Best Organic Crib Sheets For your Eco Friendly Nursery

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A guide for the best organic crib sheets for your non-toxic nursery

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Crib sheets are a must-have baby item, so be sure to throw some onto your nursery! Some babies will not be sleeping in a crib until the 3rd month or later, while other babies thrive sleeping in their nurseries from day 1.

Crib sheets are more than just an item to cover the mattress in the crib. They come in many colors and patterns which is a subtle, but fun way to bring your nursery together. A simple, fitted crib sheet on a crib mattress in a crib is the safest spot for your baby to sleep in. Remember to keep lovies and stiffed animals out of the crib until age 1. This includes bumpers and comforters as well.

Your baby will spend a lot of time inside their crib so you’re going to want to pick a comfortable, soft and durable crib sheet. We recommend having a minimum of 3-5 crib sheets washed and ready to go at any given time.

The organic crib sheets that we review are made for standard cribs. If you have a bassinet or a mini crib, you will need to find different sheets.

It’s a good idea to be prepared with lots of crib sheets on hand, and why not go with organic crib sheets for your non-toxic baby room and your organic crib mattress. If you are still looking for a crib for your nursery, here are some resources for you.

If you have some crib mattress concerns and questions here are some resources for you:

Overall organic cotton is – Gentler for your baby, has no nasty chemicals, is better for the planet and the farmers.

Organic crib sheets can be more difficult to track down locally. We were happy to find out that Amazon has a good selection to choose from, so we rounded them up and put them all in one place for you.

Crib Sheets I Love

Organic material is made from natural fibres and does not contain any of the chemicals that are used when producing non-organic products. These types of chemicals are peroxides and toxic substances which are part of the bleaching process which many fabric manufacturers use.

The Best Organic Crib sheets

Burt’s Bees Baby

Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Crib Sheets use an organic GOTS certified* cotton. They are super soft jersey knit and are designed to keep the baby’s skin irritation-free.

This sheet has a fully encased, premium elastic along the entire bottom edge which keeps sheets safely in place, so you and your baby can rest easy. This product is combed and ring-spun for durability, softness and no-pill washing.

These sweet sheets are available in many different colors and patterns in modern and stylish designs. Burts Bees has always been budget-friendly, and therefore a great option for organic crib sheets.

Lambs & Ivy

This Lambs & Ivy organic 3 piece bedding set is adorable and gender neutral too with a safari and jungle theme to help your baby develop their imagination.

This set has all organic OEKO-TEX certified cotton for the highest level of safety. The sheets are very soft and help encourage fussy babies to sleep. The more you wash these sheets the softer they get. There is a 360 degree elastic on the sheet which allows the sheet to fit snugly on the crib mattress, ensuring your baby’s safety.

Kushies Organic Jersey Crib Fitted Sheet

Kushies makes a great 100% Certified Organic Cotton crib sheet that offers finished edges for quality and durability.

Each crib sheet comes with a drawstring baggie and overall these sheets are better for the baby and for the environment.

Great sheet for hot and cold weather and fits a standard crib mattress.

Pickle & Pumpkin

These Pickle & Pumpkin jersey cotton fitted sheets are super soft and will not irritate baby’s sensitive skin. Cotton is hypoallergenic and breathable which is why it is a great option for baby care. This fabric prevents allergic reactions and overheating too.

This 100% GOTS certified sheet is unbleached and pre-washed at the selling point. They will not shrink after washing and the colors and patterns offered are super cute. You can choose to go neutral or pick a pattern to match your nursery, but the options are great.

Rookie Humans

Rookie Humans makes a nice organic crib sheet as well that are fitted and safe for your baby. They are so cute, and can double as the perfect photo backdrop for your little one.

The colors remain vibrant after washing and will not fade! These sheets are made with 100% cotton and are OEKO-TEX certified with no harmful chemicals or dyes.

These sheets are soft and gentle on baby skin due to 100% cotton sateen and a 230 thread count. Wash sheets before use using machine wash cold methods on gentle cycle, with like colors.

These sheets are packaged in gift boxes, and make a beautiful, creative baby shower gift.

