4 Best Nursing Cover For Hot Months

You may require a summer breastfeeding cover if you have a summer baby. We’ve compiled a list of the finest summer nursing covers and done the legwork for you!

Okay, I understand it. It’s difficult to be pregnant during the scorching summer days. And then there’s the baby! That’s fantastic news! However, you now have an infant to look for during the scorching summer days.

Taking care of a child is difficult. You’ll need to learn how to comfortably nurse (even on the move! ), pump, and securely store breastmilk, as well as make sure your baby is getting enough food and recovering from birth. That’s a difficult job even under the best of circumstances, but you’ll be doing it while wearing the same pyjamas or postpartum leggings for days on end, forgetting to shower, and adjusting to life as a new parent.

And it’s all made a little more difficult in the scorching summer heat (although TBH, getting your baby into a footmuff can be a challenge in winter, too).

If you have a summer baby, you may also require hot weather accoutrements such as a summer nursing cover, a stroller parasol, or a stroller fan. I’m talking about something that offers you the seclusion you require while you find out how to be a mom. It also provides shade and keeps you and your baby cool.

 Best Breastfeeding Cover for Summer

Are you just interested in the most crucial parts? If you don’t have a lot of time and are searching for a decent nursing cover for the summer, here are my top four recommendations:

  • Best Multipurpose: Simka Rose Car Seat Canopy and Nursing Cover
  • Our Poncho Pick: Genovega Nursing Poncho with Sleeves
  • Best Infinity Scarf: Bebe Au Lait Muslin Infinity Scarf
  • Our Pick for an Apron: Kids n Such Nursing Cover

Types of Nursing Covers Good for Summer

Nursing covers come in a variety of designs, materials, and patterns, but the fabric and design are the most important factors to consider while looking for the ideal cover for hot weather.

You want something that is light but not transparent. You want something that gives 360-degree covering while still allowing you to view your infant – and doesn’t overheat either of you. If you’re anything like me, you want a nursing cover that complements your own style so you’ll want to use it instead of hiding it in your diaper bag.


The most conventional form of breastfeeding cover is a nursing apron. It’s just a large, long rectangle of cloth with a loop to tie it around your neck like an apron. The wire is frequently stitched into the top portion, providing a solid bit that allows you to see your baby without the cloth collapsing. And, unlike a kitchen apron, there’s no waist tie, so it’s spacious and easy to alter as required.

Apron-style covers are large and comfortable, and many of them provide adequate covering when pumping. The apron design will provide your kid with some pleasant protection from the sun and bystanders if you’re out in the sun. It also doesn’t get too hot beneath because the sides are open.

Because the sides are exposed, you may find that nursing aprons don’t provide adequate coverage, depending on your degree of modesty. Yes, I’m referring to the sideboob.

Loop Style

The loop-type nursing cover serves four purposes: it protects your car seat, buggy, and shopping cart. Why buy four things when you can get one that serves four purposes?

These covers are typically made of lightweight synthetic fabric and are super stretchy wide loops of fabric. They’re also quite popular, and they come in a variety of fabric designs and colors, making them an excellent accessory.

You may use it on buggies, car seats, shopping carts, and high chairs in addition to breastfeeding. You can even put it on the lawn as a makeshift blanket or a place to change a diaper.

As a result, these wrap-type covers are one of the finest nursing covers for parents looking for something versatile and long-lasting.

I will warn you, though, that many of these covers are made of synthetic materials that may or may not breathe properly in hot weather (depending on the particular fabric blend used). I picked covers for this list that have a lot of positive feedback for being good in the heat, but if you want to try something else, look for phrases like “heat,” “hot,” and similar terms in the reviews.

Infinity Scarf Breastfeeding Covers

I adore scarves and wear them frequently. However, how hot it gets where you live will determine whether the loop scarf style will work for you in the heat.

We were frequently dealing with daytime temperatures of 95 degrees Fahrenheit when our daughter was born. On days like those, there was no way I was going for a walk with a scarf over my neck. However, it cooled off considerably in the evenings, and I was glad to wear my nursing scarf on a patio or a restaurant terrace.

The beauty of the scarf-type nursing cover, in my opinion, is that it may also be used as an accessory. There’s no searching through the baby bag or beneath the stroller for a nursing cover when you’ve got a grumpy, crying baby because it’s already around your neck. If the scarf is too hot to wear and you have it stowed in your diaper bag, it isn’t much handier than a wraparound style or apron kind of cover.

