3 Best Nursery Gliders For Tall Parents

Any seasoned parent will tell you that you will spend the majority of your time in the nursery. As a result, there’s one piece of nursery furniture you should never be without a comfortable glider.

You’ll need a comfy seat to help you through late-night feedings, nighttime reading, or just napping after a long day of handling a fussy baby.

Leather, cotton, and microfiber are among the materials used to create the best glider. Each of these solutions has its own set of advantages and levels of comfort and all of them have side pockets and are a great option for new moms.

However, if you’re tall, you’ll want to check the proportions of your nursery glider to make sure your feet won’t hang off the edge and that it fits into small spaces if that’s an issue for you.

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Why You Need Special Considerations When You’re A Tall Parent

A great nursery glider couch might give a location for baby pampering for tall parents who have never heard of a nursery glider. Whether it’s for a baby’s nap, feeding, or impromptu snuggles, attentive parents will recognize the importance of having a comfortable spot to sit in the nursery or living room.

Back and forth glides in a space where a new parent feels at ease is a proven relaxing experience for your child. And that’s not all: most nursery gliders come with a ton of storage space for baby needs, as well as the ability to recline and charging stations, it’s always a good idea to consider a nursery glider.

A Glider Is An Essential Nursery Item: Here’s Why

A nursery glider belongs to the category of infant care equipment for whom having parenting help is desirable. Although your bed or rocking chair is a suitable place to feed or snuggle, some parents believe they are insufficient.

It’s Soothing

The Nursery Glider may be utilized in a variety of settings. With the smooth gliding motion, t gives a pleasant place to sit while feeding or rocking your infant to sleep. Many parents swear by their nursery glider because it helps them bond with their newborn kid, allows them to get some much-needed rest after being up all night nursing, and relieves aching muscles from pregnancy.

Provide support

These gliders give better lumbar support for taller people, which may help with back muscle relaxation and rehabilitation from post-pregnancy stresses. Ordinary furniture is designed to support a specific amount of weight and motion, which is one of the reasons why gliders are the perfect match for you. They can’t be used as a glider or a rocker.

After all of this discussion, you might be wondering what distinguishes a nursery glider from a regular rocking chair for tall parents. We were able to narrow down some of the top nursery gliders for tall parents after conducting extensive research.

Best Nursery Glider For Tall Parents

Everyone adores them since they provide relaxation for both parents and newborns, as well as a specific area for mom and baby to socialize. Our goal is to help you choose the greatest nursery glider for tall parents based on aesthetics, functionality, and longevity from this list of the best nursery gliders.

We’ll go over some of the best nursery gliders for tall parents in this article to assist you to select the best one for you.

Delta Children Dylan Nursery Recliner Glider Swivel Chair


  • Multiple recline positions.
  • easy-to-clean woven fabric holds up to years of use without fading
  • 4-In-1 Design: Comfy Recline, Silent Glide, Rocking Motion.
  • Seat cushion with pocketed coil spring construction delivers long-lasting comfort and support
  • Extensions and Clamps Available: Sold Separately


  • Customer service is not up to the mark.
  • Some complaints about the recline feature is hard to close.
  • Some customers complain about the glider making noise while rocking.

All you need is a chair at times. A warm, inviting spot to read your child’s favorite book before bedtime or to cradle them back to sleep after a nightmare. That’s why the Delta Children Dylan Nursery Recliner Glider Swivel Chair was created with you tall moms in mind, so you can enjoy every day with your kids, and is my top pick!

It has an easy-to-reach reclining mechanism manufactured of super-durable steel that glides smoothly, as well as high-quality seat support that ensures years of relaxation.

This glider comes fully constructed and ready to use, so all you have to do is take it out of the box and arrange it where you want it. You might need some extra space because it’s wide, but it’s awesome for tall parents. It has a locking mechanism and provides a rhythmic motion to soothe a fussy baby and read bedtime stories.

