Keep Your Baby Safe Outside With The The Best Stroller Sunshades 2021

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Helping you keep your baby safe from harmful UV rays by providing the most helpful information on the best stroller sunshades.

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It is important to practice sun safety for yourself and for your baby whenever you are outdoors. Creating good sun habits for yourself such as always using sunscreen and wearing hats is a great place to start when practicing sun safety.

Keeping your baby safe and out of the sun is important too. Large brim hats, sunglasses and sunscreen should be staples in your summertime diaper bag. Hats with strings work better for babies who are too young to keep a hat on without constantly taking them off.

A stroller sunshade is a great tool for babies who are younger than 6 months and cannot wear sunscreen safely, won’t keep their hats on and cannot tolerate sunglasses. Alongside a stroller fan, a stroller sunshade can create that extra barrier that you need between your baby and the sun to keep her safe.

If you like to live an outdoorsy lifestyle, you might need a stroller sunshade for more than just summer weather. A sunshade can protect your baby from wind, dust, rain and even hail and snow.

Here is a breakdown on the best stroller sunshades to help you make the best and safest decision for your lifestyle.

Best Stroller Sunshades

Snoozeshade Stroller Sun Cover

We love the Snoozeshade Stroller Sun Cover as it fits most single bassinets and strollers with build in canopies to provide extra protection to your baby.

Recommended for newborn to 6 months, this stroller helps protect sensitive skin from harmful UV rays as well as shield the baby from wind, light rain and insects too.

This is an easy-to-install sun cover and can be used as a canopy to cover your baby’s legs from the hot sun. The canopy is made with breathable mesh fabric to keep the baby cool and comfortable. There is a front zipper so you can easily access the baby when you need to check them for signs of overheating.

Fits strollers and bassinetsMay not fit all strollers
Breathable mesh fabric
Front zipper for easy access to the baby
Easy to install
Lightweight and portable

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Manito Sun Shade for Strollers

The Manito Sun Shade for Strollers can also be used on car seats. It is made from premium stretchy fabric which allows this sunshade to be used on a verity of car seats and strollers.

The UV protection on this sunshade is 50+ making sure your baby stays safe from harmful UB rays.

This sunshade installs with hooks and buckles and is very easy to install and is secure once installed.

This sunshade does not cover the child’s entire body and measures 21.6″x29.5″.

This sunshade has sturdy metal frames which make it a safe and sturdy baby accessory.

Choose from 15 different colors.

Oversized sunshade offers protection from UPF 50+Does not cover your child’s whole body
side mesh for breathability
Can fit strollers and car seats
15 colors

Bayan Stroller Sunshade

The Bayan Stroller Sunshade is a versatile sunshade which can be used on outdoor cribs, car seats and of course, strollers.

This sunshade protects baby from the sun, harsh winds and insects too. It is made with breathable fabric which makes it a safe alternative to other canopies and sunshades.

This sunshade measures 33″ x 37″ and is designed to fit cradles, car seats and most strollers.

This sunshade uses drawstrings to secure onto the stroller.

Easily store and fold this sunshade and fit it into the diaper bag.

LightweightDoesn’t block sun completely
Easy to install

 SnoozeShade Sunshade For Strollers

The  SnoozeShade Sunshade For Strollers is ideal with larger babies and toddlers. It should fit most strollers even if they have a built in canopy.

The fabric blocks up to 97.5% of UV rays and is soft, chemical free and breathable too.

There is a zip up panel which you can close up and have your little one snooze while you’re on a stroller or open up so they can enjoy nature and still be protected from the sun.

This sunshade is easy to install and is lightweight too. Perfect for picnics, beaches and vacations.

Full body coverageSome light may come in
Sleep panel
Front storage pocket
Breathable mesh fabric window

Per Baby Stroller Awning

The Per Baby Stroller Awning is a sunshade that offers UPF50+ sun protection as well as wind protection. This is a handy sunshade that works well on umbrella strollers that don’t have great canopies.

This lightweight and durable sunshade does not offer full body protection. It is easy to install with strings that attach to the back of the stroller.

This material is waterproof and the shade does offer protection to the baby from all sides.

Breathable and lightweightDoes not offer full sun protection
Side mesh windows for proper air circulation
Flexible stroller can be folded with the sunshade on
Universal fit

Spring Fever Baby Sunshade

The Spring Fever Baby Sunshade is a perfect product to protect your baby from all sorts of weather.

This sunshade covers the entire stroller and protects baby from dust, wind and rain too.

This is a non-toxic and eco-friendly sunshade that has breathing holes to keep baby comfortable and safe.

The front viewing window allows parents to check on the baby and allows the baby to see the outside world just like as if they were watching the weather from inside the house.

Water- and wind-resistantMay not fit all strollers
Two storage pockets at the back
Dual zippers for ease of operation

Manito Sun Shade for Twin Stroller

If you are blessed with twins, you should add this stroller sunshade to your twin registry.

This sunshade can stretch over both canopies and cover-up two babies in one go.

This shade protects from over 99% of UV rays and has 50+ UPF protection too.

