7 Best Hair Ties For Babies [ Ouchless and For Thin Hair Too]

Helping you find the best hair ties for babies to prevent hair damage and create adorable hairstyles on your sweet little one.

You’ll need robust elastics that will grasp hair gently without breaking or harming the strands, whether you’re attempting to keep thick hair out of your girl’s face or arranging baby hairs into adorable pigtails, hair ties with ribbons and accessories attached could be your solution.

While you most likely won’t be needing to pack them into your hospital bag right away, you might need some good-quality hair elastics sooner than you think.

Youxuan Girls Elastics Hair Ties is my top pick for the best hair ties for newborns. These no-damage silicone elastics are ideal for taming delicate tufts of hair and are quite inexpensive.

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The Best Baby Hair Ties

Youxuan Girls Elastics Hair Ties 

The Youxuan Girls Elastics Hair Ties  is one of the best hair ties for babies as it is made from eco-friendly silicone and does not damage delicate baby hair.

Made of eco-friendly siliconeBands are so small and sturdy they can be hard to remove, we recommend having a pony pick on hand.
Does not damage hair
Disposable hair tie and each package comes with 1,000 pieces
Comes in two different sizes, 1.5 cm, and 2.5 cm

These Youxuan Girls Elastics Hair Ties are thicker than other rubber bands and have strong elasticity. They do not break easily when stretched. The silicone is nice and soft and the baby will not be uncomfortable in cute little ponytails all day long.

These elastic bands for babies come in two different sizes; 1.5cm and 2.5cm. If your baby has thicker hair then 2.5cm will be a better choice. If you are worried about damaging the hair when you are taking the ponies out, simply use a pony pick and snap the elastics from the hair without pain or damage.

J-Mee Seamless Hair Bands 

The J-Mee Seamless Hair Bands  are nice and thick and are the best hair ties foes, babies, with thicker hair.

They are soft polyester hair elastics that do not damage or get tangled up in soft baby hair. These elastics prevent hair breaking and the hair tie itself does not break easily. These hair ties do not lose stretch easily and they are 1.25″ in diameter.

These hair ties easily slide out of hair without pain. Each package contains 100 pieces of fun colorful hair ties.

You can actually wash these hair ties in the washing machine or by hand. We recommend drying them out on a towel or put them in a mesh laundry bag when washing and drying to prevent them from getting all over the place.

Thicker materialEasily slide off
Easy to take out without damageCan become overstretched

Reasons Why You Will Love

Well streching and better recovered, not easy to be broken and out of shape.

 Willing Tee Elastic Hair Ties For Babies

These cute and unique hair ties for babies by Willing Tee are innovative and are a great pick for the best hair ties for the babies segment.

These hair ties are designed with multiple strands of elastic to hold the baby’s hair.

These elastics are made with high-quality rubber and nylon and they can stretch with ease.

These elastics cause no hair damage and have a soft and solid seamlessness design. It is easy to remove these baby hair ties from the head without stickiness to the hair. Help you to quickly make a ponytail

Do not pull or damage hairNot great for super thick hair
Have multiple strands
high-quality rubber and nylon

Reasons Why You Will Love

They are really small and perfect for a baby or toddler with soft hair or not a lot of hair and they don’t pull at all. 

Suyegirl Rainbow Hair Ties

The Suyegirl Rainbow Hair Ties are an excellent contender on the list of best hair ties for babies. These beautiful hair ties can make your baby feel glamourous with all the sequins and sparkles they provide.

These hair ties are made with non-toxic cotton, making this a green eco-friendly product for your little one.

The hair ties do not leave creases in the hair nor do they damage the hair regardless of hair texture.

The package contains 36 elastics split up into 16 hearts, 16 stars and 4 butterflies, all lined with sparkle and shine.

The elastic is 1.2 inches in diameter and can stretch up to 6 inches before breaking.

Beautiful sparkly colorsThe bow can become unattached and become a choking hazard for baby
Made with non-toxic cottonBabies can slide these off with ease
Durable and stretchy

Reasons Why You Will Love

High Elasticity makes the hair holder always in shape, not easy to be loosen up and impossible to be broken unless you want it to.

Irada Rabbit Ear Scrunchies

How cute are these Irada Rabbit Ear Scrunchies?

We love that these scrunchies look like little rabbit ears. Each package comes with 20 pieces or 10 sets of different patterns so you can create sweet pigtails on your little baby girl.

