5 Best Stroller Rain Covers [Single and Double]


Finding the best stroller rain cover will protect children not only from rain but also from other weather factors such as snow and wind. The best stroller rain covers made my list because of features like universal fit, waterproof storage compartments, and an easy access window.

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Types Of Stroller Rain Cover

Rain coverings for strollers come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit different demands and sizes.

  1. Rain cover for single standard strollers, joggers, buggies, and pushchairs: These are designed to fit most varieties of single standard strollers, joggers, buggies, and pushchairs. They keep the baby totally dry and allow for air circulation through ventilation holes. The infant may easily be accessed through the front hole.
  2. Umbrella stroller rain cover: Compatible with umbrella strollers, these rain covers offer the same protection as universal strollers while being smaller.
  3. Double stroller rain covers: These are perfect for tandem strollers or full-size strollers. They provide full coverage for babies and include storage bags and pockets to keep items dry and secure.

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How Does A Stroller Rain Cover Work?

A stroller rain cover is a mesh or plastic sheet that wraps around your child and fastens to the top of the stroller. It is often inexpensive. Because you can fold it up, wrap it up, and put it in your diaper bag, it is always portable.

The average stroller cover can protect your child from snow, rain, and sleet equally effectively, while they differ in how well they retain body heat in the winter or allow air to circulate in the summer.

Most stroller rain covers are machine washable, so if you splatter it with dirt or your child pokes it with grimy fingers, it won’t be a problem. The finest stroller rain cover is simple to put up and take down, and it’s not difficult to store.

In all weather situations, the perfect stroller cover performs admirably. This eliminates the need for a bulkier stroller cover or the use of difficult-to-clean blankets to provide the same level of protection.

The amount of the rest of the stroller that is protected by weather shields varies. Some types may cover the stroller completely except for the handlebars, potentially keeping the diaper bag placed under the seat dry.

The Best Stroller Rain Cover

NEWYOO Stroller Rain Snow Cover

I absolutely adore the NEWYOO stroller rain cover. It is made with a durable material that repels water and protects babies from snow and rain. Living in Calgary Alberta, this is the one I use on a daily basis.

This stroller cover works with umbrella strollers as well as single jogging strollers.

The best feature is the large window that allows the baby to see outside. The nano-coating window has a high UV resistance, which protects the eyesight of babies from direct sunshine.

Plastic rain covers are less breathable than this cotton, linen, and cationic material. Both sides have air vents to keep newborns warm and prevent suffocation. Attach hooks to strollers and pull it on. Two waterproof zippers make it easier for the baby to get in and out.

Manito Weather Shield

The Manito Weather Shield is extremely adaptable, fitting most standard and jogging strollers. The rain cover is designed to accommodate strollers with canopy sizes ranging from 15′′ to 19′′.

First and foremost, the Manito Stroller Weather Shield is suitable for both front-facing and rear-facing strollers. There are ventilation screens on both sides to ensure that your child gets enough fresh air. The bottom of the umbrella wraps over the footrest of your stroller to provide complete protection from rain or snow.

What I enjoy best about it is the sun protection it gives. My children have inherited my fair skin and are more susceptible to sunburns than I am. The shield blocks off 99 percent of the sun’s damaging UV radiation. It also has elastic S-hooks to keep it from being blown away by the wind.

Second, if your children are still biting things, you may relax knowing that the cover is composed of non-toxic material and eco-friendly fabric.

The stroller has a convenient zipper entry that makes getting your child in and out a breeze. Furthermore, although the cover is still attached to some strollers, they can fold up without difficulty. On the back of the bag, there are two storage compartments.

Finally, while the cover does protect against UV rays, you shouldn’t rely on it simply to keep the heat out. It should be used in the event of rain, snow, or wind.

Finally, you can choose from five different colors: black, blue, green, grey, and red. You can easily choose one that best matches your stroller. It also comes with a pouch for convenient storage.

Wonder Buggy Rain Cover

The Wonder Buggy Rain Cover is a universal cover that fits strollers with canopy widths ranging from 15′′ to 16′′. It’s not only bright and cheerful, but it also protects your child from rain and other adverse weather.

To begin with, it gives your kid good vision to avoid any optical aberrations. Because these distortions can make a baby dizzy or fatigued, having this feature in a rain cover is a positive. The cover also features ventilation on both sides, which allows air to flow through it.

