17 Brilliant Pregnancy Hacks For Expecting Moms

Pregnancy is hard work and our Baby Gadget List parents have all gone through it at least once. Here are some tried and true pregnancy hacks to help you through this difficult but wonderful time.

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Congratulations momma, you’re expecting your baby and you’re probably really excited, anxious but super happy about the whole thing, right?

Pregnancy is really amazing, beautiful and full of unexpected surprises.

That’s not to say it doesn’t come with some complications that can throw a wrench into your daily life, making everything you do a little more complicated than it ever has been.

Our Baby Gadget List parents have all gone through at least one pregnancy and we all have some tips to pitch in on how to make this pregnancy thing a little more simple with some tried and true pregnancy hacks.

Pregnancy Hacks For Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is something almost every mom experiences, and it doesn’t always happen in the morning. Some women are sick all day long unfortunately and sometimes it lasts the whole pregnancy – sorry!

While morning sickness is super unpleasant there are some things you can do to minimize the impact it has on your life and help you feel human again.

Eat Whatever You Can: Our very first pregnancy hack for morning sickness is to eat whatever you can. Yes it’s OK if it’s not healthy. If you can stomach it, eat it.

Sometimes its soda crackers, sometimes it’s chips, sometimes it’s chocolate chip cookies. Whatever you can eat without throwing up, is good.

Popsicles: When you’re having trouble keeping down actual food, a Popsicle could be a great idea. Dehydration is a huge culprit when it comes to morning sickness and you can combat this by grabbing some flavorful and delicious popsicles. Experts say that cold foods are handled well by our bodies when we experience nausea. You can make your own popsicles so you know exactly what’s in your food. Here are some favourite popsicle recipes:

The cool thing about making your own popsicles is that you can use an ice tray or simple popsicle molds which are easy to find in the summer months.

Hydrate: Try to drink a lot of water as that will help fill your tummy. If you could wait 30 minutes after getting sick to drink water, that will prevent you from triggering another sickness attack. You can also add Gatorade to your hydration routine as it has electrolytes in it and that will help you stay hydrated. You can even freeze Gatorade in popsicle molds and eat it this way. Another thing you can try when hydrating is premade Pedialyte popsicles. These are made to help keep sick children hydrated but there isn’t any rule that says moms can’t have some too.

Try A Sea Band: You can purchase a product called a sea band to help cope with the morning sickness. You can use a regular sea band or a pregnancy-specific one, but they are created to help people overcome nausea. We love this product because you’re not ingesting anything nor do you require approval from your doctor to wear one of these bands. What it is, is an acupuncture wristband that applies force to your pressure point on the wrist with a small plastic button. This natural choice for nausea relief is an excellent pregnancy hack that doesn’t get enough credit.

Scents: Your sense of smell is heightened during pregnancy and there are some scents that can help you fight off nausea. Because taste and smell are super connected, even the slightest scent of something like ginger can stir up a digestive response. You can either find a candle or essential oil to add to your diffuser to stir up some anti-nausea feelings. Make a day of it and go to your local home decor shop and smell some citrus and ginger candles to find the smell that helps you the most and then light it up when you get home and enjoy the feeling of not being sick.

Create Bedside Nausea Kit: Getting out of bed can seem super daunting when you’re experiencing morning sickness and a bedside nausea kit can help. If you didn’t have anything to eat before you went to bed, your tummy might very well be digesting itself, which causes you to feel very ill. Add some delicious goodies to your bedside table to combat this issue. You can add pretzels, cereal and crackers to your little kit and don’t forget the water bottle. You can also add your prenatal vitamins to your kit and take them just before your head hits the pillow for the night as this can help prevent nausea as well.

Pregnancy Hacks For When Clothing Is Getting Tight

As your tummy grows, your clothes seem to get smaller and smaller and tighter and tighter and next thing you know you’re having trouble breathing or you simply cannot pull your clothes on any longer.

Regular Jeans: If your regular jeans are getting tight, you can use an elastic band as a makeshift button. This rubber band maternity trick has been used by many women for many years and is still a go-to pregnancy hack when those jeans are still fitting everywhere else except for the tummy closure.