But it’s Delta Children’s emphasis on safety that sets it apart from the competition– owing to non-toxic materials free of hazardous chemicals, CPSC certification, Meeting and Exceeding ASTM Standards, and so on! It is critical to ensure your child’s health and safety.

You’ll also like its long-lasting, easy-to-clean fibers, which can withstand years of usage without fading – even if your youngster decides to throw a tantrum every day after bath time!

Being a parent is difficult, but at least you can now unwind with this Delta Children Dylan Nursery Recliner Glider Swivel Chair with its deep seat, high back, and perfect fit.

DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Nursery Glider with Ottoman


  • Greenguard gold certified.
  • Designed with a high back for head and neck support
  • Toxic chemicals free
  • Produce smooth 360-degree swivel motion and forward and backward gliding motion
  • Very Comfortable


  • Some Customers Complain About A Squeaking Noise After Some Time Of Usage.
  • Customer Service is Not Up to The Mark.

DaVinci understands how hard caring for your child can be, so they created this elegant glider to provide some much-needed rest. It has a high back that can be adjusted to provide support for both the head and neck for any length of time.

You’ll be comfy in no time thanks to the 360-degree swivel motion and forward and backward glide. So whether you’re feeding or rocking your baby to sleep, this furniture provides everything you need and is a great addition to your nursery!

They’ve even included an additional cushioned ottoman so that your feet may relax while seated if they don’t want to stay on the ground for another second! A lumbar pillow has been added to the rear of this product.

And, because DaVinci prioritized safety, this product complies with all CA TB117-2013 flammability criteria in addition to being GREENGUARD GOLD CERTIFIED. It also has upholstery that is devoid of chemical flame retardants such as Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDE)

The best part? If any fluids or food falls on the protected fabric cover, simply wipe them away.

Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner


  • Easy to Clean.
  • Comfortable Chair for Tall Parents.
  • Affordable Nursery Recliner.
  • Supportive Spring Core Foam Filled Seat.
  • Offering 3 functional positions- swivel, glide, and recline!
  • Works great for breastfeeding, sitting/rocking or napping


  • The chair can make little Bit of noise after some time of usage.
  • The armrests are in a bit low position.
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to put the recliner back into an upright position.

Are you ready for a lifetime of relaxation? Now you can relax and unwind in the comfort of this swiveling gliding chair. It’s been designed with your specific requirements in mind, so it’ll make all that naptime even more relaxing and delightful for a long time!

The Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner is equipped with a ball bearings system that allows for both rotational and gliding movements. So you may benefit from the freedom of a broad range of motion and extra support.

The leg rest has a simple pull mechanism that allows you to easily put your feet up, recline back, or stand completely erect from your current position.

There’s a color for everyone with so many different colors for a nursery rocker! The soft button-tufted upholstery is also easy to maintain, ensuring that it looks great for years to come.

Top 3 Things To Consider Before Buying A Nursery Glider For Tall Parents

Many tall parents aren’t sure what to look for while buying a nursery glider. There are several factors to consider before making a purchase, and we hope that this information will assist you in determining which option is best for your family.

The next section discusses some of these factors and how they may influence your selection on which nursery glider to purchase.

1. high backrest

Before purchasing a nursery glider, be sure to check the back height. You need to be at a comfortable height to achieve optimal lumbar and neck support when carrying your infant. This support will keep you from getting a muscular strain or injury!

The headrest will also be at the correct position if the nursery glider’s back height is correct. A low headrest can cause neck discomfort by pushing your head forward. Proper headrest positioning offers relaxation without too squeezing the neck.

It’s critical that you pick one with the proper features and specs, so do your homework before ordering! To begin, make certain that their seat back height is at least 29 inches.

Make sure the nursery glider is at least 40 inches tall when measured from the floor to the highest point. If you can’t locate a glider with the minimal configuration, look for one with a height of 36 to 38 inches (floor to top) and a 26-inch-high chair back.

