5 Best Baby Bathtubs That Are Easy To use And Keep Baby Comfortable

Bath time is an important time in a baby’s life, and it should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, which is why we compared the best baby tub(s) in 2021 to help you create a peaceful and joy-filled bath time.

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Our Picks: Best Baby Tub

Fisher-Price 4-In-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub – Best Overall

Boon Soak 3-Stage Bathtub – Most High Tech

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe– Best Budget

Stokke Flexi Bath with Newborn Support – Best Folding

Blooming Bath Lotus – Best Sink Insert

A baby bath is a must-have item that helps make the baby bath time experience more enjoyable for both parent and baby, and easier on the back too!

Some babies absolutely adore bath time while others are not so happy when washing up. Regardless of the baby, all babies need to get washed and a baby tub can help you make that experience better.

Baby tubs come in so many different shapes and sizes and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what the differences between the tubs really are and which tub is best for your baby care needs.

We put together the best baby tubs for 2021 that have great features that you may require in a bathtub.

Best Baby Tub 2021

Fisher-Price 4-In-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub

best baby tub

We love the Fisher-Price 4-In-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub and consider this the best baby tub because it can be used from the newborn stage with a sling to cradle the baby to the sitting up stage with built in sit me up support.

You can later remove the seat and give your baby even more room to enjoy the bathtub.

This tub comes with a squeeze bottle and a scoop for washing. For storage just hang it up with it’s easy to use drying hook.

Can be used from newborn to toddlerHas no temperature gauge
Comes with squeeze bottle and scoop
Sit me up seat removable
Has drying hook
Weighs 5 pounds

Reasons Why You Will Love Fisher-Price 4-In-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub

Parents love that this tub grows with the baby from stage 1-4, is easy to store and comes with a squeeze bottle and a little cup to make washing up easy.

Boon Soak 3-Stage Bathtub

best baby tub boon

The Boon Soak 3-Stage Bathtub is a favourite for those who have a large double sink to use in the kitchen.

We consider it high tech because it has a contoured back design and an adjustable and removable bum pad which can help position the baby. The drain plug changes color according to the water temperature so no additional temperature gauge is needed.

This tub is easy to keep clean as well because of it’s lack of nooks and crannies for dirt and grime to get into which is helpful in keeping baby healthy and safe.

Most babies can use this tub from newborn to 18 months.

Streamlined DesignBulky and tough to store
fits most double sinks and tubs
Great for newborn to 18 months
Adjustable seat for baby’s comfort
Easy to clean
Built in temperature gauge

Reasons Why You Will Love Boon Soak 3-Stage Bathtub

Parents who want to bathe their baby in the double sink love the Boon Soak tub because it has a temperature gauge that is built-in and a removable insert that adjusts to baby’s age.

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe

best baby tub budget tub

If you’re on the hunt for a basic but good quality tub, The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe is a great choice.

This basic baby tub will take you from the newborn stage up until your baby reaches 25 pounds.

This simple tub has a removable sling which allows you to bathe your newborn comfortable. There are also two padded seating areas on each side of the tub which you can use for infants and older babies.

You can use this tub in a sinkle sink, a double sink or a counter top.

You can also store this tub on a hook as it weights just 2 pounds and is about 30 inches long.

Simple tub with a good price tagdoes not have temperature gauge
Has newborn sling
Can be used until 25 pounds
Fits single and double sinks

Reasons Why You Will Love The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe

Parents love this wallet-friendly tub and it’s basic features because it does get the job of keeping baby safe while bathing done well!

Stokke Flexi Bath with Newborn Support

best baby tub stokke

The Stokke Flexi Bath with Newborn Support is an excellent choice for those who need some space saving baby gadgets. This bathtub folds flat completely and is so easy to store anywhere you want!

You can use this tub if you’re on the go, or while camping too.

This tub has a removable newborn insert and a heat sensitive drain plug which helps determine water temeperature.

The high sides of this tub allow you to bathe your baby for longer than most other tub models.

