7 Best Baby Wipes That Are Gentle On Baby Skin


Finding baby wipes is easy as they are readily available for purchase in most grocery retailers, however finding the best baby wipes that won’t tear during use or cause skin irritations is a whole other story. We are here to help.

Our baby gadget list parents have gone through the wipes game a few times over and we know what we are talking about when it comes to finding wipes that are durable. No one wants to clean poop off the baby but have it stuck on their hands… that’s just unsanitary and ineffective.

Believe us when we tell you that some wipes on the market actually create more problems than clean up messes, and we caution you to run away from them and run towards these great options that are tested and loved by parents all around the world.

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The Best Baby Wipes

Water Wipes – Most Eco Friendly

Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Baby Wipes – Most Durable

Bloom Baby – Largest Sheet

Seventh Generation – Hypoallergenic

The Honest Co – High Quality

Babyganics Extra Gentle – Natural Ingredients

Up & Up Sensitive Skin Baby Wipes – Minimal Environmental Impact

WipesCostQuantityDurability And ThicknessSpecial Features
Water Wipes$15.82180Thick and good for big messesMade with water and fruit extract – no other added chemicals
Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Baby Wipes$19.99900Thick and durableExtra large wipe with added chamomile and aloe
Bloom Baby$28.99640Textured and thickGreat for eczema, contain no unwanted chemicals
Seventh Generation$29.97768Super thickCompletely unscented
The Honest Co$33.99576Embossed and interlocked for durabilityMade without alcohol, parabens, chlorine processing or fragrances.
Babyganics Extra Gentle$31.98800Not as thick as othersBiodegradable and use only natural ingredients
Up & Up Sensitive Skin Baby Wipes$5192DurableGreat value

Do you see the importance of durability when it comes to baby wipes yet? It is super important! Honestly, without durability and skin sensitivity, you could use whichever wipe you liked.

Unfortunately, they just aren’t created the same way and in order to keep you from wasting money and being disappointed in the wipes you buy, we wanted to give you as much information as humanly possible on the wipes you may be considering.

Best Baby Wipes Of 2021

Water Wipes

best baby wipes water wipes

For babies with sensitive skin I recommend water wipes.

The National Eczema Association has given this product their approval which means these are the go to wipes for all sorts of sensitive skin.

Some parents don’t love the fact that this product is mainly just water and wipes, however they are a convenient disposable option over a cloth and water solution.

With no fragrance or alcohol used in this product, parents do love how eco-friendly they are. They are not biodegradable however, the material that the wipes are made from is too thick to break down in the landfill.

Water wipes are not flushable, and they do not contain any disinfecting agents so be sure to wash your hands after each diaper change.

Find Water Wipes on Amazon

No chemical ingredients, just water and fruit extractMust use within 4 weeks of purchasing
Purest baby wipes aroundNot biodegradable
Best for newborn and premie sensitive skinClump when being taken out of package occasionally
Has won awards The packaging is a plastic sleeve with a sticker top and there is no tub version of package

Kirkland Baby Wipes

best baby wipes kirkland

Readily available at Costco, Kirkland baby wipes are an excellent option for parents looking for a new solution for wiping baby’s bum.

These wipes are larger than most others on our list which means your hands have more protection from large messes. You’ll save money on clean ups because the size of the wipe means more can be wiped with less wipes. Score!

These baby wipes are hypoallergenic and contain trace numbers of aloe and vitamin E which nourish baby’s skin.

The package is a crinkly plastic with a plastic snap top lid. There is no tub option with Kirkland wipes unfortunately but we don’t mind, since the package itself is easy to use and easy to seal.

We love these wipes. Their only downfall is that they aren’t readily available on Amazon, which means they cannot be set up as an autoship product.

Take a trip to Costco for these fabulous wipes and check out for yourself the value of them.

