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You Asked: How Many Baby Towels Do I Need

You Asked: How Many Baby Towels Do I Need

If you’re asking yourself “how many baby towels do I need?” then you’re in the right place! When a baby is ready for a bath, have these soft, appropriately sized baby towels and washcloths on available.

Bathtime with your baby may be a picture opportunity, but if you don’t have the appropriate equipment, it can be a slippery, sopping disaster. Have you chosen the ideal baby bathtub? Great—but don’t forget to stock up on soft, appropriately sized baby towels and washcloths for your young one; they may make all the difference!

Babies are prone to being chilly, which is why having a warm, soft baby towel ready and waiting for them as soon as their bath is completed is essential. We’ve collected up the best baby towels on the market, whether you want something beautiful and comical or organic and silky smooth to ensure your child’s bath goes off without a hitch.

Wrapping a baby hooded towel over a newly washed kid is not only adorable, but it’s also a practical option: the hood protects your little one’s head, which helps maintain body heat, which is especially essential for small babies. That’s why, in our opinion, the best baby bath towels and baby hooded towels are interchangeable.

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It’s difficult to shop for a baby, especially if you’re a first-time parent.

You typically have no clue how many diaper packages, socks, clothing, and, most importantly, towels to purchase.

Most infant books will simply highlight the risks of unclean towels or the differences between hooded and ordinary towels.

Baby bath time is often a joyous occasion. Enjoy giving your baby a wash and then dry your baby with the best towels made just for babies.

Not only are baby towels soft and plush, but they are oh-so-adorable too. A squeaky clean baby looks adorable wrapped in a sweet hooded towel.

We find that many towels that you can purchase at your local supercenters such as Target or Walmart are often very silky to the touch and not so absorbent. In our search for towels for our 3 babies, we went through a lot of money trying to find the best options.

When looking for a baby towel you want something that will be absorbent and also comfortable and soft for your little one. Bath time isn’t exactly always a pleasant experience, and a scratchy towel will simply not help the situation in any way.

Baby skin is sensitive and needs extra special attention, which is why we’ve rounded up a list of the most absorbent and soft baby towels to keep your baby’s skin soft and irritation-free.

How Many Baby Towels Do You Need

In most cases, 3 to 4 towels or washcloths are plenty for your infant.

Let’s do the math: after two or three uses, health experts recommend washing a towel. You may anticipate using a towel for two or three days if you take daily baths.

This equates to two or three towels, ensuring you have a fresh towel at all times. Even if you wash the infant twice a day, three or four towels should enough.

However, make sure you clean the towels as soon as you’re done so you’ll always have a clean piece when you need it.
Aside from having many towels, there are a few additional things to remember to keep your infant safe:

  • Clean the towels more regularly, at least 2 times or three times after each use. If there is a sick person in the house, however, wash the towel more often, maybe after each use, to avoid cross-contamination.
  • If you live in a humid location, you should wash your towels more frequently. The quicker bacteria multiply, the greater the humidity level.
  • If your kid has a skin problem such as eczema, make sure these regions do not become wet when wiping the infant since moisture encourages the condition to spread.
  • Towels for the infant should only be used by the baby; they should not be shared with anyone else. The baby’s towels should not be shared with anybody else, even after they have been rewashed.
  • After each usage, dry the towel on the rod or outside to ensure thorough drying. The hook isn’t the best location to hang the towel since it could not dry evenly. If it’s chilly outside and you won’t be able to airdry the towel, turn on the bathroom fan to guarantee it dries quickly.

Because their immune systems are still growing, babies are extremely vulnerable.

As a result, we must be cautious with everything the infant uses, even their towels.

This leads to the most important issue for each parent: how many baby towels do I need?

I recommend purchasing at least three or four towels, but the more the better.

How Many Baby Washcloths Do I Need? 

If you’re wondering how many baby washcloths you’ll need, the usual rule of thumb is that if you do laundry twice a week, you’ll need between 7 and 8 washcloths. This may appear to be a large number of washcloths for your child, but if you do laundry frequently, 3 to 6 may be plenty.

Germs On Towels

Whether you’re an adult or a child, towels are a breeding ground for bacteria.

