Best Postpartum Pj’s You’ll Love to Wear After Birthing

Postpartum pajamas are a great way to keep comfortable after delivering your baby, and every mom should have an amazing set (or 3) on hand for postpartum.

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Best Postpartum And Labour And Delivery Pajamas

Ekouaer Women’s Maternity Dress

Ekouaer Labor and Delivery Gown

Ekouaer Labor/Delivery/Nursing Maternity Pajamas Set

Bearsland Maternity Women’s 3 Pieces Soft Nursing Pajamas Set

Zexxxy Women Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajama Set

Ekouaer Double Layers Labor/Delivery/Nursing Maternity Pajamas

Mommy and Me Family Matching Women’s Pajamas and Baby Swaddle Blanket/Hat Set

Baby Be Mine 2 in 1 Maternity Nursing Nightgown

Mothers en Vogue Bamboo Caminurse PJ & Robe Set

5 Piece Maternity and Nursing PJ Pant Set for Mom and Baby

There is a lot of adjustment to life when a new baby enters your world and new moms learn that babies eat and sleep a lot.

New moms are often exhausted and spend a lot of time in comfortable pajamas throughout the day, so it’s a great idea to have a few good sets of comfortable pajamas hanging around.

While new moms do hope that baby sleeps through the night by week 6, most babies do not achieve this goal, which means that comfortable sleepwear is a need for many more months to come.

While many expecting mothers do not believe postpartum pajamas are a must-have item, we really encourage you to take a look and see why the special nursing and postpartum pajamas are so important.

You can definitely make it with your regular pajamas, old baggy t-shirts, and a simple nursing bra, but if you want to be as comfortable as possible after delivery, postpartum pajamas or nursing pajamas are totally worth it.

With all the adjustments to your new mom life, the hormone changes, lack of sleep, and the changes your body will go through postpartum, the last thing you’ll want to battle is your wardrobe.

When you are registering for your baby shower, don’t forget to add postpartum pajamas to the list, because Mama, you’re going to need them.

Best Labour And Postpartum Pajamas

Ekouaer Women’s Maternity Dress 

postpartum pj's

We love the Ekouaer Maternity dress so much because it is very versatile and is made from a comfortable material.

This soft and stretchy dress can be worn from pregnancy into postpartum and beyond. It’s really a great choice that is budget friendly too.

The easy to unbutton design makes it easy to breastfeed and hey its cute too!

Great price No built-in bra for support
Lightweight fabric
Easy to nurse
Can be worn pregnancy to postpartum

Ekouaer Labor and Delivery Gown

postpartum pyjamas

This rayon spandex blended delivery gown is a comfortable and simple option for your postpartum pajama wardrobe. It is the best nightgown for delivery and postpartum!

It’s light and folds up small so you can easily throw it into your hospital bag for delivery day.

It’s also short sleeved so if you’re having your baby in the summer time then this is a great option to keep you nice and cool as well as comfortable.

This knee length, lightweight and stretchy postpartum gown is a great choice for new moms.

Great price No built-in bra for support
Lightweight and stretchy fabric
Easy to nurse
Can be worn pregnancy to postpartum

Ekouaer Labor/Delivery/Nursing Maternity Pajamas Set

pjs for postpartum

This is an adorable pajama set for labor delivery and nursing. Made from a rayon spandex mix, this pajama set is lightweight and stretchy.

The maternity top features a pull apart nursing double collar making it simple to nurse in.

The shorts feature an adjustable waistband so you can use it as you grow, or shrink throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.

Don’t forget to add these pajamas to your registry!

Lightweight and stretchy fabricShorts do not have pockets
Easy to nurse
Can be worn pregnancy to postpartum

Bearsland Maternity Women’s 3 Pieces Soft Nursing Pajamas Set

nursing pyjamas

This is a luxurious pajama set that helps moms nurse comfortably and be comfortable too.

Made from mostly Modal material, this pajama set is soft and stretchy.

