16 Best Tummy Time Toys Babies Love

It’s no secret that many babies despise tummy time. If your child begins to scream as soon as you put them down for this developmental exercise, it may be time to get some help.

By reinforcements, I’m referring to some of the fantastic tummy time toys and tummy time mats that are particularly created to make this exercise more enjoyable for your child.

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When To Start Tummy Time

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, you should begin as soon as your baby is born (AAP). In a nutshell, place the baby on his stomach for three to five minutes two to three times a day, gradually increasing the time spent on his stomach as the month’s pass.

It’s a crucial part of a baby’s development. Charisma Garcia, M.D., a pediatrician at Texas Children’s Health Plan and The Center for Children and Women, notes, “The American Academy of Pediatrics’ slogan is “back to sleep, belly to play.” “Tummy time provides various motor and developmental advantages that are essential for a baby’s healthy growth.

This period develops neck muscles, improves gross motor strength and flexibility, and aids with milestones including as turning over and crawling.”

Benefits Of Tummy Time

Tummy time also provides a different perspective on the world for babies to explore and learn from. Gentle abdominal pressure can also aid digestion and stooling in infants, according to Dr. Garcia.

When babys are on their stomachs, they can employ basic reflexes that they can’t use when they’re on their backs. According to Taryn Hill, M.D., a pediatrician at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, it can help avoid deformational plagiocephaly, or a flattened skull shape, which can be caused by too much time on the back and may require a helmet to fix. “The skull is still highly flexible up until 6 months of age,” she continues.

While stomach time is beneficial, newborns may not always enjoy it. “At first, it may appear to be a kind of exercise. Some newborns don’t like it at first because they have to fight to keep their head and neck straight — think of it as doing a push-up,” Dr. Garcia adds. Dr. Hill says that because newborns are typically curled up in the fetal position in the womb, being stretched out might be painful and unfamiliar.

According to Dr. Garcia, starting tummy time early — even before you leave the hospital! — can help your baby perceive the position as more normal, and making eye contact with them throughout the activity can help them feel more at ease.

While no one item can make tummy time more pleasurable, these toys — which urge the baby to push up with his arms, include contrasting colors and shapes, or stimulate him to move — are excellent choices for a happy, successful, and productive session.

If you’re looking for a belly time mat or toy, stay reading for our recommendations.

Best Tummy Time Toys

Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop and Play

The bright Starts mat is shaped like a loving bear, with a propped-up head and a variety of attachments to keep the baby occupied and learning.

I adore the compact size of this Bright Starts mat, which makes it ideal for excursions to Grandma’s or a friend’s place.

It contains connected toys to encourage reaching and grabbing, as well as a variety of colors and textures to excite your baby’s touch and visual skills. The arm, shoulder, and back muscles of your infant will benefit from these actions.

The toys produce crinkling and rattling noises to capture your child’s interest, while the soft fuzzy materials keep her steady as she tries to push herself up.

This mat is 3632.55 inches by 3632.55 inches and is machine washable for convenience.

VTech Lil Critters Musical Glow Gym

This multi-sensory development mat will provide hours of interactive play with a variety of exciting toys, colors, noises, and textures.

The vertical activity panel on this mat is one of my favourites since it attracts your baby’s attention upward. It also encourages kids to push up and reach for numerous buttons, which improves muscular development.

It has four colorful piano keys with a variety of sounds and functionalities, as well as a tree with four light-up buttons that control speech and music.

With four dangling toys to encourage reaching and grabbing, the overhead toy bar adds to the excitement.

For on-the-go amusement, they can all remove from the mat and be connected to a car seat or stroller.

The mat’s measurements are inches and it’s easy to clean.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym & Maracas

With numerous of interactive elements, this interesting and engaging toy is much more than a tummy-time mat.

An interactive piano with four musical settings, plenty of vivid colors and lights, and an overhead toy bar with five different toys are all included in this tummy time mat and play gym.

The five-key musical piano is pushed up in front of your infant to keep them reaching. It has music and lights for up to 20 minutes, as well as colors, numbers, and shapes for cognitive and visual development.

The toy bar is ideal for the sitting stage, with five removable hanging toys that may be hung from the car seat, cot, or stroller.

The piano is also removable, and there are two rattling maracas included stimulating your budding musician.

The mat is machine washable, and the entire set is 36x27x18 inches in size.

Inflatable Tummy Time Sea Turtle Water Mat

This mat allows you to have all the enjoyment of splashing and squishing water without the mess.

To interest your baby and promote longer durations of stomach time, use a tummy time mat in the shape of a giant, friendly sea turtle packed with fascinating floating marine animals.

