9 Best Diaper Bags If You Have 2 Kids To Pack For

Finding the ideal diaper bag may be comparable to courting in the hopes of finding “the one.” Which one will be there for you and your requirements through thick and thin?

Which one will be there for you when your toddler has a meltdown and your newborn has a blowout while you’re out getting groceries for the week?

Finding the ideal diaper bag may make life much simpler.

And, fortunately for us, finding the appropriate diaper bag as a parent of a baby and toddler is a lot easier than choosing the ideal spouse. Here is my list of the best gender-neutral diaper bags if you’re interested.

This article compares and contrasts the best diaper bags for a toddler and infant, making it much easier to choose the ideal one for you.

Do You Need a Diaper Bag?

Let’s face it: children are unpredictable. When you believe your baby is full, they’ll ask for a snack minutes later. If you’re somewhere inconvenient, your infant who always poops in the morning will almost certainly have an afternoon blowout (think: on a plane, hiking, shopping, at that nice-ish restaurant, at the beach). With vital supplies on hand, you can cope with any situation that arises without having to pack up and return home.

If you don’t want to carry a diaper bag, you can use a standard backpack or even a tote to transport your belongings. (A diaper changing clutch—a little changing mat that can contain a few diapers and other minimal essentials—may even be slid into your regular purse.) However, many parents opt to register for a diaper bag because they’re specifically intended for managing baby and kid items and frequently have additional compartments, insulated bottle pockets, and other useful features.

What Types of Diaper Bags Are There?

Diaper bags may easily be disguised as handbags and fashionable bags in today’s world.

However, any type you choose will be determined by how essential both function and style are to you. Would you want a highly stylish bag that is a little inconvenient or a super practical bag that isn’t nearly as stylish?

When deciding on the type of diaper bag that would work best for you, keep the following in mind:


  • These are ideal for handling children since they give you two arms free.
  • They can also be worn in front with a baby carrier.
  • Backpack straps are available on several diaper bag designs.
  • Gender-neutral designs are common, so dads and grandpas don’t mind wearing them.
  • A more casual appearance is preferred.
  • It’s difficult to get to objects when you’re wearing them.

Tote Bags

  • The diaper bag looks the most like a handbag.
  • There are many different styles to choose from.
  • Typically feminine in nature.
  • It might be difficult to manage two children and carry them for lengthy periods of time.
  • Items that are easily accessible.

Messenger Bags

  • They have a tendency to be a more gender-neutral choice.
  • It is possible to operate without using your hands.
  • Frequently include a tote bag.
  • Items that are easily accessible
  • When worn for lengthy periods of time, it may cause back pain.

Diaper Clutch

  • Small and Portable.
  • Great for a quick outing.
  • Can hold a few wipes, diper, tiny tube of diaper cream and possiblyt a change of clothes.

10 Best Diaper Bags For 2

HSD Diaper Bag Backpack

This is one of the finest diaper bags for two if daddy is frequently carrying the diaper bag, the HSD Diaper Bag Backpack.

One feature of this bag is that it makes the bold promise that it can hold everything you need for two children. It’s important to note this. That is not a claim that every bag will make. This is one of them.

Let’s start with the zipper bag on the front top. This is the ideal location for storing baby wipes so that they are readily available when needed.

The big front zippered pocket provides enough of storage. Baby teething toys, infant pain medicine, diapers, a tiny tube of baby lotion, diaper cream, and other items can all be stored in this compartment.

Two insulated compartments on each side of the backpack are ideal for sippy cups or baby bottles.

There are three plastic hooks within the bag that may be used for keys, a coin purse with chain, or even an additional pacifier clip.

You’ll also discover a pocket particularly intended to hold your small laptop or tablet, as well as a pouch where you can store your hydration bladder with easy access on the exterior.

The top of the bag has stroller straps, which is a great convenience feature because all you have to do is attach it to your stroller.

