14 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Jogging Stroller


So, following your baby’s birth, you’ve been approved to exercise and are eager to get outdoors and move! But who will look after your child? If you enjoy running or strolling, you may bring your baby along in a jogging stroller. You’ll receive the exercise you need, and your baby will enjoy a lovely tour of the neighborhood while breathing fresh air.

In recent years, jogging strollers have grown in popularity, prompting manufacturers to produce even more versions. This provides the buyer with a wide range of options, but deciding which stroller to buy might be difficult. When buying a jogging stroller, keep the following qualities in mind:

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Jogging Stroller Vs. Regular Stroller

Your typical stroller isn’t designed to be used while running. However, certain aspects of jogging strollers make them better suited for exercise.

  • Parking brakes will be standard on all strollers. A running stroller, on the other hand, includes an extra handbrake on the handlebar. This can aid in maintaining control, particularly while jogging up or down slopes.
  • Wheels: The three wheels of a jogging stroller are generally bigger to aid with a smoother ride over obstacles. For better control, the front wheel is also fastened.
  • Suspension: Jogging strollers will contain shock absorbers to assist your youngster to avoid a bumpy ride. The rear wheels are usually the first to notice them. Depending on your baby’s weight, several versions include adjustable suspension choices.
  • Leg room: A jogging stroller gives you a bit extra area beneath the handlebars to accommodate your strides.
  • Jogging strollers feature bigger frames and are thus heavier than ordinary strollers.

Tips For Choosing The Right Jogging Stroller

Determine Your Strollers Function

What are your plans with the stroller? Is it only for jogging, or will you also need anything to attach to your bike or cross-country ski with?

If you only want to run with the stroller, go for a jogging stroller like the BOB Revolution or the Baby Jogger FIT.

If you need your stroller to serve many purposes, a jogger/bike trailer may be a better option. Take a look at companies like Allen Sports Premiere and Aosom Elite.

Check for Recalls

If you are purchasing a stroller second-hand, always check to see if it has been recalled in the past. The Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website is a great place to look.


Choosing a stroller for jogging for your growing family, you will need something that is able to handle rough terrain. Balance and stability are vital factors to consider when choosing the best jogging stroller for rough terrain. Look for a stroller that can distribute weight evenly on rough terrains and that there are no wobbly motions on the wheels which will help you stay on rough pathways.

Concider How The Stroller Brakes

A hand brake is an important piece of the jogging stroller setup because it can help you control your stroller when running down a hill rather than leaning back and trying to stop the stroller from falling while you run. This can overall be a dangerous situation and the hand brake makes the whole event much safer.

You May Enjoy A Wrist Strap

A wrist strap on a jogging stroller can help you control your stroller as you roll down a large hill. In addition to the hand, the brake is it a good way to help you keep control of a dangerous situation which can help keep you and your baby safe while you jog.

Choose Wheel Type

Your jogging stroller should be stable and have large wheels to maintain stability, Smaller wheels cannot support a high enough suspension that is required for running on bumpy sidewalks and rough terrain at higher speeds. Therefore, larger wheels will roll smoothly and at greater speeds than smaller wheels.

Front Wheel Lock

Jogging strollers have a front-wheel swivel that can be locked straight. The lock needs to be engaged when you are running to avoid instability and crashing your stroller. When you are using slower speeds such as walking, it is ok to leave the front wheel unlocked. For easier turning, while you are running with a locked front wheel, push down on the handlebar to slightly take the weight off the wheel and gently swivel the stroller for your turn. With a little practice, you can do this with one hand. If your jogging stroller does not have a front-wheel lock, please do not use it for jogging purposes.

Concider Storage Space

Having a stroller fold up compactly may be important to you if you plan on traveling distances and using your jogging stroller in the mountains away from home. Your jogging stroller should be able to fit in the back of the car easily without trouble and should be easy to fold. The Graco Fast Action Fold Jogger Travel System has a one-hand fast action fold that we absolutely love when you’ve got your hands full on your adventure with your little one.

Know the Weight Limits

Know the weight limit that your stroller can handle before choosing the best jogging stroller. The stroller should be able to handle the weight of your child in order for the suspension to work properly and provide a smooth and proper ride. A stroller that is under too much weight will simply not perform as well as it was designed to. Always check the weight restrictions on your stroller to make sure this stroller works for your family.