Cozy Fleece

Cozy Fleece is an affordable best organic crib sheet that is very soft and comfortable for your baby.

This baby bedding set is brushed to provide extra comfort and softness which get softer with every wash.

These sheets will fit more crib mattresses and come in a variety of colors. These are organic, affordable and cute too.

Sweet Potatoes

For an all our bedding set, the Sweet Potatoes princess organic crib sheet set is perfect. This set is perfect for royalty!

Enjoy the soft pink and ivory colors which bring a certain elegance to your nursery. the satin bed skirt and embroidered floral quits are just too sweet.

This bed set is made with 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton to give your baby a safe sleep in their sweet nursery.

American Baby Company

American Baby Company Jersey crib sheets offer a warm, tee shirt-like feel for exceptional comfort. These are available in a variety of colors to match any style.

These sheets are a snug fit with 9” deep pockets and elastic all around to fit up to 6″ thick crib mattress.

Machine washable cold with gentle cycle , tumble dry low for best results.

American Baby Company does make nice organic crib sheets. They manufacture their fabrics in china, which is why they aren’t our top pick. Overall though, they do make a nice and soft crib sheet that is good for your non-toxic nursery.

The White Cradle

The White Cradle makes a soft muslin and organic cotton crib sheet that perfectly fits standard crib mattresses.

These sheets use an extra-strong elastic that runs all around the edges and easily goes below the mattress to hold the sheet tightly in place. This elastic makes it super easy to swap sheets when the little one makes a mess.

These sheets are easy to launder in the washing machine and are fade-resistant and quick-drying on a low tumble cycle.

This product is made in India, where most of the worlds organic cotton is produced.

This is a perfect gift to give for new parents and baby showers.


Luvberries Organic Crib Sheets are made from 100% GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton and are designed to fit perfectly on a standard crib and toddler mattresses. These washer and dryer-friendly sheets are a super soft jersey knit with premium with a 360° fully encased elastic.

Unique Chevron and Snowflake Hearts patterns make these sheets a lovely gender neutral option for all the little ones.

These sheets are made in India which is the world’s largest producer of Organic Cotton.

Guide To Buying Organic Crib Sheets

Is buying organic cotton crib sheets worth it?

Because baby skin is so sensitive, any chemicals that touch their delicate skin can result in an allergic reaction. Skin irritations such as rashes and dryness can develop over time. This is why organic crib sheets, and any other organic items that come in contact with baby skin, are worth it.

The disadvantage of using organic crib sheets is the cost. Because of the extensive and natural process of manufacturing organic fabrics, the cost is higher, just as with any other zero-waste and organic products.

Why We Don’t Love Other Materials For Crib Sheets

Bamboo: While bamboo is usually a very popular and soft material, it’s not our favourite for cloth items. We do love it for hard items such as kitchenware and decoration. This natural and renewable material looks beautiful and is developed with eco-parents in mind, but when it comes to turning the bamboo into a cloth material the process involves a lot of chemicals that are toxic to the environment. We don’t know the toxic effects of the material so we don’t really know how safe it is for our little babies. This is the reason we do not recommend bamboo materials for your nursery.

Flannel: Flannel is durable and warm, and it often does come in an organic option. Choose organic! We do like flannel, the organic kind because it is washer friendly and won’t shrink in the washing machine.

Polyester: Polyester is a cheap material and is pretty much plastic. We do not recommend plastic sheets for your baby as it takes a long time to biodegrade making it a non-environmentally-friendly choice. They also aren’t as soft and cozy as organic cotton sheets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crib Sheets

Non-Toxic Nursery Resources

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Organic Crib Sheets In An Organic Nursery

If you’re going with a non-toxic nursery, organic cotton sheets are a must-have for your registry. If you are looking for the best baby products, we got you covered! From all the baby care products, to the nursery essentials and budget friendly picks, this is the best place to find all the information you need on al lthings baby gadgets.

Whether you are preparing a nursery for twins, or simply want to get a gift for a new mom, organic crib sheets are an item where you simply cannot go wrong.

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