The shoulder straps on this bag are cushioned, making it pleasant to wear for long periods of time. There is also a waist strap and a chest strap to assist distribute the weight of the diaper bag. This isn’t standard in diaper bags, but it’s a fantastic feature for anybody who likes hobbies like hiking or long-distance travel.

Two wide straps on the rear of the backpack are ideal for putting your diaper bag backpack on the handle of a piece of baggage.

This diaper bag backpack comes with a huge diaper changing pad, which adds to the convenience.

Because of the nature of this diaper bag for two kids, it has been put through more rigorous testing than a typical diaper bag. This bag has been put to the test by members of the US military, and it has held up for the duration of their testing. So, in terms of durability, you’re unlikely to find a better diaper bag than this one.

There are four firm rubber feet on the bottom of the diaper bag that protect it from ever hitting the ground when you need to put it down.

The diaper bag is constructed of tough, water-resistant polyester.

The firm appears to be pretty outstanding with any customer service issues you may have, based on all of the evaluations I read! Get the HSD Diaper Bag Here.

Bably Baby Large Capacity Diaper Bag Backpack

The Bably Baby Diaper Bag Backpack is one of my favourites. It’s not only ideal for mom and dad, but it’s also a steal. The high-quality YKK zipper, which makes opening and closing the bag simple, is Bably Baby’s primary selling feature.

This bag is ideal for twins since it is well-organized and has a large capacity. Three bottles may be conveniently stored in their separate mesh compartments. Two detachable packing cubes and a wet/dry bag are also included. This is the ideal option if you want a backpack diaper bag.

KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack

The Kiddy Care Diaper Bag Backpack is quite popular among my friends.

To begin with, the diaper bag is appealing. The bag’s look does not scream “diaper bag.” It may appear to be any other backpack, but it is very stylish.

There are three insulated pockets on the inside for keeping drinks warm or cold, a baby wipes section with simple access and two pockets on the exterior for fast access.

There are 15 compartments on the inside to store and organize all of your baby/toddler items.

The bag is constructed of cotton fabric, with high-quality zippers that are sturdy and long-lasting.

When it comes to carrying the bag, it may be worn as a backpack or carried by the handle on the top. Because you will frequently need both of your hands to care for your children, a backpack is an excellent choice for two children.

Although this bag does not include a changing mat, there is enough of place inside for you to carry one with you on your trip. To give you an idea, one Amazon customer stated that this diaper bag backpack contained three full-size tissue boxes!

People are raving about how much this two-kids diaper bag backpack can store. And, let’s face it, having two children necessitates a lot of resources, especially if you have a baby. If you’re searching for the best diaper bag for a toddler and infant, or the best diaper bag for two children under the age of two, I think this is a great option. (I’ve been there and done that!)

There is a Lifetime Warranty for anybody interested in purchasing this diaper bag backpack!

Skip Hop Weekender Duo Signature Diaper Bag

Skip Hop is one of my favourite brands because of its affordable costs, durability, huge size, and attractive patterns. For parents expecting twins, the Skip Hop Weekender Duo Signature Diaper Bag is an excellent choice. In addition, the extra-wide bag may be attached to a double side-by-side stroller.

The main section of this diaper bag also zips shut, which is a fantastic feature. If you want to keep your wallet in your diaper bag and avoid carrying a handbag, this is a huge plus. It was critical, especially while travelling with my children, that the main compartment be zipped so that none of my belongings fell out if the bag turned over.

There are many inner pockets in the main compartment. Easy access front pockets and a drawbridge/expanding design is used in the main compartment. Easily attaches to a twin tandem stroller and it may be carried as a messenger bag or a tote bag. Two packing cubes and a thick changing pad are included.

The Itzy Ritzy Boss

This lovely bag satisfies both our desires and requirements. With 17 compartments and a spacious inside, you can store and arrange everything you need for two or more children.

It’s also fashionable enough to wear without the kids and available in a variety of colors!