Large wipesNot readily available on Amazon
Absorbent Package does not offer tub option
Aloe and Vitamin E infused
Very strong and tear-resistant
Package has a plastic snap top that’s easy to use

Bloom Baby Wipes

bloom baby wipes best baby wipe

Bloom baby wipes are made specially to gently wipe skin affected by eczema. These wipes are infused with vitamins A, B, D Omega 3, omega 6 as well as a sensitive moisturizing lotion.

Pop into Target and grab a single pack for your diaper bag, or get a large box on Amazon shipped to your home. These wipes are convenient and easy to find in-store and online.

These wipes are made with hydro pure water and they smell great too. They are hypoallergenic and do not come in contact with nuts, wheat or gluten when being made in the factory.

Overall these durable baby wipes are a great option for parents, especially if the baby has sensitive skin or eczema.

Made with 100% hydro-pure waterCan be too moist
Smell greatThe packaging is low quality
Durable and softPrice is higher than competitors
98% natural
Hypoallergenic and do not come in contact with nuts, wheat, or gluten
Do not tear easily

Seventh Generation

best baby wipes seventh generation

Seventh Generation Free & Clear sensitive Baby Wipes are made for baby’s sensitive skin and contain 0% fragrance, alcohol, parabens, or phenoxyethanol.

These soft but thick wipes are gentle on baby’s skin but durable for the tough messes.

Made from plant-derived skin conditioners such as aloe, you can safely use these wipes on baby’s skin, hands and face.

These wipes come in a flip top packaging that is easy to use and keeps the wipes fresh.

The fragrance-free, hypoallergenic wipes are tested by dermatologists and are clinically proven to be gentle on the skin.

Environmentally friendlySome parents find the product “linty”
UnscentedSmaller wipe than other brands
Quilted pattern

The Honest Company Baby Wipes

Baby wipes by the honest co

The Honest Company makes awesome baby products, and the baby wipes do not disappoint.

Though they are often more expensive than other comparable products, these baby wipes are soft and gentle and have fruit extracts to clean your baby’s skin.

The texture on the wipes makes them durable and strong, similar to the Bloom Baby wipes.

These wipes are not flushable but they are biodegradable within 60 days which makes them environmentally friendly.

Enjoy the flip-top packaging that’s easy to use and keeps the wipes fresh and moist.

Made without alcohol, parabens, chlorine processing or fragrances.Higher priced than others
Plant basedParents like to fold them in half before using as they aren’t as thick as other wipes
Free of  parabens, alcohol, chlorine phthalates/BPA, formaldehyde, phenols, ammonium, and lanolin
Not tested on animals

Babyganics Extra Gentle

babyganics extra gentle baby wipes

The Babyganics extra gentle baby wipes soft to the touch and have a gentle texture that baby’s skin loves.

They smell fresh and aren’t infused with any perfumes which is part of the non-allergenic design of these wipes.

These wipes aren’t as thick as other wipes but that is because the thickness affects the biodegradability.

These are marked as flushable, but we don’t recommend it is as they could clog a sewer system, even though they are biodegradable.

BiodegradableNot as thick as other wipes
Very moist but not too wetSome parents don’t love the smell
Use only natural ingredients
Parabens, sulphates, phthalates, artificial dyes and fragrance-free

Up & Up Sensitive Skin Baby Wipes

sensitive skin baby wipes

Up & Up Sensitive Skin Baby Wipes made the list because they are such good value for the product quality.

Though they are available at Target, you can still purchase them on Amazon, however, you will be paying a higher price than the $5 deal that target offers.

These wipes are soft and durable, and contain no chemicals, fragrances, alcohol or preservatives.

We couldn’t not put them on our list of best baby wipes because they rock!

Take a look at Target here.

Soft and durableCannot purchase on Amazon
Great price
Alcohol and fragrance-free
No added chemicals

Guide To Buying Baby Wipes

How To Choose Baby Wipes: Because there are so many options to choose from when it comes to this baby essential item it is so difficult to figure out which one you should even consider purchasing.

Some wipes are scented, some are extra thick some are natural and some have special easy to use packaging…what is a parent to do?

Instead of purchasing all the wipes, you can get your hands on, a little research can go a long way to help you find the baby wipes that you will enjoy using on your little one the most.

