Best Baby Crib With Storage

If you’re in a small space and you’re bringing a baby into the home, you might be looking for the best crib with a storage drawer to help you maximize the space you have and enjoy proper storage solutions. We have rounded up the best baby cribs with storage drawer to help you narrow down your choices.

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Baby gadgets and gear take up a lot of space in a home, and if your home is on the smaller side, then you’re going to be looking to save space wherever you can. A crib with storage drawers can really help you maximize a small space and help you get organized too.

There are many crib choices out there, and it can be so confusing and difficult to find a crib that fits your needsproperly. We have guides on how to find a standard baby crib, the best cribs for short moms, and even the best fancy cribs if you were looking for something other than a crib with a storage drawer.

We prefer cribs that are eco-friendly, non-toxic and low profile with lots of storage space for all the pj’s, drool bibs and crib sheets you’re going to need to have easily accessible. Safety is also a great concern of ours and we also love space-saving features when looking and researching cribs as well.

We hope this list is helpful in narrowing down the best crib with storage so you can get ready to welcome your baby and have the perfect crib solution on your baby registry.

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Our Picks

Graco Remi

We absolutely love the Graco Remi as the best crib with storage. It has all the things you need in one convenient package.

This is a crib, changing station solution with storage shelves and drawers in one unit.

This packager comes with a full-size water-resistant changing pad with a safety strap as well. You will have to purchase a crib mattress separately.

This crib system is fully convertible. Use it as a crib, toddler bed, day bed and even a full-size bed later on with a special conversion kit that is sold separately.

We do recommend that you purchase the conversion kit sooner rather than later because if this model becomes discontinues you will have a tough time finding the conversion kit when you need it.

There are 3 drawers that slide open as well as 2 open shelves to help you keep all of your baby essentials organized.

This crib meets all applicable safety standards.

The Graco Remi is the perfect all in one nursery solution.

3 Mattress Height SettingsDoes not have Greenguard Gold Certification
Change Table IncludedMattress sold separately
Change Pad IncludedTwin Bed Rails Not Included
Lead-FreeToddler Guard Rails Not Included


Change Pad Thickness1”
Full Size35.94” H x 71.77” L x 29.53”
Changing Table4” H x 17” x 28”
Overall Product Weight47.63kg
Width Between Slats2.375”
Compatible Mattress SizeStandard
Weight Capacity50 lbs
Made InChina

DaVinci Asher

The DaVinci Asher is a convertible crib that has underneath storage drawers.

This crib is a coastal cottage style crib with a space-saving silhouette. this is an overall valuable storage solution that grows with your baby.

This crib converts from crib into toddler bed and then into a day bed with a conversion kit.

The conversion kit is included if you purchase from Wayfair and it is not included if you purchase from Amazon.

This crib is Greengard Gold Certified which means it contributes to a cleaner and healthier indoor air. DaVinci is one of the few companies to offer this certification.

This crib has 4 adjustable mattress height options and it is very durable and can withstand very active toddlers.

This crib with storage is made of solid sustainable New Zealand pinewood and TSCA compliant engineered wood.

This crib is a standard size regular crib, for the best fit we recommend DaVinci’s line of non-toxic, GREENGUARD gold, waterproof mattresses.

Beautiful DesignAssembly Directions Confusing
Greenguard Gold CertifiedDrawer Does Not Have Divider
Made with New Zealand Pinewood
Non-Toxic / Lead Free


Full Size35.875” H x 56.25” L x 30”
Overall Product Weight36.74kg
Width Between Slats2.12”
Compatible Mattress SizeStandard
Weight Capacity50 Pounds
Made InTaiwan

Delta Children Abby

The Delta Children Abby crib is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a crib with storage. This crib converts into a toddler bed, a daybed and then a full size bed.

The daybed rail is included in the kit and the toddler guardrail and metal bed frame kits are sold seperately.

This crib will accomodate a standard size crib mattress which is sold sperately.

There is an attached change table that has 2 shleves ad 2 drawers. There is a water resistant vimyl change pad with a strap that is included with this crib.

Adjust the mattress to 3 different height settngs as your baby grows. The sturydy wood construction is durable and can withstand active babies.

This crib is JPMA certified and tested for lead and other toxic elements.

Full Size93.00 lbs.Full Size72.5 x 31.25 x 43.75 
Overall Product Weight95 lbs.
Width Between Slats2.12”
Compatible Mattress SizeStandard
Weight Capacity50 Pounds

Graco Hadley

The Graco Hadley crib is a 4 in 1 convertible crib that transforms from a crib to a toddler bed, to a day bed to a full-size bed with a headboard and footboard.

The crib drawer is a full size under the crib-style storage drawer that can help you organize your nursery essentials.

The mattress is adjustable to 3 different positions and the crib is durable enough to withstand active toddlers.

This modern farmhouse design is available in many different non-toxic finishes.