Think About Handlebar Type

A stroller with an adjustable handlebar can be important if you plan on sharing the stroller with other family members such as your spouse. When people are at different heights in one home, an adjustable handlebar can make it so each parent can use the stroller comfortably. Choosing a stroller with an adjustable handlebar will be a smart choice and your shoulders and arms will be much less sore.

Don’t Forget To Ask About The Suspension

A jogging stroller should have proper suspension and shock absorbing systems in place to ensure a smooth and uncomfortable ride for your baby. Cheaper models do not have this feature and can be bumpy and harsh for the child in the seat during a jog.

Think About The Position Of The Child

The seat of your jogging stroller should be inclined in order to keep the baby safe and sound while you run. Seats should have 3-5 point harness systems to secure the baby into the seat.

Concider Fabric Type

Your baby will spend a lot of time in the jogging stroller so the fabric on the seating will be important. You’re going to want to look for a stroller that has durable, yet comfortable fabric since the stroller will go through a lot of back and forth while you jog. some stroller fabric also has reflective material on it so that you are able to be seen while running at night or early morning.

Think About Additional Features

Some strollers have brilliant additional features such as storage baskets for diaper bag storage and stroller organizers built-in for your wallet keys and phone. If your stroller does not have an organizer, it might be a good idea to invest in one, here are the best stroller organizers to choose from. The Bob Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller is an excellent stroller with brilliant additional features already included on the stroller.

Why Use a Jogging Stroller

There are some benefits of using a jogging stroller while you are out on your daily fresh air walks and runs.


If you work all day long, whether at home or out of the office, you don’t want to miss quality time with your little one. A great solution is to strap them in the stroller and go for a jog together! This gives you and your baby the benefit of leaving the house and getting some fresh air.

Arm Strength

When you jog with a jogging stroller, you use your arms and make them stronger. You will notice the strength in your arms over a couple of weeks of consistent running.

Fresh Air

Fresh air is important. When you go outside in the fresh air your body is exposed to oxygen-rich air, helping you relax and get the endorphins flowing easily. The white blood cells are healthy and happy when your body gets fresh air which helps your body fight off illness easier.

Better Workout

Jogging with a stroller vs. jogging alone helps provide you with a better workout by providing resistance. More resistance is a better workout, which is always nice if you are working off baby weight or trying to stay healthy and fit.


What should I look for when buying a jogging stroller?

There are several important features to consider when looking for a jogging stroller. The most important features include a fixed or swivel wheel, how often you’ll use your stroller, how high the handle bar is if it is adjustable and of course the positioning of the baby.

Do I really need a jogging stroller?

You do not need a jogging stroller if you do not plan on jogging. A regular stroller will suffice if you’re going through the mall or on a smooth payment. A jogging stroller, on the other hand, is essential if you want to run or jog on rocky sidewalks, dirt roads, or another rough terrain.

Do you need a hand brake on a jogging stroller?

You do not need a hand brake on your jogging stroller, however, the feature is handy when you’re going down a steep hill and need to control the stroller better.

Can you jog with stroller wagon?

If the wagon is designed for jogging or as an attachment for a bike, then yes you can jog with it.

Which BOB strollers have hand brakes?

The Revolution Pro from BOB Gear is a luxury off-road jogging stroller. It boasts a downhill hand brake, mountain bike-style suspension, and air-filled tires for a silky-smooth ride.

Do you burn more calories running with a stroller?

Pushing the stroller with two hands burns around 5% more calories than pushing with one hand, while pushing with one hand burns about 6% more calories than pushing with one hand, and the push-and-chase approach burns about 8% more calories. Increase your speed by taking advantage of the challenge of running with a stroller.

How To Choose A Jogging Stroller Bottom Line

Once you’ve decided on a jogging stroller, see How to Run With a Jogging Stroller for further information. Before leaving, speak with your child’s pediatrician and your personal doctor. Make sure your child is prepared for the turns, pauses, and accelerations that come with a stroller run. And you’ll want to make sure you’re ready, especially if you’re a rookie runner or a caregiver who recently gave birth.

How To Choose A Jogging Stroller

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