Yes, it appears to be counterintuitive, given that you use one to dry oneself after a shower or bath.

However, when you begin to massage yourself with your clean towel, you will be rubbing off dead skin that adheres to the towel.

The collection of dead skin causes the towel to become filthy and foul over time.

Second, any surface on which you lay your towels is a potential source of germs.

These surfaces are covered in germ-carrying dust and other dirt. When you put your towel down, it gathers germs and passes them on to you when you use them.

As a result, you’ll need a at least 3-4 baby towels.

This guarantees that you wash your towels on a regular basis and protects your infant from skin irritation caused by a filthy towel.

The Best Baby Towels

FOREVERPURE Baby Hooded Towel

5/5 Star Review

Practical and beautifully designed, the FOREVERPURE Baby Hooded Towel is a great choice for new parents who are looking for a quality towel for their new baby.

100% natural bamboo fabric has super absorbent qualities and is extremely soft which helps the baby dry off faster which equals a happy warm cozy baby.

The size of this towel is 35 x 35 inches and covers little ones from head to toe.

The box comes in a nice ready-to-gift package, so if you are looking for a gift for a new parent, this is a great option.

What’s not to love about the organic bamboo fabric towel that is soft and gentle on your baby’s skin and has a cute design too.

This premium quality, extra large and super absorbent towel is a great option for parents.

Bamboo Material Price Point Is Higher Than Most Towels
Super absorbent
Large Size

San Francisco Baby Organic Bamboo Towel

4.5/5 Star Review

The San Francisco Baby Organic Bamboo Towel is made from unique bamboo fabric that provides antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, meaning your baby’s skin is well taken care of. It is also soft, cuddly and eco-friendly. It is BPA-free and great for sensitive skin.

While traditional towels can hold germs after one use, this towel repels bacteria, odours and is very safe for newborns and infants.

This gender-neutral towel with adorable ears protects your babies’ soft skin and keeps your baby warm after a bath. It’s also very ideal for a photo op.

This towel measures 40X28 inches which makes it larger than most baby towels and has a 500 GSM which means it is very absorbent and plush.

This towel gets softer after every wash too. San Francisco Baby has a lifetime guarantee so they will refund you your money without a time limit. While towel is more pricey than other towels, the lifetime guarantee does make it worth it.

500 GSMPrice Point Is Higher Than Most Towels
100% organic bamboo
Soft and plush towel that is gentle on your baby’s skin
Unisex design with cute animal ears
Comes with a lifetime guarantee – if you don’t love the product at any point, San Francisco Baby will refund your money while you keep the towel
Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic
Large Size
Makes a great present for new parents
Machine washable

Bambi Bamboo Hooded Baby Bath Towel

4.8/5 Star Review

The Bambi Baby Hooded Baby Bath Towels are 2-layer, reversible organic bamboo bath towels that drink up water 4 times faster than others. This helps your baby dry naturally and rapidly without too much rubbing.

These towels wrap your baby in luxurious softness and comfort because these towels are made from superior organic bamboo.

These towels will grow with the baby as they are made to last for many years from your baby’s first bath as a baby bathrobe to their 4th birthday as a bath poncho or cape.

At 600 GSM they are very absorbent and are 33×33 inches in size.

This is an eco-friendly baby towel and makes a wonderful baby shower gift for the new mom-to-be.

600 GSMPrice Point Is Higher Than Most Towels
Will grow with baby up to 4 years

Burt’s Bees Baby

4.7/5 Star Review

We love Burts Bees Baby products here on the baby gadget list and the Burt’s Bees Baby towel for babies does not disappoint.

Made from 100% organic, GOTS-certified, breathable cotton, this baby towel feels heavenly soft on the baby’s delicate skin.

This fabric is great because it lasts wash after wash, and is earth and farmer-friendly too.

These towels are made in India and measure 29×29 inches which makes them a large towel that covers the baby head to toe.

Super soft towelOne side is not absorbent
Earth and farmer-friendlyLight towel
GOTS certified Smaller in size
Made with 100% cotton
Organic, breathable material

Just Born Hooded Bath Towel

The Just Born Hooded Bath Towel is made with 80% organic cotton that is super soft and gentle on baby skin.