There are 3 levels of coverage that parents can choose to use such as full coverage where the children are completely covered or minimal coverage where the babies are covered on the head and face only like a traditional stroller canopy

The frame on this canopy is sturdy and the fabric is stretchable and stretchy. It can be secured to any stroller with 2 elastic S hooks and an elastic buckle.

This canopy can be easily folded up with the stroller.

Stretchy breathable fabricNo windows for children to see out of
50+ UPF Cannot withstand higher wind speeds
Adjustable to 3 levels
Uses S hooks and elastic buckle to attach

Guide To Buying A Stroller Sunshade

A stroller sunshade is a tool that attaches to a stroller and then protects your baby from harmful UV rays and other elements of the outdoors. Accessories such as a stroller sunshade make life easier for parents and protect babies.

There are sunshades which are created with one layer of high quality materials while others have two layers of quality materials. The double layered sunshades do a better job of protecting baby skin and eyes from harmful UV rays.

When babies are small, they have a tough time breathing when wind is blowing on their faces. A stroller sunshade can protect your baby from high winds and make it easier for your little one to breathe.

Additionally, stroller sunshades provide a nice dark environment for your little one in their stroller which makes it easier for them to take a snooze.

How To Choose A Stroller Sunshade

A stroller sunshade is a very important stroller accessory, here are some things you should look at when looking to purchase one.

  • Ventilation: Make sure the sunshade you choose has proper ventilation to prevent your baby from suffocating inside the stroller. Mesh windows are very important when it comes to sunshades so if you don’t have one, consider not purchasing that version.
  • Compatibility: The sunshade you choose should fit your stroller. Most sunshades have universal attachments and ones with hooks, clips and strings can fit most strollers.
  • Coverage: Do you need a sunshade to cover half of the baby or the full body while you’re out on a stroll. Choose one based on the age of your little one. If your baby is under 6 months of age, consider a full coverage sunshade.
  • Easy To Install: Stroller sunshades are often installed by velcro straps, clips or strings. Velcro straps often don’t last as long as strings or clips.

A stroller sunshade can protect your baby and help make the outdoors more enjoyable. Sunshades also come in handy for camping and travelling. Investing in a quality sunshade will ensure that your baby has a comfortable and safe experience in their stroller.

Do You Need A Stroller Sunshade

Whether you need a stroller sunshade or not will depend on your lifestyle. If you’re more of a mall walker and not so much of an outdoor strolling type person, then you might not need a sunshade.

If you love being outside in all kinds of weather, then a sunshade is a must-have stroller accessory just like stroller fans and stroller organizers.

Stroller sunshades protect your baby from harmful UV rays. It is not recommended to use sunscreen on a baby until the age of 6 months anyway, so a sunshade is one of the best ways to get that sun protection. Sun damage in an infant can lead to skin cancer later in life, so we want to protect our children from those kinds of things as much as we can.

Some strollers will come with a build in sunshade or canopy, however they often don’t provide full coverage and can leave little legs really burnt after a stroll on a hot summer day.

A stroller canopy that you can add to your stroller in addition to the one that came with the stroller will provide the extra protection your baby needs.

Benefits Of A Stroller Sunshade

A stroller canopy or sunshade helps protect your baby from harmful UV rays and provides extra protection from harsh elements.

A stroller canopy or sunshade can shield your baby’s eyes from the hard sun which could cause permanent damage to their eyesight.

More benefits of a stroller sunshade:

  • Better protection than the original stroller canopy
  • Can be used on car seats and carriers, making it multi-use
  • Protects baby from harsh elements and dust
  • Provides a dark and safe napping environment
  • Blocks the sunlight and provides shade

Safety Measures To Follow

Stroller sunshades should be used as per the directions and only when supervised. Your baby should stay safe and have lots of shade.

A stroller sunshade should provide lots of shade, block out UV light, be breathable, and attach to the stroller properly to avoid accidentally falling off while in motion which could harm the baby.

A stroller sunshade could potentially make it very dark inside the stroller. Ensure your baby is comfortable with being in a pitch black environment.

As a safety precaution, ensure you keep checking on your baby while they are in the sunshade for signs of overheating. A good sunshade doesn’t mean that you can spend long periods of time outside with your baby, as your baby will still get very hot, even in a shaded environment.

When snapping the sunshade on, you must ensure it is on securely and properly.

Be sure to wash the sunshade as it could get very dirty very quickly from the outside elements.

When Do You Need A Stroller Sunshade

You need a stroller sunshade if you are going to take a walk with your little one on hot summer days or when there are higher winds and rain.

You might have a jogging stroller which you are excited to use after the baby is born and the baby can snooze under the sunshade while you take a jog together.

If you don’t have a super outdoorsy lifestyle, then you might not need a stroller sunshade at all.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stroller Sunshades

Wrapping Up: The Best Stroller Sunshades

We love to talk about baby safety and a stroller sunshade is a tool designed to help parents keep their babies nice and safe while taking a stroll. The Snoozeshade Stroller Sun Cover is an excellent choice as it fits many different stroller types and is affordable too. It depends on your needs if you need something that fully covers the baby or simply provides a little bit of extra shade.

best stroller sunshades

(This post contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure policy is really boring, but you can find it here.)


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