5 best toddler wagon strollers Kids Love


Don’t squander your money on a double stroller with a weight restriction of 80 to 90 pounds.

You know how difficult it is to push your children across a beach or a baseball field in a regular stroller. When you throw in a few bags of belongings, it rapidly becomes an impossible chore.

This is where the wagon stroller comes in. It’s a relatively new notion that’s been gaining momentum for the past year or so, and happily, things have only gotten better since then. There are a lot of wagon strollers on the market these days, but it’s vital to know what characteristics to look for before you buy one.

Stroller wagons (or wagon strollers, as the case may be) are a brilliant combination of wagon and stroller. They provide comfortable seats with belts and cushions, as well as lots of storage space.

The best part is that not only are they all double (or more) strollers, but they’re also capable of gliding over difficult terrain with ease, owing to the fact that they can be pushed or pulled. You’ll discover that pulling the wagon stroller over sand or up hills is much easier than pushing a regular stroller. Footwells are available on certain wagon strollers, offering an extra layer of comfort.

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The Difference Between A Stroller Wagon and A Regular Wagon

Only children’s wagons are hauled. A stroller wagon can be pulled or pushed in the same way as a stroller can. I would never buy or suggest children’s wagons that do not include the option of being pushed as the primary mode of mobility.

If you’re still not convinced, try dragging in behind you on walks while carrying 50 pounds (which is still less than two kids and whatnot).

Furthermore, most stroller wagons offer adequate space for at least two children, if not more, as well as refreshments and relaxing.

Many parents prefer stroller wagons over double strollers because they provide more space and allow them to carry everything they need. However, most cannot be used for children who do not sit upright.

Are Stroller Wagons Worth It?

Taking a toddler wagon to the beach or on a picnic is a great idea.

A wagon stroller has the extra benefit of providing enough room to carry all of your child’s belongings or to store your toddler bag with portable toys, blankets, milk bottles, juice or water bottles, diapers, food, and anything else you might require.

Is it necessary to have a stroller wagon? Certainly not.

In all honesty, I believe wagon strollers are more of a thing for families with numerous children than for families with just one child. 

Best Stroller Wagons

Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon

When looking for the appropriate stroller wagon, one thing that may surprise you is the number of major brands available. Many of the well-known stroller manufacturers do not currently provide a stroller choice. The Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon from Evenflo is a high-quality item from a high-quality company.

This stroller wagon may be the most flexible on the market. For both pushing and pulling, the telescopic stroller handle may be moved to the front or back of the stroller. Using one simple-to-flip handle for both tasks saves space and simplifies things.

This wagon folds up similarly to a stroller. The handle sticks up, while the front and back fold down toward each other from the center joint. There’ll be no more fiddling with a collapsible wagon with a complex fold. Simply press the release lever and fold the stroller as you would any other. Furthermore, the reduced design is perfect for conserving valuable trunk space.

The maximum weight allowed is 120 pounds. That works out to 55 pounds per seat. If your children are smaller than that, you’ll have plenty of room for even large cargo. With such a large weight capacity, you know you’ll be able to use this stroller for many years.

This stroller can accommodate one or two children of any age. The capacity to accommodate infants is another standout feature. While most wagons are designed only for toddlers, this wagon has a car seat adaptor (available separately) as well as an attachable stroller seat (also sold separately) that allows you to transport a smaller child.

This wonderful stroller wagon has all-terrain wheels, foot-friendly brakes, and a width of only 27 inches, so it can go everywhere you want, from the park to the beach to Disneyworld!

The food trays are one of my favorite aspects. There’s one for each seat, so there’ll be no bickering over who gets to put their cup in the drink holder first. Best of all, both trays can be attached to the wagon’s center to form a mini snack table. There’s still plenty of room for the children to sit.

There are extra drink holders on the exterior of the stroller if you have more beverages than kids (since parents are permitted to steal a juice box, too). They’re constructed of cloth with an elastic band at the top to fit everything from water bottles to sippy cups to Starbucks beverages.

The cargo basket is the additional storage advantage. This may be attached to the stroller’s rear to hold toys or other items. However, because of the movable and reversible construction, it may be rotated to sit on the inside of the stroller while not in use.

Do you want the protection of a canopy without the trouble, mass, or height of a canopy? Simply retract the Pivot Xplore’s retractable UPF 50+ canopies. They have the appearance and functionality of a stroller canopy, and there is one on each side. Each canopy has adjustable angles, allowing you to position them where the sun shines the brightest. For maximum shade, you may even have them meet in the middle.