The Itzy Ritzy diaper bag backpack is both fashionable and practical! Our vegan leather backpack diaper bags offer plenty of compartments to keep you and your baby organized while on the road.
Two insulated bottle pockets, a felt-lined valuables pocket, and an easy-access “parent pocket” put mom and dad’s needs within reach in this stylish diaper bag, which has 17 total compartments (10 internal and 7 exteriors).

Each Itzy Ritzy backpack diaper bag comes with complementing stroller attachments and an easy-to-clean changing pad that features “head” and “toes” written on the inside. When using the backpack, the changing pad has its own zipped pocket on the rear of the bag, giving extra comfort.
The bottom of the Boss Backpack has rubber feet to assist keep the backpack upright and tidy.

The built-in handle may be used to carry the bag or it can be worn as a regular backpack with comfy and adjustable straps.

Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack: Chelsea Downtown Chic

This is unlike any other diaper bag I’ve seen. In my opinion, it does not appear like a diaper bag, which is why it made my list of the best diaper bags for multiple children!

So, if you’re a mom who doesn’t want to feel like she’s carrying a diaper bag, Chelsea Downtown Chic diaper bag for you!

Let’s start with the diaper bag’s outside storage. On the flap, there’s a little zip pocket for your keys, a baby pacifier, or your phone. There are two side pockets for storage that are conveniently accessible. There’s also a zip front pouch and an inner pocket for secure storage of essentials like your phone or keys.

The drawstring at the top of the diaper bag allows you to access everything inside without feeling like you can’t see anything.

You have two options for carrying this diaper bag: you may carry it by the top handle or wear it like a backpack.

On the rear of the bag are two comfy straps that may be used as a backpack. Many consumers say that even on lengthy day journeys, this bag is pleasant to wear.

You may store bottles or sippy cups in two insulated bottle compartments, depending on your children’s needs.

The cloth is long-lasting and resistant to wear.

Metal hardware, as well as fake leather accents, give this baby bag a stylish appeal. Metal feet are attached to the bottom of the bag so that it never has to contact the ground.

In terms of utility, this bag is ideal for the on-the-go parent with two kids in a stroller because it can be clipped into the stroller’s handle!

When diaper bags include a changing mat, I always believe it’s a bonus for parents, and this bag does!

You can simply put a breast pump inside this diaper bag backpack if you are a breastfeeding mother.

You might be able to squeeze a few of cloth diapers in the bag if you’re a cloth diapering parent, but you won’t have enough room for a day’s worth with the wet bag.

Most significantly, people rave about how much capacity there is in the bag, which allows you to carry enough supplies for three kids while still having enough for the few things you need as a parent.

For parents who don’t want to carry a “diaper bag,” this is one of the finest options.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

The Boxy Backpack is a great option for moms looking for a stylish diaper bag that will last a long time. Petunia Pickle Bottom bags are high-quality, practical, and easy-to-clean bags that will endure for years, despite their high price.

This adorable diaper bag for two has plenty of storage.

The diaper bag’s big main compartment features seven organizing pockets that are ideal for holding pacifiers, teething toys, and other small items. One of the seven pockets is a zip pocket, while the others are all slip pockets.

This diaper bag has a zip-out changing pad, which is quite useful for a busy parent on the move.

It can be carried in two different ways, which is essential for a diaper bag because, as busy parents, we utilize our diaper bags in a variety of scenarios.

A trip to Disney will almost certainly necessitate using it as a backpack, but the crossbody strap may be more convenient for day-to-day use.

If you use cloth diapers, this bag has enough space to hold a day’s worth of diapers, as well as enough area to keep them in your wet bag.

HaloVa Diaper Bag

For parents of twins, the HaloVa Large Capacity Diaper Bag is a wonderfully affordable alternative. I appreciate the vast number of storage choices and the diversity of colors offered. The HaloVa, like the Bably Baby Backpack, has three bottle compartments.

The HaloVa has a separate storage area at the bottom with a zip closing. The main compartment also features a large mouth hole that makes it easy to locate things. This diaper bag isn’t as glamorous as some of the more expensive options, but it’s useful and roomy enough for twins.

