8 Best Labor and Delivery Socks For New Moms

Labour and Delivery Pairs During a Long Labor, Socks to Keep You Warm and Safe Non-Skid Socks and the Best Labor (Cozy and Non-Slip)

Being in labor and successfully delivering a baby is one of many women’s most difficult experiences.

Take it from me when I say that labor is full of highs and lows.

Because labor is already a painful process, I recommend stocking up on comfortable birthing clothing for both during and after to keep you as comfortable as possible under the circumstances.

Yes, you’ll need some comfortable nursing pajamas to wear in the hospital or after a c-section. Yes, you’ll appreciate having some familiar items in your hospital bag, such as postpartum leggings and nursing tanks.

Did you realize, though, that you might want to bring some special labor socks with you to the hospital?

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Non Skid Socks For Pushing In Labour

Labour socks are one of those underappreciated products that will make your birthing experience a little more comfortable, and maybe a little more luxurious.

Because your feet expand and absorb water throughout pregnancy and after labor, you’ll want socks that are elastic and comfortable to keep your feet warm. (My favorites are the Bodily Cozy Socks and Kindred Bravely Labor Socks!)

While labor delivery wards are typically kept warm, labor is a physically demanding process, and you may become cold. Furthermore, your feet may be exposed when your body is twisted to the most comfortable position for pushing.

Finally, because tiled surfaces may be chilly and slippery, a non-skid sole is a crucial characteristic to consider. This will allow you to walk about your labor room or the corridors without fear of slipping and falling at this critical stage of your pregnancy. You may even utilize push socks while you’re recuperating by strolling through the hallways with your kid in your arms or in a comfortable baby carrier!

Best Pairs of Labor Socks

As you prepare for your due date, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite labor socks for you to add to your mommy-to-be hospital bag! They’re also a great idea for a baby shower gift or a little get-ready-to-push gift for a pal.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded together our favorite pairs of push socks to make the final days of your pregnancy and birth a bit more comfortable!

Bodily Cozy Socks

These non-skid socks from Bodily are made of a highly flexible cotton mix to suit the feet of expectant moms-to-be.

Because most people’s feet grow and swell after delivery, ordinary socks may not be enough. These warm socks include gripping, textured soles to keep you safe on hospital floors.

These labor socks are also included in the Bodily Care for Birth Box, which is a comprehensive care package that includes everything you’ll need for postpartum recovery.

Kindred Bravely Labor & Delivery Socks

What better way to bring joy to the birth room than with messages on your feet while your legs are up in stirrups and you’re ready to push? These charming non-slip slogans on the sole of these ankle-length terry-knit socks are great for your push day!

The ‘Keep Calm and Push On’ design is my personal favorite, but there are other cute ‘Baby, You’re Worth It’s phrases and the evergreen ‘If You Can Read This, Rub My Feet’ messaging that you can wear about the house long after your hospital stay!

The Kindred Bravely hospital bag bundle includes a warm robe, delivery gown, nursing bra, nursing tank, and pregnancy underwear, as well as these labor socks.

Hatch – The Cashmere Sock Bundle

These Hatch socks promise to be the most comfortable sock you’ll ever own, providing a more luxurious sensation for labor socks. They promise to surround your feet in a comfortable warmth during your labor, thanks to a sleek cashmere that is oh-so-soft to the touch. These are available in a 2-pack and would be ideal for maternity nesting and the fourth trimester, however, they are not non-slip.

These socks can also be found in the Hatch-to-Hospital Box. The package includes everything a mother needs to bring to the hospital throughout her pregnancy. It comes with an organic bamboo brief, a nursing-friendly organic bamboo nightgown, a matching organic bamboo robe, and labor socks.

BabyBeMineMaternity Socks

On both Etsy and Amazon, BabyBeMine provides a selection of adorable non-skid socks. They’re an ankle-length sock with a soft, warm cotton mix that will keep your feet comfy, much like the labor socks.

The variety of patterns is fantastic, especially the Ready Set Push socks!

For ecstatic first-time parents, there’s a charming ‘I’m going to be a mommy today!’ and a wondering Girl?/Boy? for each foot for those expecting a baby whose sex is a surprise.

Zmart Labor and Delivery Socks

Labour socks may be found in plenty at Zmart, an Amazon store.

Each type is a stretchy ankle boot with a cushioned soft sole and a thinner, more breathable top. On the bottom of each pair of socks is a lovely baby-themed phrase printed in a non-skid substance.

The fun part will be to choose one of the adorable phrases to use in the labour delivery room to bring comedy and smiles. There are sweet, “It’s a boy/girl!” designs as well as more humorous ones, like one that pays tribute to the Salt-n-Pepa song “Push It Real Good!” from the 1990s.

Cavertin Labor and Delivery Socks 

Cavertin Labor & Delivery Socks are a great gift for your pregnant wife or girlfriend. They will love the soft, comfortable socks and they’ll be ready to wear them during labor. The cute cupcake packaging is sure to make her smile as she unwraps these adorable socks! Cavertin’s non-slip grip helps with grip on slippery surfaces which is essential while in the hospital. These hospital socks are extra soft to the touch and will keep her feet warm during labor.

GJTIM Funny Labour And Delivery Socks

These socks are so comfy for your big day. Inspirational Labor Push Socks – The Hospital Bag Must Have! Fun & Unique Gift For The New Mom To Be. Perfect for delivery day, baby shower gift, or just to make mom laugh. Made of 80% Combed Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastance to ensure our socks are soft, comfortable, stretchy, and breathable.

Not satisfied? No problem, you’re covered by their 100% Money-Back Khombu Guarantee.

Kate Aspen Labor & Delivery Hospital Set

These socks come in a cute pack of three. You’ll also get an eye mask, a water bottle, a cosmetic bag, a hairband, and hair ties in addition to the socks.

The socks are made in white with pink trimmings. They have a gold foil design on the bottom that reads, on one sock, ‘If you can read this,’ and on the other sock, ‘I’m going to have a kid!’

This set would be a great present for another expecting mother during a baby shower.

Labour Socks – The Item You Probably shouldn’t Skip

Labour socks are a product that is often overlooked but can make your birthing experience more comfortable. Non-Skid Socks For Pushing In Labour are the perfect solution for those who want to be comfy and not worry about slipping on their feet while they’re in labor. Our team of experts understands how important it is to feel good during this time – we’ve been there too! Let us know if you have any questions or would like some tips for making your labor easier with these socks so you can focus on what’s most important- delivering that precious baby safely into the world.

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