5 Best Wooden Toys Babies Love To Play With

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The best wooden toys for babies to keep your home and baby healthy.

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The Best Wooden Toys For Babies

Why Wooden Toys?

A lot of modern parents are seeking wooden toys for babies which are colorful in design, require fewer materials to create and are often thoughtfully made. While plastic toys can be a lot of fun and full of noises, they do not encourage children to use their imaginations. This is where wooden toys come in! They offer open-minded and imagination play experience because they force children to create their own stories, imagine their own sounds and encourage learning too.

Plastic toys are readily available, can be loud, and offer a lot of color for stimulation. Wooden toys, while making your living room look classy, are also timeless and help children developmentally.

Though you may not make your carbon footprint much smaller with wooden toys, since they are created and shipped from outside your home town and will take years to biodegrade, but wooden toys are created to be appreciated by both kids and adults.

We found the most sustainable and best wooden toys for babies, and we wanted to share this list with you.

Wooden Toys For Babies

Wooden Baby Play Gym

wooden toy for babies play mat

A baby toy that can be used as soon as the baby is born, is a play gym! Play gyms help stimulate the baby while the lay under the bar of toys, and later on sit up and pay with the toys hanging from the bars.

this baby gym comes with 3 removable toys that are soft, nice soft colors and are squeezable.

The playmat that comes with this gym is soft and comfortable, as well as organic, and super easy to set up too. Babies can even nap on it!

Wooden Teething Rings

wooden baby toy teething ring

Paired with beautiful BPA free siliocne beads, teething wooden rings are a great baby toy that is safe and useful too.

Silicone beads and organic beech ring provide instant teething pain relief for baby and the premium quality chewable silicone beads stimulates visual, motor, sensory development.

This is a non-toxic baby toy that functions as both a pain reliever and a toy. Definitely a must have item to add to the registry.

Wood Baby Rattle

Another organic natural wood baby toy is a wooden baby rattle.

This is definitely a toy for babies who can grab the rattle and shake it around to get all the enjoyment out of it, which happens around month 2.

Baby rattles are exciting, and a must have baby toy. Let your little one play with this safe, organic wooden baby rattle and not worry about unsafe plastic parts.

Manhattan Toy Artful Skwish Rattle 

manhattan toy wooden rattle

This is a fun little squishy rattle that is excellent for promoting gross motor skills.

Of course this rattle is made with sustainable wood and has a non-toxic wood finish.

This is a toy that babies can enjoy from the newborn stages, and can use it for safely teething on as well.

EverEarth – Discovery Blocks

wooden blocks for babies

For babies who are about 12 months old and up, these discovery blocks are amazing for developing imagination in a safe and colorful way.

We love these blocks because they allow babies to use their imaginations for long periods of time when playing.

Most children play with these from age 1-5, which makes this toy a good investment.

As babies get older they can graduate to wooden pull toys, dollhouses, stacking blocks, puzzles, and even wooden bikes. We love babies and toddlers too, but we really just wanted to keep this list as the best wooden toys for babies under 1.

Guide To Buying Natural Wooden Toys

Because wooden toys will not carry toxic chemicals into your home like some of its plastic toy alternatives, we can focus on some of the benefits of wooden toys for babies, which will hopefully help you choose natural wooden toys for your home.

Wooden toys are comforting and enchanting, even to parents. Children love their versatile and endearing nature which allows them to use their imaginations and play for hours on end. Wooden toys are often simple, colorful and beneficial for social, physical and cognitive development in children. Research has made confirmations that wooden toys are good for babies. Here are some more advantages of wooden toys for babies.

Benefits Of Natural Wooden Toys

Development Of Senses: Touching wooden toys and feeling the surface, shape, volume and weight of a wooden toy develops connections in babies brains which helps with memory. Children do tend to explore the world through touch, where they begin to really understand the differences between sticky, rough, wet, cold, hot, soft etc. Wood has a natural smell and can heat up and retain warmth, so it can be a really interesting texture for the baby to play with. Wooden toys can essentially satisfy all their senses.

Language Development: While babies are still learning to hold up their heads, they do absorb the learning of language while the play. Babies can listen to you talk about the colors of the toy, and explain how the toy works, which in turn helps them understand a little bit more about the language used in their everyday environment.

Lessens Anxiety: Wooden toys are quiet and offer and tranquil play. Babies are not over stimulated with lights and sounds, but rather stimulated through color and texture, which is less overwhelming can lead to a happier baby, and a better sleeper too!

Refine Fine Motor Skills: Wooden toys are essential for developing fine motor skills which is the coordination of hands, fingers, eyes etc. Actions such as lifting, balancing, pinching and stacking really help develop this coordination. Later on the baby will be needing to hold crayons for coloring and pencils for writing. All this learning, starts in babyhood.

Cognitive Skills: Sensory plays support cognitive growth by enhancing thought processes, reasoning and logic. Grabbing, categorizing, merging and stacking wooden blocks and toys, babies can make logical connections and conclusions about the way their toys behave.

Safe: Non-organic toys that are made with metal and plastic sometimes have BPA, PVC and lead paint in them which is not safe for your baby. Babies put toys in their mouths so it is important to provide your baby with baby safe toys. Wooden toys are organic, non toxic and naturally antibacterial also. They are often more durable too and can withstand more rough play from babies than a lot of plastic toys. Plastic toys can have sharp edges if broken, and sometimes have small pieces which can be chocking hazard for babies.

Traditional: A lot of wooden toys can be passed along from generation to generation and are often timeless. Their basic learning attributes are exciting for children of all ages and timelines. They can usually also withstand being passed down between sibling, children and parents and grandchildren too.

Wooden Toys Frequently Asked Questions

Are wooden toys better for babies?

Wooden toys are better for the environment and for babies and they never go out of style. They are often more durable and produce less waste than the average plastic baby toy. Some toys are even made with sustainable wood. Wooden toys don’t drain the brain as plastic ones do, they make children use their imagination by not providing them with specific tasks that a baby can do with the toy. They are often priced lower but come in higher quality. We do truly believe that wooden toys are better for babies.

Are wooden toys popular?

Wooden toys are popular among parents these days. People are feeling nostalgic about the toys they had when they were babies and the plastic alternatives just don’t bring those childhood memories to life as well as the wooden toys do. A lot of people are more inclined to reduce plastic around the world these days, so wooden toys are the better alternative.

Which wood is best for toys?

Maple, Beech, Pine and Cherry are the most poplar types of wood that toys are made from. These types of wood do not often aggravate allergies.

How do you disinfect wooden toys?

Disinfecting wooden toys is fairly simple. Wipe the toy down with mild dish soap or vinegar diluted with water. You don’t need to soak the wooden toys. A simple wipe down with a nice baby-friendly cleaner is all you need.

Do babies really need toys?

Babies need their senses stimulated, but plastic toys are not required. Often times, we have enough items around the house that can stimulate the baby, however, these choices are often not the safest, which is why a lot of people opt to purchase toys for their babies.

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