This is a large size towel that tiny babies and larger babies can enjoy.

Easily care for this towel by placing it into the washing machine and tumble dry. This towel is the perfect size to dry and warm your baby after bathing or swimming.

This is a towel that makes a wonderful gift for expecting parents.

80% cottonMore expensive
Machine washable
No harmful chemicals
Great for larger babies
Very thick

Little Unicorn Cotton Hooded Towel 

Little Unicorn Cotton Hooded Towel is the perfect way to make drying off fun. Featuring a cozy hood and pockets for little hands, these hooded towel sets are crafted with printed muslin on the outside and ultra-soft terry cloth on the inside.

As soft and cute as they are functional, these hooded towels & wash cloths are machine washable for carefree cleaning. They’re made to feel softer after each wash.

Available in an array of hues and tones, there’s something to go with every nursery decor. Mix and match hand-painted designs from playful to serene. Adorable and stylish go hand-in-hand at Little Unicorn.

This adorable hooded towel measures 30”x 30”, and the washcloth measures 8” x 8”.

Ultra-soft terry clothParents wish it was larger in size
Machine Washable
Unique Prints
Lightweight and breathable

Land Of The Wee Baby Hooded Towel

Land Of The Wee Baby Hooded Towel is a super soft extra thick baby bath towel that keeps your baby warm and snuggly after bath time.

Premium bamboo hooded bath towel is made out of 100% bamboo material that is the perfect fabric for toddlers with delicate sensitive or dry skin; the cashmere-like smoothness makes it extra soft and non-irritating.

No need to purchase more bath towels these baby hooded towels are thoughtfully designed to grow with your baby as they flourish into toddlers.

Made out of 100% Eco-harvest Bamboo material our toddler bath towels are earth-conscious while still being a premium hooded bath towel; also included is a wet-dry bag perfect for towel storage after a day at the beach or swimming lessons at the pool.

Super softCan fray in older washing machines
Extra thick
Designed to grow with your baby
100% Eco-harvest Bamboo material

ClevaMama Bath Towel for Newborn

ClevaMama Bath Towel for Newborn is an extra-large Apron Towel that keeps newborns, babies and toddlers completely covered and well wrapped up to retain the warmth from the bath.

Designed to be fastened around your neck so that you can dry, snuggle and cuddle your baby safely with both hands.

Our special weave is perfect for drying between little fingers and toes too, simply place the hood on your toddler’s head and wrap the towel around their shoulders and body.

Drying off after a bath can be more fun and cozy with a built-in hood in a cute character, an excellent gift idea for new parents.

Fastens around parents neckMore expensive for one towel
Cute character built-in
Large in size

KeaBabies Hooden Baby Towel

These Baby Hooded Towel are a generous size of 35″ by 35″ which means it is able to accompany your baby from newborn to up to the age of 5-6 years old. This Baby Towel is made with high-quality stitching and premium quality thick bamboo fibre (500GSM), that is machine washable and lasts for years.

Bamboo is a natural fibre. Definitely a must-have hooded baby towel for your precious little one.

As parents, we are constantly worried that our babies will catch a cold after bath time and our toddlers always struggle to run off before getting dried. KeaBabies Bamboo Baby Towel absorbs water 3X faster and 2X more absorbent than normal cotton towels, this makes drying baby easier and quicker, leaving baby dry and less prone to catching colds.

Baby Towels are essentials for all families with babies, toddlers or kids. Parents will definitely be very happy to receive this gift as it is both useful and cute for their baby. Package comes with a cute gift box with a personal touch.

Your baby is growing very fast each day and most towels do not last a few months. This hooded towel is large enough to last your baby up to 6 years old. Cover up your newborn without any exposure with the excess fabric and never leave their toes feeling cold.

Moisture WickingSome parents reported it lost softness after a few washes. Make sure to wash according to the instructions to keep the towel soft.
Softer, lightweight

JJ Cole Hooded Towel

4.4/5 Star Review

This machine-washable baby towel and washcloth set are adorable to boot.

Both items are made from 100 percent cotton terry cloth, which is an absorbent material and is soft to the touch.

The towel is 24×50 inches, making it perfect for the newborn and infant stage.