Great for small spaces or travelSome parents don’t like the newborn insert
Folds up completely flat
Temperature gauge built in
High walls allow this tub to be used for longer than most other tubs

Reasons Why You Will Love Stokke Flexi Bath with Newborn Support

Parents who live in tight quarters love this baby tub as it folds completely flat and still offers the features that parents are looking for in a tub such as a temperature gauge, an easy drain plug and a newborn insert.

Blooming Bath Lotus

best baby tub sink insert

The Blooming Bath Lotus is a unique alternative to traditional baby bathtubs, and is a foamy pad that goes into the sink.

The pad is covered with soft minky fabric and the foam pad is made with polyurethane foam which is mold and mildrew resistant.

You can toss this foam pad right into the dryer when you are finished with your baby bath and store it away in a cubby as it folds like a towel.

Parents typically use this newborn insert from newborn to month 6, depending on baby’s size and the sink size in the kitchen and bathroom.

Fits into kitchen and bathroom sinksBaby tends to grow out of this quickly
Can be used for newborn stages
Can toss pad into dryer

Reasons Why You Will Love Blooming Bath Lotus

Parents love this sink insert foam pad for bathing their babies because it makes for some good photo sessions and is comfy cozy for baby too!

Guide To Buying A Baby Tub

Do You Need A Baby Bathtub

You might be wondering if a baby tub is a must-have baby item, and here at baby gadget list, we certainly do believe that it is. Mostly for sanitary and safety reasons.

some parents can bathe the baby in the kitchen sink, which is totally fine, just make sure that the sink is perfectly sanitized before placing the baby in there. The kitchen sink is a very grimy and germy place, even if it’s properly cleaned on a regular basis, which is why it makes us a little weary to use the kitchen sink without some sort of a baby tub for washing your little one.

You can also take a bath with your baby, which is great for bonding, but it can be a challenge to stay safe while you and the baby are both wet and slippery.

We do believe that a baby bathtub is a must have baby item to ensure that the baby stays safe during washing.

Please remember to never leave your infant unattended in the bath because even one inch of water can be dangerous and the baby can drown. Your hand should be kept on a newborn the entire time they are in the tub, as their head support is non-existent and they need all of your help to get through the bathing process.

Different Types Of Baby Tubs

Baby tubs come in different shapes and sizes, there is no wonder that there are so many styles to choose from. Which tub you choose depends on the age of your baby, how much space you have in your home and where you plan on giving your baby their bath.

Basin Tub: A basin tub is a plastic tub that is standalone and can be used in a kitchen sink, or it’s own or in an adult bathtub. Some of these basin tubs can be used from newborns stage for up to 2 years.

Sink Inserts: Some “baby tubs” are simply foam inserts that you can put into your sink to create a safe and sanitary space for your baby to bathe. If you are low on space in your home, this might be the best option for you as these foam inserts easily fold for storage. Typically these seats cannot be used for more than 6 months.

Bath Seats: Bath seats are traditionally made for babies who can sit up and have good head support (around 6 months of age). They typically use suction cups to attach to the adult bathtub and can rotate 360 degrees while the baby sits in the seat.

Inflatable Tub: We don’t recommend these kinds of bathtubs but they are out there and are technically a type of baby bathtub. Many people use these tubs for travel, or if they are short on space in their apartment. These tubs need to be inflated and deflated before and after each use. We don’t love them because they can be unstable and dangerous if used incorrectly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Tubs

When Do You Need A Baby Tub?

A baby bathtub should be purchased right away. In fact, it is a great item to put onto your baby registry. You’ll want to give your baby their first bath at home within the first week of their arrival into the world.

How Long Will You Use a Baby Bathtub?

Typically speaking, a baby bathtub is used from the newborn stage up until the baby can sit up on their own, which is usually around 6 months of age. Some parents can continue using a baby tub even past the sitting up stage, if the baby fits in the tub.

Some parents like to use the baby bathtub outside in the summer time for the baby to sit in and enjoy the backyard, while others like to put the whole tub in the big bathtub and have the baby splash around in there.

