Important Items To Add To Your Baby Registry [And Where To Start]

A newborn baby registry checklist printable so you can be sure to get all the things you need for your new family addition.

When you find out you’re having a new baby you might get a touch overwhelmed with all the to-do’s, how to’s and what do I do’s.

One of the most important things to do is create a baby registry so your friends and family members can help you fight the overwhelm of gathering baby items and filling up the nursery before your bundle of joy arrives.

There are a lot of baby essentials to pick out and it can be difficult to know where to even start which is why we have created this ultimate baby registry checklist to help you not forget a thing!

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Newborn Baby Registry 101

What Is A Baby Registry

A baby registry is a free service provided by select retailers where you can choose desired baby items for the nursery, the baby or yourself and add it to a list.

Baby shower guests and family members can check out your registry and help you build your inventory of baby items, ensuring you receive exactly what you desired.

A baby registry also eliminates the possibility of receiving too many of the same items and the possibility of receiving too many non-essential products.

It is normal for new parents to create as many registries as they can find.

When Should You Start To Create Your Registry

Building a baby registry can be time consuming and sometimes overwhelming, so a lot of moms to be start this process around the 12 week mark.

Some parents wait until they know the gender of the baby before creating their registry, this way they can pick designs and colors that are customized to the baby’s gender.

There is no set time that you need to start your registry, just be sure to give yourself plenty of time to research baby products, gear and gadgets so you know which items to put onto your registry, and go over your budget in case you need to purchase some items yourself.

You’ll also want to give your friends and family members enough time to go through your registry and purchase some of the items from your list and give it to you at the baby shower.

Newborn Registry Must Haves: Nursery

Blackout Curtains: You’ll want your baby’s room to be dark at any time of the day as the baby will spend a lot of hours sleeping, especially in the first few months. Blackout curtains are also energy savers and can help keep the room warmer in the colder winter months.

Crib Mattress: You’re going to want a nice and firm crib mattress for your crib so you have a place to lay your baby down to sleep. We did some research on crib mattresses and there are a lot of toxins in regular mattresses, and we highly recommend an organic mattress option for your little bundle of joy.

Fitted Sheets: Cover your crib mattress with a tightly fitted sheet to keep your baby safe and sound and reduce the risk of SIDS. If your sheet is too big for your crib mattress, we highly suggest purchasing sheets that are a snug fit. You do not need a bedding set since newborns do not need blankets and crib bumpers are not recommended.

Rocking Chair: You’ll need a comfortable place to sit and feed your baby, and a rocking chair or glider is the perfect piece of furniture for the baby room. You’ll spend a lot of nights rocking your baby in your arms in your new rocking chair, so be sure to pick out a really comfortable one!

Night Light: You’ll be tending to your baby many times throughout the night and a nightlight will make it easier to change diapers in a darkened room.

Change Table With Change Pad: Some parents do not agree, but we know that a change table is a must have item in your nursery. You’ll have many nights where you need to change the baby and having a spot in the room that isn’t on the floor will make things easier.

Dresser: You’ll want to keep your baby clothing organized, and a dresser is a must-have item for the nursery.
*Hint – a dresser/change table combo is a great way to save space in your nursery and still get all the functions you need!

Sound Machine: Consistent white noise will help your baby sleep as they are used to a lot of noise in the womb. Best to get a sound machine that has an all night long run time, and a built-in nightlight.

newborn registry must haves - eating

Newborn Registry Must Haves: Feeding

Whether you’re nursing or bottle feeding, you’re going to need some feeding supplies.

Remember FED IS BEST so try not to stress too much over how the baby is fed, we know you’re doing a great job either way.

Baby Bottles: Even if you are nursing, you’ll want a way for someone else to be able to feed the baby and give momma a little break. We highly recommend Medela bottles for feeding a breastfed baby (because it can be attached to our recommended Medela pump) and the AVENT bottles for formula-fed babies. Don’t forget the baby bottle washers and brushes that you need as well.

Read our guide: How many baby bottles do you need

Nursing Pillow: A nursing pillow can help make the breastfeeding experience more comfortable and help ease some stress off your neck, back and shoulders by bringing the baby to the right height while you feed.

While the nursing pillow is great for nursing, it is also helpful for bottle feeding too! It just makes the whole experience more comfortable for everyone involved.

Burp Cloths: You’re going to deal with a lot of spit-ups and burp cloths are going to save your clothes on many occasions. We recommend having at least 10 burp cloths at the ready for any unsuspecting spit up to may come your way.

