle on the baby’s gums and they also limit the number of food that your little one puts into their mouth. You will prefer to use a gentle silicone baby spoon over a metal teaspoon when training your little one to eat because the baby gums will not start to bleed and gain damage from a metal spoon. Cutting teeth is already a painful journey that all children must face, metal spoons add to the pain of teething and make for a crankier baby.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Spoons

Making Meal Time Easier With Baby Spoons

If you are ready to start feeding your little one solid foods, we believe it is always best to choose non-toxic baby spoons made with silicone or bamboo materials.

We really enjoy the features of the Olababy Silicone Spoon, and the NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils.

We do hope this article helped you make the decision for the best spoons for your family.

best baby spoons

(This post contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure policy is really boring, but you can find it here)