12 Best Postpartum Leggings For New Moms

A must-have for the 4th Trimester is soft, comfortable postpartum leggings and lounge pants. For every type of mom, choose the softest, coziest, and most supportive pair.

The last thing a new mother wants to do after giving birth is zip up a pair of pants. Moms deserve a soft, flexible, supportive cloth that feels fantastic to wear while their bodies recuperate after the aches and pains of pregnancy and birth. The finest postpartum leggings are made of compression fabric, which provides the support, stability, and shape that many new moms require throughout their recovery, yet not all leggings are created equal.

Continue reading to learn about the finest postpartum compression leggings you will want to add to your hospital bag, even if you’re preparing for a c-section, as well as the best high-waisted postpartum leggings. Our top postpartum undergarments and postpartum recovery items may be of assistance if you’re seeking for extra postpartum support.

Becoming a Mom is a Big Life Changing Experience

Adding a new human to your life is a tremendous adjustment, physically and emotionally, whether you’re a new mom in the hospital or attempting to parent a new baby while simultaneously keeping a toddler amused (or – gasp – home educating a preschooler).

Whether you had a vaginal or c-section delivery, the fourth trimester and beyond is a time of major transitions.

Your body will undergo changes.

And things will alter in your life.

And changes figuring out all the ins and outs of parenting, such as figuring out which diapers are better (Hello Bello? Pampers? Huggies?), finding a comfortable nursing pillow to save your back and neck, wondering how to nurse in public without showing off your full boob (nursing cover), and figuring out how to go for a run or hit the gym while also breastfeeding.

What makes it particularly difficult? You’ll be doing it while sleep-deprived. While adapting to the idea that you now have a new little being that needs your attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And it’s possible that it’ll happen when you’re healing from major surgery.

Isn’t that a lot? It’s no surprise that new parents require positive affirmations and tiny tokens of encouragement from their mothers to get through some difficult days.

Consider Your Comfort

Given all of this, it’s important devoting some time to figuring out how to be as comfortable and supported as possible throughout this time, as well as acquiring the necessary tools. That means soft and cuddly nursing PJs that allow you to nurse your baby without changing your clothes, nursing tanks for your base layer, stretchy but not bunchy postpartum underwear, a comfortable post-c-section wardrobe, and – yes – fantastic postpartum leggings and lounge pants to live in.

Just like wearing comfortable clothing and non-slip labour socks made giving birth easier, having comfortable postpartum leggings will make living easier!

What Are Postpartum Leggings (How Are The Different)

Sorry to break the terrible news, but your body will most likely not return to its pre-pregnancy shape right after giving child.

In reality, your uterus takes around 6 weeks to return to its pre-pregnancy size. And a lot of strange things can happen over those 6 weeks (and beyond, actually).

  • It’s common to have postpartum swelling in the first week after giving birth, which means your body size and form may swell and then un-swell, resulting in rather rapid changes in your size and shape. Maternity or postpartum leggings will keep you warm and comfortable throughout this time.
  • You may have contractions and discomfort as your uterus shrinks back to its pre-pregnancy size. Many brands of postpartum leggings include minimal compression that feels like a soft embrace for your pelvic at this period. This mild compression hug is still appreciated!
  • Your abdominal muscles will take some time to rebuild if you have a caesarean section. Also, the compression will help!
  • In addition, your incision site will be painful for a while. Leggings, loungers, and other types of pants that don’t bother those incisions? They’ll be your companion for a while.
  • High-waisted leggings work well with a post-baby bump and will continue to work as your bump diminishes until you’re bump-free (or not – your body will do what it needs to!).

All of this is taken into consideration while designing postpartum leggings and lounge pants. They should provide stretch in certain areas while still providing compression in others, and they should be soft and comfortable while yet providing support.

And the good ones will last you into the fourth trimester as your body (and workout routine) adjusts to being a mom, whatever that entails.

Postpartum Leggings and Lounge Pants 

Hatch Before, During and After Leggings

These leggings are soft and airy, and they fit like regular leggings without being constrictive. The belly panel is incredibly flexible and can be rolled down to any comfortable position or extended all the way over your tummy. They come in five sizes, ranging from extra-small to extra-large, and are available in black. The cost of standard shipping is $5.00.

Kindred Bravely Louisa Leggings

These adorable leggings include an extra-wide belly panel that can be worn all the way over your pregnant or postpartum stomach for added support and comfort. They are full-length and tailored for support. You may have them with or without pockets, and they come in sizes ranging from small to XX-large.

Kindred Bravely Martina Leggings

These leggings are sleek and elegant and come in a lovely cropped length. The super-high waist panel may be folded over for extra support or extended up to your underbust. They come in sizes small to XX-large and include pockets for convenience. On purchases of $59.00 or more, shipping is free.

Love and Fit Guardian Leggings

Moisture-wicking and compressive fabric provide lots of postpartum support in these adorable leggings. The inside of the high waistband features silicone grips to hold it in place, and the pockets are small and handy. They’re available in sizes ranging from extra-small to 3XL, and delivery is free on orders of $100.00 or more.

