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How To Use Stroller Fans To Keep Cool On Hot Days

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The best stroller fans to keep your baby cool on a hot summer day to help you beat the heat with your new baby. 

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Babies can overheat easily on a hot summer day, and they are not able to regulate temperatures as well as adults can.

A lot of parents try to use a sunshade or a lightweight blanket to try to protect the baby from the summer heat, but this is not effective and can be dangerous. 

Imagine being stuck inside a tent on a scorching day; you’ll have a tough time breathing! 

This is what happens to your baby in a stroller with the blanket draped over the stroller.

That’s where a fan comes in handy. A fan keeps the air circulating within the stroller which helps cool the baby and helps keep things breathable and light.

You can use a fan to keep yourself fresh and cool as well, especially if you out for a run with your jogging stroller or a nice stroll with your stroller with bassinet.

A baby’s body can lose heat rapidly due to the body surface area being 3 times greater than that of an adult. In an environment that is too hot or too cold, a baby is not able to regulate temperature.(2)

Our Picks: The Best Stroller Fans 2021

Opolar Clip On Fan

SoCool Clip On Fan

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip On Oscillating Desk Fan

COMLIFE F170 Clip-On Stroller Fan

Anglink Clip-On Fan

Summer days can get really hot, and that might be enough to make a new parent worry about an overheating baby.

Sometimes toddlers can get extra cranky in the summertime too; it can get sweaty sitting in a stroller.

A stroller fan is an excellent accessory to keep your child comfortable, and works well to create white noise which promotes better sleep.

These aren’t just great for baby; they help mom stay cool too, which is a sweet relief when the sun is blasting down on you.

Stroller Fans We Love

Opolar Clip On Fan

best stroller fans opolar

This is a multi-function fan that can clip onto your stroller, treadmill, or even sit flat on your bedside table.

The long-lasting battery is quick to recharge and is very durable. This fan comes with a micro-USB port that enhances the charging capabilities.

This low noise level fan is perfect for babies, and the noise level ranges from 20-40 decibels.

The firm clamp clips onto any surface without the hassle and is designed to not scratch the surface while being clipped.

This fan features a 360-degree rotation to ensure every corner is covered with fresh air.

Clip Opens 3 Inches With Tight Spring ClipBumpy Road COULD cause fan to fall
Portable Fan With Battery Pack And USB Charging
Silent (20-40 Decibels)

This fan does come with 2 Lithium Polymer batteries, a micro USB cable, and user manual. Most reviewers gave this a 4.7/5 star review. The lower end reviews say the clip can break due to the plastic pivot point being weakwhich makes this fan not a good fit for golf carts. Also, this fan does not oscillate. 

SoCool Clip On Fan

best stroller fans socool

This fan is an excellent option for your stroller as it offers 360-degree rotation and can work up to 40 hours on minimum power.

The fan can be powered in many ways:

  • With the included rechargeable batteries
  • With a USB cable connected from the fan to a cell phone charger
  • With a USB cable connected to a computer’s USB port
  • To a cell phone charger or computer WITHOUT the batteries in the fan
  • To a cell phone charger or computer with the batteries inside the fan, which will, at the same time, recharge the included batteries.

The clip-on this fan is durable and can mount on any surface that is 2 inches thick or less. This fan can also function as a desk fan.

360 Degree RotationGood For Small Areas Only
Can Work Up To 40 Hours On Minimum PowerNo Powered Oscillation
Aroma Diffuser Function

This fan has many great reviews and a few bad reviews. The bad reviews mention the fan not working after receiving it, defective batteries, and the ability not to hold a charge. All of these seem to be one-off bad reviews, as the excellent reviews are all raving about this fan. Read the 75 positive reviews here

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip On Oscillating Desk Fan

best stroller fans skygenius

The SkyGenius fan is a great handheld fan for strollers because of its ability to move and operate quickly.

The clip is sturdy and proves a gentle and firm grip, which is excellent for strollers as this will not falter and move around won bumpy terrain.

This fan provides a USB port for charging and batteries too.

Replaceable Batteries Good For Small Areas Only
Has Rechargeable Batteries and USB Charging Cable No Powered Oscillation
Can Run 6-36 Hours On One ChargeRechargeable Batteries Not Standard Size – Hard to Replace

This is a good fan for stroller due to the strong but This is a good fan for the stroller due to the durable but lightweight plastic material. This fan runs quietly, which makes it perfect for babies in the stroller. 

COMLIFE F170 Clip-On Stroller Fan

best stroller fans comlife

This is a stroller fan that is powered by two rechargeable batteries and can charge via USB.

The fan runs a full 360 degrees rotation in any direction, and the oscillation runs 80 degrees horizontally.

The airflow is controlled with a dial, and the fan can operate for 40 hours on the lowest setting.

This fan can diffuse essential oils of your choosing.

The company does offer a 3-year warranty if there are any issues.

4.5 – 40 Hours Of Battery Life Clip Only Opens 1.38 Inches
Decibel Level Less Than 40
360 Degree Rotation

This fan features a is a diffuser tank behind the fan where you add a few drops of insect repellent or essential oils, which can help keep your baby bug free in the summer.

Anglink Clip-On Fan

best stroller fans anglink

This fan is nice and quiet at 30 decibels, which is treat for little ears.

