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Best Triple Strollers For Busy Families

Best Triple Strollers For Busy Families

There are only a few choices for the best triple stroller. While a niche market, if you’re expecting triplets or a third child, a triple stroller is a must-have.

It’s hard enough having three infants without having to spend hours researching strollers; let us handle the legwork so you can go back to life!

Take a look at the top six alternatives available. Also, determine what is lacking from the market and what you truly require.

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Do you need a triple stroller?

Even triplet parents don’t usually purchase triple strollers. Parents frequently purchase a double stroller and a single stroller since it is difficult for one adult to transport three babies out of the house.

That way, one or two adults can bring one or two children, and two adults can bring all three.

A double stroller with a sling is another common choice.

This is wonderful for newborns under six months, but it becomes more difficult and not usually feasible after that. You may have disputes over who rides and who gets carried as they become older.

If you’ve decided you need a triple stroller, the next step is deciding which model to get – which leads us to the subject of who you should get it from.

Is A Tandem or In-line Stroller Better?

Aside from who you’re buying for, you’ll need to select whether you want a tandem stroller (two strollers side by side) or an in-line stroller (one seat in front of the other).

The major benefit of an in-line stroller is that it can fit on almost any sidewalk and through most entrances. However, the disadvantage is obvious:

The kids will eventually quarrel over who gets to sit where, and in-line strollers have a hard time rounding curves.

Keep in mind that the parent pushing will have a tougher time seeing and reaching the youngsters in front of them.

If you do decide to get an in-line, keep in mind that the more weight in the front seat, the more difficult it is to push, and the more weight in the rear seat, the simpler it is to push.

In comparison to in-line strollers, side-by-side strollers provide greater access to each kid and are typically simpler to push. The most obvious disadvantage is that tandem strollers seldom fit on sidewalks and nearly never fit through entrances.

In addition, finding a tandem stroller that can accommodate two or three car seats is considerably more difficult than finding an in-line stroller that can do the same.

Best Triple Strollers

Child Craft Sport Multi-Child Triple Stroller

The Child Craft Sport Multi-Child Triple Stroller is a stroller that can be moved through doors and around stores. It’s a simple stroller that’ll get the job done. It’s not ideal, but it’ll do the job. The additional support crotch fabric for the front seat, on the other hand, is something we really like about this stroller.

This stroller can accommodate three infants. Because all of the seats are the same size, it can accommodate three children of the same or different ages. The infant in the front, like with all triple tandem strollers, will have greater legroom.

In addition, each seat has five-point harnesses, although the straps are not adjustable in length.

As a result, you might wish to keep this stroller for older babies who can sit up alone.

The buckles on the harness, on the other hand, are simple to adjust to your baby’s size and unbuckle.

When your children reach 40 pounds or 40 inches in height, you should cease using the stroller. Also, the shoulder straps are too wide for the seat if they slip beyond your child’s shoulders.

Finally, with the additional fabric for safety, the front seat features a safety bar to assist keep your child in the seat. It also includes a front-seat-only footrest for added comfort and security.

Each of the three chairs has its own canopy. Because of the nature of triple strollers, the canopies give sun protection but little protection from rain and other factors. It’s also worth noting that the canopies on this stroller aren’t detachable and lack mesh for visibility and ventilation.

The seats do recline to provide additional comfort for infants, but only to a limited extent. It’s tough to relax too far in stadium seating without crowding the other kids.

The Child Craft Trio Sport Stroller has a vivid blue washable cloth. It’s a vinyl-type fabric that’s easy to wash and maintain, despite the fact that none of the fabric comes off for cleaning. Spills happen, and I’m no exception.

For comfort, the handlebar has steel cushioning and a foam coating. Furthermore, the brakes are easily accessible from the handle, but they must be held in place.

The wheels are then made with rubber to cushion stress. There are six wheels in the front and two in the back. All of this contributes to increased mobility and stress absorption.

There is no parent storage in the stroller, however, there is a huge storage basket beneath. Add a parent organizer to keep your keys, water bottle, and other essentials organized. Stroller hooks would make it simple to attach a handbag or diaper bag to the stroller.

Foundations Quad Sport 4-Passenger Folding Stroller with Canopy

Although the Foundations Quad Sport 4-Passenger Folding Stroller with Canopy is designed to accommodate four newborns or toddlers, it may also accommodate three singletons or triplets. Consider how that extra space can accommodate all of the additional items you’ll need to bring with you because you have three children. This eliminates the need to cram everything beneath the seat and allows you to keep it close at hand for quick access.

The Foundation stroller has four complete seats, divided into two rows of two each. Each seat can hold up to 40 pounds and is suitable for youngsters aged three and above. The chairs, on the other hand, will delight babies because they are quite comfy.

Each seat is padded to the point of being pleasant to the touch. The chairs also have standard 5-point harnesses that are comfortable to wear. The harnesses are height adjustable and may be worn in a variety of postures.