The elastic waistband on the pants is adjustable to fit your growing/shrinking waistline from pregnancy to postpartum.

Modal fabric doesn’t shrink in the dryerRecommended hand wash
Easy to nurse No built-in nursing bra
Can be worn pregnancy to postpartum

Zexxxy Women Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajama Set

pjs for nursing

This Zexxxt Womens Maternity Pajama set combined functionality and style.

This set is made from a soft and stretchy cotton spandex blend and is ideal for all stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

Two layer cross design without clips or snaps at tops, allows discrete and easy breastfeeding in public. Elastic waistband with elastic button extenders offer a flexible and comfortable fit.

This set comes in a variety of colors too!

Cotton / spandex blend Customers reported it loses shape after washing
Two-layer ruched designNo built-in nursing bra
Adjustable drawstring on pants

Ekouaer Double Layers Labor/Delivery/Nursing Maternity Pajamas

maternity pajamas

This super soft cotton spandex raglan sleeve pajama set is a great maternity t shirt pant combo, that’s nice enough to leave the house in.

The top is made with a stretchy neckline and an elastic-free under the bust which makes sure that this top will not chafe or dig into your skin.

Use only one hand to get prepared for nursing in this adorable raglan top.

Cotton / spandex blend Pants are a loose fit
One-hand nursing designNo pockets
Can be worn outside the home!

Mommy and Me Family Matching Women’s Pajamas and Baby Swaddle Blanket/Hat Set

matching pajama set with baby

We just had to add this adorable Mommy and Me matching set to the list.

Not only does Mommy get to be comfortable, the baby gets a nice swaddle and matching hat in the same fabric too.

the swaddles blanket is printed on both sides, so you can use it whichever way you like.

The cotton material is soft and not thin like many mothers were expecting.

This pajama set is easy to care for as you can throw it into the wash and not worry about shrinking. Always wash according to instructions!

Cotton / spandex blend Pants fit long
Lots of patterns to choose from
 Snaps in the front for discrete breastfeeding

Baby Be Mine 2 in 1 Maternity Nursing Nightgown

nursing nightgown

This little beauty was designed to make new and expecting moms look and feel beautiful while keeping them comfortable.

Just pull down on the elastic neckline for easy access to nurse.

This nightgown does not have any snaps or buttons to fumble around with, making it a very simple to operate item when you’re a tired new mom.

Cotton / spandex blend Will need nursing bra
Designed to fit above the knees Does not have pockets

Mothers en Vogue Bamboo Caminurse PJ & Robe Set

If you’re looking for a nice set of pajamas that come with a matching robe, this is it!

The Caminurse Pants Set with Robe has stretchy full cups to fit changing breast sizes during pregnancy and nursing. There is an easy one-hand drop open clip to make nursing simple.

The pants can be worn under the belly, or stretched on top of the belly to ultimate comfort.

95% Rayon from bamboo, 5% SpandexMore expensive than most pajamas
Super soft and comfortableRobe has buttons not tie
Drop open clip for nursing

5 Piece Maternity and Nursing PJ Pant Set for Mom and Baby

pj pant set

A matching set for mom and baby! This loungewear set is great for hospital and for home.

the maternity top has a cross over chest that pulls to the side for easy nursing and the pants have a stretchy elstic waistband that sits under the belly.

The matching robe is easy to throw on if visitors stop by, making this a great set for mom and baby.

5 piece set More expensive than most pajamas
Super soft and comfortable
Hat and gown for baby included (0-3 months)

Guide To Buying Postpartum Pajamas

Why You’ll Want Postpartum Pajamas

Postpartum pajamas are designed for easy nursing and extreme comfort. Their design is similar to nursing tops.

You can expect your baby to wake up several times throughout the night and having pajamas that make nursing more simple, is going to help you a lot.

Since your body will change a lot postpartum, your pregnancy pajamas may not fit nicely and your regular pajamas may be too tight or uncomfortable for a while yet.

A set of nursing pajamas that is specially made for nursing mothers is designed to make life more simple and comfortable.