How Do You Clean A Baby Bathtub?

Most bathtubs will have a drain which is easy to unplug from the bottom of the tub. When your baby is finished their bath, be sure to wash it out right away and dry it before storing it to avoid the growth of mold on the tub.

Where To Store a Baby Bathtub?

A baby bathtub can be hung up if it has a hook, stored flat if it has the option to fold or placed in a closet if it does not have the fold or hang options. It can be difficult to find a spot to store a tub that doesn’t fold flat, especially if you’re low on space in your apartment already, which is why a lot of parents do consider the folding bathtub options.

How Do You Sanitize A Baby Bathtub?

You don’t need to go overboard with cleaners and sanitizers to clean your baby tub. Chemicals can be harmful to your baby’s sensitive skin. Here are 3 ways you can sanitize a baby tub.

  1. Use Microfibre cloths with water. When the tub is dried up properly, this should be enough to clean the tub well.
  2. Lemon and salt can help disinfect the baby tub too. All you do is cut a lemon in half and sprinkle the salt over the tub. Rub the lemon onto the salt and then rinse out the tub when finished. Be sure to dry it well.
  3. Vinegar can also act as a disinfectant and is a non-toxic solution. Take equal parts of water and vinegar and add it to a spray bottle. Spray down the tub and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing it out and drying it up.

Avoid using bleach on your baby tub, even if you find some staining on the plastic. Try to get rid of the stain using baking soda instead!

How Do I Wash Baby In A Baby Tub?

You’ll want to be as safe as possible when giving your baby a bath. You’re going to want to wait for the umbilical cord stump to fall off before you give your baby a bath in their new tub. It’s best if you choose a tub that has an internal sling, or is countered to fit a newborn body inside of it. Bath seats are not suitable for newborns.

Some quick tips for giving your new baby a bath in a baby tub:

  • Gather up your bath supplies such as bathtub, shampoo, temperature gauge, washcloths, a new outfit, a baby brush etc.
  • Fill your tub with warm water. Use the temperature gauge to ensure the water is not too hot, aim for 100 F, as this won’t scald the baby.
  • Lower the baby into the tub, while supporting the head and neck with your arm and let them sit on the sling or tub support.
  • Gently wipe the face with water and a washcloth.
  • Add a little bit of soap to the washcloth and wash the baby’s body. Make sure to get under all the rolls of skin, especially under the neck where formula and breastmilk can get trapped and grow mold!
  • Be sure to wash the genitals gently, but thoroughly. A girl should be wiped from front to back. You can skip the soap in the groin area.
  • If your baby has cradle cap, you can use a small number of cradle cap shampoo to wash the hair.
  • Rinse the baby off with a little cup.
  • Do not turn your back on the baby, as babies can drown in just a few inches of water.
  • Dry your baby off with a nice, soft and clean baby towel.
  • Be sure to moisturize the baby before putting on a new clean outfit. Studies have shown that moisturizing baby’s skin in the first 32 weeks of life can reduce the risk of eczema.

Let’s Take A Look At This Video: How To Bathe A Newborn For Some More visual Tips

Is It OK To Buy A Second Hand Baby Tub?

It is OK to purchase a second-hand baby bathtub as long as it is in good condition and has been cleaned well before using it. You can check SaferProducts.gov to ensure that product has not been recalled for any reason.

Do I Need To Buy Toys For My Baby Tub?

When your baby is still a newborn, they will not need baby bath toys. You can purchase baby bath toys when your baby can hold onto toys on their own and sit up.

For the first few baths with your newborn, your essentials are shampoo, towels, the tub itself, clean clothing, and some washcloths!

Can I Sing Songs To The Baby While They Bathe?

Yes of course! We recommend that you do so to make bath time more engaging. Here are our top ten favourite bathtime songs for babies;

  • Five Little Ducklings Went Swimming One Day
  • Down In The Jungle
  • Splish Splash Splosh
  • All The Little Ducks Go Upside Down
  • Five Little Speckled Frogs
  • Row Row Row Your Boat
  • Incy Wincy Spider
  • Old MacDonald Had A Farm
  • Baa Baa Black Sheep
  • Alphabet Song

You can also put on some music on YouTube for your little one if you like. Here is one of our favourite playlists.

