23 Simple Newborn Baby Hacks You Need To Know

There is no way to prepare yourself for life with a baby by reading books or talking to family members. There are so many things you won’t anticipate or consider on your own. That’s fine! This collection of useful newborn baby tips for new parents will (hopefully) blow your mind and make you wonder why you never thought of it before.

Even if you’ve been through the newborn phase before, every baby is different. You’ll also want a refresher on what to do with some newborn

Don’t worry if having a kid seems overwhelming. We’ve got all the insider tips to help you bathe, clothe, and change your baby like an expert.

Best Parenting Hacks For Newborns

Diaper Hacks


Keep diaper cream mess at bay. The problem with diaper cream is that it lasts a long time. Attempting to wash your hands just spreads the infection and makes it worse. Rather than attempting to wash your hands, wrap a diaper wipe firmly around your creamed finger and wipe it off that way. Pick up one of these to keep your fingertips clean all the time. They perform admirably and are simple to maintain.

Don’t Change Right Away

For starters, a feeding session gets that still-developing digestive system going, so whatever you just put in is displacing what was previously present. For at least the first month, their stomach is rather tiny!

That implies you’ll have bowel motions just after you eat.

So, unless you want to go through three diapers, twenty wet wipes, two changes of onesies, and not have to wipe poo off your floors and walls (and no, this hasn’t happened to us), wait!

Another reason to wait is that lying your baby down and then pushing on his or her tummy just after feeding can cause your baby to vomit up part of what they just ate, as well as some stomach acid. So, another strategy to avoid baby spit-up is to wait for at least fifteen to thirty minutes before setting your baby down (which is logical given that you must wait an hour after eating if you want to avoid reflux and heartburn during pregnancy), since any abrupt movements may trigger reflux.

That’s both messy and unpleasant for your baby, and it’s completely preventable if you simply wait. To avoid a diaper rash, you should still change their diaper after fifteen to thirty minutes. I know how delicate infants are!

Use Cloth Wipes

Save major money by using cloth wipes. Here is a tutorial from Very Well Family on how to make your own cloth wipes.

Diaper Pail Bags

Try to get a diaper pail that uses any kind of plastic bag. If you have a diaper genie here is how to hack it and use garbage bags instead of expensive refills.

Distract Baby At Change Table

Give baby a vibrating toothbrush, or special toys that only come out during change time to keep your drunk alligator (oops I meant baby) from rolling around during diaper changing time.

Use Wet Bag or Plastic Bag In Diaper Bag

You’ll be grateful to have those empty bags the first time you change a poopy diaper on the side of the road or have to cope with an all-out poopsplosion at church. We always remember to bring an additional shirt… but we never consider what we’ll do with the poop-strewn shirt. These are my favourite wet bags (and we use them for wet swimming gear too!)

Use Amazon Diaper Delivery Savings

Set up your Amazon subscription (subscribe and save) to save money and eliminate the need to rush to the shop for diapers. Winning. (You can get a month of Amazon Prime for free here.)

Sleeping Hacks

White Noise

As a new parent, one of the most difficult issues you will face is baby sleep. For the first few months, your baby’s sleeping patterns will be unpredictable, so it’s good reading up on some infant sleep advice because various things will work for different newborns. A white noise machine was one of the most effective tools we used to help our infant sleep. This is the one we use and I love the light on it too.

You can use a white noise app on your cell phone as well if you don’t want to purchase a white noise machine.

Sleep Sack and Swaddle

one of 3 of my babies loved the swaddle, but the one that swaddled up, slept the best. I really like the HALO swaddle sacks and the Woombie. For more information on different swaddles, read this.

Blackout Room

My babies could not sleep without a blackout blind. The dark room, with the small number of light from the sound machine, was the magic combination for great newborn sleep.

Use An App

Use a baby app to track your baby’s sleep habits so you can ensure you are on the right track for hitting those wake windows. Here are the best baby apps all new moms need to know about.

Invest In Carrier For Hard Days

Our baby’s favourite place to be is in your arms. Even if you can get them down in a baby lounge chair or a bouncing chair, there will be times when nothing but your arms will suffice.

So, unless you want to spend the entire day carrying your kid, I recommend investing in a decent carrier. A carrier allows you to get things done while still giving your kid what he or she wants: to be held.

Here are two resources for you:

Cleaning Hacks

Tiny Clothes In Mesh Bag

The difficulty is that these small objects have a habit of inexplicably disappearing. The fact that certain washer machines appear to devour socks adds to the complexity of the situation. To be honest, I’m not sure where they go; they go into the washing and don’t come out. Purchase a mesh washing bag to wash your socks in to save time searching for them. In fact, as soon as you take off your socks, toss them into the mesh bag until they’re ready to be washed.

Remove Stains Right Away

When we are talking about baby’s sensitive skin, we want products that are phthalate and VOC-free. By avoiding these harmful substances we protect the health of the baby. Make sure you keep your laundry products away from your child to avoid serious accidents as part of your babyproofing plan. Here are the best baby stain removers.