It’s worth noting that the stroller seats aren’t compatible with car seats, which is quite normal for multiples strollers. The firm, on the other hand, has made a concerted effort to meet the requirements of both parents and newborns by creating spacious, comfy chairs that do not compromise use.

Legroom is available in all seats, and the front two have footrests with stability bars. A wide stability and safety bar is also included in the front for extra comfort and protection.

The Foundations Quad stroller comes with a one-of-a-kind canopy. All four seats are covered by a single canopy. However, while it is simpler to use, it does not allow for many child-specific changes. Furthermore, the children in the front do not receive nearly as much shelter from the sun or bad weather as the ones in the back.

Finally, the canopy features a single mesh screen near the handlebar that allows you to view your children. It’s also finished with hook and loop closures.

Although all four seats recline, they do not recline far enough for babies to rest flat. In addition, there are no infant inserts to assist younger babies in getting into the more upright posture. Unfortunately, in order to accommodate all of the babies into a single stroller, certain concessions must be made.

Unless you appreciate a vintage utilitarian design, the stroller isn’t particularly appealing. It’s not designed to be attractive; rather, it’s designed to make living with multiples simpler. It is not, however, obtrusively ugly; rather, it focuses on making it easy to clean using wipeable materials and basic patterns and colour schemes.

Some of the colour selections are more appealing than others, but if you want the appearance that comes with premium cloth, avoid this option.

The handlebar is ergonomic and comfy, with cushioning on top to make pressing easier. The handbrake is also conveniently accessible from the handle, making it easy to stop the stroller.

This stroller has sturdy, heavy-duty wheels, which is a fantastic feature. They’re composed of rubber and contain foam inside to aid with stress absorption. With these tyres, you won’t have to worry about flats.

A huge storage container sits beneath the four sets, but it isn’t very deep and won’t hold a diaper bag. Individual things can, however, be stuffed in there. This four-seater is ideal for triplets because the fourth seat takes up no additional space while providing additional storage.

Finally, in just a few simple steps, this stroller can be folded down to a fraction of its original size. When folded, the stroller takes up considerably less space in your home or trunk. However, the stroller is hefty (55 pounds), making it difficult to fold and transport into a car.

Foundations The Trio Sport Triple Tandem Stroller

The Foundations of 2020 With three infants in tow, the Trio Sport Triple Tandem Stroller is ready to go. This version has three seats integrated straight into the stroller, which are ideal for three babies of various ages or of the same age. It has all of the essential functions as well as a few extras.

This stroller can fit all three of your infant’s face forward, but it has limitations. This stroller does not accept baby car seats. Furthermore, because the seats do not lie flat, placing newborns in them may not be the best option.

Wait until your infants are able to sit up on their own before using this stroller. Because this is meant for older babies or toddlers, you’ll need baby inserts and maybe rolled blankets if you don’t have any.

The seats are excellent for newborns weighing less than forty pounds and measuring less than forty inches in length. Babies under the age of six months will struggle in the stroller.

Then there are full five-point harnesses with variable height settings in each seat.

The infant in the front seat is protected by a safety bar, while the rear seat is protected by the other seats.

A canopy is included with each seat. Furthermore, each canopy is detachable. They do, however, screen out the weather and UV rays.

Mesh windows in the back canopy make it simpler for parents to view their newborns.

All three chairs have a little recline. The seats, however, do not fully recline to save room because the stroller is already rather long. A footrest for the infant is provided in the front seat, although it is not adjustable.

The car seat comes with a simple black and grey stroller style. The legs and the three canopies are available in vivid lime green or red. Furthermore, all of the materials are eco-friendly.

The handlebars are excellent since they are foam cushioned and broad for extra comfort. More significantly, the stroller’s brakes are connected to the stroller, allowing for quick and easy braking. However, you’ll have to keep your foot on the brakes the entire time to keep them engaged, which may be inconvenient.

You get a stroller with shock absorption and a comfy stroll with rubberized foam wheels. For improved steering and weight management, the front has two wheels on each side and two more on the back for a total of six wheels.

The stroller just has a cup holder on the side for storage, but there is enough on the handlebars for a parent organizer. You’ll also receive a storage basket with convenient access.

The stroller may simply be folded down for more compact storage. Folding is simple, though not as simple as with a singleton stroller.

To unfold the stroller, stand in front of it and pull the handle up and back until you hear it snap into place. The stroller folds in the same way. Place the brake lever in place, then raise all of the seats and squeeze the retention bar on both sides. Fold together and push forward.

Uppababy Vista V2

If you want a modular stroller with a lot of options and attachments, go for the Uppababy Vista V2. This option will not work for triplets, but it will work for three kids. It’s an excellent choice for twins and a preschooler.

With this stroller, how many distinct modular options do you have? Dozens. This is dependent on the items you purchase to go with the stroller. The toddler seat and bumper bar, bassinet, frame, wheels, bug, and rain shield for the toddler seat and the bassinet, as well as a storage bag for the bassinet, are all included in this option.