This mat’s vivid colors and engaging texture will help your baby develop his or her sense of sight and awareness. The turtle’s base is filled with water, while the rim around the circumference is filled with air.

It’s simple to put together and, most importantly, includes a screw cap water stopper to prevent leaks.

It’s simple to put together and, most importantly, includes a screw cap water stopper to prevent leaks.

While I don’t care for the fact that it’s made of PVC (which, let’s face it, is bad for the environment), desperate times – or belly time – necessitate desperate means.

Additionally, it is CPSC approved and constructed of BPA-free materials. That said, I’d make sure my child didn’t chew on it in any way.

The water mat is 43x35x2.5 inches in size.

Infantino Pat and Play

This little mat can be filled with water to float the adorable figures inside.

Your baby will enjoy patting and pushing the shapes on this mat around and watching them move.

This tiny mat is constructed of BPA-free materials and is the perfect size to take on vacation with you.

While reaching for the colorful figures, your baby will want to stay propped up, which will help them build crucial arm, shoulder, and neck strength.

After tummy time, place the water mat on the tray of a high chair to keep your child occupied while you prepare supper.

The pat and play have a combined length of 101.67.4 inches.

Early Years Fill N Fun Water Play Mat

With its colorful figures that float about in the water, this medium-sized mat will keep your baby entertained for hours.

It’s the ideal way to take the joy of splashing outside of the tub.

If your baby isn’t a lover of stomach time, the pleasant floating marine creatures and soft texture of this mat will keep her occupied.

The vivid colors will help her develop her eyesight, and reaching for the mat to handle the shapes will enhance her balance.

The material has a thick gauge and is impervious to leaks and rips. For added peace of mind, it’s composed of BPA- and Phthalate-free materials.

However, a strong chemical odour has been noticed by a number of reviewers. Before putting my kid on it, I’d let it air out for a bit in a well-ventilated area to allow for off-gassing.

It measures 2017 inches and fits conveniently into a diaper bag for portable enjoyment.

Mary Meyer Best Ever Baby Mat

This adorable and cuddly mat is a great location for your baby to enjoy his or her tummy time.

This mat is incredibly soft, constructed entirely of plush material, and available in a variety of adorable patterns.

For this mat, choose from an elephant, a bear, a panda, a lamb, or a variety of other adorable critters.

While reaching for the floppy ears and other fascinating characteristics of the figures’ faces, your young one will be comfy on the soft, flat tummy.

This mat can easily be put into a backpack, stroller, or even a stroller travel bag, ensuring that your baby has a comfortable and clean area to practise tummy time at all times.

It’s also a fantastic baby shower present because of the variety of colors and styles.

The entire mat is machine washable and is 31x23x5 inches in size.

Tiny Love Meadow Days Play Mat

This mat is unusually spacious to encourage mobility, and it’s full of bright colors and images that will keep your baby entertained for extended tummy-time sessions.

Each square of this large mat features a distinct design depicting a different scene or character, as well as a variety of textures for sensory development.

It has a tiny loop to assist your baby in practice reaching and grabbing while pushing up, as well as an attached mirror to improve attention.

The entire mat may be folded like a blanket, yet it will not wrinkle or collect when your baby is on it, making it ideal for travel or a day at the park. It’s also machine washable, making cleanup a breeze when the drool gets out of hand.

It measures 35x59x1 inches.

Baby Einstein Flip for Art High Contrast Floor Activity Mirror

This activity mirror is set up on a triangle cushion at just the right height for your baby to interact with during tummy time.

This toy includes a collection of attractive cards that may be hung on the mirror or in your baby’s car seat.

The high-contrast black and white shapes on the cards, as well as the beautiful animal designs, will appeal to your baby’s developing vision and keep them occupied. They include a handy connection that allows them to be attached to cribs, car seats, or strollers.

When they’re not utilizing the cards, your child will enjoy discovering their own image in the mirror, which will help them develop self-awareness. The materials in the immediate vicinity are bright and high-contrast, with interesting forms and textures.

It measures 10.6×7.5×4.7 inches.

Baby Einstein Glow and Discover Light Bar

With engaging, interactive components, this flexible and stimulating toy is ideal for boosting tummy time. With built-in support, it’s also ideal for transitioning to sitting unaided.

This u-shaped toy is designed to provide your child with exciting lights, colors, and noises. It will urge children to prop themselves up and reach for the buttons or the centre drum rattle, which will aid in the development of important shoulder and arm strength.

Your child will learn cause and effect while also strengthening his or her cognitive, auditory, and fine motor skills.

There are three distinct settings for the light bar: animals, colors, and xylophone. It’s also possible to change the language to English, Spanish, or French.

It’s simple to clean and sanitize the surface (we recommend using a fragrance-free cleaning product to reduce phthalates and VOC’s in your home).

