Have A First Time Grandma In Your Life? Give Her A Thoughtful Gift

Looking for something special for a new grandma on the block? These gifts for grandma to be are very cool and are sure to make any grandma smile!

Becoming a grandparent is a special time in someone’s life and should be celebrated! One of life’s common milestones, along with getting married and having a child, is becoming a grandmother for the first time. If you know someone who is expecting their first grandchild, you may have had the (right!) inclination to seek for a gift to commemorate the event. But what do you gift for people who have already become parents but haven’t yet become grandparents?

Let the grandma to be in your life know how much you appreciate them with a special gift that is sure to make her smile.

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to give a new grandma.

We made your life more simple by rounding up these very special gifts that you can order online and ship right to her door if you like.

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Gifts For Grandma To Be

For The Grandma Who Loves Her Kitchen

For the kitchen loving grandma, there are some very cute and special items you can gift to her.

This 100% cotton kitchen towel is just darn adorable and can be displayed all the time in the kitchen. This is a standard dish towel size at 28 inches square and comes at a very reasonable cost!

It may not be as functional as a regular kitchen towel as it is more on the thin side, but it’s lovely to be used as a display item.

The Chicago Metallic Professional Lasagna Trio Bread Loaf is a kitchen grandmas best friend. Help granny prepare 3 separate dishes in one pan.

The pan measures 13 by 9 by 1-1/2-inch; each loaf measures 3-1/2 by 1-1/2-inch high and is heat safe up to 450 degrees F (232 degrees C) and is dishwasher safe.

Coming in under $20, this is a wonderful gift for the grandma who loves her kitchen.

This Green Tea Herbal Kit is a perfect gift for grandma to be with 48 tea bags ranging in classic favourites such as English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Decaffeinated Breakfast, and Lemon & Orange teas.

It’s already in a box and it is presented really nicely, so all you really need is a bow, which is perfect for a tired new mom in her third trimester looking for a gift for her mom or mom in law.

This gift is also under $20, making it an affordable option for the parents who just spent a fortune on baby gear!

Keep your gifting really simple but practical and grand this beautiful mug that is high quality and can hold 15oz of fluid.

This little gem is dishwasher safe, and honestly, everyone who reviewed this mug on Amazon gave it a four-five star rating, so you know it’s a good buy.

For The Sentimental Grandma

Sentimental gifts that can be personalized either by the giver or the grandparents receiving it.

For the grandma that loves to show off her family, this little brag book is the perfect gift.

It’s compact so she can keep it in her bag at all times, and it takes standard 4×6 photos making it super simple to fill up with special babies as they come into her life.

This Sonogram Frame is perfect for the sentimental grandma. Imagine how she would display it in her home, so proudly that she is going to be a granny for the very first time.

A sentimental grandma may not have much wall space left, so if this is the case, a digital photo frame is a perfect solution!

Help grandma load it up with beautiful family photos and show her how to add new pictures too for when the new baby finally arrives.

Here is another unique way for the sentimental grandma to show off her beautiful blossoming family, displayed in this gorgeous tree assembly!

This metal family tree picture frame is a wonderful gift for the grandma who loves to fill her walls with family photos.

A brag board? Heck yes!

The perfect gift for a new grandma who is dying to show off her new grandchildren.

This trending string art design brings a little homey feeling to the sign and is a beautiful keepsake.

For The Grandma That Needs Pampering

All grandmas can use pampering, but if you have a new grandma that is going to help out with the new baby, or has been already, then these are the perfect gifts for her.

Chocolate and Mint Bar Soap is a wonderful gift for grandma that she is sure to enjoy!

It’s a nice easy gift because it is suitable for all skin types and can be gifted on it’s own or with a few other select items in a little gift basket.

Get grandma a personalized throw blanket with all the names of her children and (if you know) the name of the new baby that’s going to call her grandma so soon!

Ohhh Ahhh, these Sheepskin Mayberry Slippers are too comfortable to pass up when shopping for a gift for grandma to be.

All feet need this kind of comfort and even the grandma who has everything will appreciate these.

Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray is everything your grandma needs to relax in the bathtub.

Pair this with some bubble bath and a bath pillow and shes going to be there to help you babysit your new baby without you having to ask!

More Gifts For Grandma To Be

Grandma’s house always smells so good, and you can bet your bottom dollar that she loves candles. Keep the atmosphere coming with a candle that can burn from 110-150 hours.

This is a tear-jerker of a gift, isn’t it? This special necklace is the perfect reminder that the bond between mom, grandma and granddaughter is very strong.

A paper time capsule that she will adore for generations to come.

With this keepsake collection of twelve letters you can fill each with words of wisdom that only a grandparent can impart then postdate, seal with the included stickers,

These cute socks are a simple gift that are sure to make grandma laugh out loud.

She will enjoy wearing them too! This is actually a great gift for announcing to your family that there will be a new addition soon!

Keep it simple with a keychain that she will keep with her at all times!

This keychain is hypo allergenic and won’t stain or tarnish either.

Do Grandma’s Need gifts?

Yes they sure do! They are so excited to have a new baby to hug, it’s probably been a while. We should be spoiling grandma just a little, because you know she will be spoiling the new baby a whole heck of a lot.

What About Grandma Who Has Everything?

Buying a gift for the grandma who seems to have everything already can be challenging, but you have to remember that it’s not the gift that counts, it is the thought that counts!

If you’re going to go with candles or a personalized engraved towel, shes going to love it because of what the gift represents, not what the gift IS.

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