Baby Sit Up Seat: While it’s not a must-have item, a baby floor seat is very handy for when the baby is around 4 months old and would prefer to sit up instead of lay in a bouncy chair.

diaper changes - newborn must haves

Newborn Registry Must Haves: Diaper Changing

Changing diapers is going to be your life for the next little while and it’ll take you a little while to get the hang of it, but here are some items to could make the whole thing a little easier.

Diapers: Whether you’re choosing disposable or cloth diapers, you’re going to want to have some on hand before the baby arrives. You could start a diaper stockpile, but it’s not necessary, just be sure to have a few packs of newborn size on hand and then a handful of the next few stages if you like.

Wipes: You’ll want to have wipes at the ready at all times. We recommend unscented wipes to begin with due to the sensitivity of the baby’s skin.

Read our guide on baby wipes here!

Diaper Cream: Whichever cream you do end up going with, it’s a good idea to stock up on this stuff before the baby arrives. We love the Desitin brand because you can pick it up at any shop.

Diaper Pail: While some may say this is not an essential item, you’re going to want to think hard about where you’re going to put all the dirty diapers after changing…and a diaper pail is a great place!

Most parents love the Diaper Genie, but we have some alternatives, just in case the Genie is not for you.

Newborn Registry Must Haves: Daily Travel

Car Seat: Well you simply cannot leave the hospital without a car seat, they just won’t allow it, so this is a must-have item! We recommend grabbing a travel system where the car seat and the stroller are part of the same set and work well together, making daily travel with baby a breeze.

Diaper Bag: Babies need a lot of stuff, especially when you leave the house and this is where a diaper bag is essential. Sure you could use a large purse, but diaper bags make things easier to organize, especially when you’re in a hurry looking for something your baby really needs. You can go with a classic tote style, or a backpack, it doesn’t really matter as long as it has all the room you need for all the things you’ll be lugging around.

Check out the best gender neutral diaper bags we found here.

Newborn Registry Must Haves: Sleeping

Pajamas: This is maybe obvious, but you’re going to want some comfy pj’s for your baby. Let’s be honest, your baby may wear the pajamas all day long and not just at night. We recommend having at least 10 pajamas before baby arrives.

Sleep Sack: It is NOT SAFE to use a blanket on your baby, which makes the sleep sack a must-have item. It’s like putting a blanket on, but the baby cannot pull it over their face, making this a safe solution for your newborn.

Swaddles: All babies should be swaddled for sleep, it makes them feel safe! Even if your baby acts like they aren’t enjoying the swaddle, it’s a good idea to keep trying so you can get some well-deserved rest. Here are the best swaddles for newborn babies and the woombie zip-up swaddle review.

Baby Swing: Trust us when we say a baby swing is a must-have item for your home. When it comes to making the baby comfortable while swaying, it’s just not possible for us parents to sway all day long, which is where the swing comes in. We love the MamaRoo because it is compact and has 5 different motions, but you can always opt for a classic swing that will help your baby sleep.

Newborn Registry Must Haves: Health And Safety

You’ll want to be prepared with all the health and safety essentials before the arrival of your baby.

Healthcare And Grooming Kit: Luckily you can get a lot of baby safety gear in one kit and most baby shops have a kit or two to choose from. Make sure your kit has:

Medicine: It’s a good idea to have some baby Tylenol and baby Advil on hand in case the baby comes down with a sudden fever.

Humidifier: Your baby needs a small number of moisture in the air for optimal breathing. In most wintery environments, the air is dry and a cool-mist humidifier will help solve that problem.

Newborn Registry Must Haves: Bathtime

Baby Tub: You can certainly bath baby in the big tub, but it might be quite strenuous on your back to do so. You can bathe baby safely in a baby tub and prevent your back from hurting.

Body Wash / Shampoo: It’s not recommended that you use your own products on baby skin, therefore we recommend buying special baby soap for washing.

Hooded Towels: You’re going to want some special baby towels to dry off the baby because the hood of the baby towel helps keep the head from getting cold when freshly out of the bath.

Washcloths: It’s a good idea to have a few dozen washcloths on hand.

Newborn Registry Must Haves: Clothing

Your baby is going to go through clothing like it’s no one business, and you’ll want to have a good stockpile of clothing to choose from on a daily basis.

Onesies: You can purchase long sleeve, or short sleeve onesies and we recommend somewhere between 7-14 pairs for the first 3 months of baby’s life.

Footed pajamas: Keep your baby toasty at night with some footed pj’s. We recommend having atleast 10 pairs on hand for the first 3 months.

Sweaters/Jackets/Dress Up: You’ll probably want a few outfits for going out and showing off your sweet baby, but don’t go too crazy as the baby may not even get a chance to wear the outfit as they grow really fast!