While most wipes will get the job done, some wipes will do a much better job than others.

Here are some things you should be looking for when making a purchasing decision.

Packaging: The type of packaging your wipes come in is very important. You may not believe us, but a sticker close top is not very convenient to use and once it stops closing properly due to the glue failing, your wipes are either going to dry out or the liquid is going to spill all over the place. Not a great mess you want to have in the diaper bag or purse. The flip-top wipes are the handiest, but some packages are so bulky that they just are not very handy to throw into the diaper bag when you’re going out with baby, so you may want to consider having a travel clutch for your baby wipes. Then you have to think about an easy to use travel clutch and one that you can refill, rather than the plastic kinds which are a one time use option only. There is a lot to think about when it comes to packaging, but we found that the plastic top packages are the easiest and most convenient options for most parents.

Price: When choosing your wipes you’ll have to keep price in mind if you want to remain frugal. You’ll be purchasing a lot of baby wipes in the next few years and it’s going to cost a lot of money. To stay on budget, you’ll want to consider choosing a brand of wipes that is suitable for your wallet.

Environment: Not all wipes are created equal and some are not biodegradable at all. Most flushable wipes do break down eventually but keep in mind it takes years and years. We love water wipes for this reason, they are high quality and great for the skin and environment too. Keeping things green when it comes to caring for your baby might be really important to you, so picking wipes that are eco friendly is something to consider.

Ingredients: Some wipes may contain irritants, and you’ll want to avoid rubbing chemicals on your baby’s skin as much as possible. Always check the ingredients on your wipes and make sure everything is safe before using it on your little one.

Thickness: The thickness of a baby wipe is very important. The thicker the wipe, the more durable it is. We cannot stress the importance of avoiding getting poop on your hands while wiping a baby bum. Getting wipes that can withstand even the toughest messes is worth spending any extra money on, in our humble opinion.

Quantity: When looking for wipes to purchase for your home, you may want to consider how many wipes you are purchasing at once. A pack of 500 wipes will not last you that long, especially when your newborn baby is going through 15 diapers a day. You’ll be throwing wipes and diapers into your diaper genie all day long. Buying wipes in bulk is especially easy if you can shop on Amazon and have them delivered to you on a regular schedule such as every to weeks. It’s called the subscribe and save program, check it out here!

Convenience: Can you order your wipes on Amazon? If not, then you have to make sure that you always have time to go to the store before you run out of wipes. If the store you need to purchase the wipes from is not easy to get to or is often so busy you just want to avoid it altogether, then perhaps those wipes are not best suited for your family.

How Many Baby Wipes Do You Need?

There will be a few different factors that determine how many wipes your child will use. In the first 3 months, your baby will require more frequent diaper changes and therefore you will need more wipes. As your child grows, they will begin to use fewer diapers and you will begin to use fewer wipes.

A newborn baby will use 6-10 diapers a day with approximately 3 or 4 of those diapers containing poop.

Babies that are 1 month old and up may only use 4-6 diapers, but that will also vary if the infant is breastfeeding or formula feeding.

This means that in the first month of your baby’s life you will need to use approximately 350 wipes. Your baby will have more bowel movements and you’ll likely be changing the diaper 10-12 times a day. If you are using 1 – 2 wipes for every soiled diaper then you’re going to be using about 340 wipes a month.

When your baby is 2-5 months old you will likely change diapers 8-10 times a day which is around 240 wipes per month. When your child reaches months 5-9 you’ll likely only be changing that diaper 8 or less times a day, meaning you’ll still need just over 200 wipes a month.

When your baby is 1 years old, you’ll likely need less wipes simply because you’ll be using them for cleaning bowel movements and less frequently on diapers that contain only pee.

These numbers are not set in stone, and it all depends on the baby how many wipes you will really use. Feel free to use this guide though so stock up on wipes if you have the budget to do so.

