10 Best Stroller Footmuffs To Keep Baby Warm In Winter


When winter comes, a nice footmuff will keep your young one toasty. If you’re seeking the finest stroller footmuff, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 options for every family and environment!

You’ll need stroller accessories to keep yourself and your baby warm when the harsh winter months arrive and the icy weather sets in.

Prepare for winter by putting away your stroller fan and maybe even your stroller sunshade. This means wrapping your child in a stroller blanket or footmuff and carrying a few extra warm items in the diaper bag! Depending on where you reside, a hand muff may be a better option than a stroller organizer. 

Best Stroller Footmuffs: Quick Overview

If you don’t have time to read everything, here’s what you need to know. I looked at ten different footmuffs for this article. I picked five of them twelve as my top selections for various situations and requirements.

5 Best Stroller Footmuffs 

Skip Hop Stroll and Go Foot Muff: Best Overall This footmuff comes in infant and toddler sizes and has adjustable layers, making it suitable for fall, winter, and spring. It includes a water-resistant outer shell, a peek-a-boo zipped bottom, and is machine washable.

Runner Up – jj Cole Urban Bundleme – This footmuff features a weather-resistant nylon outer shell and a detachable top (available in toddler and baby sizes). In the spring and fall, it may be used as a warm stroller seat liner when paired with a stroller blanket. In the winter, add a top layer for warmth and a hood to keep your baby’s head warm. This item is machine washable.

7Am Enfant Blanket 212 – Best for Cold Weather This universal footmuff should suit virtually all brands and is designed for extremely cold winter conditions. Water-resistant, you’ll only need one since it can be extended with zippered panels as your child grows. This item is machine washable.

Perfect for Cooler Weather – jj Original Cole Bundleme – This footmuff is suitable for a chilly but not particularly frigid climate. It’s also inconvenient in the rain. I used it with a rain cover in the Pacific Northwest winter and it worked perfectly. It’d also be perfect for chilly days in the south or spring/autumn in other parts of the nation. The top layer may be removed to reveal a plush seat liner. This item is machine washable.

FunLife Universal Stroller Bunting Bag (Budget Option) – This is a really economical option with a lot of nice features. It has a bottom zipper for peek-a-boo feet, is water-resistant, and has a luminous strip! This item is machine washable.

Best Stroller Footmuffs

7 AM Enfant LambPod Footmuff

The 7 AM Enfant LambPod Footmuff is one of the most popular and well-reviewed footmuffs available today. With a temperature rating of 5F/-15C, this footmuff is touted to resist harsh arctic conditions. Forget about piling on garment after garment; this footmuff isn’t just another layer; it’s meant to keep you warm in the winter. It’s definitely an excellent choice for you if you live in a very chilly climate and enjoy spending time outside.

Unlike many stroller bags, it is convertible, even though it is built specifically for harsh winters. Convertible refers to the ability to remove the fleece lining, which is only required during the coldest months.

Cotton is used for the inner lining, which is sufficient for the warmer months.

This footmuff has many layers. A single-panel blanket makes up the innermost layer. It features a fleece interior and a detachable cover.

The rear of the panel has a non-slip surface to keep it in place while you walk. You may also access the safety harness by removing the rear panel.

The outer shell is water-resistant, and the microfleece interior is warm and comfortable. It’s simple to clean — simply wash and dry. Parents believe the established durability is worth the extra money, despite the fact that it is somewhat more expensive than its competitors. The Enfant LambPod comes in two sizes and four color options.

Yobee Universal Foot Muff

This bag is widely appreciated by parents for its efficiency and simplicity of use, with an outer shell of waterproof polyester and an inside lining of soft coral fleece.

There are eight different harness slots, so it may be used with nearly any stroller. It zips all the way down the centre and around the feet for easy access and exit.

When not in use as a foot muff, the entire bag may be unzipped and utilized as a play mat or sleep cushion for your child.

It also has a front pocket where you may keep your keys, pacifiers, and toys. It is available in two colors and is suitable for children aged six months to three years.

CozyMe Winter Outdoor Tour Waterproof Foot Muff

The Pro Camp Winter Outdoor Tour Waterproof Footmuff is developed specifically for improved temperature management and to grow with your kid. Its universal design allows it to fit in most strollers and is suitable for babies aged 6 to 36 months.

This excellent footmuff is made with an oxford outside and a soft, premium fleece inner to keep your baby warm in the wind, rain, or snow. It has a temperature range of 5-85 degrees Fahrenheit. This low-cost stroller winter cover comes in six different colors and has a luminous strip for greater visibility in the dark.

Skip Hop Stroll and Go Foot Muff

The Skip Hop universal footmuff is temperature adaptable, allowing it to shift from a lightweight fall cover to a warm and snug winter cover.

