13 Best Infant Play Gyms To Make Tummy Time More Fun

Babies love to play and coo and an infant play gym can help foster development while providing your baby with entertainment and excitement.

Infant play gyms are a brilliant activity toy designed to help aid the development of motor skills and ticlle all the sensory needs that babies need.

It is important for infants to learn how to grab, touch, roll and feel as part of their development. A baby gym can help promote these skills that your baby needs to learn.

There are many activity gyms out there for babies and it can be tough to figure out which one is best for your little one. While they all might look the same, they are not.

Here are the best infant play gyms for you to choose from.

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Best Infant Play Gyms

When Do You Need a Playmat

Doctors encourage the use of tummy from day one, and a playmat can help you from the start. Most babies don’t really enjoy their playmat as much as we would all like to see until about 3 months of age. 3-6 months of age is when play gyms are the most popular among babies as they get really interested in grabbing toys at that age.

Play Gyms For Babies

Wooden Baby Play Gym

We absolutely adore the look and price of this baby play gym.

This is a simple design with 3 sensory removable baby toys in soft pastel like colors.

This gym is easy to assemble and take down as well so you can bring the gym with you or use it in the nursery or playroom anytime you like.

The mat is made with organic cotton which is machine washable. The toys are simple to clean also which is a huge plus.

Dimensions: The assembled wooden frame measures 24” (L) x 20” (W) x 20. 5” (H). the widest part of the mat measures 27”.

Easy to assemble3 Toys
Natural WoodDoes not fold
Organic Cotton

Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym

For a baby who loves music, the kick and play piano gym is a great gym option.

The piano can play 15 minutes of music while the baby lays down and gazes at the dangling toys from the arch. The baby can also hit the piano keys with their legs and activate music that way.

During tummy time, the baby can reach out and hit piano keys and hear them make noise.

When your baby can sit up unassisted, you can take the piano off and let your baby play with it anywhere you are. There are animal songs, and educational phrases talking about shapes, colors and numbers.

The price point on this play gym is just right and it comes with 5 toys which can be repetitioned in any way you like. The mat is nice and soft too!

Bright colorsDifficult to assemble
Mat is easy to wipe downNot enough room to roll around on
Removable toys and piano

Sassy Activity Mat

The Sassy activity gym is a very exciting experience for babies.

This gym is unique because it comes with 12 sensory toys and activities.

Use this matt for tummy time, or let your little one gaze at the hanging toys.

This mat comes with instructions printed on the mat on how to properly practise tummy time with lots of great tummy time activities.

This gym includes a baby-safe mirror with a back easel for self-discovery, 3 high-contrast attachable: rattle, squeaker & bear plush, removable rainbow chime, textured teether, 4 crinkle flags, 3 textured peek-a-boo flaps, 4 tactile ribbon rings, and a 2-sided pillow prop. Many toys are removable for take-along play.

Sensory toys can also attach to the playmat when the arches are down, so tummy time can be twice as fun! Developmental activities including peek-a-boo flaps, crinkle flags, and ribbon rings give baby a wide variety of textures and materials to explore during tummy time.

Lots of great toysSoft bars are tough to take off quickly
Toys can attach to matt for tummy time play
Easy to wipe the soft mat

The Play Gym by Lovevery

First of all, we love Lovevery products! They make amazing baby gadgets with development and fun in mind.

This play gym is designed to enhance visual, cognitive, physical and motor skills.

One of the best things about this play gym is that it goes from newborn to toddler. YES! It grows with your baby.

The downside of the play gym is the price. However, if you are going to spend money on a toy, it’s best to spend money on a toy that grows with your baby, isn’t it?

The toys on this baby gym include a cotton teether, a batting ring, and a Montessori ball.

There is a nice guide to take you through age-appropriate activities to help you navigate the 5 play zones on the mat.

This play gym is award winning and easy to set up.

Grows with babyPrice
Activity guide includedVery big
Easy to set up

Infantino 4-in-1 Tropical Play Mat

This adorable Infantino Tropical playmat is designed for babies newborn to age 3.

This is an easy to fold up baby gym which you can take on the go to grandmas house in a flash.

This play gym also has music (in the monkey toy) and lots of opportyinty for your little one to learn hand-eye coordination.

This is a baby gym that stimulates all the senses. Also included with the mat is a tummy time pillow which parents can use to help the baby learn to crawl.

The toys are removable and are easy to clip onto the stroller or car seat too.