Age# of Wipes / Day# of Wipes / Month
Newborn to 1 month10-12360
1-5 months8-10300
5-9 months6-8240
9-12 months6-8240

This means that you’ll need approximately 1140 wipes for the first year of your baby’s life. This is assuming you only use 1 wipe per diaper change, and you’re not using wipes for anything else such as hand wiping, face cleaning, and other messes around the house.

Most parents do go through at least 10 times the 1140 quantity, due to the fact that they are using wipes on more than just a poopy diaper. So in all reality, be prepared to use about 15,000 baby wipes in the first year alone.

Different Types Of Baby Wipes You Can Purchase Today

Flushable Wipes: Most wipes that are marked flushable should still be thrown away rather than flushed down a toilet. Even though they are marked flushable, that does not mean they cannot cause problems in your plumbing. With that in mind, flushable wipes are available and are mostly geared towards the potty training toddler age. They often come in an easy to use a flip-top box and some brands offer refill packs as well. These are often very thick which is why you should try and avoid flushing down a lot of them at once.

Extra-Thick Wipes: No one likes to touch baby poop so having that extra material between your fingers and the baby poop is a nice to have feature. Many parents prefer the thicker wipe that ensures no poop touches hands when the wiping up is getting done.

Travel Wipes: Some baby wipes come in packages specially created for travel or for easy throwing into the diaper bag. A lot of the travel wipes can be refilled which is convenient. Travel wipes can be referred to as diaper clutches and travel wipe dispensers. Some travel wipes are not refillable though. They come in a plastic bag type covering with a sticker style opening and they are very easy to stash in the diaper bag. The only problem with those is that the sticker tops don’t close up properly and the wipes tend to dry out faster.

Natural / Organic Wipes: Parents who love to purchase products that are baby safe AND environmentally friendly have the option to purchase organic and natural wipes. Organic wipes are excellent for babies who develop diaper rashes often and they don’t irritate baby skin. They also tend to break down in the landfill nice and quick. These are usually more costly than the more common baby wipes but parents who love the organic lifestyle or have babies with sensitive skin love to splurge on these items to keep their baby’s and the environment safe.

Cloth Wipes: If you love cloth diapers, you may also love cloth wipes! They are easy to use and just require to be washed in the washing machine after each use. If you are a parent who can stay on top of the laundry then all the power to you, and enjoy your cloth wipes! Cloth wipes are also environmentally friendly as they are reusable and you won’t be throwing them away or flushing them down the toilet – we hope!

When Do You Need To Have Baby Wipes?

You’ll want to have wipes on hand before the baby arrives, and you may even want to throw some into your hospital bag too!

We do suggest purchasing at least a handful of diaper packs so you’re not running around the house with a newborn trying to locate the last place you left the wipes. This is especially bad in a poop emergency. Avoid chaos and get multiple packs of wipes before the baby arrives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Wipes

Tips for Using Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are a simple concept and they don’t really need too many instructions, but we wanted to make sure you had all the information you needed when it comes to learning about baby wipes.

First rule you should follow is to stop using the wipes if a rash develops. Some babies can be sensitive to different wipes, even if the wipes are made for sensitive skin.

Another thing to note is that baby wipes can clog a plumbing system so it’s best not to flush wipes down the toilet.

You may love baby wipes so much that you’ll want to use them all over the house for all sorts of clean up, from spills in the living room to dirty toddler faces and more. But this is a sure way to burn through baby wipes fast.

The most important thing to note about baby wipes is that they are a convenient item and most parents absolutely cannot live without them..because let’s face it, kids are messy.

How Important Is It To Look After Babies’ Skin?

Keeping your baby’s skin free of problems can help keep your baby healthy. It is very important to look after the skin. The skin can easily get damaged and it’s harder to treat than to prevent skin problems.

Using the right baby wipes can keep some skin problems at bay and keep your baby healthy. You can also minimize infections, and soothe skin that could be damaged when you pick the right wipes for you. The right wipes can also prevent dryness and nourish the baby’s skin to prevent further damage and keep it smooth.