Each child is given a comfortable seat with a 3-point seat belt and a footwell for extra room. Each seat includes a little amount of cushioning to keep tiny tushes comfortable.

Best of all, this multi-functional stroller comes at a fantastic price! It’s more affordable than some of the other, less feature-rich choices on our list!


  • Push/pull handle that rotates
  • Folds into a small space
  • There is a car seat adaptor as well as a second stroller seat available.
  • Several storage options are available.
  • Seatbelts and canopies
  • Excellent value for money


  • The car seat adaptor takes up the entire wagon.
  • Handles resembling those of a school bus
  • Folding and unfolding is difficult.

We were nearly tempted to include this fantastic wagon in our list of the best double strollers, so be sure to have a look!

Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon

The Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon is equipped with features that are both handy for parents and pleasant for children. While it is one of the more expensive alternatives, many parents believe it is worthwhile.

This Keenz wagon may be used after your child is able to sit up on their own. Two five-point harnesses keep your kids secure inside. The wagon is spacious, although it lacks a footwell. As a result, your children must share space and sit in the mud from their shoes. Larger children may find space a problem, especially since the wagon can hold up to 110 pounds.

Although it folds quickly, it is not particularly compact. When folded, the front and back wheels grind against one other, making it difficult to maneuver about. The braking mechanism is effective, and the on/off switch is convenient to use while walking.

The Keenz wagon is said to be difficult to turn by some parents. While it does make broad turns, the turning action should be simple. Check the wheels if you’re a parent who’s having trouble. A tiny button may be pressed to ‘lock’ the wheels, making them travel straight rather than in a 360-degree swivel. If the wheels are locked, it will be difficult to turn.

The handles, which are positioned on either side, will be appreciated by parents. When not in use, they may be locked in position, allowing you to push from whatever side is most comfortable. The handles adjust as well, making it easy to customize to your height. It’s worth noting, though, that the canopy is rather tall, making it difficult for shorter parents to see through it.

The flat shape, on the other hand, makes it easy for your child to snooze on the go. An anti-shock substance and cushioned fabric wrap the frame, ensuring a pleasant ride. Thankfully, this cloth can be removed and washed.

The addition of an exterior storage compartment and cup holders to this stroller wagon is a wonderful touch.


  • Both sides of the wagon have adjustable handles.
  • The braking system is simple to use, and you may configure the wheels to travel straight or rotate.
  • For parents, there is an external storage room.
  • The fabric is machine washable.


  • The canopy is rather tall.
  • There isn’t a footwell.

Veer Cruiser

You want the Veer Cruiser Premium Stroller Wagon Hybrid if you want the Cadillac of stroller wagons. This product has been dubbed “the finest of the best” by many. It includes all of the safety features, bonuses, and style that a stroller wagon could possibly have.

This is a one-of-a-kind wagon in that it may be used by babies to the elderly. You may purchase car seat adapters and install your newborn car seat in the wagon right away! Adapters are available for the most popular car seat brands. When the car seat is in the wagon, there is still enough place for another youngster.

You don’t have to be frightened of securing your children in this wagon. It’s JPMA-certified for children’s and newborns’ safety and usage. Each seat has a three-point safety harness.

The design is both brilliant and tough. Although it has an aluminum frame, the side walls are made of a soft yet durable fabric that can withstand abuse as well as cleaning. The rubber seatbacks are perforated to allow air to circulate. The footwell includes mesh sides to allow smelly toes to air out and a rubber bottom to trap debris.

To fit your journey, the handle features a push or pull design. Because it’s telescopic, you may adjust it to the height of the person driving the wagon. The ergonomic handle may also be locked into place to prevent it from falling out while you’re moving.

Rugged tires help to sustain all of this. On pavement, grass, mud, or even sand, the Veer Cruiser tires perform admirably. For a smooth ride, they include complete swivel front wheels with low bearings and suspension. Fenders for the back wheels are present. The one-touch foot brake is suitable for flip-flops!

The fold is the coolest part. For a compact fold, collapse the footwell upward and fold the seats and sides down. It folds up tiny enough to fit inside most bags.