Socks/Hats/Mittens: You’re going to want to have a good number of socks and hats for your little one, and remember to put on a hat each time you leave the house as babies lose a lot of heat through the head.

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What You Shouldn’t Put On Your Newborn Registry

While there are so many things that you need to add to your registry, there are so many items that you should definitely skip.

Wipe Warmers: It is nice to have, but not needed to have a warm wipe to wipe you baby’s little bum with. It will be one of those items that ends up sitting around because you can make a wipe warmer by holding it in between your hands, which is actually faster and more efficient anyways. You won’t be wanting to run around the house to the room your wipe warmer is sitting in before you have to change your baby, especially when there are super fun poo splosions to handle immediately.

Baby shoes: Baby shoes are adorable but infants do not need baby shoes because they really aren’t walking around anywhere. You’ll end up with a fussy baby who kicks off their cute little shoes every chance he gets.

Baby Blankets: Baby blankets are very useful and much needed, but registering for them is not helpful because every aunt and uncle is going to gift you some sort of a blanket for your new bundle of joy. You can avoid drowning in blankets by skipping that item off your list.

Bassinet: It’s controversial but the basinet is an item you can totally skip. You’ll only be able to use it for a couple of weeks before the baby grows out of it and then it will just start accumulating dust in the corner of the room. Opt for a playpen instead, they are versatile and can be adjusted so it grows with your baby. Eventually, or maybe right away, you’ll want the baby to sleep in the nursery, in which case you’ll need a crib with a mattress, which are great items to add to your registry.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Don’t feel too stressed out about all the things you must have and have to get. You have plenty of time to get things sorted out, and in the meantime, print out this list to help you wrap your head around some of the essential baby products that we recommend.

Click Here For The Newborn Baby Registry Checklist Printable PDF

Where Can You Go To Create your Registry

There are many options available where you can create a baby registry as many shops that offer baby gadgets and gear do offer registry options.

Depending on your personal style of shopping and registry perks, some choices may be better for you than others.


Amazon is a great place to create your baby registry because it is universal. You can choose items from different shops and you often get a choice of endless product options.

Amazon prime is a service many parents absolutely adore as you can have your desired baby product within 2 days of purchase.

Amazon Prime members also receive a 15% discount on items that were leftover on the registry which you didn’t receive for your baby shower from family and friends. Trust us, that 15% sure adds up when you have a laundry list of products to purchase.

Babies R Us

For our Canadian friends, babies R Us (which is a branch off Toys R Us) is a great place to purchase baby items.

There are some perks to setting up a registry with Babies R Us such as a $25 coupon when you set up your first 25 items on your registry, a baby swag bag when you register in the store, and 10% off any items remaining on your registry.

Babies R Us makes it pretty easy to set up and modify your registry online which is helpful for moms to be who suddenly realize they forgot to add a baby bottle sterlizer to the list (a must have!)


Many parents shop at Walmart due to convenience and low prices, and Walmart is a great place to create a registry.

You can be guided by a sweet cartoon Owl that will help you build your registry based on questions you answer upon signing up.

It is easy to change the items on your list online which makes life for new parents a little less stressful.

BuyBuy Baby

BuyBuy baby is another excellent choice for a baby registry for new parents. You do get a goody bag filled with samples of baby products when you register.

Enjoy 15% completion discount and you can even get a reward for referring your friends to create a registry, conditions of course apply.

BuyBuy Baby also makes it really easy to keep track of who to send thank you notes to, doesn’t that make things just a little simpler? We think so.

Check out our easy comparison table to see which registry meets your needs the best!

AmazonWalmartBabies R Us (Canada)Buy Buy Baby
Universal RegistryAmazon Assistant browser extension allows any product from any website to be added to the registryNot availableNot availableNot available
Universal AppAmazon app available on IOS and Android Walmart app available for IOS and AndroidBabies R Us registry app available for Android and IOSbuybuy BABY app available on IOS and Android
Free ShippingSome itemsOn orders over $35On orders over $35On orders over $29
Return Policy90 days90 days30 days30-90 days
Gift TrackerYes, you can see who has purchased from the registryYou can check who bought an item for youYou can see if an item was purchasedYou can check if an item was purchased but not see who purchased it
Completion Discount10% for regular members, 15% for Prime membersNone10%10% online discount valid for 90% after event date
Physical StoresNone5000+ locations80+100+ locations
Additional PerksFree welcome box valued up to $35 for new parentsFree welcome box availableGoody bag available in storeGoody bag available for in store pick up
baby registry checklist printable

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