Drawer has 2 compartmentsDoes not come with conversion kits
Adjustable Mattress HeightAssembly Instructions Can Be Difficult To Follow
JPMA Certified
3 Mattress Heights
Full Size39.45” H x 54.88” L x 29.92”
Overall Product Weight29.03kg
Width Between Slats2”
Compatible Mattress SizeStandard
Weight Capacity50 Pounds
Made inAsia

Storkcraft Portofino

With Rocking chair Combo

The Storkcraft Portofino is a 4 in 1 convertible crib and change table with built in storage for all your changing and sleeping baby needs.

This crib combo kit comes with a water resistant changing pad as well as 3 concealed drawers and 3 open shelves.

There is a 3 adjustable height mattress support base.

This crib is JPMA certified and has won the Women’s choice award in 2020 for recommended baby and kids furniture.

JPMA certifiedThis crib conversion kit available separately
Conversion Types: Day bed; Toddler bed; Twin/Full sized bed
Number of Mattress Height Settings: 3
Lead Free
Change Pad Thickness0.5”
Full Size
43” H x 71” L x 32.5”
Changing Table
43” H x 16” x 26.25”
Overall Product Weight
Compatible Mattress SizeStandard
Weight Capacity50 lbs
Made InVietnam

Dream On Me Niko

The Dream On Me Niko is a 5 in 1 convertible crib that is well priced for all the features that it has.

This crib can be transformed from crib to toddler bed to day bed to a full size bed with or without a footboard.

There are 3 mattress height settings to help you adjust to your baby’s growing needs.

The Dream On Me Niko comes with a changing table that is attached to the crib but can also be used as a standalone changing table. You’ll receive a thin change pad as well with this kit. Some parents have said that the change pad is very thin and they purchased another change pad for their baby.

There are 3 spacious drawers attached to the change table to store all of your nursery essentials.

This crib is made with New Zealand pinewood and is durable enough to withstand an active baby.

This crib comes in 4 different finishes so you can find one that matches your nursery decor.

All Dream On Me cribs are JPMA certified to meet and exceed applicable ASTM and CPSC safety standards.

KEY SPECS: Product dimensions are 69Lx33.2Wx39.1H inches. All tools for assembly are included, conversion kit sold separately. Choose any Dream On Me non-toxic, Greenguard certified standard crib mattress for the perfect fit

Greenguard Gold CertifiedChange mat is very thin
Change Table Can Be Used Separately Or Attached
5 in one convertibility
3 Mattress Heights
Full Size69Lx33.2Wx39.1H
Overall Product Weight29.03kg
Width Between Slats2.3”
Compatible Mattress SizeStandard
Weight Capacity50 Pounds

Storkcraft Graco Solano

The Storkcraft Graco Solano is a convertible crib with storage that turns from crib to toddler bed to day bed to full-size bed. This crib is comfortable and has a changing table as well.

While there are no drawers on this changing table set up, there are 2 shelves that have plenty of space for you to organize your nursery essentials. You can use decorative baskets like these to organize your baby items with style.

There are 3 heights that the mattress can be adjusted to as your baby grows.

There are many modern finishes to choose from so you can be sure to find a finish that suits your nursery best.

4 in 1 convertibility No drawers
3 Mattress Heights Change area is smaller than standard change table
Open ShelvingChange table cannot be installed on the opposite side, so you’re stuck with it being on the left
Full Size72.3 x 28.9 x 42.1
Overall Product Weight85.76 lbs
Compatible Mattress SizeStandard

Storkcraft Luna

The Storkcraft Luna is an adorable crib with storage options for your nursery. There is a textured headboard and a full size under crib storage drawer.

This crib converts from crib to toddler bed to day bed to full size bed with footboard.

There is a 3 heat adjustable mattress support base on this crib to grow with your baby.

Conversion Types: Day bed; Toddler bed; Twin/Full sized bed; Twin/Full with FootboardMinimal Design
Number of Mattress Height Settings: 3Toddler Guard Rails Not Included
Natural Wood Grain Colour VariationTwin Bed Rails Not Included
Full Size
43.15” H x 31.38” L x 53.46”
Clearance from Floor to Underside of Crib
Overall Product Weight
Compatible Mattress SizeStandard
Width Between Slats2”
Weight Capacity50 lbs
Made InVietnam

Colby By DaVinci

The Colby 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib with Trundle is a more compact, space-efficient version of the customers’ favourite Colby 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Trundle. It features clean lines and a spacious, built-in trundle for a beautiful and practical nursery. The Colby Mini Crib grows with your child with its four different mattress height positions and converts into a mini toddler bed, daybed, and twin-size bed to grow with your child (conversion kits sold separately).

Small size cribRequires Mini Crib Mattress
Storage drawer underneath
Greenguard Gold Certified
Non-Toxic Finish
New Zealand pine wood
4 in 1 convertible crib
Full Size
34.6” H x 40.6” L x 25.6”
Overall Product Weight
Compatible Mattress SizeMini Crib Mattress
Width Between Slats2”
Weight Capacity50 lbs
Made InVietnam

Guide To Buying A Crib With Storage Drawers

If you are looking for a crib with storage underneath or on the side there are some things you should keep in mind when making your purchasing decision. If you don’t need to have a storage drawer on the side of the crib then you might get away with a standard crib in your home with an external set of drawers

If you have a smaller home and require extra storage solutions then you should consider a crib with storage built in. This is especially helpful if you are going to have the nursery in your master bedroom or your nursery room is very small.