The Veer Cruiser includes a two-drink container that can be relocated to six different locations on the stroller for easy access. It also has a food and drink tray for the wagon’s centre. Each child gets their own food and drink area on this tray.

But that’s all there is to it. You’ll definitely want some great extras, such as a canopy, a comfort seat cover, a sleep system, a storage basket, and a travel bag, among others. However, each of these features adds to the expense of what is already the priciest stroller wagon on the market.


  • Can accommodate an infant car seat
  • All terrains are handled with rugged tires.
  • JPMA-certified and ASTM-compliant.
  • When not in use, it may be folded flat for travel.
  • There’s plenty of room for snacks and drinks.
  • An accessory that is adaptable and adjustable


  • Expensive
  • All accessories must be purchased individually.

Radio Flyer Folding Wagon

The Radio Flyer Folding Wagon is intended for older children over the age of 18 months. If you determine this is the finest stroller wagon for your family, be sure to get the enhanced wheels and maneuverability version.

Unlike the previous model, this one does not have a footwell. However, the way the side folds down allows you to utilize the stroller as a bench when you need to take a rest is unusual. It can also hold 150 pounds, so you’ll be able to use it for a long time before your child outgrows it.

Your child will be comfortable and safe thanks to padded seats and two seat belts. Its big wheels make it easy to maneuver around obstructions. The tires do not perform well in sand, therefore this is not a good wagon for the beach. Tipping was a problem with prior models, but it isn’t a problem with this upgraded version.

The wagon folds up for storage when not in use. It’s extremely simple to fold, and the handle is held in place by a magnet. Then you’ll be able to simply wheel it wherever you need to go. It also has telescoping rods that allow the cover to fold down.

Unfortunately, the canopy is not included in this new model. The Radio Flyer Canopy may be purchased separately to give sun protection when out with your children.

The fabric is easy to wipe clean for parents concerned about spills. A back storage bag and two cup holders on the outside of the wagon are also included.

One disadvantage is that the fabric is velcroed to the frame. If your youngster plays with it, it may loosen.


  • It’s suitable for both children and cargo.
  • Folds up into a little package that is convenient to transport.
  • The handle is held in place by a magnet so it doesn’t fall to the ground. The side unzips to reveal a bench seat.
  • It can support up to 150 pounds of weight.


  • A canopy must be purchased separately.
  • To tie the cloth to the wagon, use Velcro across the bottom.

Wonderfold Baby XXL Quad Stroller Wagon

You can’t securely transport four children in a standard stroller or wagon. The Wonderfold Baby XXL Quad Stroller Wagon, on the other hand, can accommodate four children safely and pleasantly. Load up your baby, toddler, large kid, and even your dog into this tough stroller wagon and hit the road.

This colossal stroller has a weight capacity of 180 pounds. That’s the equivalent of four kindergarten students, with their lunches and beverages. This is around 70 pounds heavier than a standard stroller wagon. With a steel frame and tough polyester fabric, you know it can withstand a lot of abuse. For simpler spot cleaning, the complete cloth piece may be removed.

There are four seats on the interior, each with a cushioned 5-point safety harness.

For mobility, the wheels include suspension springs and bearings. Although the front wheels swivel for turns, they are low-cost wheels. After a few uses, the strong PU plastic cracks and bends. At the very least, there’s a foot brake for quick stopping.

It’s good to have distinct push and pull handles. The spring bounce function on the pull handle is fantastic. This implies that if you drop it, it won’t immediately smash to the ground. Instead, it just lowers a few inches and bounces back into position. There’ll be no tripping over a misplaced handle. The push handle may be adjusted to different angles, and the pull handle is telescopic.

The push handle may be adjusted to different angles, and the pull handle is telescopic.

I’m reminded of how to fold a pack n play when I fold this wagon. It folds on itself when you pull up on the middle strap. It comes with a carry-on or storage bag.

The seat pad and harnesses may all be removed to provide an additional room or to utilize the wagon only for transporting goods. On the push side of the stroller, there’s a zippered and detachable storage basket for carrying extra goods.

There is no footwell in this wagon. This is convenient in some instances, but when you have four children crammed into a small area, they may begin to struggle for legroom.

A canopy is included with this stroller wagon. Each corner has canopy rods that retract when not in use. Depending on the size of your passengers, they can also adjust to different heights to get the canopy where you need it. On rough travels, however, the canopy does not like to remain on these little rods and will pop off.

