This One Product Is All You Need to Baby Proof the Cat Food & Litter Box

Before you bring home your firstborn, your heart may have been occupied by another baby – your furbaby. Many forget the cat’s space on the list of baby proofing must-haves. This article will explain why you need to baby proof the cat’s food and litter box as well as the easiest way to do this. 

While your cat may be more fascinated by your newborn at first, as your baby grows, this will quickly change. That fluffy tail can be hard to resist! 

Protecting your cat’s space may seem unnecessary as you start stacking up your big baby safety checklist. However, it’s important to remember that this isn’t just for your child but also for your cat’s benefit. So, if you’re looking to live in happy harmony with your whole fur-mily, start taking notes. 

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Do You Need to Baby Proof the Cat’s Space? 

This answer isn’t surprising: yes, you do.

What is surprising is that baby proofing your cat’s space should be done before you bring your baby home. During this time, your cat can easily become angsty and nervous. Providing a safe space for them to retreat to will be essential in introducing your cat to your baby

As your newborn transforms into a crawling explorer, you will thank yourself for being prepared! The litter box and cat food can be full of dangers. Choking hazards, toxoplasmosis, harmful chemicals, and an unhappy cat can all be found at ground level and need to be protected. 

At the end of the day, keeping your baby out of the cat’s things will give you and your cat peace of mind. Cat’s are territorial creatures, and they are sure to take some time to adjust to their new family dynamic. Going the extra mile will help you both breathe a sigh of relief. 

What is Toxoplasmosis? 

I briefly mentioned toxoplasmosis, and some of you may not be totally sure why this is a danger to your baby. It’s actually one of the main reasons why you should halt your curious baby! 

In a nutshell, toxoplasmosis is a nasty parasite that can lurk in the cat’s litter box and food. In most cases, this parasite can be found in uncooked meat and cat…tootsie rolls. Thankfully, the symptoms of toxoplasmosis are pretty mild for humans and resemble those of bad flu. 

The problem with toxoplasmosis is that it can spread quickly throughout your home and can be harmful to pregnant women. It’s one of the reasons why pregnant women shouldn’t clean the litter box. 

Unfortunately, for some little explorers, the litter box can symbolize their personal sandbox for some litter explorers! Not only is it yucky to think of your precious baby handling the cat’s business, but it can also lead to a sick family. 

Baby Proof Your Doors in Seconds with The Door Buddy

The easiest and fastest way to keep your baby out of the cat food and litter box is to use The Door Buddy. 

The Door Buddy is an adjustable door strap that lets cats into rooms with their litter box and food while keeping your little one out. The best part is that you don’t need to cut a hole in your door! 

Although baby gates and cat doors are often the go-tos, they can be expensive, cumbersome, and damaging. The Door Buddy allows you to give your cat back its space in seconds while still being an affordable option. 

As parents themselves, The Door Buddy’s creators know all about the challenges of baby proofing your home. That’s exactly why they wanted to develop a product that would be a simple solution to a less-than-ideal problem.

The adjustable door strap works on all door types, including bi-fold, pocket, and sliding doors. Using 3M adhesives, the strap easily sticks onto doors and door frames without any tools needed. All you need to do is install the latch onto your door and door frame, extend the width to suit your cat, and enjoy the safety that follows. 

What is important to note is that it’s not recommended to install your Door Buddy on drywall or wallpaper. Stick it to the door frame and door only for the best results. 

What I love about this product is that it’s made by parents who know the value of a quality baby proofing product. The Door Buddy is made in the US, and they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What About Pinched Fingers? 

Looking at this pet door strap, you may be concerned about slammed doors and little fingers. I had the same concern. 

Luckily, The Door Buddy does offer a combo version that includes a foam door stopper. This prevents doors from closing and keeps fingers and tails safe. 

You can simply slot on the door stopper and go on your way! 

Where Can You Find The Door Buddy? 

The Door Buddy is available to purchase both on Amazon and their website. If you buy the door strap on their website, you can get free shipping on all US orders. 

Hopefully, you now know about the importance of keeping your baby out of the cat food and litter box. No one wants to find their baby digging for treasures in this kind of sandbox! 

How to Baby Proof the Cat Food & Litter Box

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