Under the crib storage certainly won’t solve all the storage problems you may encounter, but it can certainly help you store clean sheets, baby blankets, protector pads and any other mid-night baby essentials you might be needing.

Here are the things we look for when choosing the best crib with storage:

Size: When doing our research on the best cribs with storage solutions, we were looking for size specifications. If you’re looking to maximize space, there is a good chance you might be considering the space you have for the crib.

Storage: When looking for a crib with storage solutions, you might want to think about what kind of things you will be stored in the drawer. If you’re thinking simply crib sheets, mattress pads, blankets and bulky items, then you might only require one drawer. If you are thinking of storing baby bibs, diapers, nail clippers, wipes, baby bath essentials, adorable hair ties and bows, and more, then you might want to consider storage that is on the side of the crib and in multiple drawers too.

Crib Mattress Height Settings: When shopping for any crib, mattress height is very important. If you are a shorter parent, then it would be great to have a mattress setting that is higher for the newborn stages so that you don’t fall into the crib when putting the baby down. Crib mattress height is very important to adjust as the baby grows and develops sitting and standing abilities.

Safety: when choosing a crib, safety should be one of the more important factors to keep in mind. Credible manufactures will create better quality cribs that are safer than non-recognized manufactures. You’ll want to ensure the materials that the crib is made from are safe and are made with solid wood and a low VOC finish as well. When babies start to stand up in their cribs, they tend to chew on the railings, and toxic paint could get into their system and eventually harm their health later in life.

Some cribs have Greenguard Gold certifications which means that crib has been tested for harmful VOC’s and is a safe option to use indoors with babies. As well as Greenguard Gold certifications we want to look for products approved by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

If The Crib Is Convertible: When looking for any sort of baby crib, you might want to look and see if the crib you like is a convertible or not. If you are looking for something that is convertible, please make sure you choose a model that is well constructed so that it can last for years to come.

Looks: If you’re looking for a baby crib that is new, you’re going to consider the aesthetic aspect of it too. A pretty crib can make a nursery pop. You might want to look into matching gliders, drawers and change tables too, so keep that in mind when choosing a crib with storage.

Types Of Cribs With Storage Drawers

Convertible cribs with drawers underneath the crib: Convertible cribs with drawers underneath the crib are cribs that can be used from infancy to toddlerhood and sometimes into childhood as well. These cribs have storage underneath the mattress area which is perfect for storing baby bedding and essentials. This drawer prevents dust from settling under the crib which saves you vacuuming time and searching for dropped pacifiers under the crib space. Sometimes the drawer has a divider so it is two separate spaces and sometimes it is one large space.

Combo or multifunctional cribs with storage drawers: These are cribs that are multifunctional and have changing stations and drawers. These are great for tiny apartments and save you from needing to purchase a separate change table.

Combo cribs with drawers underneath: Combo cribs with drawers underneath are going to be the cribs that have the most storage you can ever find on a crib. With these styles of cribs, you’ll have storage underneath, storage drawers, an attached change table as well as a full-size crib.

Mini cribs with storage drawers: Mini cribs with storage drawers are simply smaller cribs that have storage drawers attached. These are harder to track down, but if you can find one, they will be very space saving options.

When looking for a crib with drawers there are many choices you can make. If you have more space then you may want to consider a convertible crib with a drawer underneath. This drawer is very handy for keeping space crib sheets, mattress protectors and receiving blankets.

If you are short on space, then a combo crib with drawers will be a better choice for you.

Crib Safety Guidelines To Follow

When choosing a baby crib you’re going to want to follow some crib safety guidelines to ensure your baby stays safe while using the crib.

You’re going to want to stay away from drop side crib styles as they are banned for use as they have caused injury and death among infants and children. If you purchase a crib second hand, you might be able to find a drop side crib, and we do not recommend you purchase it.

The slats on the crib should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart to keep your baby safe in the crib as they sleep.

When your baby is sleeping make sure you do not attempt to make the crib mattress softer by adding pillows and blankets in the bed with the baby. You can use a baby pillow for flat head if your baby requires one, but those are not meant for sleep time. You can start to use a pillow with your baby when they turn 2 years old.

Ensure that your crib mattress is the proper size as well and that there are no gaps between the mattress the sides of the crib. There should be no more than 3cm or 2 fingers space between the mattress and the crib.

Make sure you follow manufacturer instructions when setting up the crib. It can be easy to set the crib up incorrectly, and it is a total pain in the butt to have to disassemble and re assemble everything again.

If the crib has damaged or broken parts please do not use it.

If the crib is older than 10 years, you should not use it.

Be sure to place the crib away from any cords including electrical cords, and blind cords as well.

Make sure any furniture you have is far enough away from the crib that if your baby was to crawl and jump out of the crib, they won’t get stuck in between the crib and the furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cribs With Storage

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