Snack and drink storage is an important feature that this product lacks. There are no cup holders or food trays in the room. At this pricing range, it would be preferable if these were supplied with the stroller wagon.


  • Up to four children can be accommodated.
  • Seats with padding and a safety harness
  • Push and pull handles that are separate and adjustable
  • The folding is simple.
  • The canopy that can be removed and a storage basket


  • Wheels are inexpensive.
  • There are no drink or snack holders.
  • Canopy collapses
  • There isn’t a footwell.

Hauck Eco Wagon Stroller

The Hauck Eco Wagon Stroller is stylish and flexible, with large wheels. It’s ideal for parents searching for a wagon stroller that can go everywhere.

This wagon stroller is for older children who do not require a seat belt when riding in a wagon. The cushioned seating is detachable, allowing you to transfer children or utilize it as storage in the future. The Hauck stroller can carry up to 110 pounds securely.

The big wheels are constructed of tough EVA rubber and offer excellent grip. The stroller glides thanks to two sets of bearings within each wheel. This makes pulling the cart along much easier. It also spins easily and handles all terrains effectively.

A pull-handle brake secures the stroller when you come to a halt. Once you’ve come to a complete stop, the brake is easy to grip thanks to its wide handle. While it is simple to fold, the wheels do not fold very tiny, and retracting the canopy can be problematic.

While this model lacks certain added functions, it performs the job well enough. It has a weather shade that may be removed. However, despite the fact that it is marketed as sun and rain protection, it does not give enough rain protection.


  • Adapts effectively to a variety of terrains
  • The wheels glide smoothly thanks to ball bearings.
  • It can hold up to 110 pounds.
  • The padded seating is detachable.


  • There are no seat belts.
  • When folded, it isn’t very compact.

Stroller Wagon Buying Guide


Unlike typical wagons, some stroller wagons are built with padded inside to make your child more comfortable. Consider how simple it will be to clean up messes that your children make if you select one with cloth material. Some can even be entirely removed for washing.

The wagon’s design might also have an impact on comfort. Some wagons have a footwell, while others require your children to sit with their feet touching. For siblings who might kick each other, this can be an issue. In addition, taller children may be uncomfortable with this style.


The normal stroller wagon can accommodate two children, one on each side. There are, however, some bigger versions that can hold up to four children. Keep in mind that they are going to be a little broader. They may not be the greatest choice for navigating a farmer’s market or a business.

Another type of stroller wagon allows you to attach a car seat to it (like the one in our most innovative baby gear article). This is ideal for parents who have children of different ages. In addition, once your smaller child is older, the wagon will be useful to both of them.


Parents pull their children around in wagons with a single, long handle. The smoothness of the wheels, as well as their capacity to handle curves and obstacles, is also important. Look for ball bearings and a suspension system on your wheels. These will provide the most enjoyable ride for your children.

The size of the handle might also be a factor. Some of the handles are adjustable, which is ideal for parents who want to customize their height. In addition, some may be adjusted to different angles or locked in place while in use.


Parents want their children to be safe above everything else. The easiest method to achieve this is to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations for size and weight.

Unless it’s meant to be used with an infant carrier, most stroller wagons are made for older children. Some have five-point harnesses, but you should wait until your infant is able to sit up on their own before putting them in one.

Extra Features

Manufacturers incorporate extra characteristics that distinguish them apart from the competitors, as they do with most infant items. Padded seats, a canopy, and cup holders are all amenities that children may appreciate. Some even include outdoor storage space so parents may get what they need while on the road.

  • Footwell. This function lowers your child’s feet below his seat, making the journey more pleasant and keeping shoe dirt away from little hands and legs.
  • Some handles are telescopic, enabling you to modify the length of the handle. Some let you push or pull, while others are reversible from front to back.
  • A place to store drinks and/or food. Both you and the kids will benefit! It takes a lot of effort to pull a wagon!
  • A car seat can be accommodated. This is going to be a game-changer.
  • Canopy. A decent canopy can shield you from the sun as well as the weather.

Why Would Parents Prefer To Use A Wagon Instead Of A Stroller?

There is, however, one significant distinction between these two items. Despite the fact that many big kid strollers have a high weight restriction (even up to 65 or 75 pounds in single strollers), they can only fit a 4- or 5-year-old child. Typically, the stroller seat isn’t big or long enough to handle larger children! Long before he reaches the weight restriction, the toddler outgrows the seat.