Babies love the peek a boo mirror as it provides them with a sense of excitement and joy.

This gym is designed with an easy collapse clip on the top bar of the unit which you simply twist to collapse the whole unit. This makes it easy to store or take along with you wherever you need to go.

Easy to collapse with one twistMat could be softer
Toys are removable
Tummy time pillow and peek a boo mirror included

Skip Hop Farmstand Play Mat

This activity gym is a colorful garden of fruits and veggies that stimulates and teaches babies as they grow.

There are many textures and sounds for the baby to explore.

The matt is soft and has cheerful fam numbers and graphics.

This mat comes with a watermelon wedge pillow and 5 hanging toys to keep the baby engaged and happy. The removable arches convert into a cute little growth chart!

The sides fold up or lay flat, so the baby cannot roll out of the mat when playing and rolling around.

Super cuteNo music
Mat sides fold up to create an enclosed play space with an added play surface
17+ developmental activities

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Baby Play Mat

The super cute silver lining cloud play mat is an awesome choice for an infant activity gym for the home.

Baby can enjoy hanging interactive toys that all smile back at them.

This mat includes activities such as musical cheerful tunes, bird rattles, LED light up stars and sunshine mirror too.

Includes cloud-shaped tummy time pillow with a plush Minky surface on one side and a fun print on the other

Very cute and engagingMat is spot clean only
Has tummy time pillow

Fisher-Price Rainforest Play Gym

A super bright and colorful play gym for infants is the Fisher Price Rainforest Play Gym.

This play gym comes with more than 10 toys and activities, including a bat-at lion and soft monkey, a rollerball snail, and a clacker zebra, there’s so much for your little explorer to discover in this cozy rainforest.

Removable toucan plays up to 20 minutes of music from his gym perch, as well as baby-activated tunes during on-the-go fun

There are lights and sounds and music too in this cute little bright package.

The mat has a variety of colors, textures, and sounds engage and delight your baby’s senses.

Machine wash this playmat if you need to without worry.

Machine washableHard to pack up and put away
Lights and soundsMobile does not spin on its own
Toys can be repositioned

LATINKIS Baby Play Mat

A ball pit playmat is super fun for babies and toddlers alike.

This 3-in-1 baby play gym mat is suitable for 0-2 years old baby, as a tummy time play mat for your newborn, as an exploration activity mat for your crawling baby or as a fun playground full of toys for toddlers. Overhead Play: track objects and eventually grip them with removable hanging toys. Sit and play in a playground full of toys. Also, you can remove the two bars and make a Ball Pit for your child.

These baby toys with different colors and shapes can help the baby develop their cognitive development. Provide your child with sensory experiences, to support their physical and mental development. Promote their hand-eye coordination, auditory development, and neck movement.

 Create a fun ball pit for your baby, and he can exercise his ability through the number calculation, color classification, object recognition. After playing, the balls can be put into the lion head for storage, which is convenient and space-saving.

Ball pit No sounds or music
0-18 months useNot super quick folding

Lupantte Baby Gym

First Step of Baby Growth – Lupantte has been dedicated to providing high quality baby toys and products to engage babies and enhance their development. Baby Play Gym create an all-round development and fun-filled product design for your baby. The baby’s infancy will be happy and joyful. These early meaning perceptions and moods will affect the baby’s future life changes.

The baby is full of strong curiosity about new things, Lupantte baby playmat thoughtfully designed to promote cognitive, visual, and motor development from newborn to toddler. At the same time, a novel activity and rest area is created for the baby.

Babies at the 0-6 month stage prefer to lie down, they will touch the pendant with their hands to interact. Baby’s flexibility has improved by 6-18 months , and removing the bracket is beneficial to the Motor development. By 12-18 months the baby starts to sit up and can independently control the entire gym mat.

Easy set up and take downNo sounds
Grows with baby
Comes with 2 gym mat covers
Extra large size

Infantino Prop a Pillar Tummy Time

This innovative set has three caterpillar-shaped cushion parts that can either slide apart to form one long caterpillar for tummy time or stack to provide support for your baby in a sitting position.

The adorable and friendly caterpillar is the ideal shape for supporting your baby during tummy time. The interesting curves, high-contrasting colors, and connected toys will keep your young one interested.

There’s a ring to encourage reaching and gripping, as well as a happy little sun that crinkles for aural stimulation. The entire set is soft and cuddly, and it can be piled in a c-shape for a comfortable sitting support after your baby has had enough belly time.

