5 Most Stylish Gender Neutral Diaper Bags Even Dads Can Wear


Diaper bags aren’t just for Moms to use, Dad’s want to help too. We found the best gender neutral diaper bags for all parents to enjoy.

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Gender Neutral Diaper Bags That Moms and Dads Will Love

RUVALINO Multifunction Travel Back Pack

Eddie Bauer Traverse Back Pack Diaper Bag

TETHYS Diaper Bag Backpack

Land Baby Diaper Bag

The Honest Company City Backpack

Diaper bags are a must-have item for your new baby. If you’re leaving the home, you’ll want to bring a lot of baby gear to ensure you can take care of your little one properly.

From bottles and extra formula to the pacifier and diaper changing essentials, it’s a full bag of tricks.

If Dad wants to take the baby to the park, the last thing he will want is a flowery feminine bag, which is where a gender neutral diaper bag comes in super handy.

We found the best, most gender neutral bags that are full of all the pockets and all the things you need in a diaper bag to make both Mom and Dad happy to throw it into the stroller or take along with a good long walk with the baby in a carrier.

The Best Gender Neutral Diaper Bags

RUVALINO Multifunction Travel Back Pack

diaper bag for Dad

This 16 pocket beauty is big enough to hold all the baby essentials you require and is stylish to boot.

The RUVALINO Multifunction Travel Back Pack is our top pick for gender neutral diaper bags as it is a lightweight, durable and waterproof bag that can be used for years to come.

Equipped with a laptop compartment and mesh pocket organizers, you can keep your baby stuff and your on the go work gear in one stylish bag.

Use the zip closures with just one hand a there is an easy-to-use double zipper and extra-wide opening pocket.

This diaper bag comes with a change pad and 2 zippered closure compartments. Complete with insulated bottle pockets that can hold bottles up to 11oz.

Don’t believe us that this is the best diaper bag on the market? Out of 4200 Amazon reviews, this gender neutral diaper bag has received a total of 4.8 stars..pretty impressive!

Easy to spot clean10/4200 reviewers had issue with zipper breaking
Durable material
16 pockets
Fairly priced
Padded laptop pocket

Eddie Bauer Traverse Back Pack Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag For Newborn

Our second runner-up is the Eddie Bauer Traverse Back Pack Diaper Bag which features 11 pockets and a sleek and stylish design.

This bag comes with a changing pad and a wipes container for easy on the go changing.

The straps are padded to make carrying all that baby gear comfortably and the bag even has straps that can be used to hang the bag off of a stroller.

You’ll be able to store a lot of baby gadgets in this bag!

11 pocketsNot waterproof
Padded shoulder carry strapsIt is on the smaller side
Can attach directly to stroller

TETHYS Diaper Bag Backpack

The Best diaper Bag

We love the product and the price with this TETHYS Diaper Bag Backpack.

Featuring 18 spacious pockets this stylish and ergonomic diaper bag is comfortable to wear for both Mom and Dad.

There is a special parent pocket to keep your parent items separate from the baby gadgets.

This is a great bag for travel and even has a handy little tissue pocket that’s so convenient and very cute too.

This is high quality diaper bag that is durable and stylish too.

Lower price pointNo stroller straps
One hand zipper
Parent pocket super useful

Land Baby Diaper Bag

A stylish diaper bag

For a gender neutral diaper bag, you cannot go wrong with the Land Baby Diaper Bag.

This bag has 15 pockets and is made from a Cotton texture Oxford cloth which is a waterproof material which makes it great to use on an outdoor adventure.

This bag is easy to care for as you an just wipe it clean if you have a milk spill by accident.

This lightweight diaper bag is a great choice for parents everywhere and when you’re finished using it as a diaper bag, you can use it for regular life activities!

Made with Cotton texture Oxford clothNo change pad included
15 pockets
Lots of space for all the baby gear

The Honest Company City Backpack

Vegan Diaper Bag

This Vegan leather backpack style gender neutral diaper bag is a fashion accessory that meets all the requirements of a diaper bag too.

The Honest Company City Backpack has a modern mulberry hue that is perfectly pigmented to match any outfit.

Made with Honest vegan leather backpack is made with 100% polyurethane vegan leather without potentially harmful foams or PVC, giving parents everywhere peace of mind.

Designer bagMore expensive than other bags
Has change pad No insulated compartments
100% Vegan leatherLeather can get hot on the back on super warm days

Guide To Buying A Diaper Bag

Do you Need A Diaper Bag?

We think so, but let’s just touch base on some important baby essentials for a moment to help you decide for yourself if you really need a diaper bag or not.

The thing is, you never know what a baby is going to do or what you will need in any situation involving an infant.

Kids are never full, they will always want a snack or a drink and if your little one is in diapers you do have to prepared for a diaper blowout at any moment in time – at home or out.

Having a diaper bag means you can bring those essential items to get you out of any sticky situation, without having to ask a friend for help.

But if you’re really asking if you need a diaper bag or if you can use a regular backpack, the answer is you can use any bag you like, as long as you can hold all the essentials.

The convenience of a diaper is that it usually comes with a handy change pad which can save you from having to place the baby on a dirty change table when you’re out in public.

Most diaper bags often have many pockets so you can keep your baby gadgets and gear organized instead of having everything in one large pocket. Being organized can help you get out of sticky situations quickly such as a pacifier emergency.

So you can definitely decide for yourself if you need a diaper bag or not, but we do highly recommend you grab one to make your already complex life with a baby more simple.

How Long Will You Use a Diaper Bag?

A diaper bag is an essential item from the day your baby is born (you’ll want to bring it to the hospital with you) through to the toddler years and even beyond.

Once your little one is no longer having potty accidents and you no longer need to bring extra clothes with you when you leave the house, you can probably start to not use a diaper bag any longer.

What Should You Carry In Your Diaper Bag For A Newborn?

Because babies need a lot of care while you’re at home or out of the house, you’ll want to ensure you pack your diaper bag well every time you leave home.

Here are some of the most common items parents keep in their diaper bags, and yes it seems like a lot, because it is!

This may look like a lot of baby items to put into a diaper bag, but trust us when we say that you will need all the gear you can get your hands on when you are out with the baby.

If the baby gets hungry then you will want to feed the baby with formula. Having a formula dispenser, baby bottles, water, burp cloths, a bottle warmer and extra outfits are important just to complete the task of feeding the baby.

If you need to change the baby while you are out, then you’ll be utilizing the diapers, wipes, receiving blanket, diaper cream, hand sanitizer and possibly baby toys to keep them distracted while you change them.

Then you will also need to ensure you are packing up winter gear if you have a winter newborn and all the summer essentials when the weather is nice.

So while you can use any bag as a diaper bag, you’re probably going to want to keep things organized within compartments as much a possible to make your life as easy as you can when you are busy with baby out in public.

What Is The Best Gender Neutral Diaper Bag?

It will depend on your style as well as your needs when it comes to picking a diaper bag, but if you’re like us and prefer the backpack style diaper bag, the RUVALINO Multifunction Travel Back Pack is our favourite gender neutral diaper bag. It checks all the boxes – Waterproof, many pockets, stylish, rave reviews, large compartments, easy access parent pockets, and a great price too.

Having a diaper bag that fits all your essentials when you are out with the baby is very important. Keeping things in a gender neutral pattern when it comes to choosing your diaper bag just opens up the option for your partner to use the bag without feeling embarrassed about having a floral and bright pink bag when out in public.

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