Best Wooden Activity Gyms For An Eco Friendly Nursery

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The Best Wooden Baby Activity Gym that are non-toxic for active babies.

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Bringing a baby home from the hospital is stressful, and trying tocome up with activities to keep baby busy can be difficult.

Doctors also encourage a lot of tummy time when your newborn comes home, starting day 1 so that they can gain strength in all their muscles.

Baby gyms are designed to encourage babies to reach, grasp, roll, gaze, excite and keep baby entertained as well.

Wooden baby activity gyms are a great option if you are going for a non-toxic natural nursery in your home. Wooden baby gyms are a great natural baby toy that you little one can safely engage with and gain all the strength required for growth.

If you are interested in non-toxic nursery items here are some more popular topics to search:

After considering some of the more popular wooden baby activity gyms, we decided that the HAN-MM Wooden Baby Gym is a great option for parents that zips in right on budget for most families and has all the excitement that a baby gym needs to offer a baby.

We also really enjoy The Play Gym by Lovevery as it has all the developmentally appropriate activities built right in and it comes with a soft gym mat, however, it does come in on the more expensive side for a baby toy, but it is a great option if you have a larger budget.

Here are the non-toxic best wooden baby activity gym options for you to browse for your little baby.

Non-Toxic Baby Gyms

HAN-MM Wooden Baby Gym – Budget Friendly

The HAN-MM Wooden Baby Gym is really a hidden gem in the wooden baby gym department.

This wooden baby gym is made with natural beech wood that has been sanded down and smoothed for babies to play with. It is free of any chemicals and has a natural color that blends in with many nurseries.

This is a sleek and modern non flashy baby gym that is sure to engage with your baby without being too stimulating with lights, sounds and other noises.

The A-Frame design is easy to assemble and easy to take apart for storage. This is a lightweight frame that you can take along anywhere in your home with you so your little one can play in the living room while you fold laundry or in the kitchen while you do the dishes.

The hanging toys on the A frame can be removed or added and the height of the toys is adjustable too.

The wooden beads are BPA free and have non-toxic paint and the wooden characters are also non-toxic and wooden. There are 3 plush toys; rainbow, sun and cloud, to stimulate baby senses. Keep in mind that you can take the toys off the bar and have your baby enjoy them while sitting in the highchair, out on a walk or otherwise.

Width between gym’s legs is 19.7” (50 cm) , Depth is 19.7” (50 cm), Height from the floor to a play gym bar is 17.7” (45 cm)

Monti Kids Baby Gym

The Monti Kids Baby Gym is a Montessori grade baby gym that encourages babies to learn and grow with minimalistic non distracting surroundings.

Even if you don’t plan on having a Montessori home, this baby gym is a great addition to any nursery that takes comfort in knowing they have non-toxic materials in the room.

This wooden baby gym has 4 mobiles and 4 toys. The mobiles have high contract black and white attachments and 3 colorful attachments. These toys also include a newborn rattle and other shapes that encourage reaching and grasping practices.

All of the parts of this baby gym are made with sustainably sourced wood and painted with non-toxic paint. All the packaging is 100% recyclable. All toys and materials meet or exceed U.S. Safety Standards (ASTM & CPSC) for babies 0-3 years old.

The Play Gym by Lovevery

The Play Gym by Lovevery is a very popular non-toxic p[lay gym that parents enjoy.

This is a newborn staple that is specially designed to stimulate cognitive development as well as motor skills through play. There are play zones, interchangeable toys and learning cards as well as teething accessories all in one gym.

Thoughtfully designed to promote cognitive, visual, and motor development from newborn to toddler.

Uses organic accessories, sustainably harvested wood. Water-based non-toxic finishes.

Built to keep your baby focused on fun and learning throughout the first year and beyond.

Zones on the Play Mat reveal or conceal to prevent overstimulation and promote learning: Learning to focus; Making sounds; How things feel; Hiding and finding; Exploring colors.

These removable favourites organic cotton Montessori ball and teether, and wooden batting ring are designed for grasping, mouthing and passing hand to hand.

Using the included Play Space Cover, The Play Gym becomes a cozy space for your growing baby and their friends to play.

Includes dozens of ideas and activities for fun stage-based play from newborn through 12+ months.

HABA Color Fun Play Gym

The HABA Color Fun Play Gym is a very simple wooden baby activity gym that uses sturdy non-toxic wood and encourages your little one to reach, grasp and turn their head from side to side.

This German made baby gym has a charming little frog that they can swing at and hear clacking and clicking from the wooden circles around the frog.

If you like, you can attach other baby toys onto the bar if you require more stimulation for your little one.

Measures approximately 23.6″L x 17.7″ W x 21.6″ H.

Pair it with thisWee Gallery Playmat.

Le Toy Van Hot Air Balloon Baby Gym

The Le Toy Van Hot Air Balloon Baby Gym is a medium priced activity gym that is suitable for a baby 2 months and up.