Comes In Many Prints And Colors Smaller Size Towel
Comes With WashclothThinner Than Most
Soft Material

Natemia Extra Soft Rayon

4.8/5 Star Review

This soft Natemia Extra Soft Rayon towel will take your baby from infancy to toddler.

Made from high-quality Rayon which comes from bamboo makes this towel soft and plush, and gentle on the baby’s skin.

This towel has an adorable hood with bear ears for extra cuteness.

Spanning 35×35 inches of softness and a 500 GSM this towel is the softest hooded towel for kids. It actually absorbs water three times as fast as ordinary cotton.

This extra-thick and extra absorbent towel are made from a hypoallergenic bamboo material that dries three times faster than regular cotton towels. This adorable baby towel actually gets softer after each wash in the washing machine and won’t scratch or damage your baby’s skin while drying.

While this towel may be more expensive than some of the other options, it has a longer life span.

500 GSMMore expensive
Very Soft
Made from natural bamboo
Extra soft and absorbent for even the most sensitive skins
Makes Excellent Gift
Larger than most hooded baby towels – 35”x35”
Grows with your baby, from infancy throughout the toddler years
Machine washable
Gets softer with each wash

BAMBOO QUEEN Premium Bamboo Baby Bath Towel

4.8/5 Star Review

The BAMBOO QUEEN Premium Bamboo Baby Bath Towel is a fantastic baby towel that is made for delicate skin.

This is the softest hooded towel for kids made from high quality 100% Rayon Made from Bamboo.

At 500 GSM this hooded towel absorbs water three times as fast as ordinary cotton, drying your children quickly while also keeping them warm and cozy.

This ultra soft rayon from bamboo hooded towel in white & grey makes a perfect unisex baby shower, birthday or baby registry gift for new parents.

100% Rayon Made from Bamboo Some parents wish they were a bit wider
Made for delicate skin
Super soft
Extra thick
500 GSM makes extra absorbent

Green Sprouts Muslin Hooded Towel

4.2/5 Star Review

This adorable muslin towel comes in vibrant colors and two layers of fabric for extra absorbency.

The organic cotton gets softer with every wash.
This is an excellent towel for taking the baby to the beach or bath.

This towel measures at 44×30 inches, which is a reasonably standard baby towel size.

Muslin Fabric For Extra Softness Doesn’t Have The “Fluffy” Feel
Gets Softer With Every Wash
Standard Size For Infant And Can Be Used With Toddler

Hudson Baby Hooded Towel

4.7/5 Star Review

This 100 percent cotton terry towel is generously sized at 33×33 inches and comes in a variety of animal faces.

This affordable and soft towel is optimal for everyday use!

Large Variety Of Animal FacesThin design
Animal Faces Keep Shape After Washing Not as soft as other towels
Good Size At 33×33 InchesThe packaging is a bit much to get through
Made from 100% cotton
Gentle enough for everyday use
Machine washable

Luvable Friends Hooded Towel

4.5/5 Star Review

This towel is the right size, coming in at 30×36 inches, which means these towels will last you into toddler.

This towel is made from Terry Cotton and machine washable.

The towel does come with a hood that features an animal, which does come in gender-neutral designs.

Good Price Point Thin Towel
Very Absorbent Wears Out Easy

Parentdiary Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel

These ultra soft 100% Rayon from bamboo towels are extra large and make a super cozy cocoon for your baby after a bath.

These towels are nice and large and can be used from the newborn stage all the way into toddler. When you’re shopping for any baby gadgets and gear, it’s always important to think about the future, and the longer you can use an item, the better.

The Rayon fabric absorbs 60% more water than an average cotton towel, which means a less wet parent after taking a soaking wet baby out of the bathtub.

This is one of the softest baby towels and makes an excellent baby shower gift for any new mom.

Large enough for toddlerThinner than other bamboo towels
Makes a great shower gift
Very absorbent

Spasilk Hooded Terry Bath Towel

The Spasilk Hooded Terry Bath Towel is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. This is a unique hooded towel designed to dry your baby and keep her warm after a bath.

These towels come in a pack of two which makes them a very affordable option when shopping for a baby towel.

These are very pretty towels, and soft enough for your little one.