Furthermore, the three sides shield your kid from the sun’s dangerous UV rays. On particularly sunny days, there is a sun curtain to provide additional protection.

Second, loading your infant into the stroller is a piece of cake. There’s a waterproof zippered entryway that makes getting in and out a breeze. When there is a window in front of me that allows for swift transitions, I appreciate it. If your baby needs something, you don’t have to remove the entire cover to care for them. This is especially useful when it’s raining.

The access window is easier to utilize when the baby’s snack tray is not attached. The bar may get in the way, making it harder to reach your child. Obviously, if there is a sudden storm and you have to put the cover on quickly, you will not have time to remove the snack tray.

The rain cover is attached at the bottom with S-hooks to keep it from blowing away in the wind. When the rain cover is attached, the stroller can be folded.

Finally, it includes a handy storage bag. There are also two storage sections on the back of the bag where you can conveniently store a handful of your baby’s belongings.

Finally, you have the option of choosing between blue, pink, or black. The pink is pleasant and vibrant, so if you’re going to Disney World with your stroller, it might be an excellent choice. In a crowd, it will be easy to spot! If you’ve ever visited Disney with a stroller, you know how quickly they blend in.

Aligle Double Stroller Rain Cover

The Aligle Double Stroller Rain Cover is a universal rain cover for double strollers with front and back seats (not side by side). It is inexpensive and well-liked.

The Aligle is long and wide enough to fit practically any front and back double stroller. It is made of PVC and features air vents. While it provides adequate protection for your youngster, it does not extend far enough to cover the storage area beneath the stroller. It wouldn’t do well in a downpour, but then again, neither would you.

Aligle Side by Side Rain Cover

For strollers with side-by-side seats, Aligle also provides the Twin Side by Side Rain Cover. This universal cover, like the Aligle universal cover above, is low-cost and universal in fit.

Stroller Rain Cover Buying Guide

Several criteria, just as with any other item of baby gear, go into determining the best of the best. High-quality items at a reasonable price are my favorites. That isn’t a unicorn notion, I guarantee!

All of the rain covers on my list are inexpensive and give excellent protection for your precious young one. Here are the criteria I used to make my decision.


The greatest stroller rain cover will keep you dry during multiple rainstorms. You don’t want to acquire anything that will fall apart the first time you use it.


To be able to survive any weather conditions, including rain, snow, and wind, you’ll need a durable rain cover.


While not all of them do, having an access window at the front is convenient. Some of the rain coverings must be removed in order to access your infant. While there are worse problems to face, repeatedly removing and replacing the cover will rapidly get tiresome.

Some of the best stroller rain covers have a handy waterproof zipper that makes getting your child out a breeze.


Do I need a stroller rain cover?

When the weather turns partly cloudy to stormy faster than your weather app predicted, you’ll need a cover to keep your baby dry and safe from rain, snow, and wind.

How do you clean a rain cover stroller?

Stroller covers typically cannot be washed in a washing machine. A quick wipe down with dish soap and water should do the trick to keeping your stroller cover clean.

How do you cover a stroller in the sun?

A simple approach to protecting yourself from the sun’s damaging rays. Use an umbrella to keep the sun off your face and allow the air to circulate freely. Find a stroller with a canopy and some sort of back opening to allow air to circulate. It may also be beneficial to purchase a lightweight stroller.

Are stroller rain covers safe?

Yes, stroller rain covers are safe to use. The ideal stroller rain cover includes ventilation on both sides, allowing your child to have lots of fresh air.

Can I store my stroller outside?

You may have contemplated leaving your stroller outside if you are limited on storage space. I recommend keeping your stroller rain cover on top if it will be exposed to the elements to avoid any harm. It’s also a good idea to secure your stroller with a bike lock.

Best Stroller Rain Cover Bottom Line

A stroller rain cover is very useful to have if you spend time outdoors and live in an environment that gets rain and snow. Personally, I use my stroller cover all winter long to keep the baby nice and cozy while I drop the older kids off at school. I like the added protection from the wind as well as the opportunity to layer in lots of blankets to keep the little one cozy and warm.

The weather shields truly have you and your child covered, whether you want to jog all year or need to know that your child is comfortable in their stroller as you walk to the store regardless the current weather conditions.

Weather shields for strollers keep your youngster secure and dry, and the best models also protect against insects and the sun. Finding a model that fits your stroller and your lifestyle can be difficult.

Best Stroller Rain Cover

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