8 Best Nursing Pillows for Breastfeeding Moms

New to breastfeeding and looking for the best nursing pillow to make it a bit easier? We’ve rounded up 8 of the best, including some organic and non-toxic nursing pillows made from all-natural materials.

You might be shocked by how physically taxing nursing your kid is if you’re a new breastfeeding parent. It’s difficult to find the ideal posture while coping with the first agony of your baby’s very strong sucking. Your baby’s head and neck should be appropriately supported and in the optimal posture for a healthy latch. And you have to accomplish all of this without injuring your lower back, arms, neck, or shoulders.

Here’s where a nice nursing cushion comes in. All of this is taken into consideration when designing the finest nursing pillows, which provide adequate support for the baby’s head while also relieving some of the pressure on the mom’s body.

A decent nursing pillow, like a nice nursing cover, comfortable nursing sports bra, nursing tank, or nursing pyjamas, can aid while you’re just getting started with breastfeeding, but it can also grow with you and your kid. When our little one had graduated from tummy time and was learning to sit up on her own, we utilized our cushion as a baby lounger and to offer some extra support.

Finally, I believe it is worthwhile to seek a nursing pillow composed of materials that you are familiar with. While the majority of the models on our list of the best nursing pillows are organic and free of potentially hazardous ingredients like polyurethane foam, not all are (this is unlike our recommended toddler pillows, which are all-natural and organic). You must determine what is best for your family.

Best Nursing Pillow Options For New Moms

Nursing Pillow Reviews

Nesting Pillow (Organic)

This cushion features a basic crescent moon design that is great for feeding, support during pregnancy, and aid with sitting as your baby develops. It is made of 100 percent all-natural and hypoallergenic materials.

This pillow’s stuffing is made of organic buckwheat hulls, so there’s no need to worry about polyurethane foam. While nursing, the cushion may also curve around your baby like a beanbag, providing a cozy nest after you’ve found the right position.

The pillow’s exterior covering is made entirely of organic cotton and is machine washable and dryer safe for simple care. All of the fabrics are extremely breathable, allowing mom and baby to stay cool while snuggling.

This pillow’s large size and adjustable form make it excellent pregnancy support. When side sleeping, place it between your knees to relieve pressure on your hips or use it for back support when sitting. Your baby can also use it for tummy time and sitting support.

The Nesting Pillow has a cult following, making it one of the most popular nursing pillows available.

Organic Caboose Nursing Pillow

The unique form of this cushion allows for a variety of uses, and it is made entirely of organic cotton, so you don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals or odours reaching your child.

This pillow features a square form rather than a circular one, which gives your infant more area in front to find a comfortable feeding posture.

The 100 percent organic cotton cover is machine washable for simple cleaning, and you can choose from a variety of other coverings in various colors and designs. It’s also packed with cotton rather than foam, which we think is a plus!

This super-plush nursing pillow may be used as a regular cushion for mom, tummy-time support, or to prop up your baby when she’s ready to sit.

Holy Lamb Organics Pillow

This cushion, which is constructed entirely of natural materials and has various functions, is a fantastic choice for parents who want a firmer pillow that will provide a bit extra support.

As your baby feeds, this cushion wraps around your waist in a complete C-shape. It’s a little stiffer than other nursing pillows, providing for more height, which other pillows typically lack.

It’s constructed of wool and features a washable, non-toxic cover for simple cleanup.

This pillow’s design makes it ideal for supporting mom’s tired arms when nursing or simply rocking for asleep. When your child is older, it may be used for tummy time, propping up the infant, or even as sitting support.

My Brest Friend Original Pillow

This one-of-a-kind cushion was created with moms in mind, and it provides not only feeding assistance but also back support. One of the most well-known lactation brands, with many experts recommending it.

The wrap-around shape of this cushion is a fantastic option for new parents who find themselves accidentally hunching over when breastfeeding.