Features To Consider When Looking For a Baby Tub

Size: Every baby tub is a different size. Some tubs are made to fit into sinks, while others are made for showers and bathtubs. If you prefer to wash your baby in the kitchen during the first few months, then consider purchasing a baby tub that fits into the kitchen sink.

Comfort: The tub should provide comfort for both parent and baby. If there is a sling, the sling should be padded enough to suspend the baby comfortably while in the plastic tub. Some tubs will have a padded backrest, and some will have leg and forearm support. Each tub is a little bit different in how they accommodate to baby’s comfort so it’s important to consider this when looking for a new baby tub.

Safety: All baby tubs that are available on the market today have safety features built-in that keep the baby from slipping around during the bath. If you are purchasing a baby bathtub that has been previously loved, make sure that the grips are still in good condition to ensure that your baby has safe baths. Some tubs have slings to cradle the baby, and some have “crotch posts” to help them sit upright in the correct position. when it comes to the safety of the baby bathtub, you’re looking for a tub that will support your baby’s head and shoulders. You also will want to avoid the inflatable style tubs, as they could potentially deflate and become unsturdy, making the whole bathing experience dangerous for your little one.

Water-Fill Line: You should fill your tub with 2-4 inches of water. If your tub has a max water line, you can avoid overfilling your tub and making a huge mess with a splashing baby, and keep them safe at the same time.

Drain Plug: A drain plug makes removing the dirty water easy after you have finished giving your baby a bath.

Non-Skid Surface: Your baby becomes very slippery during their bath, so a non-skid surface is a must! Be aware of foam cushions on any tub as the baby could pick off the foam and eat it.

Temperature Indication: Some baby tubs have built-in indicators, while others require a water thermometer like this one to check the temperature of the water. We never want the water to be too hot or too cold for your new baby, so this is really important information to consider.

Storage: You should try to take into consideration how and where you will store your baby tub. Some tubs collapse, while others can hang on the wall. Some tubs cannot collapse or hang up but have other fun features such as toys or a sling, so you’ll want to think about how the tub will be stored in your home when making your decisions.

Toys: Some tubs come with toys that help keep the baby entertained. Little cups with holes in the bottom and boats that float can help you interact and play with the baby during bath time, making the whole bonding experience more fun and exciting for you both.

Room For Growth: When choosing the best baby tub for your needs, consider how many months you want to get out of your bathtub. Some tubs are great for newborns but are not so good for the toddler stage. some tubs can be used for newborns all the way up to 9 months, or until the baby physically grows out of the tub. Choosing a tub that can grow with your baby is always something to consider.

Cost: You never want to go over your baby budget, so keep the cost of the tub in mind when choosing the best baby tub for your home.

Travel: If you require a baby tub for travel or camping purposes, you may want to consider a model that folds flat so it is easy to transport.

Wrapping Up: The Best Baby Tub 2021

Our pick for the best baby tub is the Fisher-Price 4-In-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub. This tub is versatile and can be used from newborn stages until the baby can sit up. Enjoy the squeeze bottle and toys that come with this tub too!

Our second favourite baby tub is the Boon Soak 3-Stage Bathtub. Even though you do need a larger double sink in order to use this tub, its pretty high tech as far as a baby tub goes and we love the overall design and versatility of the tub.

We want to give an honourable mention to the Summer Baby Bath Seat as well because it is a seat that parents can use with their babies when the baby can sit up on their own. Just remember your safety rules when it comes to giving baby a bath with the tub seat. Baby should never ben left alone in the bathtub. The suction cups CAN get loose (though this is rare) and the baby can tip over into the water and drown. This doesn’t mean that the bath seat is dangerous to use, it just means parents need to ensure they are safe, as with any baby gadget, when the baby is having their bath.

best baby tub bath seat

best baby tub

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