Great for drying and wrapping baby after bathQuite thin
80% Cotton/20% Poly Blend

Copper Pearl Hooded Baby Towel

Copper Pearl Hooded Baby Towel are backed with premium knit cotton fabric that gets softer with each wash. Plush terry cloth lines the inside, providing ultimate absorbency without sacrificing comfort. Incredibly soft to the touch, these towels get better with age!

These hooded towels are 33×33 inches which is perfect for baby’s first bath all the way through the toddler years.

Each towel is crafted with a cozy hood and pint-sized pockets for the perfect way to keep little heads and hands warm and snuggly at tub time.

At Copper Pearl, they pride themselves on making high-quality products that always look great on babies, moms, or in your nursery. These hooded towels are simple, modern, and sure to elevate any baby’s style.

Moms love Copper Pearl products, and these hooded towels are no exception. A tub time essential, they make a meaningful gift that every mom will love for baby showers, birthdays, or the holidays. Sure to be appreciated by new and seasoned parents alike, Copper Pearl hooded towels arrive in premium packaging that makes gifting a breeze.

Large in sizeFreys after washing
Cute and functional
Double layered

Baby Aspen Hooded Towel

The hooded towel is an extra cozy feature designed to keep baby as warm as possible and dry wispy baby hair gently and quickly

Baby Aspen Hooded Towel is a grey terry towel with pink chevron trim that features an elephant hood with the 3-D trunk, embroidered black eyes, pink chevron print 3D elephant ears and darling purple bow; the bottom of the towel features a 3D elephant tail with a purple tip.

Parents love this cute elephant baby bath towel and are a useful gift for baby showers

Baby spa towel is machine washable terry cloth and this baby bath towel is suitable for babies 0 to 9 months.

Utterly Adorable Hooded Spa TowelNot as soft as other towel options
Perfect size for 0-9 monthsThinner than most towel options
Gift-Worthy Packaging

Best Baby Washcloths

Best Baby Bathrobes

Why Do You Need More Than One Baby Towel And Washcloth? 

A variety of bacteria that come off our bodies are found on towels and washcloths. Furthermore, mold, germs, and fungus flourish on moist washcloths and towels! When opposed to a young baby’s immune system, which is still developing, a fully developed, healthy adult has a stronger immune system. This is why more than one baby towel and washcloth are required.

Why Do I Need Special Towels And Washcloths?

Sometimes the number of baby gear and gadgets that we purchase as parents become overwhelming, and we start to think, “Do I Need That?”

Especially when you probably have a closet full of regular towels in your home already.

However, babies have different needs than us adults do, and these unique towels and washcloths are made to look after your babies’ skin properly.

Because babies do not need to be scrubbed down in the bath, a gentle washcloth is all you need to rub over their skin to keep it nice and clean.

The same thing goes with a towel. Dabbing the baby off is going to be better for your baby’s skin rather than a rougher rub down.

Babies are also notorious for having accidents before and after bath time before that diaper comes on, and having a unique towel that is used just for the baby can help your other towels from getting stained.

Another thing to note is that regular towels do not come with a hood, and hoods are essential for little ones because they lose a lot of heat through their heads.
This is why you’ll often find newborns with little hats on all the time.

Therefore, as much as it might seem redundant to purchase baby towels, they are a significant part of the newborn journey.

How Many Baby Towels Should You Buy

If you plan on bathing your baby three times a week then you should have a minimum of 2-4 baby towels on hand, so that you can rotate the clean and dirty towels in the laundry. If you are planning on bathing your baby once a week, then two towels will be plenty. You just need to have enough towels on hand so that you always have a clean towel ready for bathtime. Make sure to always have a clean towel in case you have to perform an emergency bathtime after feeding your little one in the highchair or dealing with a messy diaper. It might also be a good idea to grab a baby bathrobe to comfortably transfer the baby from the bathroom to the changing table.

Towel Materials

A cute baby towel is great and all, but you have to take the materials that the towels are made from into consideration when making your decision.

When new parents are shopping for baby products, they often go for cute, plush and vibrant products. Products that match the nursery theme and products that overall make them excited for their new arrival.

