This Is What You Do If Baby Poops In the Tub

A typical parenting concern is a poop in the bathtub. What should you do, though, if your infant poops in the bath? A (not so bad) guide to coping. Don’t get me wrong: washing a little child is a blast. Bathing a baby is a beautiful, splashy experience that not only keeps your kid clean and fresh, but also allows […]

How To Baby Proof the Bathroom

Parenthood is exhilarating, incredible, and scary all at the same time. When you think you’ve mastered one stage, your kid grows up and you’re forced to start all over again. One of the most striking transformations is from a baby to a toddler. You have a child one day. You wake up the next morning to find your tiny cherub […]

How To Baby Proof The Christmas Tree

Are you looking for a way to baby-proof your Christmas tree? 9 simple toddler and babyproof Christmas tree suggestions from a mom. We’re getting close to the most lovely time of the year. And Christmas feels a little more special when you have a newborn or toddler at home, doesn’t it? Until children are in kindergarten, toddler-proofing the already fire-proofed […]

How to Make a Fireplace Baby-Proof

The procedure of babyproofing a fireplace is multi-step. To begin, use a baby safety fence as a childproof fireplace screen to provide a barrier between your child and the fire, protecting her from burns. Cover sharp edges if you have a stepped hearth. You should also lock the fireplace doors and keep the fireplace equipment out of reach. Finally, keep […]

How Dad Can Bond With Baby

I’m fortunate to have a wonderful father who has always been there for me – and who I know will continue to be there for me. And I’m thankful that my spouse is a parent who wants to be involved with our kids and prioritizes spending time with them. This one item provides me so much comfort when it comes […]

Newborn Baby Hacks You Need To Know

There is no way to prepare yourself for life with a baby by reading books or talking to family members. There are so many things you won’t anticipate or consider on your own. That’s fine! This collection of useful newborn baby tips for new parents will (hopefully) blow your mind and make you wonder why you never thought of it […]