Check Price On The Infantino Prop a Pillar Tummy Time

TAF Toys Tummy Time Pillow

This soft and fluffy support cushion will allow your baby to stay on their belly for extended periods of time, which will help them develop the muscles and endurance they’ll need to start scooting and crawling.

The super-soft cushion is the perfect height for your baby to support herself up or even slide along with the pillow.

It features a teether and a detachable ring with a rattle, which are ideal for young hands who are just starting to hold onto objects.

And because of the toy’s simplicity, it’s a wonderful one to carry along when travelling.

Its measurements are inches by inches by inches by inches by 1

Check Price On TAF Toys Tummy Time Pillow

Fisher Price Tummy Time Llama

The llama’s body serves as a cushion for effective stomach time, while its neck and head extend upwards to encourage pushing up and reaching for arm, shoulder, and neck muscular development.

The friendly llama sits on the floor at the ideal height for tummy time and comes with a bag that folds down to act as a mat with vibrant colors and joyful faces.

A mirror to enhance self-awareness and attention, as well as teething carrots and a watermelon with various textures and hues to stimulate sensory development and fine motor skills, are among the removable toys.

The Tummy Time Llama measures 1515.416.9 inches and is light and portable.

Check Price On Fisher Price Tummy Time Llama

Guide To Buying An Activity Gym For Your Baby

Activity matts are not a part of the baby must haves and essentials list, but they sure are important. Be sure to add an activity gym to your baby registry so your friends and family can buy one for you.

Watching babies play in activity gyms is quite a sight. It’s so cute how they reach for things in front of them and beside them, and really admire the bright colors that they are surrounded by.

Not all play gyms are made equal, so here are some things you should look for when purchasing an infant play gym.

Size: Most play gyms are made big enough for your little one to roll around on, but some have a smaller mat area. If you want your baby to roll around on a soft surface, you may want to consider an activity matt with a larger surface area.

Removable Toys: The more spaces there are for toys to hang from the better. It’s always great to have a playmat where you can take the toys off for when the baby is older so they can lay with it not attached to the activity gym.

Fabric: You’ll want to consider a soft and padded mat if your baby mat is going to lay directly on hardwood flooring.

Sounds: Some baby gyms come equipped with lights and sounds while others do not have those kinds of stimulators.

Storage: Baby gadgets and gear that up a lot of space, so a playmat that can be easily tucked away and folded up is going to be something to look into when considering the purchase of an infant play gym.

Balls: Some activity mats are like ball pits. The thing to consider here is how you will store the balls and if you are willing to chase the balls around the house as your little one throws them around. You’ll also need to consider the cleaning of all the plastic balls to keep your baby toys as clean as possible.

Safety: Most play mats on the market today are very safe. If you are purchasing one that is second hand, check the internet for any recalls. Many mats are made with no small parts, and do not have toxic materials in them so you can rest easy knowing your baby is safe and sound with play gyms you can purchase today.

Benefits Of A Baby Play Mat

A baby play mat can be a wonderful investment for your baby as it has many benefits for your little one.

Motor Skills: Infant play gyms encourage babies to move around, reach and grasp toys. Toys that dangle down help babies stretch out their arms. Mirrors are very interesting and can make babies very excited which promotes leg kicking. These movements are little ways to help your baby gain strength in the neck, arms, legs and back.

Visual: Play gyms are often so much fun to gaze at. Babies develop a sense of how far away an object could be when they see it hanging from a play gym.

Hand-Eye Coordination: Babies will reach and touch and grab objects. This helps promote hand-eye coordination which leads to fine-tuning the fine motor skill that children need for simple daily life.

Cognitive Development: All the fun colors on infant play gyms help stimulate the baby’s brain. Sounds and lights will also stimulate different aspects of the brain.

Play Fun: Most of all, babies love activity gyms because they are simply fun. Watch your baby gaze and laugh at the colorful activities around her and be sure to take lots of great photos for the baby album.

Wrapping Up: The Best Infant Play Gyms

As you can see there are so many options for play gyms that you purchase online or offline which can help your baby learn new skills and get their senses stimulated.

Stimulating senses is important, and can also help tire the baby so they nap better too. While a baby gym is not a must-have item, it sure is a great product to add to your baby registry so be sure to pick your favourite one and add it to your Amazon registry today.

Whether you keep things simple with a Wooden Baby Play Gym, or go with something bright and musical like the Fisher-Price Rainforest Play Gym, your baby will laugh and smile all the same.

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