When you’re pumping regularly, store your breast pump parts in the fridge instead of washing them between feeds. With this trick, you can wash your pump parts twice a day instead of 10 times a day. Brilliant.

Baby Clothing Hacks

Take Onesie Off The Right Way

Feature you ever noticed how onesie necks have exposed seams on both sides of the neck?

Although you can purchase some that are adorable up that region of the onesie, it’s absolutely not a style issue. It exists so that in the event of a poopsplosion, you may remove the onesie from the opposite end. You don’t want to have to pull that onesie over your baby’s head after one of these, therefore this eliminates the need for it!

Pj’s With zippers

Unfortunately, buttons may be found on a lot of the prettiest baby clothes. We don’t always consider the practicality of the apparel we buy for our children as expecting or new mothers.

At 3 a.m., you’ll quickly discover that buttons and snaps are a huge nuisance, so avoid them at all costs. As much as possible, stick to zippers and nightgowns. If you’re lucky, you might be able to locate sleepers with zippers that unzip from the bottom, which makes that late-night diaper changes a lot simpler.

Feeding Hacks

Okay, I get that your baby won’t be sitting in a high chair anytime soon. But I wanted to share this advice since I’m hoping you haven’t yet bought a highchair! Consider purchasing an IKEA highchair. We purchased this $20 high chair for two of our babies. The downside to these high chairs is that they do not recline, so they really are only suitable for babies who can sit unsupported. If you have premie babies who need extra support to sit/lay down at table height, here are some high chair suggestions for you.

Highchairs are one of the trickiest infant things to keep clean, as well as one of the most disgusting. Those high chair straps also need to be cleaned regularly because food can really build up on them, and then the eating space isn’t safe for your baby. Here are tips on How To Clean High Chair Straps.

A command hook on the back of the high chair is an excellent location to hang your bibs and keep them close to reach.

Nursery Hacks

Changing Table Dresser

Placing a changing mat on top of a standard dresser is not a good idea. (By the way, did you know they have non-toxic changing pads?)

Purchasing a change table conversion kit is a better alternative. The converter kit is a large wooden rectangle that can sit fastened on top of your dresser, so it stays securely in place. If you’re looking into a crib that comes with a changing table attachment, I have done the research for you here.

Create System For Clothes

Your kid will grow quicker than you ever imagined – and you’ll have tiny heaps of clothing all over the place to show it.

Remember that most newborns go through four or five sizes in their first year of life. You probably have more clothing for your kid than you have for yourself if you had a baby shower.

I strongly advise returning and exchanging any unwanted clothing – if you don’t love it, don’t keep it!

Outgrown clothes should also be stored in a way that keeps them tidy and out of the way.

Bath Hacks

I have a whole whack of newborn back hacks here, but here are my favourite:

Try An Oatmeal Bath Or A Breastmilk Bath To Clear Skin

If you notice that your little one has a rash on their bum that just won’t go away, try a breastmilk bath if you are breastfeeding or an oatmeal bath if you don’t have breastmilk on hand. Here is a recipe for an oatmeal bath that you can use, and it is quite simple to make as you only need oats and a blender.

If you want to give your baby a breastmilk bath, simply pour your breastmilk into the bathtub after the water has already been drawn and place your baby into the water. When giving your baby a breastmilk bath or an oatmeal bath, don’t use baby soaps as the breastmilk and oatmeal have enough cleaning power on their own.

Your baby will not smell sour after the bath, as this was also my number one worry. Your baby will smell delicious and will have smooth skin, and after a few baths like this, their rash and skin problems will be gone.

If you have a yeast infection on a baby girl, you can use coconut oil before calling your doctor for antibiotic creams as usually, organic coconut oil can clear that right up.

If Your Baby Is Having A Tough Day, Use A Bath As A “Reset” Activity

We have all had those days where the baby just cries and cries all day long. I know it’s hard and I know you’re tired, but the one thing that helped me as a new mom was knowing that a baby bath could help my baby settle down.

A bath is a warm place, and even if your baby doesn’t like their baths, it gives them a new environment for a short while to focus on. I don’t know what it is about a baby bath but it can help even the most overtired baby settle down.

Use Hooded Towels To Keep The Head Warm Post Bath

Baby towels are specially designed to keep the baby’s head warm after a bath. Wrapping your baby up in a towel that will absorb water and not damage the delicate skin of your baby will help your baby feel more comfortable after a bathtub. If you need some help finding a baby towel that is high quality, I’ve got the best baby towel researched post for you right here.

Newborn Hacks – Did You Know These

I hope these pointers will make things a bit simpler for you. I’ll be honest: the infant stage is HARD. It’s much worse when there are two children under the age of two. Every day is different, and just when you think you’ve figured it out, they throw you a curve ball! Bedtime is a shambles, and it appears that sticking to a routine is impossible. But keep in mind that everything is only transitory. By three months, your kid will appear to be a completely different person. As a result, strive to enjoy these times with your little one.

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