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

The Bag Nation Bag includes stroller straps that make attaching the backpack to a stroller a breeze. The backpack is available in two unisex colors: black or grey. Overall, this is a fantastic option for twin-parent families. It’s spacious, has a lot of functions, and can be used by either mom or dad.

Diaper Bag For 2 Buying Guide

Must-haves in a diaper bag for two kids:

There are enough pockets to keep things organized. You don’t want to have to rummage through your luggage for a diaper while simultaneously keeping an eye on two children.

  • Straps for the stroller Much better than improvised attachments!
  • When placed down, it keeps its shape: There’s nothing more unpleasant than digging through a sstory bag.
  • Material that is both durable and simple to clean. No one wants to appear as though they’ve “given up.”
  • A changing pad is included. You shouldn’t have to go out and acquire a slew of unnecessary accoutrements simply to go out of the home.

Nice-to-haves in a diaper bag for two: 

  • Backpack design. (As well as nice straps.) You won’t be able to carry a bag since you won’t have any hands left.
  • It’s simple to rummage through. We’re talking about bags with a large opening or a front that zips completely shut. This will make packing and finding items much easier.
  • There is no velcro! When it comes to sleeping newborns, loud velcro is the devil.
  • Lightweight. This is something you’ll be carrying every day. Look after your shoulders!
  • It has enough room for a laptop. A laptop-friendly bag is a must-have for everyone!
  • Pockets that are insulated. It’s convenient for keeping bottles and sippy cups cold.

Packing A Diaper Bag For 2 (What You Need To Bring)

I used to believe that I had to keep everything in the diaper bag when I just had one child. I was failing if I wasn’t prepared to survive with my kid for two days on the contents of my diaper bag.

But then I had two children aged 14 months and under (followed by three children aged three and under), and my perspective soon shifted. While some people want to be prepared for hunger and calamity, if you’re out and about with a newborn and a toddler, all you actually need is the following in your bag:

For the infant, you’ll need about 2-3 diapers.

  • a single diaper for the toddler (or change of underwear)
  • a package of wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • For blow-outs, use a wet bag  
  • spare outfit
  • Water bottle/bottle
  • Your wallet, keys, and phone are all in this bag.

You may require the following items as an add-on:

  • a few of tiny toys (or crayons)
  • extra pacifier for baby wrap/baby carrier

Even if you have many children, most diaper bags will be large enough for you if you only carry the necessities (I currently have 4 small kids and I just have a small backpack diaper bag).

The roomier alternatives, on the other hand, could be perfect for you if you require your diaper bag to carry a lot more than the necessities (for example, if you go on lengthy trips).

Diaper Bag Price Ranges – Stick To Your Budget

While every bag on our list is highly rated and appears to keep up well over time, lower-priced bags are more prone to zipper malfunctions, seams coming undone, and other wear and tear issues associated with lesser materials. When there is a problem, the firms may not be as responsive.

When you could need a low-cost bag:

  • You’re on a shoestring budget. (read my tips on how to have a baby on a budget)
  • You’re not sure which style is ideal for you.
  • You prefer to switch things up frequently and grow bored easily (this is me)

When you might want to make a bigger investment in your diaper bag:

  • You want something that will endure for years and comes with a decent warranty.
  • You’re confident that the style will work for you for a long time.
  • You have the money available already.

How Long Will You Use a Diaper Bag?

You’ll most likely use a diaper bag from birth to toddler, and maybe even into preschool. Because it’ll be there for a while, make sure you consider whether the style and color will be something you’ll want to carry around in a few years.

Diaper Bag for Two Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Best Diaper Bag For Two Kids

It’s difficult to choose just one twin diaper bag since diaper bags are quite personal. The HSD Diaper Bag Backpack, on the other hand, is my pick for the finest overall twin diaper bag. It is fairly priced, spacious, and fashionable.

All of the bags on this list are excellent choices if you are going to be needing a diaper bag for two kids.

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