The hair tie is 2 inches in diameter which means you will need to wrap around the hair up to 3 times to secure it to the head. These elastics are high quality, made with chiffon elastic. The rabbit ear design is actually sewn onto the elastic so it’s pretty tricky to pull the ears off. This means these elastics are less of a choking hazard than other designs.

Rabbit ears are sewn onto the scrunchie so you don’t need to worry about it becoming unattachedDiameter is a little larger than other baby hair ties, you may need to wrap around hair multiple times to keep it in place
Beautiful high-quality stitching on chiffon elasticNot a choking hazard when removed, but rabbit ears may be more appealing for babies to pull at
10 different sets of whimsical patterns are included

Reasons Why You Will Love

Ouchless Hair Tie Enough for Wrapping Thick Hair Twice or Thin Hair 3 Times.

Rabbit ears are sewn onto the scrunchie so you don’t need to worry about it becoming unattachedDiameter is a little larger than other baby hair ties, you may need to wrap around hair multiple times to keep it in place
Beautiful high-quality stitching on chiffon elasticNot a choking hazard when removed, but rabbit ears may be more appealing for babies to pull at
10 different sets of whimsical patterns are included

Reasons Why You Will Love

Ouchless Hair Tie Enough for Wrapping Thick Hair Twice or Thin Hair 3 Times.

Teenitor Clear Elastic Bands

The Teenitor Clear Elastic Bands are a great elastic band for babies if you are looking for something that is nearly invisible. You can get 2000 bands in this particular set.

We would advise using a hair pick to get these elastics out to avoid damaging the hair. These are stretchy little hair ties and are strong too.

Jolly Bows Mini Boutique Elastic Hair Ribbons 

The Jolly Bows Mini Boutique Elastic Hair Ribbons are sweet and adorable, and a great option for your little one.

These bows are made from a high-quality grosgrain ribbon and the bows are glued onto the durable elastic band. The hair tie itself is 1.5 inches and the bow is 2 inches long.

Each package comes with 40 elastics so you can match many outfits to these sweet little bow hair ties. There is a good stretch in these elastics and you may have to wrap the elastic around thinner hair several times.

Use their hair ties as any bow that comes off becomes a choking hazard.

Made from high-quality grosgrain ribbon and sturdy elasticsBows can become unattached from elastic after a few uses
Adorable bows are glued onto the elasticDiameter is a little larger than other baby hair ties, you may need to wrap around hair multiple times to keep it in place

Reasons Why You Will Love

It contains many different colors in one package, you are certain to find the small bow rubber band for matching every outfit. It is so easy to dress up your little princess.

The Research On Baby Hair Elastics

If you are looking for the best hair ties for babies you might be concerned about the hair ties breaking and damaging your precious baby’s hair. We picked out the best hair ties that do not cause damage and that look adorable on a baby’s fine hair from infancy to toddler.

We really like to pick hair ties that have less rubber and more cotton as cotton does less damage to hair in general. I’m sure you know the hair tie struggle if you are a mom, and you don’t want your little girl to go through hair breakage and pain.

If you are blessed to have a baby with lots of hair, then read this list of best hair ties for babies to choose the cutest and least painful options for your little one.

Features To Look For In The Best Hair Ties for Babies

No one likes to waste money on products that don’t work for them. When choosing products for babies most parents are excited to find something that will make their babies look great and feel great too. There are a few things parents should look into when making decisions on the best hair ties for babies.

We have made it very easy for you to choose a hair tie for your little one and educate you on the different aspects of hair ties on the market so you can make the best decisions for your little one.

Size: when shopping for a hair tie for your baby you’re going to want to consider the size of the hair tie. You won’t be able to use a hair tie that an adult can use. Choose hair ties that are a good size for fine hair or thick hair, depending on the type of hair your little one has.

Material: Always look at the type of material your hair tie is made out of. Bands made out of cotton are more gentle on thicker hair but may fall out of thin hair easily. Simply rubber bands can cause damage to the hair and can even hurt a baby. Look for fabric that you can wash, and that won’t lose its elasticity too soon.

Colour: Most packages of baby hair ties come in a variety of fun and exciting colors. When you are choosing colors for your baby you can choose from bright and vibrant to neutral to pastel color combinations.