The fan works for up to 8 hours on a single charge and low power.

This model has a 360 degree vertical and horizontal rotation, which helps disperse airflow evenly.

This product does come with a one year warranty if needed.

Lowe Power Indicator Clip Only Opens 1 Inch
Quick Charging Battery Life Shorter- Up To 8 Hours
Powerful Air Output

This is a simple to use fan with an ideal click and turn the dial. The clamp is strong, though narrow. The battery life makes this fan perfect for long days out with the family. 

Guide To Buying A Stroller Fan

Features To Look For In A Stroller Fan

Noise Level: Fans can have high decibel levels, so it is important to find a fan that will not be too noisy for your baby and prevent damaging eardrums.

Battery Life: Some fans use a USB to charge up, which also helps power up the fan when it is attached to the stroller.  An independent power pack can help keep the fan charged if you will be out for a while.

Some fans come with rechargeable batteries, which helps keep down on the spending of new batteries all the time. The battery life of an average fan is 2-4 hours when the fan is on the fastest setting. If you are using a lower setting, the battery can last longer.

Clip Durability: A good clip will help your fan stay in place while you’re out and about. The last thing you want is a fan that’s sliding around every time you hit a rough patch of ground.

A clip with padding that also opens up wide enough to fit your stroller handle is a right choice.

Adjustment Abilities: If you can control the amount of air that is being circulated around your baby, that is a huge bonus. Look for a fan that has different speed settings.

Safe Design: Because you are looking for a fan for a product that will be near a baby, you need to ensure it is safe. A fan with a shield will help prevent little fingers from getting hurt.

While you can purchase fans with sponge blades and no covers, these types of fans are often less effective in keeping your baby cool.

Rotation: It is better to have a fan that can oscillate and move the air around the stroller to keep your baby cool. Look for a fan that offers rotation to help with the airflow.

Tips To Keep Your Baby Cool In The Summer

Keep out of the direct sun: Babies cannot regulate their temperature, so it is best to avoid being in direct sunlight with a newborn. If you must be out in the sunlight, use a stroller fan, and sit in the shade as much as you can to try to keep the baby (and yourself) cool.

Dress accordingly: Cotton is the best material to keep the baby cool in the summer. a simple thin onesie or a summer dress, some sunscreen on exposed skin and a sun hat should be all your little one needs for the summer heat.

Hydrate: Keep your baby hydrated by providing formula, breastmilk or if the child is old enough, water throughout your day in the sun. Parents need to be hydrated well too, especially is mom is breastfeeding.

Use sunscreen: You should use sunscreen if you’re going out in the sun with your baby. A Baby’s skin will burn easily and it will only make life with your baby more difficult if they do end up having a sunburn.

Wet towel: You can use a wet towel with cool water to dab your baby with to try to keep her cool on a hot summer day.

Babywear with light carrier: Babywearing is awesome, and in the summer months it can be super hot to babywear unless you have the right carrier for the summer.

Keep curtains closed at home: If you’re trying to keep the baby cool inside your home on a hot summer day and don’t have A/C, then you should keep all your curtains and windows closed. Opening windows will only allow in the hot air inside your home, making your house a hot uncomfortable oven for everyone.

Leave the house in the cool mornings: You should try to leave the house with your baby daily, it’s a good idea to go out in the earlier parts of the morning while the air is cooler.

Common Signs The Baby Is Overheating

Newborn In Hot Weather: Learn how to take care of a newborn in hot weather here.

Your baby may be overheating if their face is getting red, they become very irritable or they have pale or clammy skin. You should take immediate measures to cool your baby down as fast as possible if you see these signs so you can avoid heat exhaustion in your little one.

You should not take your baby outside if the temperature is over 26C or 80F.

Do your absolute best to keep your baby cool on a hot summer night to decrease the risk of SIDS. You can also place a stroller fan right onto the crib so your little one can get direct cool air blowing on them as they sleep.

The Best Mom Hacks To Keep A Baby Cool In The Summer At Home

We asked 50 moms about their favorite ways to keep babies cool in the summer heat and here are some clever things parents have been doing to beat the heat with their newborns:

  1. Cool baths, as many as needed throughout the day
  2. Let baby suck on a breastmilk popsicle if they can hold one
  3. Let the baby hang out in just a diaper
  4. Definitely invest in an air conditioner!
  5. Use peppermint essential oil in a bucket of ice water and dip washcloths in it then cool the baby with the washcloth
  6. Blackout curtains can keep the room cool
  7. Get a desk fan and keep it near the baby
  8. Peppermint lotion rubbed on the feet can bring down body temperature
  9. Keep baby away from windows
  10. Turn off all the lights during the day to help keep the house cool
  11. Grill your food on the barbecue to avoid heating up the house

Some of these mom hacks are brilliant! Do you have a favorite way to keep your baby cool in the heat?

The Best Stroller Fans In 2021

This is a great baby gadget for hot summer days. It helps keep the baby comfortable and cool and it’s lightweight and portable too. Parents can also use the stroller fan to keep themselves cool, which is important too.

Don’t forget to consider battery life if you leave the house for extended periods of time n the summer and airflow and oscillation are important too!

Our favorite stroller fan is the Opolar Clip On Fan because it can be used around the house as well as the stroller. A gadget that is versatile like this is always worth spending money on.

Best Stroller Fans

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