Once clasped around your waist, it includes a strong crescent-shaped part to cradle your baby and a tiny cushioned section to support your back and promote excellent posture.

It has an adjustable size and a cover made of 100 percent organic cotton with a polyurethane foam interior. It’s devoid of additional chemicals and fire retardants, according to My Brest Friend.

The cover is machine washable and has a pocket for nipple cream, your phone, or anything else you might need when feeding. Because the cover has been reported to scratch and tugs at some furniture, you may want to use it in conjunction with a muslin swaddling blanket to protect your furniture.

Nook Sleep Niche Pillow

This pillow’s extra-wide outside square design gives your baby (or two babies) plenty of room, while the C-shaped core wraps around the mom’s waist for secure and comfortable support.

The cover is a patented design by Nook called Pebble Fabric, and the cushion is filled with organic Kapok. This material’s texture makes it simple for your baby to locate the perfect location, and it’s water-resistant for quick spill and spit-up cleaning.

The fabric is coated in natural zinc for further peace of mind, making this breastfeeding pillow hypoallergenic, anti-mold, anti-dust mite, and anti-fungal.

This cushion is neither too hard nor too soft, making it an excellent compromise if you’re seeking a middle ground. It’s also light, making it a good choice for moms recovering after a c-section.

Borje Adjustable Pillow

This cushion has integrated head support for your infant and is wrapped in an extra-soft all-natural case that is machine washable for convenience.

The filling is hypoallergenic and may be machine cleaned and dried if necessary, as it is filled with a down substitute.

It’s designed in a C shape to support the mom’s arms, and the baby’s head cushion is curved to cradle and support her head as she feeds. The finest nursing pillows offer many positioning possibilities for women and babies, and this added function gives you even more alternatives.

This compact cushion comes with a carrying case, making it suitable for long travels or simply a day out. It also comes in a variety of adorable patterns so you can match it to your baby’s bedroom.

Boppy Original Nursing Pillow

This nursing cushion has become one of the most popular among new parents thanks to decades of expertise. It features a straightforward extended C-shape and is simple to maintain and clean.

This cushion is constructed of a cotton mix and comes with a variety of slip-cover designs to allow you to customize it.

The Boppy’s C-shape is virtually a complete circle, giving solid support when feeding and allowing it to effortlessly retain the position you require.

With its wrap-around shape, it is especially suitable for your baby during tummy time and for sitting support, and it is neither too hard nor too soft, which contributes to its appeal.

Boppy Latch Breastfeeding Pillow

This upgraded version of the iconic Boppy nursing pillow features two distinct surfaces to suit your baby at different stages of feeding, making it especially beneficial for parents who are breastfeeding babies.

The C-shaped Boppy Latch pillow has a supporting belt that locks around your waist. One side is strong but curved to help your baby’s body tilt toward your chest and make nursing easier.

As your baby develops, the other side becomes softer and plusher, allowing her to adapt to a more natural and comfortable seating posture.

This nursing cushion features a hard and a soft side, which you can swap as your baby develops, similar to how many crib mattresses have a firmer side for babies and a softer side for toddlers.

The majority of the nursing cushion is machine washable for easy cleanup, and it may also be used for tummy time and sitting support as your baby develops.

Why Nursing Pillows Are Important

During breastfeeding, a nursing pillow provides additional support for your baby’s body and posture. They’re also wonderful for your kid during tummy time and when they’re starting to sit up and may give support for pregnant mothers in various postures.

Do You Need A Nursing Pillow

Yes, to put it succinctly. They may not appear to be necessary at first, but after you try feeding your baby with and without one, you’ll discover how important they are. Back discomfort and arm weariness are two of the most common concerns when feeding your baby, and utilizing a nursing cushion every time you breastfeed will help to relieve both.

In an attempt to lower their bodies down to their baby’s posture for feeding, many mothers may naturally, and even subconsciously, lean over. To solve this problem, you’d have to lean back and lift the infant to your breast when nursing, which would cause arm fatigue after a time.