Common Skin Problems Infants Face

Infants have delicate and sensitive skin and it’s really important parents look after that beautiful smooth skin at all times. You’ll definitely be concerned if you notice anything off on your baby’s sin and sometimes you may want to go to the dr. to clarify the severity of the skin issue.

Here are some common skin problems that infants face:

Eczema: When the skin is itchy and red, and possibly even rough to the touch then your baby may be experiencing eczema. Your baby wipes may contain ingredients that aggravate the skin. You can try to switch baby wipes if you see this happen. If it keeps happening and baby wipes nor diaper cream is helping, then a trip to the dr. may be required.

Diaper Rash: After a diaper change, if you notice red skin under the diaper then your baby might be having diaper rash. Make sure your baby’s skin is fully dry before putting the diaper back on, and apply a diaper cream if the area is very red and causing pain to your baby.

Cradle cap: Common with newborns, cradle cap is a dry skin condition that usually appears on the baby’s head but can appear in other areas as well. Using a cradle cap shampoo can help ease the cradle cap condition and eventually it will go away on its own. If the cradle cap does not go away on its own, then you may want to visit the doctor.

None of these skin conditions are life-threatening but you should be monitoring your baby’s skin on a daily basis to ensure it isn’t damaged in any way. A medical professional will be able to help you if you have further concerns about your baby’s delicate skin.

Saving Money On Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are an essential baby item and they can get expensive since you always have to keep purchasing them month after month.

It can feel brutal to spend money on something that you are literally throwing away day after day. We understand there are cloth diaper alternatives and if you are the kind of parent that is willing to cloth diaper, then all the power to you. Switching to cloth diapers is not an option for everyone, especially considering the upfront costs of it all. But don’t fear there are some ways you can save money on wipes without too much hassle.

Coupons: Most drugstores will have coupons for you to use, and you can save money on diapers and wipes this way. Most large diaper brands have coupons starting at $1.00 off and you can usually combine those coupons with sale prices. If you can shop smart, then you might be able to get a pack of wipes for less than $1!

Use wipes mindfully: If you’re going to be using your wipes for everything around the house as well as wiping your baby’s bum, then you’re going to run out wipes much faster. To keep things cheaper, you can use reusable cloths for house messes and keep the wipes for your baby’s skin. You can also skip a wipe here and there if the diaper wasn’t too messy, just be sure not to skip too many as it is super important to keep your baby very clean.

Package size matters: When purchasing wipes for your family think in terms of price per wipe rather than price per package. Not all packages have the same number of wipes in them, and while two different brands side by side look like they cost the same, one of the options will usually have a higher wipe count than the other.

Stock up: If you have room in your budget and you see wipes on sale, stock up now. You may not need them right away, but if you’re not paying full price now for this item, then you are saving money, especially on an essential item like baby wipes.

Buy in bulk: This is not the same as stockpiling. Buying in bulk can save you a lot of money, and it’s a great option for those who don’t like using coupons. Amazon’s Amazon Mom program gives you 20% saving on many diapers and wipe options as well as 2-day free shipping. Amazing!

History Of Baby Wipes

As you can imagine, before disposable baby wipes were created, families were using scraps of cloth to wipe their babies bottoms.

By the time 1950’s hit, some companies were able to create on the go wipes for hands, and parents were starting to use them on their babies. By the time 1980’s hit, companies began to make “on the go wipes” specifically for babies, and the world of changing babies was made easier.

Today, disposable baby wipes are a must-have item, and not just for baby bums but for quick messes around the home and messes on the face and hands while out of the home as well.

Wrapping Up: The Best Baby Wipes

We love eco friendly and no chemical wipes, therefore the best baby wipes are the water wipes. They are easier to use than just a cloth and water simply because they are disposable and convenient. It’s the closest thing to cloth wipes and there is no extra laundry involved, which goodness knows as a parent there is a lot of washing to do!

Parenting is a joy but it does come with many messes and surprises. We hope to have provided you with all the information you need to help you select the best baby wipes for your family.

Best wipes for baby

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