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Best Umbrella Strollers

Best Umbrella Strollers

We dug deep and found the best umbrella strollers so you can enjoy an outing with your baby or toddler worry free.

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Our Picks: Best Umbrella Strollers

Pockit Lightweight Stroller

Inglesina Net Stroller

Chicco Liteway Stroller

Summer 3Dlite

Graco Breaze Lightweight Stroller

Shopping for strollers can give parents a little bit of a headache. With so many options to choose from, how do you even know which stroller is the best for your family?

This is why we dug deep and did some research to help save you time and money so you can purchase the umbrella stroller that you really need in your life.

Most parents go to an umbrella stroller when the baby is no longer in an infant car seat for the car. It is also a lightweight and compact making it easy to leave the house with your child, especially good for families who would like to leave a stroller in the car and not have it interfere with everyday trunk space.

Umbrella strollers are also better for traveling by air, or to theme parks such as Disney.

Umbrella strollers often have curved handles (like an umbrella) and are very simple, with very few fancy features and upgrades, but the lightweight design and smaller fold makes the umbrella stroller a desirable item for parents.

We decided to skip any umbrella strollers that were over the 20-pound mark and most of the strollers on this list recline – which is a rare find in umbrella strollers.

Here are the best umbrella strollers we discovered that parents can purchase and ensure they create a comfortable and smooth ride for their child.

The Best Umbrella Strollers

Pockit Lightweight Stroller

The Pockit Lightweight Stroller is our favourite choice because it is feather-light, weighing in at 9.5 pounds.

The fold on this stroller is super impressive! Folding down to 11.8” x 7” x 13.8”. It is so impressive, that it made it into the book for world records as the most compact stroller in 2014.

The design on this stroller is clever and you can switch from pushing an open stroller to carrying a folded stroller in mere seconds, perfect for busy families on the go.

Features: 2 step folding system and lightweight design. Height adjustable safety harness. Canopy. Padded handlebars. Parking Brake.

Weight: Supports children from age 6 months and up to 55lb.

Stroller Weight: 9.5 lb.

Dimensions unfolded: 22.7522.75″ L x 16.5″ W x 39.5″ H

Frame Material: Aluminum

Storage: Basket Available

Can hold 11 pounds of gearDoes not recline
Wheels rotate for increased maneuverability
Available in a choice of colors

Inglesina Net Stroller

A second runner up is the Inglesina Net Stroller. It is a little pricey but it has some nice features that other stroller just don’t have.

This stroller is lightweight, weighing in at 11 pounds and does have a 2 position recline. The recline is slight, so the child may have trouble sleeping on the lowest setting, but it is better than no recline at all.

This easy to fold umbrella stroller is a good choice for families because it is very easy to maneuver and it can stand all on it’s own when folded up.

There is a shoulder strap on the stroller for easy carrying, and the storage basket is rather large for an umbrella stroller.

A great feature to have on any stroller is a removable seat pad, so you can wash it. It’s also made from a mesh material, meaning the child can have a breezy bottom while you’re out and about.

The 5 point harness is great for babies who are 6 months old. This ensures they won’t be wiggling out anytime soon.

Features: 5 point harness, shoulder strap to carry. 2 position recline. Removable seat pad.

Weight: Supports children from age 6 months and up to 55lb.

Stroller Weight: 9.5 lb.

Dimensions unfolded: 17.00 x 18.50 x 40.00 inches

Storage: Basket is pretty large

2 position reclineThe recline is a full recline
Easy to maneuverMore expensive than average umbrella stroller
5 point harnessNot adjustable handles
One hand fold and can stand on it’s own

Chicco Liteway Stroller

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Another best umbrella stroller that we came across was the Chicco Liteway Stroller.

It is a little larger than the other strollers on the list and does weight in at 18 pounds, but it has some nice features as well.

There is a padded seat for a comfortable ride for your child and the seat reclines in 4 positions, making this a very “nappable” stroller.

With a one hand fold feature and a carrying handle, this stroller is easy to transport.

The pro’s on this stroller is the lower cost, which is a bonus for many parents.

Features: 5 point harness. 4 position recline. double action brakes.

Weight: Supports children from age 6 months and up to 40lb.

Stroller Weight: 18 lb.

Dimensions unfolded: 34.50 x 18.50 x 41.00 inches

Storage: For small or medium size diaper bags only. Up to 6.6 pounds.

Double action brakes are sandal friendlyDoes not self stand
5 point harness Heavier than most umbrella strollers
Reclines to almost flatBasket can hold up to 6.6 pounds (not for large diaper bags)
No peek a boo window on sun shade

Summer 3Dlite

The Summer 3Dlite is a pretty great umbrella stroller for parents, and definitely a top contender in the best umbrella stroller category.

It’s a cute and stylish stroller with an extra large storage basket which has parents pretty happy.

The aluminum frame makes this stroller a fairly light product, weighing in at 13lb.

Features: 5 point harness. 4 position recline. Extra large storage basket. Anti shock front wheels.

Weight: Supports children from age 6 months and up to 50lb.

Stroller Weight: 13 lb.

Dimensions unfolded: 40.51 x 10.20 x 8.50 inches

Storage: Large storage basket.

Anti shock front wheelsSun shade is small
Carry strapRequires 2 hands to recline the seat
4 position recline
Pocket on the back for wallet/keys

Graco Breaze Lightweight Stroller

The Graco Breaze Lightweight Stroller is the final contender in thie best umbrella strollers category. It’s a pretty impressive stroller because it is an umbrella stroller but also can accommodate an infant car seat.