Belly Band: The Belly Band is a lifesaving maternity piece of fabric that is small but mighty. This allows you to wear your regular jeans, as long as they fit you around the legs and bum almost all the way to the third trimester. Some lucky ladies only wear their regular jeans and a belly band the whole way through. This little piece of fabric can save you a lot of money because let us tell you that maternity jeans are not so cheap. Baby gear is already so expensive, so having a place where you can save a little cash is an awesome thing. Most maternity shops do have belly bands these days, however, even in the larger cities maternity shops are shutting down left right and center, therefore the only place to get one of these has been online. This is the belly band that we recommend from Amazon.

Nursing Bras: You may need to purchase a nursing bra as soon as the first trimester, and the problem with this is that your breasts are still changing and you may need to buy another one ( or a set) before the baby arrives. You can avoid this problem by purchasing a bra with a built-in extender. This ensures that your bra will fit you the entire time you’re pregnant and will save you money as you won’t have to keep upgrading as you grow that healthy beautiful baby of yours.

Buy Versatile Clothing: Maternity clothing costs a lot of money, so if you’re needing to shop for clothes while you’re expecting you can combat this issue by purchasing clothing that you can wear post-pregnancy. Babydoll dresses, Maxi dresses, flowy tops, loose sweaters, and any clothing made with spandex stretchy materials are all versatile pieces you can add to your wardrobe and wear postpartum as well as during pregnancy.

Slip-On Shoes: Slip-on shoes are excellent for combating the issue of swollen feet, however wearing flats all year round isn’t an option for those who are pregnant during the winter in a place where there is snow. You can put Xpand laces onto your regular runners to help you avoid bending down to tie your laces, and to be able to slip them on without too much trouble.

Pregnancy Hacks For Insomnia

When you’re pregnant you may experience some insomnia and unfortunately you won’t be getting much sleep when the baby arrives so it’s a good idea to try and get as much rest as possible while you’re still pregnant. Here are our tried and true pregnancy hacks to combat the pregnancy annoyance of insomnia.

Pregnancy Pillow: You’re probably thinking, why would you need a pregnancy pillow when you’ve got a bed full of pillows you can use to get comfy. We are here to tell you that a pregnancy pillow is very versatile and you can use this item beyond the pregnancy as well. These pregnancy pillows are created to help pregnant women slip into a nice deep slumber and their unique shape is what allows you to get really comfortable. If you have doubts about the pregnancy pillow, you can always ship it back to Amazon no questions asked, although we are pretty darn positive that you wouldn’t do that once you found out how useful and comfortable these things are.

Inflatable Ring: Yes, we are talking about the inflatable rings that you would use in a swimming pool. If you love sleeping on your stomach at night, then the inflatable ring could be the solution you need.

Pregnancy Hacks For Random Pains

Maternity Belt: When you enter that third trimester the belly tends to slow you down and if this is not your first pregnancy, it may even sag a little lower than it did when your muscles were stronger in the first pregnancy. This is where the maternity belt comes in. These maternity belts help relieve lower back pain by redistributing pressure evenly. You can also try Kinesio taping techniques on your belly to help with the lower back pain and overall support.

Compression Socks: Growing a baby could mean some swelling around the legs and feet for you, and compression socks are here to save the day. They aren’t meant to be cute socks that you want to show off to your friends when you take off your shoes, but they are meant to help you put on your shoes and be comfortable while you’re out. You can even wear them in bed if you can tolerate the feeling of having socks on your feet while you sleep. Compression socks will help reduce the swelling you’re going to experience throughout the pregnancy and it’s a good idea to have a pack handy around the second trimester.

Salt soak For Feet: Sore and swollen feet are a pregnancy nightmare everyone goes through and a nice Epsom or sea salt soak is a great way to help with the swelling. Don’t forget to add a little bit of grapefruit essential oil to your foot soak to help your feet feel good as new.

Itchy Skin: You can use cooking oils for itchy skin relief, especially if you’ve run out of baby oil.  Olive oil, grapeseed oil or coconut oil should help relieve the uncomfortable itchiness. This works best when applied after a nice shower!

Wrapping Up: Pregnancy Hacks For New Moms

Whether you are dealing with nausea, pains, insomnia or small clothing, there is something you can do to help relieve some of these pregnancy annoyances with a few simple pregnancy hacks.

Don’t forget to create your baby registry right away so your family and friends can spoil you and your new baby before labour day.

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