2. Foot Rest

Nobody likes to feel claustrophobic while testing out a new nursery. The footrest gives support as well as relaxation, whether you’re fatigued or just want a little more leverage in your chair! Furthermore, if the end of these armrests is at mid-calf, all of our legs will have too much room between them while in use, forcing us to scrunch up, which isn’t ideal given how little toddlers still believe crawling about on hands and knees is enjoyable.

Tall Parents should consider a glider with a footrest and a length of at least 67 inches when fully reclined. This will provide you with sufficient space, but depending on your height, you may need more space. 

3. Seat Width

The seat width of your baby’s nursery glider should be sufficient to guarantee that you are not sandwiched between two armrests. If needed, an appropriate seat width will also allow you to place one or two support cushions.

Given that the nursery glider is one of your more expensive items, it’s understandable that you’d want to retain it for as long as possible.

When you consider how broad they are, you’ll need more room to snuggle with your child as they develop from infancy to toddlerhood (and beyond). When browsing around, 18′′ seats are a great place to start because they should provide ample space in front.

You’ll of course want to take a look at these things as well, but these are not as important for the “tall parent” as they are for every parent.

  1. Ottoman
  2. Locking Mechanisms
  3. Swivel
  4. Quality of fabric
  5. Storage Pockets
  6. Warranty
  7. How easy is it to clean
  8. Lumbar support
  9. Quietness
  10. Armrests
  11. Size of the glider (consider small space issues)

Difference Between Nursery Glider And Rocker

Every time you turn around, it seems like there’s a new thing to assist make life with kids easier. A rocker or glider for feeding your infant, for example, is a more recent addition to the nursery.

The primary distinction between a nursery glider and a rocker is the manner in which they move. The nursery glider glides forward and backward in a smooth pace.

Each movement of a rocking chair involves two points of contact with the ground. This can be dangerous for children and dogs, as the squeeze might cause injury.

A glider, on the other hand, poses no such threat. Glider pinch points are located away from the floor, preventing your baby from becoming caught.

Gliders take up more room in your nursery and are perhaps less portable than rockers.

Rockers, on the other hand, are more lightweight and mobile than gliders.

A glider is an ideal choice for any surface, including wooden and tiled floors, although rocking chairs may not be the best choice for certain surfaces.

Gliders are often comfier than rockers. A glider, rather than a traditional rocker, is a more adaptable alternative for your nursery.

It allows you to swivel and recline to find the ideal posture for recovering after childbirth or simply experimenting with different sleeping positions!


How Do Nursery Gliders Work?

A nursery glider’s frame is made up of a seat and a base connected by a double-rocker-four-bar linkage. The linkage’s non-parallel suspension arms assist the chair in rocking and gliding motions while delivering excellent comfort!

Are Gliders Necessary For Nursery?

A glider for the nursery is a nice-to-have rather than a must-have. However, if you have the funds and room, one of these would be a fantastic addition to your nursery!

What is a good glider for nursery?

A decent nursery glider should be sturdy and long-lasting, with features that make breastfeeding simple and comfortable for both mom and baby. It should have all of the necessary safety and quality certifications, as well as be reasonably priced so that you may enjoy them without spending too much money!

How much space do you need for a glider?

To avoid hitting the wall while moving, you should position your glider 36 inches or 3 feet away from it. If there are other pieces of furniture in the room, a 24′′ spacing between them and you when rocking back and forth is plenty to avoid crashing into them.

Best Nursery Gliders For Tall Parents Bottom Line

This article may have piqued your interest, but it also piqued your suspicion. That’s reasonable, given the abundance of articles online claiming to be able to assist you in finding the finest nursery glider for tall parents.

But trust us when we say that these suggestions are well worth your time and consideration! We spent hours researching what characteristics make a nursing chair good for taller individuals, then condensed our results into one easy-to-read blog article.

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