There is a multi-position reclining seat that lies flat and a one hand fold with a carry strap.

It is a little more heavy, weighing in at 18lb, but it is to be expected for a stroller that can accommodate an infant car seat.

Features: Convertible 3- or 5-point harness. 1 hand fold. Seat can lay flat.

Weight: Supports children from age 6 months and up to 50lb.

Stroller Weight: 18 lb.

Dimensions unfolded: 20.00 x 27.50 x 40.00 inches

Storage: Large storage basket.

Can accommodate infant car seat
The footrest is seemingly very close to the stroller’s sea

The 39-inch high handlebar is suitable for both short and tall parents
Easy carry handle when folded
Reclines flat

Guide to Buying Umbrella Strollers

Who Should Buy an Umbrella Stroller

An umbrella stroller is a great choice for families who no longer have a need for a full-sized stroller.

Because umbrella strollers are more compact and lightweight than traditional strollers, they are a great choice for travel.

They are also a great space saving baby item, so if you’re low on storage space, then an umbrella stroller is an excellent choice.

You can easily keep an umbrella stroller stowed away in the back of your vehicle so you always have a stroller when you leave the house, where as a larger stroller can take up too much room in the back of the car and you’ll need to take it out so you can use the trunk for everyday things like groceries.

Most umbrella strollers cannot be used with newborns, therefore they are better suited for the 6 month and up stage.

Umbrella strollers are often used from toddler-hood up to age 5. If you are going on long walks, even a five-year-old can get tired and an umbrella stroller is a nice to have item so you don’t have to carry your child home.

What To Consider When Shopping For An Umbrella Stroller

Because all strollers are so different and have different strengths and weaknesses, you should do your due diligence and know what kind of features you want in your stroller.

Here are some basic things to consider when choosing an umbrella stroller for your family.

Weight: The weight of the stroller and how much weight the stroller can carry is important. Because umbrella strollers are compact, most are lightweight. Beware of strollers that cannot accommodate more than 40lbs as this can hinder how long you can use your stroller. Higher weight limit and lower stroller weight is what you should aim for. Many of the strollers we compared are less than 20lbs, so they are excellent choices if you’re looking for a quality stroller.

Cost: You can purchase an umbrella stroller for $20 if you like. They are readily available at many retailers such as walmart and target. The difference in the $20 stroller and the $150 stroller is the functionality. It all depends on what you need. If you are looking for a stroller that will last a short while and quality isn’t a factor, then the cheaper stroller may be what you need. If you require a nice storage basket, a canopy and a comfortable ride for your little one, then you may have to spend a little more for a stroller that accommodates your needs.

Features: When shopping for an umbrella stroller, the features are very important to consider. Do you need a stroller with a large canopy and sunshade? Is a peek a boo window important to you? Do you need something that is easy to fold and light to carry around? Perhaps you need a larger storage basket because you have a large diaper bag. Look at all the things you require in a stroller and make sure the stroller you choose has the features you need. Remember that a 5 point harness is super important if you are using an umbrella stroller with a 6-month-old.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an umbrella stroller?

An umbrella stroller is a smaller stroller ideal for parents who do not need a large stroller any longer. With a growing baby and no more need for an infant car seat, an umbrella stroller can make the lives of parents easier.

Umbrella strollers do not take up a lot of room and are awesome for travelling with your child.

Most umbrella strollers have curved “umbrella-like” handles, and some can accommodate a stroller organizer.

most umbrella strollers do not have a ton of storage and are really good for quick outings where a lot of gear isn’t required.

How old should a baby be to use an umbrella stroller?

Babies should not be in an umbrella stroller until atleast 6 months of age. Babies need to have full neck and head control before being able to safely enjoy an umbrella stroller.

If the stroller can recline fully, then you might be able to use it with a younger baby, but most models do not recommend the use of an umbrella stroller for infants younger than 6 months.

What is an umbrella stroller for?

If you’re going out on a quick trip, or vacation and don’t need a lot of gear, an umbrella stroller is very useful. they are lightweight and compact and great for storing in the trunk of the car.

What is the weight limit for an umbrella stroller?

All strollers have different guidelines and are not created equal. Be sure to understand the weight limits for the stroller that you purchase to ensure that your child will be able to use the stroller for as long as you need it.

Do Umbrella strollers recline?

Some models do recline. Some models have a larger recline than others. Be sure that the recline on your stroller suits your needs by reading in depth reviews of the stroller you are purchasing.

Can i take umbrella stroller on airplane?

Always consult your airline about your travel plans with a stroller. Most umbrella strollers are fit for travel, but you’ll need to let your airline know how small the stroller folds when it is flat and how much it weighs.

How to collapse umbrella stroller?

All strollers fold down differently so this varies by model. We love strollers that have a one hand fold, so you can fold the stroller without having to put down everything you are carrying in order to get the stroller folded.

What is the lightest umbrella stroller?

The amazing Pockit Lightweight Stroller weighs in at 9.5lb. It is the lightest stroller and has the most compact fold. So compact in fact that is was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2014.

Which umbrella stroller is the best?

We love all the strollers we reviewed on the list above. Here are the best umbrella strollers:

Can you purchase a double umbrella stroller?

Yes! Double umbrella strollers do exist. This is our favourite; Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight and Compact Double Umbrella Stroller.

(This post contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure policy is really boring, but you can find it here)