It will, however, be expensive, especially if you add on extras. But it’s well worth it for what you receive in return. Let’s have a look.

Use two Mesa car seats if you have twins, or use the toddler seats. For a single infant, you may even utilize two bassinets or the stroller. For older youngsters, add the Piggyback board if necessary.

With this stroller’s ability to be customized to your specific needs, the possibilities are infinite. Let’s hope Uppababy chooses to produce a stroller as beautiful as this one at some time!

Whichever choice you pick, you can be assured that it will be extremely comfortable, safe, and compatible with the frame. You will, however, require car seat adapters for the car seats. If you use both bassinets, the elder child will not be able to ride along, which is something to consider.

See more of the best double stroller alternatives, and for an older child, try adding a glider board!

A high-quality canopy is included with all Vista V2 choices to keep your kid safe from the sun and rain. Some of the choices even come with a zipped cover to add to the protection. On the piggy-back board, there is no cover for larger children.

The canopy, on the other hand, slides to suit growing youngsters, which is a unique feature in a stroller.

Because the bassinets are already flat, they do not recline. The toddler chairs include a variety of reclining options for your baby’s comfort.

No other stroller has a design that is as contemporary or as elegant as this one. To put it another way, this stroller is a work of art! This stroller exudes luxury, from luxurious materials to the high-quality frame.

The telescopic leather handlebar is one feature you’ll appreciate about this stroller. It’s not only beautiful, but it’s also quite comfy. You may adjust the height to fit the needs of various parents.

The only concern about the handlebar is that if you have a short arm, you could have trouble reaching the handlebars with all three kids on board.

With all-wheel drive suspension, you’ll get full-on shock absorption. Independent shocks ensure a smooth and comfortable ride no matter how rough the road, allowing your baby to sleep.

Get an extra-large basket with convenient access to store your diaper bag and other essentials. A parent organizer, on the other hand, is an extra fee.

Do you want a stroller that can stand up when folded? Then you discovered it. However, it will not stand with the attachments, which is the stroller’s main flaw. Before folding, you’ll need to remove any bassinets or additional seats.

After you remove the extra seats, which is equally simple, folding is a quick and straightforward operation.

Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller

Peg Perego’s Triplette Piroet in-line stroller is a high-end triple stroller with all the amenities you need: It has reversible seats, can accommodate three car seats, is easy to manoeuvre, and the fabric lining can be removed.

Suspension, an ergonomic handle, a spacious storage basket, and a loop on each canopy for the baby’s favourite toy are all features of the Triplette Piroet.

This stroller is not machine washable, and you must always utilize all three seats, even if only one or two are required. In addition, the seats only recline 150 degrees, and the canopies aren’t particularly large.

Peg Perego added a steering wheel to their Triplette Piroet, making it easier to spin and manoeuvre with only one hand – and it’s certified for us.

Is it suitable for you? This is the triple stroller for you if you require an in-line stroller for three infants and have the cash for a high-end stroller.

Advantages: steering wheel
washable changeable seats car seat compatible toy loop for each infant good from birth simple to push with one hand
Warranty period: 2 years

Cons: costly to recline 150 degrees

What If You Have 4 Children

If you need to transfer four little individuals for whatever reason, have a look at these choices. Because of their enormous size and weight, these strollers are best suited for childcare facilities and similar establishments.

Triple Stroller Buying Criteria

Consider your requirements before making a purchase to ensure that you make the best decision.

Foundations The Quad Sport 4-Passenger Stroller


Seating Capacity and Type

To begin, determine how many children will be in the stroller, their ages, and how long they will be there. For example, if you’re expecting twins and already have a four-year-old, you probably won’t need a complete three-child stroller, but a piggyback board will come in handy. Other parents are expecting triplets, which necessitates the use of a specialized stroller.

Design of the Stroller

The second decision you must make is whatever sort of stroller you require. Should you purchase an in-line stroller with all three kids lined up like ducks, or should you opt for a two-by-two? Both are excellent options, but they will not be suitable for every household. Before selecting a stroller, think about where you’ll be using it the most. Indoors, in-line alternatives work best, while outside, tandems work best.

Weight of a Stroller

Another important factor to consider is weight. Not only the weight of your children but also the weight of the stroller. The more weight you have together, the more work it will take to push the stroller. If you want to avoid straining yourself to the point of sweating, especially if you live in a reasonably level area, consider a lightweight stroller.

Triple Stroller Frequently Asked Questions

Best Triple Strollers For Busy Families Bottom Line

Depending on your needs, we have two preferred strollers on this list. If you’re expecting triplets, the Trio+ (Zoe XL3) comes highly recommended for its ease of use and small weight. We love the Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Triple Stroller for its remarkable storage and unusual rear seat if you have twins on the way and an older kid, or two older children with a baby on the way.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each choice before making a final selection, as all of these strollers are significantly more expensive than ordinary strollers, and you don’t want to waste money again!