This Is How Many Baby Towels You’ll Actually Need


If you’re asking yourself “how many baby towels do I need?” then you’re in the right place!

Bath time with your baby may be a picture opportunity, but if you don’t have the appropriate equipment, it can be a slippery, sopping disaster.

Wrapping a baby hooded towel over a newly washed baby is not only adorable, but it’s also a practical option: the hood protects your little one’s head, which helps maintain body heat, which is especially essential for small babies. That’s why, in our opinion, the best baby bath towels and baby hooded towels are interchangeable.

Baby skin is sensitive and needs extra special attention, which is why we’ve rounded up a list of the most absorbent and soft baby towels to keep your baby’s skin soft and irritation-free. for sensitive skin, I always loved to give my babies milk bath, find out the benefits of a milk bath here.

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How Many Baby Towels Do You Need

How Many Baby Towels Do You Need

You will need 3 to 4 towels for your infant.

Let’s do the math: after two or three uses, health experts recommend washing a towel. You may anticipate using a towel for two or three days if you take daily baths.

This equates to two or three towels, ensuring you have a fresh towel at all times. Even if you wash the infant twice a day, three or four towels should be enough.

However, make sure you clean the towels as soon as you’re done so you’ll always have a clean piece when you need it.
Aside from having many towels, there are a few additional things to remember to keep your infant safe:

  • Clean the towels more regularly, at least 2 times or three times after each use. If there is a sick person in the house, however, wash the towel more often, maybe after each use, to avoid cross-contamination.
  • If you live in a humid location, you should wash your towels more frequently. The quicker bacteria multiply, the greater the humidity level.
  • If your kid has a skin problem such as eczema, make sure these regions do not become wet when wiping the infant since moisture encourages the condition to spread.
  • Towels for the infant should only be used by the baby; they should not be shared with anyone else. The baby’s towels should not be shared with anybody else, even after they have been rewashed.
  • After each usage, dry the towel on the rod or outside to ensure thorough drying. The hook isn’t the best location to hang the towel since it could not dry evenly. If it’s chilly outside and you won’t be able to airdry the towel, turn on the bathroom fan to guarantee it dries quickly.

Because their immune systems are still growing, babies are extremely vulnerable.

As a result, we must be cautious with everything the infant uses, even their towels.

This leads to the most important issue for each parent: how many baby towels do I need?

I recommend purchasing at least three or four towels, but the more the better.

How Many Baby Washcloths Do I Need? 

How Many Baby Washcloths Do I Need? 

If you’re wondering how many baby washcloths you’ll need, the usual rule of thumb is that if you do laundry twice a week, you’ll need between 7 and 8 washcloths. This may appear to be a large number of washcloths for your child, but if you do laundry frequently, 3 to 6 may be plenty.

The Best Baby Towels

Why Do You Need More Than One Baby Towel And Washcloth? 

A variety of bacteria that come off our bodies are found on towels and washcloths. Furthermore, mold, germs, and fungus flourish on moist washcloths and towels! When opposed to a young baby’s immune system, which is still developing, a fully developed, healthy adult has a stronger immune system. This is why more than one baby towel and washcloth are required.

Why Do I Need Special Towels And Washcloths?

Why Do I Need Special Towels And Washcloths?

Sometimes the number of baby gear and gadgets that we purchase as parents become overwhelming, and we start to think, “Do I Need That?”

Especially when you probably have a closet full of regular towels in your home already.

However, babies have different needs than us adults do, and these unique towels and washcloths are made to look after your babies’ skin properly.

Because babies do not need to be scrubbed down in the bath, a gentle washcloth is all you need to rub over their skin to keep it nice and clean.

The same thing goes with a towel. Dabbing the baby off is going to be better for your baby’s skin rather than a rougher rub down.

Babies are also notorious for having accidents before and after bath time before that diaper comes on, and having a unique towel that is used just for the baby can help your other towels from getting stained.

Another thing to note is that regular towels do not come with a hood, and hoods are essential for little ones because they lose a lot of heat through their heads.
This is why you’ll often find newborns with little hats on all the time.

Therefore, as much as it might seem redundant to purchase baby towels, they are a significant part of the newborn journey.

How Many Baby Towels Should You Buy

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Towels

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How Many Baby Towels Do I Need Bottom Line

Baby baths are so much fun. Splishing and splashing around every evening before bedtime is such a joyous time for your little one.

You can protect your baby’s skin from getting scratched from a poorly designed baby towel by making an investment into a higher quality baby towel such as the FOREVERPURE Baby Hooded Towel. This is a hooded towel that is beautifully designed and made with 100% natural bamboo fabric.

While you may be thinking if you really need this for your newborn baby, it’s not a must-have item, but definitely, a nice one to have. Ordinary adult towels can be rough on baby skin and can leave your little one cranky after a warm and happy bath, but they will get your baby dry.

The number of baby washcloths and towels you’ll need is determined by your baby’s age, how frequently you bathe them, and when you do your laundry. It’s best to use clean towels and washcloths every time you bathe your infant to avoid bacteria flourishing on moist ones. This means you’ll need more of these critical infant products than usual.

It is up to you whether you want to use a baby towel, but if you don’t want to make the investment yourself, put it on your Amazon Registry so a loved one can buy some for you.

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