It has a cleverly constructed hood that can unzip and lay flat, as well as a second thick and plush snap-on winter layer for extra warmth on very chilly days. You may remove the winter layer for temperature management while travelling from outside to inside (for example, at a shopping centre). If it’s still too hot, use the side zipper to unzip the fall layer and wrap it up to the side for storage, fastening it with the built-in elastic. It’s a brilliant design!

The front collar of that attachment may be snapped shut to shield your child’s face from the chilly wind, or it can be unsnapped to allow them to look out.

The bottom of the footmuff unzips so that your child’s dirty park shoes may hang out the bottom, and the entire item is machine washable just in case.

The exterior material is polyester and is weather-resistant, and it can be used with nearly any style of stroller. The fleece lining is soft and comfortable.

It is available in two sizes: baby (up to 12 months) and toddler (up to 24 months) (one year or more).

JJ Cole Urban Bundleme

JJ Cole has created some elegant bunting. The JJ Cole Urban Bundleme is made of a weather-resistant embroidered outer nylon shell and a warm inside Therma-plush, making it ideal for colder weather.

The Bundleme is compatible with most car seats and strollers. The straps are long enough to accommodate a variety of chairs and may be adjusted for a secure fit.

Ice and Stealth are the two hues available.

This is compatible with all of the greatest lightweight stroller choices.

Without a heavy coat, the Bundleme keeps baby warm. There is enough space inside for baby to keep warm while yet being able to stretch their limbs freely.

Mom benefits from being able to spend time outside and run errands without having to worry about handling extra outerwear and knowing that her child will be protected from the elements.

Stroller and car seat safety harnesses may be threaded through holes on the rear. When the weather outdoors does not necessitate the full thickness of the footmuff, the top of the Bundleme may be removed. Everything can be washed in the washing machine.

Look at the CozyMe Universal Footmuff if you want something a little more extreme cold protection. It has a lower temperature rating and provides a little more warmth.

Lemonda Baby Bunting Bag

With its high-performing outer layer of waterproof material, this foot muff will keep your baby warm and dry while being simple to use and adaptable.

The bag is coated with warm and soft fleece on the inside. The centre zipper makes it easy to slip your baby in and out, and the chin protection on the zipper is a nice touch to prevent pinching.

This design has a big and simple hood. Simply tighten the drawstrings if you want it to wrap tightly around your baby’s head.

It has seven distinct strap entrance points that may be used with both five- and three-point harnesses. It is appropriate for infants from six months to two years.

Cozy Toe Sleep Sack

This foot muff unzips on both sides as well as along the middle, providing you more choices for bundling and unbundling your little one.

The Cozy Toe is made of a sleek, waterproof oxford cloth on the outside and quality coral fleece on the inside for added warmth.

It includes nine different harness holes to fit nearly any stroller, as well as an anti-slip texture strip on the rear to keep it from sliding down in your stroller.

The hood may also be tightened around your child’s head for further warmth. It comes in four distinct colors and is suitable for children aged six months to three years.

Funlife Cozy Warmer Baby Footmuff

The funlife Cozy Warmer Baby Footmuff is a pricey choice that comes in three sizes: medium, large, and x-large. This footmuff includes a weather-resistant outer shell and a soft, cozy fleece interior made of high-quality materials. When it’s dark outside, the reflective stripes protect baby’s safe. You may unzip this footmuff partially or entirely thanks to the multi-zipper option. In comparison to its modest price, parents rave about the quality of this stroller sack. The funlife footmuff comes in ten different colors and may be worn for three years.

Bee Moo Universal Fits Stroller Foot Muff

During chilly weather, the Bee Moo Universal Fits Stroller Footmuff will keep your baby toasty warm. This footmuff’s versatile design allows it to readily adjust to all of your needs, whether you need it for a car seat, stroller, or jogging. This footmuff has a temperature rating of 5-85F and is made with a waterproof oxford shell and a warm fleece inner. This universal footmuff has eight belt holes and is compatible with all 3-point and 5-point harness systems.

Orzbow Universal Bunting Bag

This backpack is extra-plush and warm, with a smooth, waterproof fabric that can survive even the coldest winters.

This purse is incredibly warm, thanks to its superior velvet interior and weather-resistant polyester shell. It’s long enough for newborns and toddlers who are longer than 40 inches.

The hood may be adjusted to your satisfaction by pulling on the drawstring, and the entire bag can be unzipped in three different ways using three separate zippers.

It fits any stroller with a three- or five-point harness system, and it’s available in seven colors and two sizes.