This design might also be useful if you need to return to work in an air-conditioned area or office and require a pumping cover. The downside is that you won’t be able to see your baby as well, and it won’t give enough coverage for a double pump.

Poncho Nursing Cover

The poncho style is one of my favourites. It’s worn over your nursing clothing like a blouse to provide an extra degree of protection and privacy. The trick to this look is to find something that is both very light and not see-through!

It offers the most coverage of the group, and there’s no way your kid will pull it down. However, as kids grow older, they may decide to turn it up.

Muslin Receiving Blanket

Throwing a muslin blanket over your shoulder isn’t a bad alternative for minimalist mothers who don’t want to start off with a specialized nursing cover. In a pinch, I’ve done this a few times and it works fine. However, I generally had to sit close to my spouse or a friend, continually checking to make sure it didn’t slide off my shoulder! The more specialized varieties of nursing covers are considerably easier to maintain if feasible, but if you don’t have any, this will suffice.

Best Nursing Covers for Summer Reviews

Simka Rose Car Seat Canopy and Nursing Cover

A 4-in-1 type cover that may be used for nursing, pumping, car seats, strollers, and shopping carts. What’s better? It comes in a variety of attractive patterns that will go with your clothes and that you will enjoy wearing.

This is an excellent example of multi-purpose / wrap covering. It’s made of a soft rayon-spandex blend that won’t bother your or your baby’s skin, is breathable and stretchy, and isn’t see-through.

When used on scorching days, mamas affirm in the reviews that it does not get too hot for baby or mum.

Genovega Nursing Poncho with Sleeve

This poncho is light, comfy, and flexible, and may be used as a loose, flowing top, a seat cover, or even a blanket in a pinch.

This shirt is made of naturally hypoallergenic bamboo fabric and is loose enough for you to slide your baby underneath to discreetly breastfeed. It also has handy arm openings so you can keep your hands free while your baby feeds below.

It also works as a light and airy screen from wind, sunshine, and germs over car seats, strollers, and shopping cart seats.

It comes in five various colors and is one-size-fits-all: black, black and white striped, grey, grey and white striped, and pink. It must also be hand-washed and line-dried because it is composed of high-quality bamboo cloth.

Bebe Au Lait Muslin Infinity Cover

This scarf, which is large enough to wrap over mom and baby when breastfeeding and is made of super-soft and natural cotton muslin, doubles as a beautiful accessory.

It is large enough to give extra privacy while breastfeeding in public, measuring 70 inches by 26 inches when unfolded, but it is best suited for parents who aren’t concerned about total coverage because it requires some moving to place.

It comes in four distinct trendy patterns, including a bright indigo design and charming white birds on a grey backdrop, and can simply be tied up like a conventional scarf.

This scarf is one-size-fits-all and machine washable.

Kids n Such Nursing Cover

This apron is made of breathable cotton fabric to keep both mom and baby cool and comfortable, and it has an adjustable neck strap for added security.

With a length of 35 inches, you won’t have to worry about any awkward peek-a-boo moments when feeding in public, and the stiff neckline will stay propped open so you can keep a clear view of your little one.

It also includes a built-in burp cloth as an added benefit. This makes it simple to toss something over your shoulder to burp your baby after a meal.

It comes with a lovely navy blue and flower pattern that is machine washable and dryer friendly. It also comes with a carrying pouch for convenience.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Nursing Cover for Summer

Look for a fabric that is lightweight but not see-through. Muslin, a light jersey fabric, or even a linen style should work in a variety of settings. Many nursing covers are a little elastic, indicating the presence of synthetic fabric. Check reviews before purchasing to see how it performs in hot weather.

This one is entirely up to you. The poncho and wrap type coverings, in my experience, provide the most coverage. Both are multipurpose, which I adore (the poncho doubling as a wardrobe item long after your breastfeeding days are over).

Your Child: You can conduct an extensive study and select the finest solution for you, but your child may dislike it. Some newborns aren’t fond of having their faces covered when they’re being fed. In this scenario, an apron-style nursing cover would most likely be the best option. As your child grows older and has greater motor skills, they may express their dislikes to you. Fabric will be pushed down or flipped up! It’s entertaining for your child, who is learning about cause and effect, but it’s jarring for mom. Be willing to try new things!

Pumping Considerations: A poncho is the only way to have full coverage for a double pump.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nursing Covers In The Summer

For hot days, each of the four varieties of nursing covers has a solution. The idea is to think about your own climate and how much covering you want from a humility standpoint.

I hope you found this information helpful in your hunt for the ideal nursing cover. If you know a new mom who may benefit from this information, please forward it to her!

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