Storq Signature Leggings

These leggings are made of soft and stretchy modal jersey cloth and include a double-layered belly panel that can be worn over or under your tummy. They’re light and fitting, so they’re perfect for wearing beneath tunics, skirts, or long shirts. They’re available in extra-small to 3X sizes, with free delivery on purchases of $75.00 or more.

Anook Athletics Poppy Leggings

These leggings are comfortable during all phases, thanks to an extra-high waistband and elastic material that expands and retracts with your body. They are available in two lengths: short for mothers under 5’6” and shorter and tall for mamas beyond 5’6”. They’re machine washable and come in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large.

Anook Athletics Ellie Crop Leggings

These leggings are stylish and useful. They aren’t quite full-length and have a convenient pocket for mothers on the move. They’re flexible yet have a comfortable extra-high waistband with flat seams. They’re available in extra-small to extra-large sizes, and delivery is free on orders of $75.00 or more.

Bodily Cordelia Pant

The nicest thing about these fashionable pants is that they can be dressed up or down thanks to pleated features and a tapered leg. They include a stretchy elastic waistband in the back and a large front panel to support your postpartum tummy. They’re available in four sizes, and delivery is free.

Hatch Indoor Outdoor Jogger

These silky French terry lounge trousers won’t bother your C-section scar and are perfect for lounging. They have a wide waistband that is tight enough to support your stomach while remaining lightweight and forgiving overall. For simple cleaning, toss them in the washing machine on cold. Standard shipping is $5.00, and they arrive in blush.

Hatch Over-Under Lounge Pant

These trousers are roomy and comfortable, with a belly panel that can conceal or tuck below your tummy for pregnancy and postpartum comfort. For C-section scars, the rayon fabric is soft and non-irritating. They come in four different sizes and are available in black. The cost of shipping is just $5.00.

Bravely Bamboo Lounge Pants by Kindred

These lounge pants are cute and spacious, with an extra-wide and supportive waistband for your developing and postpartum tummy. They’re constructed of bamboo, which is light and breathable, and they have pockets for added convenience. They come in sizes small through XX-large and are available in sizes small through XX-large, with free shipping on purchases over $59.00.

Kindred Bravely Cropped Lounge Pants

These sumptuous trousers are flowing and composed of breathable bamboo fabric, making them ideal for spring and summer lounging and for shorter moms. The broad waistline provides just enough support for comfort throughout pregnancy and after delivery. They’re available in sizes small through XXL. 

Things to Look for When Buying Postpartum Leggings

High Waist: Your uterus and abdomen, in general, will change form after you give delivery. If you require a c-section (planned or unplanned), a high waist is essential since you don’t want any fabric or seams aggravating your incision site. In general, high waist leggings function as support leggings for your shifting pelvis, which is quite beneficial.

Compression: Whether you had a vaginal or c-section birth, your uterus, pelvic muscles, and core muscles will need some time to heal. Gentle compression leggings provide some excellent tummy support after birth, which may seem contradictory.

Stretchiness: Your postpartum body might be a little crazy; while you would anticipate losing weight and fluids after the baby is born, you may instead swell up for the first week. Postpartum leggings should have a lot of elasticity, much like pregnancy leggings, so they can expand and shrink to fit your changing belly and body.

Thick Panels: This is partly for vanity, to smooth out the lumps and give you the illusion that your pre-baby body is returning, and partly for support and comfort.

Given the likelihood that you’ll be wearing leggings every day throughout the fourth trimester, it’s worth investing in a pair that’s very soft and feels fantastic, almost like you’re wearing super cozy PJs with a hint of new mom style.

Breathable: As hormones fluctuate and drop, it’s natural to experience some extreme temperature swings. Given that a new mom’s daily routine includes a good bit of discharge, breathable fabric is essential.

Take it from me, it has to be simple to clean. During the first few days, you’ll be doing a lot of laundry. If I’m being honest, it goes beyond the early days. Taking care of a newborn and recuperating after delivery is exhausting.

Finding The Best Postpartum Leggings

Hatch Collection’s Before, During, and After Leggings, Kindred Bravely’s Louisa Leggings and Martina Leggings, and Storq’s Signature Leggings are all good options for “correct” leggings.

Check out the Bodily Cordelia Pant, which can be dressed up if you need to return to the workplace or appear decent outside of your Zoom region.

Hatch Collection’s Indoor Outdoor Jogger and Over-Under Lounge Pant, as well as Kindred Bravely’s Bamboo Lounge Pants and Cropped Lounge Pants, are fantastic options for mothers seeking looser postpartum joggers and loungers.

Anook Athletics and Love and Fit, two brands that cater to active moms at all stages of motherhood, are great places to start if you’re itching to get back into shape. The Love and Fit Guardian Leggings have a nice “stay put” feature to keep your leggings from bunching up despite your postpartum bumps, and Anook Athletics has a number of lovely and functional options, such as the Poppy Leggings and Ellie Crop Leggings.

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