A nursing cushion will sit between your arms and your lap, giving you the extra lift you need to bring the baby to your chest while also preventing you from hunching over.

A nursing cushion is also useful for bottle feeding since it provides a comfortable platform for your infant to rest on while also providing arm and back relaxation for mom or dad. Even if you’re not sure if you’ll bottle-feed, breastfeed, or do a combination of the two, I recommend getting a nursing pillow.

How to Choose the Best Nursing Pillow

There are a plethora of breastfeeding cushion designs to choose from. The best breastfeeding pillow for you will be determined by your body shape and priorities.


Choose a form for your body and your baby that is adaptable to varied requirements and stages.

Crescent: Nursing pillows in the shape of a moon contour to the curve of your body. Rather than wrapping fully around your lap, they sit in front of it. This form is great for curvaceous women, but it may be uncomfortable and difficult to maintain for petite moms.

U- or C-Shaped Nursing Pillows: These are the most common shapes for nursing pillows. They wrap a half-circle around your body and provide adequate support on both sides. They’ll also accommodate a larger range of body shapes.

O-Shaped: These nearly fully encircle mom’s waist. They provide excellent all-around support on both sides, which is very useful while feeding twins. They’re also less prone to slipping out of place.

Other unusual nursing pillow forms exist, such as one-sided under-arm nursing pillows. This design is ideal for women recovering from c-sections who are uncomfortable with the pressure of a conventional cushion.


When it comes to keeping a green and non-toxic house, we’re far from ideal. However, I believe it is worthwhile to make the effort to minimize my child’s exposure to toxins. There just isn’t enough study on the long-term consequences of materials like polyurethane foam, in my opinion. Chemicals like phthalates and VOC’s are also problematic.

Furthermore, several of these materials have an environmental impact. That’s why, wherever feasible, we advocate choosing non-plastic options for infant bottles and sippy cups.

There are foam-filled breastfeeding pillows and foam-free nursing pillows. It’s definitely a matter of personal preference. I’ve attempted to point out the “free-from” breastfeeding pillows so you can make your own selection.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your breastfeeding pillow is comfy for your child. A cotton is a great option!


Nursing pillows are also available in a variety of hardness levels. For younger newborns, a firmer cushion is preferable to encourage latching. Older babies might find a more comfortable breastfeeding position with a softer cushion.

A harder cushion will provide greater support, but it will not be as comfortable as a soft nursing pillow. You’ll have to decide whether or not you need that extra assistance based on your body shape.


The majority of breastfeeding pillows on the market now are pretty flexible. Choose a breastfeeding cushion that can adjust to different phases and purposes to get the most bang for your budget.

Look for pillows that will support you during your pregnancy as well. Pillows with varying hardness levels and locations are ideal. Also, look for one that will grow with your child. Tummy time and sitting up can both benefit from the use of certain pillows.

Keep in mind that you’ll most likely use this cushion for snuggling, rocking, and napping.


Although it may seem obvious, not all nursing pillows are created equal when it comes to washability. Some of the coverings may be wiped clean, and the filler can be machine washed. Others feature non-machine washable coverings and non-machine washable stuffing. Some of them may even be washed in the machine.

The greatest option for convenience is a pillow that is entirely machine washable, and while washing, use a fragrance-free laundry detergent. However, depending on your preferred materials, this may not be a possibility. We also advise against using dryer sheets on baby clothing and blankets.

Finding a Nursing Pillow for Your Family

Your family’s choice of how to feed your kid is a personal one. One option is to use a breastfeeding pillow.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all answer. If I were to do it all over again, I would go with the Nesting Nursing Pillow. It makes a comfortable nest for newborns out of safe, organic materials. We particularly like the large size, which allows mom to arrange baby on the nursing cushion in a variety of ways.

I hope this information assisted you in making the greatest decision for your family. And if you know someone who is expecting a child, please forward this post to them!


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