But looks aren’t all that is important in a baby towel. The cutest baby towel can be scratchy or even water resistant. You don’t want to be drying your little precious bundle of joy with a scratchy towel.

Here is some basic textile information to help you with your baby towel shopping spree, so you can make the best decisions for your family.

Baby product tags often include the saying “made from natural material”. Natural materials are breathable and comfortable. Natural fabrics include linen, silk, wool, cotton and cashmere. Most baby towels are made from cotton materials.

If you see a baby towel that is made with polyester and nylon, then you are looking at synthetic fabric. Synthetic fabric means the fibres are made through a process of chemical synthesis and made by humans. This kind of fabric is often more durable. Most commonly you will see a baby towel is made from both cotton and polyester.

There is also another group of fabric and that is the cellulose fibre group. These fibres come from wood pulp, leave, plants and bark. You can get rayon fabric which looks and feels like natural fabric. These are more eco-friendly fabrics because they are sustainable and come from renewable sources.

Cotton is a popular fabric, which you are probably fairly familiar with. It is long lasting, absorbent, budget friendly and soft. It is a good choice for a bath towel as it can dry quickly and is soft on the skin.

Bath towels also come in a polyester fabric which is a synthetic fibre that is often blended with cotton and can sometimes be rougher than your common cotton.

Bamboo fabrics, which tend to be more expensive overall, are made from bamboo leaves and trunks. Bamboo towels are often very soft and absorbent, and usually our favourite too!

Understanding Towel Weight

Towels have weight counts on them, and it does not refer to how heavy the towel is but rather how heavy the fabric is.

Towels are tagged with a GSM (grams per square) metric which tells you the quality of the towel. The higher the number, the more absorbent and higher quality the towel is.

A normal range for towels is 300-900 GSM. Anything around 750GSM is considered a luxury towel and is heavy and ultra-absorbent. Higher GSM towels take longer to dry.

Towels with 300-450 GSM are more lightweight and are more commonly used for household chores and kitchen towels. Bath towels usually range from 450-750GSM.

Caring For Baby Towels

Because babies are born with sensitive skin, the products you use on their delicate skin should be chemical-free, non-toxic, and that includes anything that the baby wears and that material is washed in.

Gentle towels will prevent that delicate skin from getting scratched and damaged after a warm bath, and will prevent rashes too.

Keeping baby towels clean will protect your baby from skin irritations that could affect the health of the baby.

Keep your baby’s laundry separate from your own, even if you are using the same detergent to avoid the transfer of any outside dirt and grime that may irritate the baby’s skin.

Laundry Detergents For Baby Towels

Some parents choose to have a separate laundry detergent for the baby clothes and towels which are designed to be free of perfumes, dyes and harsh chemicals. A lot of the special baby detergents are gentle on the skin but aren’t so great at removing baby stains.

If you are a family who likes to use one detergent for everyone, you can try a safe sensitive detergent that is gentle, chemical-free, dye-free and has no perfumes and scents.

It’s a good idea to skip the fabric softener as that usually has chemicals that can irritate your baby’s skin.

For more information on laundry detergents please visit: The Best Baby Laundry Detergent

Frequently Asked Questions

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Soft And Cozy Towels For Your Baby

Baby baths are so much fun. Splishing and splashing around every evening before bedtime, such a joyous time for your little one.

You can protect your baby’s skin from getting scratched from a poorly designed baby towel by making an investment into a higher quality baby towel such as the FOREVERPURE Baby Hooded Towel. This is a hooded towel that is beautifully designed and made with 100% natural bamboo fabric.

While you may be thinking if you really need this for your newborn baby, it’s not a must-have item, but definitely, a nice to have. Ordinary adult towels can be rough on baby skin and can leave your little one cranky after a warm and happy bath, but they will get your baby dry.

The number of baby washcloths and towels you’ll need is determined by your baby’s age, how frequently you bathe them, and when you do your laundry. It’s best to use clean towels and washcloths every time you bathe your infant to avoid bacteria flourishing on moist ones. This means you’ll need more of these critical infant products than usual.

It is up to you whether you want to use a baby towel, but if you don’t want to make the investment yourself, put it on your Amazon Registry so a loved one can buy some for you.