On the other side, there are stroller wagons, which are quite large and feature a retractable canopy, allowing the child to ride for up to 8 years!

There are strollers appropriate for 6 or 7-year-old children, such as the GB Pockit, however, they are not suitable for off-road cruising.

When you need a stroller but don’t want to use a stroller, a stroller wagon might be a great option.

Your kid will rapidly outgrow (or has already outgrown) his stroller since he develops quicker than his classmates and is already rather large for his age.

Your child is rather tall, and none of the strollers have a backrest that is long enough for him.
You have a special-needs child who is already too large for standard strollers.

You’re seeking a stroller that isn’t a double stroller for excursions to theme parks, zoos, and other attractions.

However, stroller wagons are not just purchased by parents of older and larger children; some parents even use them with newborns! Parents may connect a car seat or use the wagon as a bassinet to the Veer wagon, making it suitable for a baby.

Stoller Wagons Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Take a Wagon to Disney World?

Many people use wagons instead of strollers or buy them expressly for long travels. Unfortunately, it will not work in the case of Disney.

Disneyworld has outlawed all wagons of any size and only allows specified measurements of double strollers — the ZOE Twin Stroller is one of the few approved side-by-side.

Wagons are also prohibited at several amusement parks owing to accidents that occur when they are being pulled. To be honest, I’ve personally witnessed a tragic event at the local ZOO when everyone was dragging wagons with children unbuckled and in a crowded area, two of them collided, causing one of them to tumble and the children to fly out, striking their heads on the sidewalk. Don’t be that overbearing parent in the busy area.

Are Stroller Wagons Easy To Assemble?

Some strollers are simple to operate yet require a long time to fold and unfold. Consider if you or your partner can put it together yourself or whether you’ll need to hire someone to do it.

Does A Stroller Wagon Have An Entry Door?

The majority of wagon strollers have entrance doors, but others need you to pick them up and place them in, or for the children to climb in or crawl under the seats.

What Is The Weight Limit On A Wagon Stroller?

These wagon strollers, on the other hand, are quite handy even when the children have reached the age of 5 or 7. Friends of mine have had theirs for a lot longer. The amount of weight you’re permitted to transport may not seem like a significant concern right now, but as the kids become older, it will become more important, especially when traveling long distances.

Does A Wagon Stroller Have a Canopy?

Some wagon strollers do come with a canopy like the Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon and Wonderfold Baby XXL Quad Stroller Wagon.

What is a stroller wagon?

A stroller wagon is a great combination of a stroller and a conventional wagon. They’re safer than a conventional wagon (and can frequently manage tougher terrain), yet they’re roomier than a stroller. The majority of stroller wagons can handle at least two children and come with or may be purchased with a range of attachments.

Can I Gate Check a collapsible wagon?

You should be able to gate-check your collapsible wagon, even if you probably won’t be allowed to carry it on an airline. Please double-check with your airline prior to your departure date.

Which is the best all-terrain stroller wagon?

The Veer Cruiser, Pivot Xplore, Larktale Caravan, and Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon (with all-terrain wheel package) are undoubtedly among the best stroller wagons with decent, adaptable wheels.

It’s worth noting that if you want to use the Keenz on the beach, you’ll need to purchase the all-terrain wheel kit (which at the time of writing of this answer, seems to be at least temporarily unavailable).

How much should I expect to pay for a Stroller Wagon?

A simple stroller wagon (such as the Radio Flyer Convertible Stroller Wagon) costs around $150, while a well-equipped premium one costs over $500. (Keenz)

Is a wagon better than a stroller?

Yes, if your older child outgrew his or her stroller and weighed more than 50 pounds. In that instance, a wagon is a good option.

At what age do kids use wagons?

Wagons are designed for children aged 18 months (one and a half years) to five years.

Can children ride in the collapsible wagon?

Yes, they are capable. Collapsible wagons are ideal for youngsters since they function similarly to traditional wagons.
They do, however, provide a superior transport method, which is why they’re foldable.

The Best Stroller Wagons Bottom Line

Stroller wagons are ideal for trips, particularly when your children have outgrown strollers but should not be left alone in public. They provide the ideal mix of safety and comfort. When looking for reviews of the best stroller wagon, take your time because it may be an expensive purchase.

But don’t worry, you’ll get a lot of usage out of it!

the Best Stroller Wagons

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