Toxin Free: Hair ties are colored with dye. Make sure the dye used is free of toxins and free of allergens. Baby’s have sensitive skin so it is very important we don’t use anything that can cause irritation for them.

Washable: Some hairbands are washable. If you are going to wash a hairband, use a small mesh laundry bag to keep all the hair ties together and prevent them from getting lost in the dryer and in other clothes.

How We Selected Hair Ties For Babies

Value: Small hair elastics are easy to lose, especially if the baby is always taking them out or if you don’t always remove them in the same place in the home. They simply get lost in the shuffle a lot, just like bobby pins do. We looked at home nay piece of elastics you get for how much before making the decision if it’s a good value pack or not.

Material: Different hair types should use different materials in the hair. Cotton style bands are great for thick or curly hair, and may not last long in fine thin hair. Silicone elastics can get tangled up in curls easily and this can cause damage to the hair. Some materials will also stretch out over time and lose their grip altogether. A few materials are made to break and only be used one time.

Design: Little girls often like bright and colorful hair ties. We selected more colorful options on our list, but most of those options do come in neutral versions if you are interested. Simply click on the buttons and links and find the neutral versions.

Disposable: We included both disposable and reusable options on our list of best hair ties for babies. Some hair ties can be thrown away after one use and others can be used over and over again. When choosing reusable hair ties, we looked into how they hold up in the pool, and how much they stretch over time. When looking at the disposable hair ties we looked for options that would not damage hair easily, and that can use a pony pick for easy removal.

FAQs About Hair Ties For Babies

Danger Of Hair Ties For Baby

If you have a newborn girl with hair, the desire to dress her up in hair bows or ties is virtually impossible to resist.

Hair ties, unless they’re pretty loose, can harm your baby’s hair. If they’re loose, she can easily take them out of her hair and swallow or choke on them. A determined infant can even untangle a tangled hair tie.

Because babies and children’s hair is thinner and more delicate than adults’, it is more readily damaged. Tight hair ties can induce traction alopecia, which is a kind of hair loss.

Hair might break off or stop growing completely in the regions where the bonds are the tightest. If you observe any sort of hair damage, stop using hair ties; it will take three months for the damaged hair follicles to heal and new hair to develop, but if you don’t relax the tension, irreversible hair loss can occur, according to the textbook “Oski’s Pediatrics: Principles and Practice.”

Choking Hazards

A baby will eat nearly everything she can get her hands on. Hair ties will often not remain on your baby’s fine hair unless you tighten them really tight. Loose knots, on the other hand, can cause choking. Even if they stay in place, hair ties with additional ornamental bits can be a choking hazard if your daughter tries to take off the decoration and put it in her mouth.

Swallowing Risks

Objects swallowed by a newborn usually pass harmlessly through the intestines and into the faeces. Items with sharp edges or bigger objects, on the other hand, may cause injury to the gut. A hair tie with additional ornamental bits may damage the sensitive tissues of the oesophagus, stomach, intestine, or rectum as it passes through; a bigger hair tie may induce an intestinal obstruction. Notify your child’s paediatrician if she eats a hair tie. According to doctor Dr. William Sears, he could recommend monitoring her faeces for three to five days to make sure it goes. If he detects an intestinal obstruction, he’ll probably request an x-ray to see where it is.

Wrapping Up: The Best Baby Hair Ties

Finding the best hair ties for babies can be a tough job. You don’t want a hair tie that will break or damage fine baby hair, and you definitely want something that is durable enough to withstand lots of baby wiggling and activity.

When looking for the best hair ties for babies we looked into a number of factors such as damage and hair breaking aspects, safety concerns and elasticity.

Overall we love the Youxuan Girls Elastics Hair Ties because you get 1000 pieces in the bag and you can just throw the hair tie away after you use it. Make sure you get a hair tie pick if you do choose these elastics.

Make sure to use a nice baby conditioner to keep baby hair soft and smooth, and make it much easier for you to manage the hair on a daily basis too.

It’s tough to resist the desire to do attractive hairstyles with your daughter’s hair. If you do, instead of rubber bands, use fabric-backed scrunchies. To avoid harming your child’s hair, don’t tug his or her hair too tight.

Rotate hair styles instead of putting your child’s hair in the same style every day to avoid overstressing the hair in one region. Use hair ties that are too tiny for her to swallow or choke on, as well as those with extra ornamental bits she may take off and put in her mouth.

best hair ties for babies

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