This gym is made with sustainably sourced rubber wood and uses non-toxic paints. This is a great gym for the eco-conscious parent.

the toy bar is 18″ from the ground which makes this a perfect gym for tummy time and overhead play. There are 3 wooden hanging toys for visual and auditory stimulation.

You could attach new toys to the toy bar if you wish to change the scenery up for your baby.

The A-Frame has colorful rings near the bottom of the frame which help your baby turn their head from side to side.

This is a very cute little gym that has a lot of color to it and adorable cloud shapes on the supporting legs which are another engaging feature that most baby gyms do not have.

Pair it with thisWee Gallery Playmat.

B. toys Wooden Activity Gym

This B. toys Wooden Activity Gym playmat is made with smooth natural wood and comes with an organic cotton mat.

Laying on the playmat is not only a cozy experience, but a beneficial one at that. While your little one marvels at the clouds and stars, they’re actually improving their hand-eye coordination and motor skills! Discovering the diverse and colorful accessories can also stimulate your baby’s senses and boost their intellectual development.

Laying on the playmat is not only a cozy experience, but a beneficial one at that. While your little one marvels at the clouds and stars, they’re actually improving their hand-eye coordination and motor skills! Discovering the diverse and colorful accessories can also stimulate your baby’s senses and boost their intellectual development.

The assembled wooden frame measures 24” (L) x 20” (W) x 20. 5” (H). the widest part of the mat measures 27”.

Pair it with this Wee Gallery Playmat.

Guide To Buying A Wooden Activity Gym For Baby

It can be difficult to have a completely non-toxic nursery as there are many plastic options for everything baby on the market. In the early days, you can choose some items that come in non-toxic forms such as pacifiers, creams, and even mattresses.

The best wooden baby activity gym options we provided here are all non-toxic and use non-toxic paint on them as well. Some gyms have silicone and fabric activities, and all of the parts and pieces of these gyms are completely non-toxic for your little one. When it comes to items that your baby will play with on a daily basis and have a lot of contact with, we really recommend going with non-toxic options.

If you are looking for more play mat options, here is our guide on the best baby gyms, just keep in mind that many have plastic options.

When shopping for a non-toxic baby gym, look for products that free of PVC, BPA, Phthalates and heavy metals. We suggest you choose organic cotton when it comes to softer toys and avoid EVA foam too.

Are Play Gyms Good For Babies

Yes wooden baby activity gyms are good for babies and in fact have many benefits for their development.

Sight: Baby toys hang off the wooden bay 8-15 inches above the baby which helps nearsighted newborn babies look at stimulating objects. This also helps babies with their perceptual skills.

Tummy Time: Play gyms can help make tummy time a more enjoyable time for your little one. Tummy time helps prevent flat head syndrome and helps strengthen muscles in all parts of the body.

Learning Through Play: Wood baby activity centers allow children to learn through their play. They learn how to interact with the world around them and this helps support healthy brain development.

Skills: Baby gyms allow children to explore different textures, colors and objects which helps them practice their motor skills, learn depth perception and learn hand-eye coordination, just like cause and effect toys do.

Non-toxic wooden baby activity gyms are safe spaces to learn cognitive skills such as object permanence and creativity. This allows the baby to work on their imagination even during infancy.

Tactile Stimulation: Any activity gym provides tactile stimulations which help children reach important baby milestones such as grasping, following moving objects, and reaching.

Are Wooden Baby Gyms Safe

If you choose to purchase a wooden baby activity gym for your little one you can rest easy knowing that it is a safe option for your family. These wooden gyms meet all the CPSC safety standards.

Wood toys are better choices than plastic because they are eco-friendly and do not contain toxic chemicals that can harm your baby over time.

Wooden baby gyms are durable and last longer than plastic versions, so you can be sure to pass them down from baby to baby.

Do Babies Need Activity Gyms

Babies do not need activity gyms, but they are a useful tool that helps with brain development. They allow the baby to learn through play and allow the baby to move around and explore more than jumpers and container activity centers. Add a wooden baby gym to your baby registry and maybe a friend can purchase one for you as a gift!

What Age Can Baby Use Play Gym

Some baby gyms can be used from the newborn stage while others are better suited for the 3 month and up mark. All activity gyms are to be used under supervision, no matter the age of the baby.

Always follow the age guidelines set out by the baby gym manufacturer to keep your baby safe.

When Should I Stop Using A Play Gym

Many baby gyms can be used well into toddler. Once your child can roll over and sit up on their own they can use the gym when seated to play. Some babies do lose interest once they become mobile.

When your child is no longer interested in the baby gym, you can add new wooden toys onto the toy bar to grab their attention.

Getting Playful With Non-Toxic Baby Toys

While The Play Gym by Lovevery is a very popular option among parents, there are more budget friendly alternatives when it comes to wooden baby activity gym choices.

We really enjoy the design of the HAN-MM Wooden Baby Gym and the price point isn’t too bad either for most families.

Each of the baby gyms listed above are made with care and are all excellent options for a nursery.

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