Berocia Waterproof Universal Stroller Foot Muff

Because to its great quality and affordable price, the Berocia Waterproof Universal Stroller Footmuff is a parent favourite. It features a waterproof shell with a fleece and cotton inner that is comfortable and toasty. Because of its elegant look and universal fit, parents adore this stroller cover for the winter. This footmuff has a complete zipper that runs the length of the footmuff, allowing for simple diaper changes and clothing changes.

There is a one-year money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Mutsy Evo Stroller Foot Muff

Warmth is provided by the Mutsy Evo Stroller Footmuff, which has plenty of cushioning and insulation. The outside layer is water-resistant and easy to clean. The footmuff has a zipper that runs the length of it, allowing it to be entirely removed, leaving a soft lining, or merely opened for diaper changes and harness adjustments. The baby can simply go in and out thanks to the side zippers.

This item has belt holes for the 5-point harness straps to secure the footmuff in the stroller, as well as zippers on both sides for simple insertion of your child in and out of the stroller. The Mutsy Evo stroller footmuff is suitable for infants and toddlers weighing 5 to 55 pounds.

What is a Stroller Footmuff

Footmuffs are essentially wintered stroller coverings – think of them as a sleeping sack for your baby! It produces a warm cocoon for your child. It also assures toasty toes, hands, and everything else, even when it’s bitterly cold outdoors!

In wet or snowy weather, the finest footmuffs can keep your young one warm and dry. They’re available in a variety of weights to suit various climes, and they’re largely water-resistant to tolerate mild rain and snow.

You’ll need a stroller footmuff if you live somewhere where it gets cold throughout the winter. Stroller blankets will see you through the spring and early autumn.

Guide to Selecting a Stroller Foot Muff

Here are a few things to think about when looking for the finest foot muff.


Some footmuffs, like baby carriers, are age-specific, so make sure you choose the correct size for your child. They usually come in two sizes: infant (suitable for one winter) and toddler (excellent for two winters) (good for a few years). Some are one-size-fits-all and last for 6 months or more.

A zip-open bottom is seen on several foot muffs. When they wear dirty shoes, are too hot, or grow too big, this allows them to stick their feet out of the bottom.


We’ve always lived in areas where it rains a lot in the winter. If this describes you, invest in a water-resistant footmuff.

Having a footmuff that is at least water resistant, in my opinion, is excellent. When you don’t have the rain cover, you’ll be protected from light drizzle and unexpected rain. Obviously, if you expect rain, pack the rain cover as well!

In terms of temperature, unlike sleeping bags, footmuffs don’t have a temperature rating, so you’ll have to use your best judgement.


Take it from me: you’ll need a machine-washable footmuff. When they’re in their stroller, it’ll probably certainly take some food hits. On our footmuff, lunch and snack spills, peanut butter finger prints, and bottle and sippy cup spills are all too typical. If I’m being honest, I’ve also splattered some coffee on it.

Machine wash (but not all) and hang to dry. They don’t perform well in a dryer for the most part.


Make sure your footmuff is compatible with the safety harness you’re using. Because they’re so common, most will fit with a five-point harness. If you have a three-point harness, double-check everything.

Also, only use the footmuff according to the instructions, and do not buckle the harness over the footmuff.

Footmuffs should not be worn inside the vehicle. You can use them in the vehicle with your travel system stroller’s car seats, but not in the car. You’ll need a particular car seat cover if you want something for the automobile. Car seat coverings are a distinct product with safety considerations tailored to the automobile.

Follow the American Academy of Pediatrics’ cold weather car seat safety standards if you utilize a carseat as part of your stroller system.


The inside lining and top layer should be soft so that your child’s skin is not irritated. Look for any zippers or velcro that are located in an inconvenient location and may scratch or pinch. You want it to be as comfy as possible for them to fall asleep in!


Examine how you’ll get your kid in and out of the stroller while wearing the foot muff. For ease access, most include a centre zip or a side zipper. You want something that isn’t going to be a headache to work with!

Footmuffs For Your Life

A decent footmuff will help you to enjoy the outdoors with less concern and stress while also keeping your child warm and happy throughout the colder months of the year. Even when the temps drop, you’ll be able to get outside for some fresh air. It also means you won’t have to deal with as much winter gear, which kids despise.

Check out the Skip Hop Stroll and Go and the jj Cole Urban Bundle Me for a “good for most families” option.

For chilly weather, I like the 7Am Enfant Blanket 212, and the jj Cole Original is a fantastic lightweight alternative to a stroller blanket.

Finally, for a cheap stroller footmuff, I recommend the FunLife.

Footmuffs are a great way to spend the winter months outside with your kid. You’ll be all set if you purchase a winter car seat cover.

Momma is content if her baby is warm, content, and comfy. Footmuffs take away the frustration, sweat, and tears of cramming wiggling, uninterested arms and legs into heavy jackets and winter gear. I don’t know about you, but that’s a HUGE victory for me!

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