While you can totally rock your regular pajamas postpartum, just keep in mind that they may not fit and maternity pajamas are going to be more comfortable.

All new moms lose their pregnancy weight in different stages and different places of the body. Some moms will fit perfectly into their old clothing within a week while others may take up to a year (or sometimes not at all.)

For these reasons it is a good idea to buy 1-2 pairs of pajamas that will fit somewhere in between your pre pregnancy body and your maternity sizing.

There will be lots of blood, spit-up, milk leaking, and other disgusting stuff happening all day every day with a newborn, so it’s a good idea to be prepared with lots of comfortable clothing options for when the baby arrives.

Tips for Choosing The Best Postpartum Pajamas

When searching for the perfect postpartum pajamas, you’ll want to have comfort and ease of use in mind. By ease of use, we mean how quickly can you whip out your breast for nursing the baby.

Pregnancy is a long and uncomfortable journey, so having comfortable clothing options will help you ease back into a more “normal” feeling.

While you are shopping around for the best postpartum pajamas, here are the things you really should consider:

  • Material
  • Style
  • Sizing
  • Cost

Pajama Material

Material matters a lot when choosing postpartum pajamas. Your pajamas may rub in some not so pleasant places and after delivering a baby, you’ll be sore so that is the last thing you want.

When a newborn is attached to you while you nurse or bottle feed, they will transfer their body heat to you making a breathable fabric of utmost importance.

Cotton: You’ll want to go for organic cotton if you can as it is breathable and natural which prevents any chemicals from entering your breast milk streams. Be aware that organic cotton is more expensive and does shrink in the dryer.

Modal: This is a breathable and lightweight fabric and won’t shrink in the dryer. Be aware though that this material tends to need to be washed in cold water only.

Viscose: This is a silky feeling breathable fabric which makes it really comfortable. Be aware that your pajamas may stain easily from all the bodily fluids that you’re about to encounter.

Pajama Style

The style of pajamas that you choose will depend on your needs. Do you have a scheduled c-section or are you expecting a natural delivery? Will you want to nurse or bottle-feed? These things will make a difference in the pajamas style that you choose.

Nightgown: Nightgown style pajamas are excellent for when you are in the hospital after delivery. The nurses will want to check out your underwear to ensure everything is looking fine. If you want to avoid the hospital gown, then a nightgown that makes nursing easy is a great option.

Nightgowns are also good for c-section because they don’t rub against the scar like a pair of pajama pants might.

Pajama Set: When you get home from the hospital a nice pajama set is ideal. Long pants can help you cozy can help keep the ice packs that you might be packing in your underwear in place.

Button Up: Button up pajamas make it easy to pull your breast out for nursing which makes these ideal for postpartum recovery.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a pajama style is comfort over looks.

Pajama Size

You can usually choose postpartum pajamas that are the same size as you wore pre pregnancy, but you will want to take into account your body changes into account.

For the months right after birth, it may be a good idea to go a size larger than you normally would, just for a little extra comfort.

Pajama Pricing

You’ll want to consider cost of pajamas when choosing your postpartum pajamas.

If you put your preferred pajamas onto your baby registry, then you can cross your fingers and hope your family and friends will splurge on a few pairs for you!

It’s not a great idea to spend a ton of money on pajamas because your body is going to change and you may not get to wear them for as long as you hope.

If you’re super frugal, then consider purchasing pajamas that you can wear during pregnancy and postpartum too.

Choosing A Labour And Delivery PJ Set That’s Right For You

Every woman will have different wants when it comes to getting comfortable for labour and postpartum. Some women will prefer the nightgown style while others will want pants and a t-shirt pyjama set.

Looking for features that include easy access to the breasts for nursing is an important feature in all postpartum pajamas. New moms would love to receive pajamas as a gift during pregnancy and post-pregnancy too, so be sure to ask her what kind of pj’s she loves so you can spoil her rotten.

the best postpartum pajamas for expecting and new moms

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