It is 5.8 x 12.8 x 9 inches in size.

TAF Toys Tummy Time Activity Book

With this propped-up flipbook packed with both high-contrast and bright graphics, the cute koala will keep your young one amused.

The book is supported by a triangle frame, which keeps it sturdy while your child reaches for the pages.

The high-contrast black and white patterns will help your baby focus visually and develop their eyesight, while the many colors and textures will keep them interested.

It comes with a tethered teether that can be tucked inside Koala’s tiny pouch to encourage fine motor skills and arm and shoulder muscle development in your baby. The pages are also made of a loud crinkle substance that will stimulate your baby’s aural development.

This toy is small and incredibly easy to pack into a baby bag, measuring only 7.9×5.9×3.5 inches.

Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror

This lovely and simple triangular mirror is the perfect height for your young one to hold up and perhaps sit up while reaching for the adorable attachments.

This tummy time toy features a lot of high-contrast blacks and white pictures and primary colors to help your baby improve his or her vision. The true-reflection mirror is big and fascinating, instilling awareness and interest in your infant.

A black and white rollerball and tiny green leaves that crinkle make up the beautiful ladybug attachment. With his clicking sounds and spin, Mr. Bee will keep your young one reaching and engaging. For safe play, the entire toy is composed of soft and forgiving materials.

Its measurements are 11.5×11.5×4.2 inches, making it easy to take along on trips.

Vtech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow

The V-Tech Discovery Pillow is fun, colorful, and cuddly support that evolves with babies, first as a support to assist hold them up for tummy time and then helping to stabilize them as they learn to sit up.

This u-shaped belly time roll in the shape of a colorful and friendly giraffe is soft and welcoming. It’s the ideal size for encouraging your baby to stay propped up and build the necessary muscle groups for crawling.

The light-up piano will keep your baby’s attention with lovely, brief songs that assist develop aural awareness, and it is surrounded by connected toys that stimulate pushing up, reaching, and grabbing.

There are a few more toys that will keep your child entertained on a multi-sensory level.

The giraffe is a good size for travelling, and the toys can be taken apart and used elsewhere.

It’s 3.9 x 15.8 x 27.2 inches in size.

Fisher Price Tummy Time Llama

The llama’s body serves as a cushion for effective stomach time, while its neck and head extend upwards to encourage pushing up and reaching for arm, shoulder, and neck muscular development.

The friendly llama sits on the floor at the ideal height for tummy time and comes with a bag that folds down to act as a mat with vibrant colors and joyful faces.

A mirror to enhance self-awareness and attention, as well as teething carrots and watermelon with various textures and hues to stimulate sensory development and fine motor skills, are among the removable toys.

The Tummy Time Llama measures 1515.416.9 inches and is light and portable.

TAF Toys Tummy Time Pillow

This soft and fluffy support cushion will allow your baby to stay on their belly for extended periods of time, which will help them develop the muscles and endurance they’ll need to start scooting and crawling.

The super-soft cushion is the perfect height for your baby to support herself up or even slide along with the pillow.

It features a teether and a detachable ring with a rattle, which are ideal for young hands who are just starting to hold onto objects.

And because of the toy’s simplicity, it’s a wonderful one to carry along when travelling.

Its measurements are inches by inches by inches by inches by 1

Infantino Prop a Pillar

This innovative set has three caterpillar-shaped cushion parts that can either slide apart to form one long caterpillar for tummy time or stack to provide support for your baby in a sitting position.

The adorable and friendly caterpillar is the ideal shape for supporting your baby during tummy time. The interesting curves, high-contrasting colors, and connected toys will keep your young one interested.

There’s a ring to encourage reaching and gripping, as well as a happy little sun that crinkles for aural stimulation. The entire set is soft and cuddly, and it can be piled in a c-shape for comfortable sitting support after your baby has had enough belly time.

18x6x12 inches are the measurements.

Tummy Time Toys For Babies

While many parents despise tummy time, it doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Tummy time can be a pleasant and developmentally appropriate activity when paired with the proper baby play mat and a few nice baby toys to stimulate your little one!

Tummy time is a beneficial activity to practise with your baby starting at a young age. It helps them develop the muscles they’ll need for milestones like crawling, rolling over, and sitting.

Experts have discovered that newborns who spend less time on their stomachs have a harder difficulty acquiring motor skills. 

While tummy time is important, many infants may cry if you roll them over. An entertaining toy will come in helpful at this point.

Anything that your baby loves gazing at may be used as tummy time toys. A fun ball, a colorful play mat, a baby-safe mirror, or a noisy toy are all possibilities. It’s OK as long as it keeps your child occupied.

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